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Trump Kills Abortion Money to International Groups, Possibly UNFPA

Donald Trump has reinstated a ban on providing money to international groups that perform or “promote” abortions. So, I couldn't help but wonder if that shouldn't mean we don't give taxpayer money to the United Nations since they clearly promote abortion? I put that on Facebook earlier to be snarky but lo and behold, there's some actual reality to it.

The SBA List points out:

President Trump has directed the Secretary of State to ensure U.S. taxpayer dollars do not support organizations that support or participate in the management of a coercive abortion program. An example of this would be the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), which has a long history of supporting the Chinese population control program, which has included forced abortions.

“Not only has President Trump reinstated the Mexico City Policy, he’s modernized it by applying it to all foreign health assistance programs,” said SBA List President Marjorie Dannenfelser. “For nearly a decade under President Obama, Americans have funded UNFPA, which has a long history of involvement in China’s brutal birth limitation policy – enforcement of which routinely includes the atrocity of forced abortions. Thanks to President Trump, the Secretary of State is directed to ensure Americans are no longer complicit in violating the dignity of women and children overseas. No longer will abortion be a top U.S. export.”
That's pretty amazing news. Best news we've had in a while.

Look, I know there's going to be some things that Trump is going to disappoint me on and possibly even horrify me. But this is a good thing. We should celebrate it.


Minnie Mouse Arrested for Pick Pocketing

You just can't trust anyone anymore.


Police in Madrid said they had detained two pickpockets who used Minnie Mouse disguises to steal from unsuspecting people they posed for photos with in the city’s famous Puerta del Sol.

Woman 'gang-raped for three hours live on Facebook'

The pair were found with more than €8,000 (£7,000) in cash on them when they were caught by police.
An Iranian tourist raised the alarm after realising that her wallet with €1,000 has gone missing after having a selfie taken with the two Minnies.

Her description of the two thieves, who were quite conspicuous, meant they were found extremely quickly
I'd expect this from Scrooge McDuck but not Minnie. Never Minnie.


Video: Catholic Sisters in Women's March

Oy. Confusing Catholics since Vatican II.

A number of Catholic sisters attended the pro-abortion Women's March yesterday. As they talk about issues why they're there women holding pro-abortion signs are shown on screen unironically.


6 Famous Women Who Wouldn't Be Allowed to March

What do Mary Wollstonecraft, Fannie Lou Hamer, and Dorothy Day have in common?

Organizers of the Women’s March decided to remove the pro-life group, New Wave Feminists, from their partnership page. In order to ensure there would be no misunderstanding, they made it clear that it was precisely because of the group's pro-life stance that they were removed as sponsors. “The Women’s March’s platform is pro-choice and that has been our stance from day one,” the organizers said. “The anti-choice organization in question is not a partner of the Women’s March on Washington.”

So now that we know that pro-life feminists are not wanted at the march, I thought it would be interesting to consider six remarkable women who also wouldn't be welcome.

1) Elizabeth Cady Stanton. Few feminists are as well known and revered as Elizabeth Cady Stanton. She was one of the pioneers and long-term champions of women's rights. Stanton didn't see motherhood and feminism as mutually exclusive. In fact, she was the devoted mother of seven children who reportedly called infanticide a "crying evil."
For believing that, Elizabeth Cady Stanton would be unwelcome in the Women's March.
2) Mary Wollstonecraft is one of the earliest known feminists and revered as an intellectual giant. She is probably most famous for writing "A Vindication of the Rights of Woman" in 1792 which stated:

“Women becoming, consequently, weaker, in mind and body, than they ought to be, were one of the grand ends of their being taken into account, that of bearing and nursing children, have not sufficient strength to discharge the first duty of a mother; and sacrificing to lasciviousness the parental affection, that ennobles instinct, either destroy the embryo in the womb, or cast it off when born. Nature in everything demands respect, and those who violate her laws seldom do so with impunity."

Mary died as a result of giving birth to her second child, Mary, who would later become Mary Shelley who would write one of the greatest novels of all time about the dangers of science not heeding morality, "Frankenstein."

Oh, and I know many would argue that oh, that Wollstonecraft's views on abortion were simply a product of her time. But they would also argue that millions of women were procuring abortions back then as a reason it needed to be legalized. So they can't have it both ways. It's also difficult (and insulting) to think that Mary Wollstonecraft, who so bravely made the case for women's equality, would be cowed by the conventions of her time.

Please continue reading at The National Catholic Register>>>

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A Few Things Happened Today

One of the most important things that happened today was that Hillary Clinton did not become president. Can we all just take a moment to thank God for that? She truly would've been a disaster for religious liberty. Disaster.

President Trump mentioned the term "radical Islam" and called it "evil." The Obama administration wouldn't even say those words, never mind classify it as evil. This is a big step. These people have been attempting to rid an entire region of the globe of Christians. And to be honest, they were getting quite efficient at doing it.

Let's hope for better days for Christians in the Middle East.

There were many prayers offered at the Inaugural. In fact, I read that it broke the record for most prayers. Cardinal Dolan offered a nice prayer, reciting King Solomon's prayer from the Book of Wisdom:
"God of our ancestors and Lord of mercy, you have made all things. And in your providence have charged us to rule the creatures produced by you, to govern the world in holiness and righteousness, and to render judgment with integrity of heart. Give us wisdom, for we are your servants, weak and short-lived, lacking in comprehension of judgment and of laws. Indeed, though one might be perfect among mortals, if wisdom which comes from you be lacking, we count for nothing. Now with you is wisdom, who knows your will and was there when you made the world, who understands what is pleasing in your eyes, what is conformable with your commands, send her forth from your holy heavens. From your glorious throne, dispatch her that she may be with us and work with us, that we may grasp what is pleasing to you. For she knows and understands all things and will guide us prudently in our affairs and safeguard us by her glory."

