The disappearance of a sense of responsibility is the most far-reaching consequence of submission to authority.-Stanley Milgram

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Alito and Thomas' Scathing Dissent on Abortion Law Tells Us All About Tyrannical Future

Justice Alito read aloud from his scathing dissent of the U.S. Supreme Court's decision on Texas' abortion law.

As to the particulars of the case, he raised the specter of Kermit Gosnell.

"If Pennsylvania had had such a requirement in force, the Gosnell facility may have been shut down before his crimes," he said. "And if there were any similarly unsafe facilities in Texas, H. B. 2 was clearly intended to put them out of business."

Justice Alito argues that the high court should have taken steps to “separate any bad provisions from the good,” rather than striking the whole law down:

By forgoing severability, the Court strikes down numerous provisions that could not plausibly impose an undue burden. For example, surgical center patients must “be treated with respect, consideration, and dignity.” That’s now enjoined. Patients may not be given misleading “advertising regarding the competence and/or capabilities of the organization.” Enjoined. Centers must maintain fire alarm and emergency communications systems, and eliminate “[h]azards that might lead to slipping, falling, electrical shock, burns, poisoning, or other trauma.” Enjoined and enjoined.

Justice Alito concludes that the five liberal justices ruled, not according to the law, but because of their stance on abortion.
When we decide cases on particularly controversial issues, we should take special care to apply settled procedural rules in a neutral manner. The Court has not done that here.

He continued on in even more fiery language:
"The Court's patent refusal to apply well-established law in a neutral way is indefensible and will undermine public confidence in the Court as a fair and neutral arbiter.

Justice Clarence Thomas' dissent is more succinct but equally apocalyptic.
"The Court should abandon the pretense that anything other than policy preferences underlies its balancing of constitutional rights and interests in any given case..."

He added: "As the Court applies whatever standard it likes to any given case, nothing but empty words separates our constitutional decisions from judicial fiat."
We couldn't agree more.

This decision was not constitutional. It was, as Thomas said, judicial fiat. The mask of separation of powers and federalism is gone.

We live in a dangerous time.

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Ugh. What Did Pope Francis Say Now?

I woke up to Facebook and saw headlines saying "did you see what the pope said?"

This happens a lot.

Millions of Catholics are reading this morning stories like this one from Reuters:

Pope Francis said on Sunday that Christians and the Roman Catholic Church should seek forgiveness from homosexuals for the way they had treated them.

Speaking to reporters aboard the plane taking him back to Rome from Armenia, he also said the Church should ask forgiveness for the way it has treated women, for turning a blind eye to child labour and for “blessing so many weapons” in the past.

In the hour-long freewheeling conversation that has become a trademark of his international travels, Francis was asked if he agreed with recent comments by a German Roman Catholic cardinal that the Church should apologise to gays.
Now if you put a headline saying "Pope Francis seeks forgiveness for blessing so many weapons" this isn't a story. Or even about women. Well maybe then too. The thing is, the pope seems to be saying that the Church should apologize to everyone for the failure of Catholics to live up to the gospel.

But Pope Francis has to be aware that many Christians will be confused by the Pope's comments as they filter through the media. The truth is that saying right now that the Church should apologize to gays will lead many to think that the Church is changing its position on homosexuality.

Some say that he is happy with the impression he's giving and delighting in the media's adulation. Others say he's following his own advice and "making a mess."

Who am I to judge? (See what I did there?)

Two things I am certain of:
1) I shouldn't get on Facebook this early.
2) Pope Francis should stop giving impromptu press conferences.


Archbishop Wenski Kicks Off Fortnight for Freedom With Inspiring Homily

Delivering the homily at the Fortnight for Freedom Mass earlier this week, Archbishop Thomas Wenski invoked the martyrdoms of Sts. Thomas More and John Fisher as increasingly relevant in today's culture of intolerance toward Christianity. Speaking at the Little Flower Church in Coral Gables, Archbishop Wenski described the two martyrs as "men for our season."

"Today, a regime of 'political correctness' wishes to impose itself on us and force us to conform ourselves, our values and our beliefs to the ascendant secularism of our time," he said.

Please continue reading at The National Catholic Register>>>


Pray in Private and Sex on Every Billboard

So prayer and religion is something that must be done in private and not imposed on others. But sex is exploited on every billboard and screen.

They're the ones screaming for us to keep our laws out of their bedrooms while forcing us to pray only in ours. #‎upsidedownworld


It's Just Nice to Read About Technology Being Used To Save a Baby

We read so much about in-utero diagnoses with terrible endings. It's nice to read one with a happy ending where the parents decided not to abort and doctors used 21st century technology to save the baby, rather than harm.


Expecting parents Dustin and Sierra Yoder were handed dreadful news during a routine prenatal ultrasound. The pair were told their baby boy had encephalocele, a rare birth defect that causes the brain to grow outside the brain cavity due to a hole in the skull. Normally a fatal condition, this story has a happy outcome thanks to a pair of surgeons who used 3D printing to devise a successful treatment, reports STAT.

The story of Bentley and his miracle treatment started in early 2015 when Dustin and Sierra Yoder discovered they were expecting their second child. This joy turned to despair when the couple received the encephalocele diagnosis and were told by doctors that the “baby would be ‘incompatible with life,” said Sierra Yoder to STAT.

