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Docs Sue Obama Administration for Forcing Them To Perform Transgender Surgeries

A lawsuit filed in federal court in Texas by a group of religious hospitals and a number of states is asking the court to prevent the Obama administration from forcing them to perform gender transition surgeries on adults and children, even against their own medical judgement.

The Daily Signal:

“It’s a very rare moment in history when the government would force doctors to go against their conscience and their medical judgment and perform procedures that may be deeply harmful to patients,” said Luke Goodrich, a lawyer at the Becket Fund, which is representing Franciscan Alliance, a religious hospital network, and the Christian Medical and Dental Associations, two of the parties involved the lawsuit.

Also challenging the HHS mandate is Specialty Physicians of Illinois, along with the states of Texas, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Kentucky, and Kansas, which are all led by Republican governors.

Notably, the Obama administration does not require coverage of gender reassignment procedures under Medicare or Medicaid for children or adults because a government review of the clinical evidence available for gender reassignment surgery was inconclusive on whether it was helpful or harmful to patients with gender dysphoria.

“Based on a thorough review of the clinical evidence available at this time, there is not enough evidence to determine whether gender reassignment surgery improves health outcomes for Medicare beneficiaries with gender dysphoria,” a report from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services stated.

Instead, decisions for transition-related surgeries under Medicaid are made individually on a case-by-case basis.

“So you have doctors reaching one conclusion, and then you have politically zealous bureaucrats in the Office of Civil Rights—a different branch of HHS—saying science be damned, every private health care provider in the country has to cover this stuff in their health insurance and the doctors have to perform it,” Goodrich told The Daily Signal. “It’s deeply hypocritical.”
Please remember, these are the so-called pro-science people. So I guess all these doctors are anti-science?

This stuff is lunacy. These politicians are mandating a distortion of reality and forcing everyone to affirm it.

I recall the Mel Brooks character in Blazing Saddles being concerned that he didn't a "harrumph" out of one guy.

But don't worry. It's in the courts now. And judges always know what's best.


Starnes: La. Cop Told To Stop Praying By Red Cross

This figures. The very mention of Christ is offensive. I'd have to bet that if they were bowing to Mecca nobody would say a word.

Todd Starnes reports:

A law enforcement officer said he was asked to leave a Red Cross shelter in Lafayette, Louisiana after he prayed with several flood victims.

Clay Higgins, a reserve city marshal and a local legend, dropped by after work to minister to evacuees at the Heymann Performing Arts Center on Aug. 19.

“I was not proselytizing,” he told me. “I was just there to thank volunteers and offer prayers and encouragement.”

Higgins, who is also running for Congress, was dressed in uniform and was holding a Bible.

At some point during the visit a volunteer approached Higgins and mentioned there was a problem.

“He said the Red Cross had an issue with me being there,” Higgins said. “So I asked him what the problem was. He looked down at my Bible and he gestured and said, ‘They have a problem with that.’”

Higgins said he was escorted to a Red Cross supervisor who asked him to leave.

“I was told that the Red Cross does not allow spiritual counseling in their shelters,” he said. “The supervisor told me the Red Cross is not a religious-based organization and they don’t allow religious interaction with the residents.”

During the conversation, a flood victim asked Higgins to pray. The captain was obliged but had to do so outside the Red Cross shelter.

“Christian compassion was not welcomed there in the manner I had provided,” Higgins told me.

A Red Cross spokesperson told the Baton Rouge Advocate their policy is intended to be respectful of all faiths, “but she said if Higgins had approached managers they would have accommodated him.”

Meanwhile, a pastor in the town of Albany told me that four families left a Red Cross shelter after they were told they could not pray or read their Bibles at their cots.


Ask Yourself the Cardinal George Question Before You Vote

Before you vote this November ask yourself this question:

Which candidate will speed along fulfillment of Cardinal George's prediction which states “I expect to die in bed, my successor will die in prison and his successor will die a martyr in the public square?"

That's the question I keep asking myself.


NPR Says Gimme' Your Money and Shutup

NPR is closing down its comments section on its website. So it seems that NPR believes they have a right to your money but you don't have a right to express your opinion about it. #mustbenice #justlikeplannedparenthood


NPR is making an announcement today that is sure to upset a loyal core of its audience, those who comment online at NPR.org (including those who comment on this blog). As of Aug. 23, online comments, a feature of the site since 2008, will be disabled.

With the change, NPR joins a long list of other news organizations choosing to move conversations about its journalism off its own site and instead rely on social media to pick up the slack. But NPR stands for National Public Radio, so a decision to limit "public" input at NPR.org seems especially jarring.

The decision should not be taken to mean that NPR does not value audience engagement, said Scott Montgomery, managing editor for digital news
Noooo. Where would you get that idea? Just because I'm shutting you up doesn't mean you can't talk. It just means I want you to go somewhere else to speak so I don't have to hear you. Ever.


8 Reasons Jim Gaffigan Shouldn't Quit His Show

Dear Jim Gaffigan,

I am writing this heartfelt post to convince you, Jim Gaffigan, to continue with your show, The Jim Gaffigan Show, on TV Land. Recently, you announced that there won't be a Season 3 to your wonderful show because you want to focus on raising your five children. (Helicopter parent much?! Sheesh.) This plea of mine might seem ironic to some in that I was a journalist who left his job at a newspaper to raise his five children but I'm a complex man. OK, not that complex. But I watch a lot of television and your show is one of my favorites. So that should be enough right there. But apparently it's not.

