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The Coming Home Network International Experiences Record Membership

Just received this release from The Coming Home Network. I love those guys. One of my favorite shows is "The Journey Home" on EWTN. I read Marcus Grodi's books including his fiction. Like I said, I'm a fan.

It's great to hear they're doing some great work out there.

Nearly two and a half decades after the Coming Home Network International’s founding, the apostolate, created to support converts to the Catholic faith, is approaching the end of 2016 with its largest number of new members in any year since it started keeping records in 1993.

Of these more than 5000 new members, 195 are those whom the CHNetwork refers to internally as “primaries”: “anyone who is sacrificing their vocation and/or occupation to become Catholic,” according to Jim Anderson, CHNetwork’s longtime Manager of Clergy and Ministerial Members.  “This would include non-Catholic clergy, seminary professors, seminarians, missionaries, lay ministers, and even spouses of clergy.”  These primaries contact the CHNetwork for encouragement, fellowship, and practical advice, which often comes from existing members of the CHNetwork with similar ministerial backgrounds.

Also included in the influx of new members are laypersons seeking to enter the Catholic Church, and members who are already Catholic, but have experienced a reversion to their faith and want to assist those seeking greater union with Jesus Christ through His Church.  A recently revamped website, new social media strategies, and more robust member engagement through staff and volunteers have been implemented to handle the increase in inquiries.

“Protestants and other non-Catholics on the journey to Catholicism need to meet Catholics who themselves are faithful Christians, as well as other converts who know the difficulty of the journey into the Church and beyond.  They also need to successfully land after conversion in a local parish, with a pastor, and real-world contacts,” said Director JonMarc Grodi.  “Handling these large numbers is a wonderful challenge, because ours is a very personalist mission.  We work to understand each individual person’s journey and needs, and then help them accordingly.”

For Founder and President Marcus Grodi, hosting The Journey Home program on EWTN has been a great complement to the rest of the CHNetwork’s mission.  “The personal touch of my guests telling their stories has been like the ripple effect from a stone thrown into a pond.  A day doesn’t go by when we don’t receive grateful calls, emails, tweets, and texts from viewers and listeners.  Many of our new members first discover the vast resources of our apostolate through watching The Journey Home.”

As to what those former Protestant clergy are doing in the Church now that they’ve become Catholic? “(They’re serving) in every imaginable way — as bishops, priests, deacons, and religious, but mostly as active, faithful laity,” says Marcus.  “I think, however, that the main reason God is drawing people to the fulness of truth is for the sake of their own spiritual growth, and the graces of the sacraments.”  And as many of those converts to Catholicism have shared, that’s where the most rewarding part of the journey really begins.
If this country will be saved it will be through a massive conversion to the faith. We need groups like CHN to make this happen.


Harvard Scientist: Say, Humans Might Not Be Insignificant Specks on a Forgotten Rock

Howard A. Smith, a senior astrophysicist at the Harvard‐Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics and a lecturer at Harvard University, wonders whether humans might not be as insignificant as scientists think.

People today, if asked about humanity’s place in the cosmos, would probably echo the sentiment of Carl Sagan: “We live on an insignificant planet of a humdrum star, lost in a galaxy, tucked away in some forgotten corner of a universe.” That is to say, humanity is ordinary, cosmically speaking, just one of countless examples of extraterrestrial intelligence spread across the universe. This view reflects an appreciation of the remarkable successes of science that show that the universe is vast and about the same everywhere. But there was a time when astronomers placed the Earth at the center of the universe and humanity, too, was seen as being cosmically central. Once Copernicus showed that the Earth was not the center of the universe, we demoted ourselves to being ordinary. The idea today that we are commonplace is sometimes called the notion of Copernican mediocrity.

As a research astrophysicist, I can say without exaggeration that a day never goes by when I am not impressed by the amazing explanatory power of modern science. But I am also trained to be open to the world as it presents itself, not just as I would like it to be. So it is worth calling attention to two recent discoveries that suggest our place in the cosmos needs reconsideration. We might not be ordinary at all.
Definitely worth a read.

Imagine that, huh?


Two Women in Love. Except They're Mother and Daughter. Insert Faux Empathy Here.


I'm not going to link it because...clickbait asshattery. But the lede to this piece is so 21st century America. And the rest of the piece goes on to lament that maybe we're being a little too uptight about this whole incest thing.

When Melissa, an administrative assistant in a law firm who’s in her 20s, met an older woman named Lisa a few years ago, it was love at first sight. The two have been in a relationship ever since but know that marriage is out of the picture. And it’s not because they are lesbian. It’s because they are mother and daughter.
Hey, remember when Rick Santorum predicted that if we approved of gay marriage we'd soon have approval of incest. And we all laughed. Oh, how we laughed.


Satanists Object to Texas Rule About Burying Aborted Remains

Satanists are objecting to a new rule in Texas which requires that fetal remains from abortion must be buried or cremated -and paid for by the providers.

Ironically, the Satanic Temple is appealing to be exempt from the rule under religious freedom laws.

Satanic Temple spokesperson Lucien Greaves called the new rules, “a direct violation” of the group’s religious beliefs.

And just as an aside, what exactly are those beliefs? I understand what you don't believe. That's not the same as a belief fyi.

“Texas health officials are baldly imposing the view that the fetal tissue is elevated to personhood—a religious opinion that conflicts with our own,” Greaves is quoted as saying. “If Texas is going to treat the disposal of fetal tissue differently from the disposal of any other biological material, in contradiction to our own religious beliefs, they need to present a compelling state interest for doing so. Of course, there is no such state interest, and it’s perfectly clear the demand for fetal tissue burial is a punitive measure imposed by sadistic theocrats. It’s clear these officials deem harassment an acceptable form of pushing their misguided religious agendas.”