Immediately following the diagnosis, the Yoders had to make the difficult decision whether to continue the pregnancy or terminate it at that point. Because she was already more than 22 weeks along, this decision had to be made immediately. After briefly considering an abortion, the pair decided to deliver the baby and care for him until he passed. “The night before the procedure, I told Dustin I couldn’t do it,” Yoder said to the Washington Post.
It's so great to hear about parents facing a difficult time and choosing life.

And then this:
Neurosurgeon-in-chief Mark Proctor and plastic surgeon John Meara took on Bentley’s case and worked together to formulate a treatment plan. In most cases, doctors remove the portion of the brain that is outside the skull and then close the cranium to protect the remaining brain tissue. Bentley’s case was unusual because he was using all of his brain tissue. Doctors could not remove his brain, so they decided instead to expand his skull and allow the brain to slide back into his cranium.

To prepare for this challenging surgery, the surgeons created several 3D-printed models of Bentley’s skull. These models allowed the surgeons to plan the operation and practice it several times before entering the operating room. With a plan in hand, the doctors completed the surgery in just five hours. In the month following the surgery, Bentley has improved dramatically — “He is now able to hold up his head. He’s eating. He’s smiling. He’s jabbering,” said Sierra in a Washington Post interview.
Some good news to get your Friday started out right. Don't ever say I didn't give you anything.

Now, we'll return to our compiling our daily litany of horrors and calamities.

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Confused About Brexit? Christianne Amanpour is Mad So It Must Be Good

I really didn't know enough to root one way or another on the Brexit vote. But I saw that Christianne Amanpour seemed displeased by the vote so I figured the good guys won. Displeased doesn't actually cut in. She was Mrs. Doom and Gloom last night speaking in apocalyptic terms about the Brexit vote.

So in short, Matt's rule for issues he doesn't know about: Matt's support is equal in countermeasure to Christiane Amanpour's dour frown.

That seems like a pretty reliable guidepost.

(Here she is, angry about something else entirely.)

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The Democrats Catered Very Short Sit-In is Over

So now, a bunch of congressmen sitting around doing nothing is news? Sounds pretty typical to me.

And by the way, a sit-in sounds a lot less exciting than a March. So why is a few Congress critters sitting around in an air conditioned chamber with catering getting ten times more media attention than hundreds of thousands of people marching through Washington D.C. on what is usually one of the coldest days of the year?

I no sooner wrote this when I heard when I was just informed that Democrats are already giving up on their sit-in. Dude, I've sat longer than 24 hours on a random Wednesday. And I wasn't even passionate about it or called the media to watch me. I did it by accident.


What's with These Weird "Good Thoughts" Everyone's Sending?

I heard someone say "I'll keep a good thought for you" on the side of the softball field the other day. (Well, pretty much any interaction I have with adults is on the side of a field or a court nowadays.)

But some lady was explaining that her mother was sick and her husband has been drinking again. My heart broke for her. (I'll never get over the way women talk to each other and really connect whereas guys could have all sorts of calamities and debacles occurring and sit there and talk about football and politics.) But anyway, this other woman said, "I'll keep a good thought for you."

What the heck is that? Seriously. What even is that?

Please continue reading at The National Catholic Register>>>

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California Leads the Attack on Religious Liberty

Religious freedom is under attack. Predictably, California is leading the charge.

According to the Alliance Defending Freedom, in California, even churches are forced to pay for abortion. Currently, the left coast is attempting to pass legislation that will prohibit religious schools from making their own hiring and firing decisions (even though that right has been upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court.) And finally, pro-life clinics in California are forced to promote abortion.

The bottom line is no one should ever be forced by the government to act in a way that they consider to be morally wrong.

Just like Buzzfeed can exercise its freedom of conscience by refusing to promote messages that support Donald Trump's presidential campaign on their website, every American should have the freedom to live and operate their businesses according to their conscience.

(By the way, Buzzfeed has multiple offices in California. Here's hoping the government is a little more friendly to their freedom of conscience than it has been to religious and pro-life organizations in the state lately.)
The only thing that can save this country is a massive re-conversion. That's it. Otherwise, it's over.

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UN Schools Teaching Jihad to Middle Eastern Students

The three R's and jihad.

So when we pay for the UN we pay for the education of future terrorists. Perfect.

The New American:

Using funding from Western taxpayers, and Americans in particular, United Nations schools are teaching Arab children to glorify terrorism and wage constant war against their Jewish neighbors, according to a new film. In the explosive documentary released late last month by a pro-Israel watchdog group, schools run by the UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) are even exposed offering military-style training to young children. That training, combined with a curriculum that teaches fervent hatred of Jews, is a recipe for disaster, the producer said, citing the recent wave of attacks. But now, U.S. lawmakers are speaking out, with media reports saying that legislation is being considered to yank funding from the UN-run schools.

The film, produced by the Center for Near East Policy Research, shows numerous young children proudly celebrating the murder of Jews and explaining what they learned in their UN schools. Children also appear on camera vowing to fight for the Islamic State, or ISIS, and calmly explaining how they hope to become suicide bombers someday. Others boast that, one day, they hope to stab, shoot, or run down Jews with cars. The new material, released on May 27, comes amid a fresh surge in terrorist attacks in Israel, with more than 2,200 attacks by Arabs on Jews since last September. Dozens of victims have been killed in the attacks, with close to 500 wounded.
Hey, I've got an idea. Let's have the UN educate them and then we'll bring them over here as refugees!