So here's eight good quality reasons that you, Jim Gaffigan, should continue your show.

Please continue reading at The National Catholic Register>>>


Listen to Me on Sheila Liaugminas Yesterday

Hi all. I was on Sheila Liaugminas' radio show "A Closer Look" yesterday. I was talking about my book "Faith Under Fire: Dramatic Stories of Christian Courage" and the importance of hope in these desperate times.

I was on for the first half of the show and I think it went well. Take a listen by clicking here.


9 Year Old Has 300 Pizzas Delivered to Flood Victims Instead of Birthday Present

Here's a great story. Now, none of the media mentioned the boy's motivation or if he's Christian. But I wonder.

A 9-year-old boy celebrated his birthday by giving out more than 300 pizzas to flood victims in Louisiana.


Carson Boutte, of Layfayette, decided to skip a party and presents this year. Instead, he decided to hand deliver pizzas to people who lost their homes in the state's historic flooding.

"We're going to give them lunch so they don't have to stop what they're doing. We're just going to deliver pizzas to neighborhoods that have flooded," Carson said.

At first, the idea was just to give out a few dozen pies with the help of family and friends, but thanks to social media, more than 360 pizzas were given out.

When Carson showed up at strangers' houses with food in hand, many residents broke out in tears.

"For a 9 year old to even think to help people. It's amazing. Everybody is here. Everybody brings stuff and for him to get 300 and something pizzas delivered. He probably didn't even have pizza but he brought it for everybody else," said flood victim Lacey Viator.
One of my favorite parts of the story, though not in the story I linked is that the boy's original thought was just to make lunches for 100 people but his mom was dismayed about having to make all those lunches so the Dad comes in and suggests pizza. Typical Dad move. But awesome. Don't offer to help. But suggest pizza.

This story restores my faith in humanity. And makes me hungry. Pizza anyone?

Note: President Obama did not get any of the pizza yet because he hasn't been to Louisiana yet.


Judge Blocks Obama's Transgender Student Bathroom Mandate

Thank God there's still come sense in this country. Figures that it comes out of Texas.

I don't like the way Bloomberg represents this as part of a "civil rights struggle" but that's the common wisdom from our elite overlords who know better about all things.


The Obama administration was barred by a judge from enforcing a directive that U.S. public schools allow transgender students to use bathrooms and locker rooms according to their gender identity.

A federal judge in Fort Worth, Texas, on Sunday sided with Texas and 12 other states that argued the administration’s policy usurps local control and threatens students’ safety and privacy.

The use of public bathrooms and locker rooms by transgender people has become the latest front in civil rights struggles between social conservatives and the administration following battles over same-sex marriage and military service by openly gay members of the armed forces in which President Barack Obama has sided with gay-rights advocates.

The ruling by U.S. District Judge Reed O’Connor came after the U.S. Supreme Court on Aug. 3 temporarily blocked an order that would let a transgender student use the boys’ bathrooms during his senior year at a Virginia high school.

In that case, the justices granted a request from the Gloucester County school board, which said the lower court order would have caused “severe disruption” when school started in September and likely prompted parents to transfer their children to other institutions. The district said boys’ restrooms were reserved for students who were "biological" males.
This stupid mandate could be a great thing for Catholic schools with parents pulling their kids. But that's short term thinking. In the long run, scarily, this genderless anarchy would just become the new normal.

Thank God this judge at least put a roadblock up in the way of this insanity. But this whole thing affirms my belief that this country is doomed.

(Anyone else thinking about moving to Texas and joining the secession movement or is that just me?)

*subhead*Public schools.*subhead*

Salon Thinks Republicans Are Losing Faith in Christ

Salon Magazine, according to Breitbart, believe Ted Cruz' failure to secure the GOP nomination means that "Americans are moving away from Christianity, including people most likely to vote Republican."

Can I just suggest that perhaps it doesn't mean that Republicans are losing faith in Christ. It might just be that Christians have lost faith in the Republican Party."


Does This Sound Healthy To You?

More same-sex weddings than Catholic weddings in Scotland and more deaths than births. This does not sound like a country committed to surviving in the long run.

No wonder they're so tied to the EU. They think it might save them.

Catholic Culture reports:

Over 5% of weddings that took place in Scotland last year were same-sex ceremonies. 1,671 same-sex weddings took place—975 of women, and 696 of men—while 1,438 Catholic weddings were celebrated, down from 2,004 a decade earlier. The year 2015 was the first full year in which homosexual civil marriages were legal.

For the sixth consecutive year, weddings conducted by Humanist Society Scotland exceeded the number of Catholic weddings. The number of weddings conducted by various humanist groups now exceeds the number of weddings conducted by the Church of Scotland, the nation’s main Protestant body.

In 2015, there were more deaths (57,579) in Scotland than births (55,098), but because of migration from the rest of the United Kingdom and overseas, the population increased to a record 5,373,000.
A prescription for doom my friends. A prescription for doom.