Yet it was our infirmities that he bore, our sufferings that he endured, while we thought of him as stricken, as one smitten by God and afflicted.

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Group Warns of Dangers to Religious Freedom for Ireland

As Ireland seems on the brink of legalizing gay marriage tomorrow, a group called "Friends of Ireland" is warning about the dangers such a move would be to religious freedom.

The group "Friends of Ireland" released a letter cautioning the Irish concerning what they called "the potential dangers to religious freedom" in the majority Catholic country if the country voted to change the definition of marriage.

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Americans Insanely Overestimate The Number of Gays

Hmmm. Wonder where Americans would get this idea?

The Atlantic reports:

In surveys conducted in 2002 and 2011, pollsters at Gallup found that members of the American public massively overestimated how many people are gay or lesbian. In 2002, a quarter of those surveyed guessed upwards of a quarter of Americans were gay or lesbian (or "homosexual," the third option given). By 2011, that misperception had only grown, with more than a third of those surveyed now guessing that more than 25 percent of Americans are gay or lesbian. Women and young adults were most likely to provide high estimates, approximating that 30 percent of the population is gay. Overall, "U.S. adults, on average, estimate that 25 percent of Americans are gay or lesbian," Gallup found. Only 4 percent of all those surveyed in 2011 and about 8 percent of those surveyed in 2002 correctly guessed that fewer than 5 percent of Americans identify as gay or lesbian.
The Atlantic says the actual number of less than 2 percent. So why do so many think that homosexuals make up such a large swath of the population? Maybe because we have agenda-driven leftists in charge of our media and our schools.

Yup. That'll do it.


How Not to Kill Catholicism

Catholicism is in the crosshairs. There's little doubt about that. The secularist elites of the West are intent upon driving Catholicism from the public sphere and perhaps out of existence altogether. But on the other hand there's really nothing new about that. So many people have put killing Catholicism on the top of their to-do list throughout the centuries. Thus far, Catholicism has outlived all attempts. But that doesn't mean some will not continue trying.

You see, Catholics have a guarantee from no less than Jesus himself that the gates of Hell will not prevail over the Church. But those hellish gates always seem to want another crack at it, that's for sure. Many in power now seem to want to eradicate the Church from public life entirely.

As we're good Christian types, we like to help people out so let's just go over some of the most insane ways some have attempted to destroy the Church and failed miserably.

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Weird How the U.N. Doesn't Seem to Want to Destroy Boko Haram But Is Intent on Killing Their Unborn Children

The Society for the Protection of Unborn Children is saying that the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) has been pushing for abortions through its "counseling" outreach to the women.

"UNFPA is one of the leading international groups promoting abortion in the developing world. It is sending huge numbers of reproductive health kits to displacement camps in Nigeria where women rescued from Boko Haram have been taken," the group said, according to LifeNews. "The term 'reproductive health' is used to cover a range of interventions including abortion. SPUC fears that these emotionally vulnerable, malnourished women will be pressured into aborting their babies."

As we all know, hundreds of women, including many young girls, have been rescued from the clutches of Boko Haram by the Nigerian Army. Many of them are pregnant. UNFPA has sent hundreds of "reproductive kits" to the displacement camps in response. We all know what that means.

It's strange to me that their pregnancies launches the left into action but their kidnapping, rape, and mutilation get this:


*subhead*Reproductive kits.*subhead*

You don't think he means the Catholic Church, do you?

Hmmm. Wonder who he's talking about.

The Star Tribune:

China's president warned Wednesday that religions must be independent from foreign influence, as the government asks domestic religious groups to pledge loyalty to the state...

"We must manage religious affairs in accordance with the law and adhere to the principle of independence to run religious groups on our own accord," President Xi Jinping said at a high-level party meeting that sought to unite non-Communist Party groups and individuals.
So cryptic.


Fordham Prof Blames Lack of Pro-Life Dems on...Pro-Lifers

Fordham professor Charles Camosy, in a piece for The Atlantic about the 20 week abortion ban, blamed the lack of pro-life Democrats on pro-lifers. Not on the Democrats themselves.

As recently as 2009 a full quarter of the Democrat caucus was pro-life. So what happened to all these pro-life Democrats? The GOP singled them out for defeat in the 2010 midterms and, using the money and ground-game of pro-life groups, devastated their ranks. Given the disappointing record of the GOP in enacting even moderate pro-life legislation, it is difficult to see how such groups could be happy with their investment.
The piece online links to an article by the radical left wing rag Mother Jones which excoriates the Susan B. Anthony List for going after pro-life Democrats.

Now, Camosy doesn't go into the fact that these Democrats weren't actually pro-life in any meaningful sense as they voted for Obamacare and sometimes against life on other issues.

Look, I agree with him that many in the GOP would rather have the issue of abortion to keep the base in line than actually do anything about it. But the same dubious eye must be given to those Democrats who claim to be pro-life.

The reason there are hardly any pro-life Democrats is that there aren't many pro-life Democrats.


Students at Seton Hall Urge Archdiocese to Resinstate Priest Fired for Supporting Homosexuals

A petition was created on the website to urge the Archdiocese of Newark to reinstate Father Warren Hall to Campus Ministry at Seton Hall University. The petition claims he was fired for sharing a "No H8" photo on Facebook.

