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Poll: Trump Would Win Big if Teens Voted and Why That Means We're All Doomed

Look, I don't typically care what teens think. I have three of them right now. All girls. I know, right? I very rarely ask their advice on anything. Not even directions. Well, to be honest I never ask anyone for directions. I always figure it's around here somewhere.

But this is interesting because there's a poll of teens (online so...all the typical caveats) which shows they overwhelmingly support Trump. But I'm not all that interested in their support for Trump per se. I'm interested that if this poll is accurate (and who knows but if it is) two things come to mind. One of meh interest and the other crucially important.

The first is the meh thing. High schoolers tend to mimic the opinions of their parents. Most kids love the teams their Dad loves. Most teens support the politics of their parents. Most, not all. But I'm wondering if a poll like this could indicate a silent support for Trump. But while parents are too embarrassed to admit support for Trump, kids don't have that hangup.

Maybe. Like I said. Meh.

But the second thing is important, I think.

If this poll is accurate, something is happening to students' minds from high school to the time they graduate college.

Because college students are typically looney lefties. They were all Bernied up this past year and come out using pronouns like xe. And now they're overwhelmingly for Hillary.

The organization that created the poll called After School, the country’s largest teen-focused social network, suggested that it was because Trump was an "outsider" and "anti-establishment." That doesn't sound right to me. I think it's probably more accurate to suggest it's probably a pro-life thing. Young people are increasingly pro-life. I don't think it's a pro-Trump thing so much as it's a pro-life thing.

But, like I said, something's happening to America's children from high school to college graduation day. We all know what it is, it's college professors and administrators. And guess what, you're paying for it.

I'm begging you to opt out of the system. Don't pay for your children's confusion on issues that matter. There are alternatives out there. All the faithful Catholic colleges deserve a look. And there's many colleges out there, even if they're not supportive of faith, they pretty much leave it alone. They just go about their business.

Schools like Georgetown and Fordham delight in destroying your child's faith. And parents pay for the privilege of having their children turn on every ideal they've been taught up to an including ideas on family, gender, life, or even the nature of God.

It's crazy that we're offering our children to these lunatics and we're going broke for the privilege of doing it. It's suicidal! And there's no need for it. So many parents see getting their kids into college as so important that they've forgotten their more important role in helping get their children to Heaven.

Look, there's a few colleges out there with a "wow" factor. And if your kid graduates from there they have a leg up to start the race. But for the most part, what college you graduated from disappears quickly for the most part out in the real world.

This is why the country is going down the tubes. It's because we keep offering our children to this mess in the hopes that they'll get a higher salary. Creature comforts. Security. But security will be non-existent in this mess we've made of 21st century America. So it's all for nothing anyway.

These professors and administrators hate you and they hate what you stand for. They delight in turning their children against you while cashing your checks. Opt out.

*subhead*Opt out.*subhead*

Funniest Political Ad of the Year.

Every political season, at least one candidate somewhere makes a great political ad. This is that ad for this season. It's called "Please re-elect Gerald" and it's a plea from the candidate's wife to get her husband out of the house.

It's funny and nice.


I Recorded a Segment with Al Kresta Today to Discuss "Faith Under Fire"

I recorded a segment on the great Al Kresta's radio show on Ave Maria radio to talk about the state of religious freedom, our dark times, and a little bit of hope from my book "Faith Under Fire: Dramatic Stories of Christian Courage."

Al Kresta is a true professional and one of the best out there in what he does. I truly consider it an honor to speak with him.

Anyway, the book has a 4.8 star rating out of five. And I pray that folks are enjoying it and sensing some hope for the future.

We must remember that light shines brightest in darkness. And these 18 profiles do that, I hope. These are stories of regular modern people who, at least for one moment, reflected God's light in a shattered world.


The State of Journalism

The moment journalism takes a side on what they perceive to be the right side and the wrong side it ceases to be about truth.

And inevitably devolves into propaganda.

*subhead*sad but true.*subhead*

So Where's the "Comeback Kid" Trump Story from NBC?

So, less than 2 weeks ago NBC had a poll which had Trump down 11. Today, they release a poll that he's down 5. Oddly, there's zero stories about a comeback by Trump. Hmmmm.

I point this out, not to shock you. We're all well aware of how the media is the propaganda arm of secular leftism.

And I'm not calling all the polls wrong, although some are clearly skewed. But even the Trump camp admits they're behind at this point.

I point this out to say that when this election is over, the split in this country will still exist. And I suspect calamity is in our near future. Too many people are given no voice in the media or our politics. Too many people are being played. And they know it. When that happens, bad things happen.

I pray things change. I really do. But it might be a scorpion and frog thing.


New and Awesome: Vasectomy Parties

There's a new trend in the world of the young and hep: Vasectomy Parties!