Who exactly is being harassed here? If the baby is nothing but a blob of tissue that can be killed, what do they care what happens to the blob afterwards?

The thing is, anything that affords respect for the unborn must be stopped.


Nuns Release Christmas Carols CD

The community of Benedictine nuns based in Missouri have released an album full of Christmas carols. It sounds pretty awesome if you listen to the video below.

“Our greatest hope is that these songs will truly 'lift up our hearts' to the Infant King, so that we will always be mindful of His humility and mercy,” Mother Cecilia, prioress of the Benedictines of Mary, Queen of Apostles, told CNA.

It can be purchased from the nuns' website at: https://music.benedictinesofmary.org/.

Take a listen. It'll put you in a nice Christmasy mood, unlike "Baby it's Cold Outside."

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Study on Same-Sex Parenting Promptly Ignored

Here's the chart that tells you all you need to know about why this study is being completely ignored:

I know it's a shock to you but same sex parenting has some negative effects on children. I know, right? I mean, who saw that coming?

Askthebigot.com has tons of info about this study. But the takeaway in a nutshell can be summed up this way:

Let me be clear.  This is not a commentary on whether or not gay and lesbians are capable parents. One’s sexual attractions do not determine their capacity for child-rearing. A lesbian can be an exceptional mother, she just cannot be a father. A gay man can be a fantastic father and I know several men who fit this description. However, a gay man cannot, no matter how nurturing, be a mother. Children require and desire both.
I'm sure you'll see this study talked about everywhere on the morning shows because you know how the folks in media love science. And no matter where the science takes them, they'll follow.


Cardinal Pell: How Can You Disagree with a Question?

We're always told to not be afraid to ask a question. I guess it's different if you're a Cardinal.


Australian Cardinal George Pell called the four cardinals' letter to Pope Francis asking for moral clarification on Amoris Laetitia "significant" in an interview suggesting he isn't bothered by it.

“How can you disagree with a question?” Pell said in reply to an inquiry about whether he agreed with the cardinals' questions.
Pell was speaking at St. Patrick’s Church in London, where he addressed the current state of Catholicism and a proper understanding of conscience. 

“A number of regularly worshipping Catholics” are “unnerved by the turn of events” within the Church, Pell said, like the notion that individual conscience can trump moral law.

This question about the role of conscience is one of the many concerns theologians, bishops, and others have expressed in the wake of the papal exhortation Amoris Laetitia, which critics say contains passages that undermine or can be interpreted to undermine Catholic moral teaching. Four cardinals sent Pope Francis a dubia, or formal request, asking him to clarify whether parts of Amoris Laetitia are at odds with Catholic moral teaching. The pope has not yet responded.
What happened to the importance of dialogue?

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Texas to Implement Rules Requiring Burial or Cremation of Fetal Remains

This is one of the most counter-cultural state laws to occur in recent memory. No, it's not a law restricting abortion but it is a law which recognizes the humanity of the unborn.

The Texas Tribune reports that the Texas Health and Human Services Commission adopted new rules on disposition of fetal tissue which take effect later this month requiring hospitals, abortion clinics and other health care facilities to pay for and arrange for the cremation or burial of all remains regardless of the period of gestation.

What this does is prevent the dumping of fetal remains in landfills. The requirements do not apply to miscarriages.

Gov. Greg Abbott, was quoted as saying that he doesn't believe fetal remains should be “treated like medical waste and disposed of in landfills.”

In contrast, Heather Busby, executive director of NARAL Pro-Choice Texas, accused the governor of "playing politics with people’s private healthcare decisions" even though this doesn't affect people's decisions one iota. It's just a bare minimum way for the state to acknowledge that human beings should not be treated as garbage.


The Worst Nativity Sets. Ever.

It can be argued that we've messed up Christmas pretty bad. As evidence I present this list of the Worst nativity scenes. Ever.

First, I give you the hipster nativity. You've got the wisemen on Segways (wearing sunglasses to boot), Joseph snapping a selfie, and Mary rocking a Starbucks cup.

I just realized that two of the wise men are wearing skinny jeans. And the other one's in jorts. I'm surprised Joseph isn't rocking a man bun.

Snowglobe Jesus. Jesus looks like he's in the NICU. There's something kind of awful about the baby Jesus being separated from Mary and Joseph. Or maybe He's like that terrible John Travolta TV movie "The Boy in the Plastic Bubble." And I don't ever want to talk about Jesus and Travolta in the same sentence again. That'd be like so weird or something.

Please continue reading at The National Catholic Register>>>

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Euthanasia Law Used to Kill Alcoholic

The good news is that passing assisted suicide laws leads to a decrease in the number of drunks and sad people. I mean, who wants drunks and sad people around, right? Because you never hear of sad people getting happy or drunk people getting sober. So it's best they slip the bonds of earth.

Daily Mail:

A 41-year-old man has ended his life by fatal injection rather than carry on living as an alcoholic, in a radical new extension of Holland’s euthanasia regime.
Mark Langedijk decided that death was the only way to escape from his addiction to drink, according to an account published by his brother.
Mr Langedijk set the date for his own death and was joking, drinking beer and eating ham and cheese sandwiches in the hours before his GP arrived at his parents’ home to administer fatal injections, it said.

A 41-year-old man has ended his life by fatal injection rather than carry on living as an alcoholic, in a radical new extension of Holland’s euthanasia regime.
Mark Langedijk decided that death was the only way to escape from his addiction to drink, according to an account published by his brother.
Mr Langedijk set the date for his own death and was joking, drinking beer and eating ham and cheese sandwiches in the hours before his GP arrived at his parents’ home to administer fatal injections, it said.