The Archdiocese of Newark has fired Father Warren Hall from Seton Hall University for sharing a "NO H8" photo on Facebook, in opposition to LGBT discrimination.

Father Warren Hall served as the director for the Office of Campus Ministry.

This action is not in line with the teachings of Jesus Christ, nor is it line with the words of Pope Francis, current leader of the Roman Catholic Church.

Please sign this petition to show your support for Father Warren Hall, a university priest well-loved by students.
Fr. Hall himself has tweeted support for the movement in a way by tweeting this:

The Archdiocese of Newark, for their part, is saying this is all a big giant misunderstanding. They told the Huffington Post this:
"His tenure is ending at the university as director of campus ministry and he is available for another assignment... I think people are misconstruing an awful lot," Archdiocese spokesman Jim Goodness told The Huffington Post. "The church has long taught that every person is to be treated with dignity and respect."
Seems like there may have been a bit more than a "No H8" message going on here because obviously the Catholic Church doesn't stand for hate, no matter what the Democrat party thinks.

I doubt we'll find out much more. I doubt the Archdiocese will speak much more and the priest likely won't either -unless he's auditioning for the job with the National Catholic Reporter. And let's face it, the students don't know what's going on. They're probably just assuming the big ol' mean patriarchal anti-gay and anti-women Church is hatin' on a loving priest.


The Crisis I Am Imagining

I had a nightmare fueled by my irrational reactionary dread of everything new that causes me to see a crisis where none exists.

I dreamed that a priest who openly and proudly contradicts Church teaching on homosexuality, a stance that previously had him banned from speaking at a Caritas event by the Vatican in another time, had just been appointed by the Pope to a prominent position as Consultor to the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace.

I really must stop letting my fevered imagination get the better of me.

*subhead*Nothing to see here.*subhead*

It is Time to Become Pro-life 3.0

*subhead*Past time, really.*subhead*
For the last few years, scientists have been warning us that genetically modified children are just over the horizon. Rumors have been flying around that laboratories are already using a revolutionary new gene-editing technique called CRISPR to try to change the genes of human embryos.

Advanced gene-editing techniques like CRISPR hold great promise for treating or even curing genetic disease in existing patients that need it. But in genetic engineering, it is not just the what, but the when, that matters. Any genetic modifications done at the embryonic stage are considered germ-line modifications, meaning those genetic changes will be incorporated into reproductive cells and will be passed down from generation to generation.

Prominent researchers have called for a voluntary moratorium on using CRISPR technology in human embryos, even for therapeutic purposes, because of the inherent risk to multiple generations. They rightly argue that gene editing in humans should only be attempted in therapeutic cases where any modifications cannot be passed on.

The Catholic Church agrees. In Dignitas Personae, a clear line is drawn between gene therapy that is for a single patient and germ-line modifications that can be inherited. Not only is it unethical to create and manipulate human life in a laboratory, but Dignitas Personae states, in regards to human germ-line modifications, “… it is not morally permissible to act in a way that may cause possible harm to the resulting progeny.”

Unfortunately, the rumors surrounding the use of CRISPR technology to genetically modify human embryos have proven to be true.

Scientists in China have published results of their experiments into editing the genes of leftover in vitro fertilization embryos that were deemed nonviable because of genetic abnormalities. Led by genetics researcher Junjiu Huang, the Chinese attempts were, by all accounts, a failure. Out of 86 embryos that researchers tried to modify, only 71 survived.

Of those that survived, 54 were tested to see if the genetic engineering worked. Only four embryos showed evidence of the intended modification, an editing of the gene responsible for a blood disorder.

Overall, there was evidence of what The New York Times called “collateral damage,” meaning unintended mutations in other parts of the genome caused by the attempted genetic engineering. The Times reported, “The Chinese researchers point out that in their experiment gene editing almost certainly caused more extensive damage than they documented.”

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Rebecca Taylor blogs at Mary Meets Dolly

Muslims Threaten Catholic Procession in Italy

The present crisis darkens. Or maybe it's just that the darkness is more visible than ever. Perhaps it's not afraid to be seen.

This is only going to get worse.
Raymond Ibrahim reports:

On Sunday, May 10, after church mass, a group of young Muslim immigrants interrupted a Catholic procession in honor of the Virgin Mary. They hurled verbal insults, shouts, and threats as the group passed in front of the Islamic Cultural Center in Conselice, a small town in lower Romagna.

Approximately 100 Catholic Christians, including several small children, were preparing to receive their first Holy Communion, when Muslims from the Islamic Center began howling verbal abuses and threats at the passing procession.

According to an eyewitness, “During the slow procession of the sacred image, some kids on the ground floor of the building of the headquarters of the Attadamun Islamic Cultural Center began shouting a kind of chorus like “Get out of here” and “Go away from here.”

The Catholic participants, especially the children, were reportedly stunned and confused; they halted the procession before regrouping and hurrying past the Center.

Muslim attacks on Christians and Christian symbols are on the increase in Italy. Earlier this year, a crucifix was violently destroyed “in close proximity to a populated mosque” and a statue of the Virgin Mary was destroyed and urinated on by a group of North Africans in Italy.