And then there's this. This woman is really upset by Trump's inauguration. I mean, this is the most overacting I've seen since Shatner yelled "Khaaaaaaan!!!"


Scottish Catholics Pelted with Eggs as They Go to Mass

This, sadly, is not surprising. This is what happens when you make faith a punchline and mock Christians as stupid. Once you "otherize" a group, it becomes very easy to see them as contemptible and worthy of violence.


A priest and parishioners at a Fife church have been attacked with eggs and subjected to anti-Catholic abuse as they made their way into Mass.

The incident happened on Tuesday at St John and St Columba's Church in Rosyth. Police Scotland said they were investigating the incident.

Last July, a visiting priest in Broxburn, West Lothian, called in police after both he and parishioners were subjected to anti-Catholic chants by youths standing outside a church.

Police also had to be called in May 2015 after St Andrew's parish in Livingston was extensively spray-painted with anti-Catholic graffiti.

Father Kevin Dow, St John and St Columba's church priest, said: "It's dreadfully sad that in today's Scotland we still have young people who seem to be brought up or encouraged from elsewhere to be anti-Catholic and to do so in an open, intimidating and violent way."
This is the new normal, folks.

*subhead*New normal.*subhead*

Teacher's Union Says Betsy Devos is Scarier than the KKK

Speaking at an event organized to oppose President-elect Donald Trump’s agenda in Washington, D.C. Thursday, American Federation of Teachers President Elizabeth “Liz” Davis said that Betsy DeVos, Trump’s nominee for Secretary of Education, is more frightening than the Ku Klux Klan.

Because the Klan was very interested in helping minority children out of failing public schools and attend private schools? What?

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WaPo Mocks Agriculture Nominee for Being a Christian

This is disgusting.

Hey media, wanna' know why we don't trust you to be objective? Things like this.

This is just a needless knock. So condescending.

Mollie Hemingway writes:
The beauty of this headline/social media hit on Perdue is that it manages to raise questions about the paper’s ability to fairly cover both conservative politicians and religious people, in one fell swoop.


Nearly 1 Million Christians Killed in Last Decade

Silent genocide.

Fox News:

Over 900,000 Christians have been martyred in the last 10 years, a Christian research firm affiliated with Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in Massachusetts estimates.

Gordon-Conwell's Center for the Study of Global Christianity recently released its annual report on the persecution of Christians, which found that as many as 90,000 Christians died for their faith in the last year.

Although the study was released this month, the finding that 90,000 Christians — or one Christian every six minutes — were killed in 2016 was leaked by a prominent Italian sociologist named Massimo Introvigne during an interview with Vatican Radio in December and the report received much media attention before it was even released.

Even though 90,000 Christian martyrs might seem like a lot in one year, the think tank maintains that 90,000 Christians have died each year on average from 2005 to 2015.
I wrote a number of stories detailing the persecution of Christians in my book "Faith Under Fire: Dramatic Stories of Christian Courage." Please understand, this is not a problem in just one country or one region. Christian persecution is a worldwide horror which escalates as the world turns its head.


Matt's Weekly Catholic Education Report Card

Another teacher in same-sex marriage sues Catholic school, diocese after being fired

After losing his job following the announcement of his same-sex marriage to another man on Facebook, a male substitute teacher at a Catholic school in Charlotte, N.C., has filed a federal lawsuit alleging illegal discrimination.
Unsurprisingly, the American Civil Liberties Union is involved on the man’s behalf and is urging the court to strip Catholic schools of their right to hire and fire for mission. Does the ACLU remember that freedom of religion is in the Bill of Rights?
A spokesman for the Diocese of Charlotte said the former employee was let go “for going on Facebook, entering in a same-sex relationship and saying in a very public way that he does not agree with the teachings of the Catholic Church.”
The former employee told the media, “I wasn’t working for a church. In my mind, I was working for a school.” If you separate the Church from the school, we’re no longer talking about a Catholic school or a Catholic education. Unfortunately, many people still don’t understand this, which is why we need to continue to strengthen — and explain the importance of — Catholic education.
A former Catholic school employee in the Archdiocese of Newark filed a lawsuit a few months ago after being terminated for entering into a same-sex marriage. That case is still ongoing.

Wheeling Jesuit to commemorate former KKK, pro-abortion Senator Robert Byrd

Wheeling Jesuit University in Wheeling, W.Va., will host a traveling exhibit commemorating the life and career of pro-abortion Senator (and former Exalted Cyclops of the Ku Klux Klan) Robert Byrd starting next week.
The Byrd Center says on its website that its mission is to “advance representative democracy by promoting a better understanding of the United States Congress and the Constitution.” I guess they hadn’t read the Fourteenth Amendment which states that the government shall not deprive any person of LIFE.
“We are honored to host this exhibit that chronicles the life and legacy of Sen. Byrd,” said Dr. Robert Phillips, vice president of academics at Wheeling Jesuit. Why?

The university has close ties to Byrd. A building is named after him, and he helped secure millions of dollars for the university.

Please continue reading at The Cardinal Newman Society>>>

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