"Nothing is more dreaded than the national government meddling with religion." John Adams

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Wait, I was told there was no "shadow government."

Wait, I was told the very idea of a "shadow government" or "deep state" was fantastical right wing nonsense. Yet here you have a former CIA official and current CNN analyst wondering why they haven't staged a coup yet.

Fox News:

CNN analyst and former CIA official Philip Mudd on Monday wondered whether "almost a shadow government” will come out against President Donald Trump after the controversial summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“Curious point in American government: When do we see almost a shadow government come out and say, ‘we cannot side with the government,’ whether it’s the Cabinet or the Senate,” Mudd said during a broadcast in Helsinki, Finland.

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What Would A Justice Kavanaugh Mean for Catholic Education?

Putting an end to the odious Blaine Amendments.

The nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court Justice has ignited storms of protests from the left, mostly centered around the issue of abortion. But another issue promises to be the focus of some harsh questioning in the near future — Catholic schools.
I've long believed that the fate of this country is tied to the strength of our faithful Catholic schools. For one to survive, the other must thrive. And let's be honest, many many Catholic schools are currently operating on a sub-thrive basis. Why? There are many reasons including a cultural shift that not only inspires apathy about the faith but anger and ridicule. Another has been the mass exodus of nuns from Catholic schools, which forced the schools to allocate significant funds toward paying teachers which led to huge increases in tuition, thus pricing them out of many well-intentioned people's lives. This has been a calamity for Catholic education and this country. But one of the remedies to this situation that would help families afford a Catholic education has been essentially barred by the odious anti-Catholic Blaine Amendments that exist throughout our country, preventing voucher plans from taking effect.

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Desperate China Now Paying Citizens to Have More Children

This will not work.


Chinese state media noted on Wednesday that at least one province in the country is considering offering financial rewards to couples to incentivize them to have children, following an unsuccessful campaign to increase the country’s birth rate that began with a loosening of the previous one-child policy.

Under Communist Party leader Xi Jinping, Chinese couples were formally allowed to have up to two children per family in 2015. Yet birth rates, expected to skyrocket with that announcement, have remained mostly stagnant and threaten to decline. According to an article in the Communist Party’s People’s Daily newspaper this week, China could have only 65 percent of India’s population by 2050 if current birth rates continue the same, potentially causing a major economic crisis in the country.

In an effort to encourage couples to have more children, Party officials in northeast Liaoning Province are discussing ways to make it easier for couples to endure the financial burdens of having a child, the People’s Daily reported Wednesday.
This materialistic view of the world will always crash and burn. To say, we want less children so we will punish people with more than one works a lot better than offering financial incentives to have more children. People don't run on material things alone. They need hope. Faith. Love. When you strip them of these things you invite destruction.

We are now looking at a disaster that will have worldwide implications.


Who the Left is Outraged over Roe

Please recall that the outrage the left is exhibiting over the possibility of Roe v. Wade being overturned is because regular people will then get to vote on the most contentious issue of the day. Imagine that, the people actually getting a vote! In a republic, no less!! So when they're against overturning Roe, please remember it's really about not wanting people to have the right to vote.


Amy Coney Barrett and Evander's Holyfield's Ear

It's possible in the end, this pick will be looked upon as brilliantly strategic because let's be honest, just about ALL the gains liberals have won occurred not through a national conversation but through judicial fiat. So shouldn't conservatives do exactly the same? Not really. Because the left is all about power. Christians seek to convert. You see the difference? The truth is that we will never win the abortion battle via judicial fiat, we can only win through argumentation and conversion. Overturning Roe is a beginning, not an end. For the left, Roe and Doe won the day. Their battle was won. When Roe is overturned, it's just the beginning for us. The real fight will then take place in the states and in the hearts and minds of regular people, not five black robed justices.

We wanted that battle to start at 9 p.m. last night, because a funny thing happens when the battle wages. Things get clarified. Remember when Mike Tyson was finally forced into a real fight with Evander Holyfield. He became so frustrated that he bit off his ear. Right in front of the country he bit off Evander Holyfield's ear and the world instantly knew who we was, not who we was pretending to be. I believe the radical leftists would've been so inflamed about Coney Barrett's nomination that they would've boldly revealed who they actually are, not who they are pretending to be.