Daily Mail:

The cost of having children is deterring a growing number of couples from expanding the family unit. Vasectomies, once a source of shame, are now being celebrated openly by couples adamant about living childless lives… More couples these days want to avoid parenthood and embrace life without children.
Hey, I know the economy is bad and everyone's looking to make cuts...but this is ridiculous.

What kind of appetizers would you serve at a vasectomy party? Definitely not pigs in a blanket!

I'll be here all week.


Assisted Suicide Bill Prompts Insurance to Deny Chemo to Mom, Offers Suicide Pill for $1.20.

A wife and mother of four children was diagnosed with a terminal form of scleroderma. Heartbreaking.

She and her husband, who live in California, spoke to their insurance carrier to ask if they'd cover a different kind of chemotherapy at the recommendation of her doctors. At first, the insurance company seemed amenable but then something happened.

California passed a law permitting physician-assisted suicide.

When the law passed they learned that the insurance carrier would not cover the chemo treatements requested by her doctors.

Washington Times:

She said she called her insurance company to find out why her coverage had been denied. On the call, she also asked whether suicide pills were covered under her plan.

“And she says, ‘Yes, we do provide that to our patients, and you would only have to pay $1.20 for the medication,’” Ms. Packer said.

Ms. Packer said her doctors have appealed the insurance company’s decision twice, to no avail. She said the assisted-suicide law creates an incentive for insurance companies to deny terminally ill patients coverage.

“As soon as this law was passed — and you see it everywhere when these laws are passed — patients fighting for a longer life end up getting denied treatment, because this will always be the cheapest option,” she said.
That's the thing. Once life is no longer priceless, it's just a cost/benefit analysis.

This is heartbreaking stuff for this family and thousands just like them. So as we all discuss politics and judges, just know that the only thing that can truly save our country is a massive conversion to Christ. Truly. A country that does not value God will not value humans either.


Someone Explain to me How this is "Progress?"

China and the Vatican have been at loggerheads for decades. But what's happening here doesn't necessarily seem like good news. At least I don't think.

If anyone knows more about it, please let me know.


Representatives from the Vatican and China are expected to meet before the end of the month in Rome in an effort to finalize a deal on the ordination of bishops on the mainland, a move aimed at ending a longstanding dispute, according to Catholic Church sources familiar with the negotiations.

The Church sources also told Reuters that China is preparing to ordain at least two new bishops before the end of the year and these appointments would have the blessing of the Vatican. A person with ties to the leadership in Beijing confirmed that these ordinations would go ahead.

For more than six decades, China's ruling Communist Party has strongly opposed Rome's right to ordain Chinese bishops in a bitter contest for authority over as many as 10 million Catholics on the mainland. Bishops, priests and lay Catholics loyal to Rome have faced persecution, which has sparked scepticism over the d├ętente in some Catholic quarters.

In yet a further sign of progress, the Vatican has reached a decision to recognize at least four Chinese bishops who were appointed by Beijing without the consent of the pope and so are considered illegitimate by the Holy See, according to Catholic Church sources and others briefed on the talks. The decision follows a breakthrough meeting in mid-August in Beijing between the Vatican representatives to talks with China and several of these bishops.


Clinton to Apologize to Cardinal Dolan and Catholics? Nah.

There have been some awful things said about Catholics recently from a number of people in the Hillary Clinton campaign. You might have heard about them. But then again you might not have if you're getting your news from the mainstream media.

From those WikiLeaks released emails, we have John Podesta, now the Clinton campaign chair, admitting to working to undermine Catholic teaching by creating "Catholic" groups that obfuscate true Catholic teaching on abortion and marriage.

Clinton campaign Director of Communications Jennifer Palmieri, “I imagine they think it is the most socially acceptable politically conservative religion.”

While those things were said by those with the campaign, Clinton herself said that deep seated Church teachings must be changed, such as the sacredness of life so that effort would seem quite in line with her thinking.

Shortly before the Al Smith Fundraising Dinner in which both candidates appeared, Cardinal Timothy Dolan reportedly said, "If it had been said about the Jewish community, if it had been said about the Islamic community, within 10 minutes there would have been an apology and a complete distancing from those remarks - hasn't happened yet."

Please continue reading at The National Catholic Register>>>


Church Sold in Philly to Muslims

Nothing symbolic here.


A closed Catholic church in Bristol Township has been sold to a Muslim cultural society.

The former Immaculate Conception B.V.M. Catholic Church, on Emilie Road, was sold for $1,775,000 last Friday to the United American Muslim Society of Brooklyn, LevittownNow.com reports.

The group is the parent corporation for the Turkish American Muslim Cultural Association on Levittown Parkway in Bristol Township, according to the story.