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So Who's out of touch on Abortion?

I keep hearing that President Trump's possible nominees are out of touch or something on abortion and just so radical that they couldn't possibly even be considered for a seat on the high court.


CNS News:

In 40 straight Gallup polls over a span of 24 years, a majority of Americans have said that they believe abortion should be illegal in all or most circumstances. In the latest Gallup survey examining the issue, which was conducted May 1-10, 53 percent said they believe abortion should be illegal in all or most circumstances. The Gallup survey asks this question: “Do you think abortion should be legal under any circumstances, legal only under certain circumstances, or illegal in all circumstances?”
So it seems to me that the critics of Trump's possible nominees might just be the ones out of touch.

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Liberal Racism at its Most Hilarious and Blatant

Why is Hollywood so racist?

This is so hilariously elitist and blatantly racist.

Reminds me of this:

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This is how your pro-choice explanations sound to us

"I voted for the Nazis but I don't support everything they're for."

"Yeah, I thought slavery should be legal but that doesn't mean I was pro-slavery."

You see, voting for pro-abortion candidates and considering yourself pro-choice but not pro-abortion sounds just as lame.


HBO’s ‘Westworld’ Stumbles Upon a Catholic Dogma

“Revelation gives us the certainty of faith that the whole of human history is marked by the original fault freely committed by our first parents.” (CCC 390)

I love stories. I read a lot and I like going to the movies and watching quality television ... and some not so quality, to be honest. I truly believe that the human mind is made to respond to stories. Whenever Jesus wanted to explain something to us, He told a story.

I love the insights of artists who can really make us see things in a new way or perhaps more clearly. Even in violent movies, I am touched by a moment of grace like the grandmother in Flannery O'Connor's “A Good Man is Hard to Find,” who has a sudden revelation of love in the midst of horrific violence.
The critically acclaimed HBO show Westworld has everyone talking right now. This article will remain spoiler-free but the second season finale had many twists and turns and has many people talking. But what interests me is the show's view of humanity, which is ... quite dire. And I'm totally on board with that. I'm all about the dire. I believe that people desperately need help of the supernatural variety. Westworld co-showrunner Jonathan Nolan's talked about his show's indictment of humanity with Entertainment Weekly. Mind you, his language is salty but the point is a good one.

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The 3 "Essential Criteria" of Catholic Education, according to Pope Francis

"Only by changing education can we change the world." Those are the powerful words of Pope Francis who recently spoke to the Gravissimum Educationis Foundation, which was established in 2015 by the Holy Father, on the fiftieth anniversary of the Second Vatican Council’s Declaration Gravissimum Educationis. The foundation's work centers on renewing the Church's commitment to Catholic education in modern times.

According to The Holy See Press Office, Pope Francis implored Catholic education institutions to "respect three essential criteria." Chief among them was exhibiting a strong commitment to their Catholic identity.

The Holy Father called for "consistency and continuity with the mission of schools, universities and research centres founded, promoted or accompanied by the Church and open to all." Additionally, he said that those institutional values "are essential for following the way marked out by Christian civilization and by the Church’s mission of evangelization."

In fact, only that steadfast adherence to the Church's mission can lead students to "indicate what paths to take, in order to give up-to-date answers to today’s problems, with a preferential regard for those who are most needy."

Pope Francis also stressed the need to offer a "quality" education "that must shed light on every enterprise of study, research and education."

Thirdly, he told the assembly that their work "cannot overlook the goal of the common good" which he said is educating people of all "cultures, traditions, and faiths" that "we belong to one human family."

For a Catholic educational institution to fulfil its mission, Pope Francis said, it must "lay its foundations in a way consistent with our Christian identity; establish means appropriate for the quality of study and research; and pursue goals in harmony with service to the common good."

"A plan of thought and action based on these solid pillars will be able to contribute, through education, to building a future in which the dignity of the person and universal fraternity are global resources upon which every citizen of the world can draw," he said.