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Dear Church, Beware Unproven Theories

Some few months back I wrote a post in which I advised that the Church should be more cautious in giving its seeming imprimatur to various different scientific theories. The post was widely misunderstood (my fault) as saying that the Church shouldn't discuss science. I wish to be clear here that I do not suggest such a thing. The Church should and must speak to science and scientists about the proper limits and morals that should govern scientific inquiry.

But I would like to re-emphasize my previous suggestion that the Church hierarchy, and in particular Popes, should refrain from suggesting acceptance of or even specifically endorsing particular theories about the origins of the universe, the origins of life on earth, or any other in vogue unproven theory.

By way of example, I think specifically of the "theory of evolution" as it is commonly understood by people....

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*subhead*They call them theories for a reason.*subhead*

SF Archbishop on Pelosi: Catholics Can't Dissent on Abortion

Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone, in the wake of Nancy Pelosi's statements (or non-statement) about late-term abortions, said "no Catholic can dissent in good conscience" from the Church's teaching on life. But hold on, what if her entire political career depends on having that view? Is the Church against women holding positions of power in the Democrat party?

CNS News:

It is a scientific fact that human life begins at conception," the archbishop said in a written statement to "This has been established in medical science for over 100 years. Catholic moral teaching acknowledges this scientific fact, and has always affirmed the grave moral evil of taking an innocent human life.

“This has been the consistent teaching of the Church from the very beginning, a teaching already discernible in the natural moral law, and so a teaching from which no Catholic can dissent in good conscience,” he said.

“It is the obligation of pastors of souls to reach out to their people who have difficulty understanding and accepting such important teachings of the Church in order to extend to them true pastoral care and, where appropriate, to establish a regular dialogue,” said Archbishop Cordileone. “This is something I have always striven to do in the various ministries I have exercised as a priest and bishop, including now as the Archbishop of San Francisco. I ask for people’s prayers for success as I continue to strive to do this."
I love when priests drop science on pro-aborts because they hate it so much because while they always want to yell about the separation of Church and state they actually want the separation of state and common sense or state and morality.

And don't give me that crap about how state can't or shouldn't enforce morality. That's what it does. The entire concept of redistributive taxation is "fairness" which is a concept derived from morality. Border policies must be moral. Libs sure don't mind quoting the pope on immigration issues. But when Church teaching could interfere with them getting checks from EMILY's List, now it's choosing time. And while the Church may discuss eternal reward, EMILY's List's payoffs are a lot more immediate.


Kids on a Snow Day

Kids are very happy on snow days. But couple of funny things about them.

One. I'm shoveling the driveway at 8 a.m. this morning. It's still snowing mind you but I'm a little crazy. I'd rather shovel light covering three times than lifting thirty pounds of snow with each shovelful. So as I'm doing it my seven year old opens the front door and yells out "Hey Dad, what's for breakfast?"

My neighbor actually laughed out loud.

And the other thing is that when my older kids come down and I call them bums for sleeping so long they all have a story about how they've been awake for a while but just didn't come down or they woke up earlier, rolled over, and went back to sleep. Why not just admit they slept in on a snow day. There's no crime to it.

Now, as I'm homeschooling my three youngest, those three are desperately attempting to avoid me because they fear that I may tell them to get their books out any second. They're playing in the front room and up in their bedrooms but they're avoiding me. I think I'll scare them in a little bit and ask them how their Math is coming along.

See, parents can have a little fun on snow days as well.

*subhead*Let it snow.*subhead*

Deadbeat (Not) Dad

If you thought government in Detroit couldn't get any worse, think again.

The courts are threatening to throw a man in jail for failure to pay $30k for child support.

Well, good you say?

Well, I would too if not for one little thing. He is not the father. And he can prove it.

The mother put his name on a welfare form and that is that. The court knows he is not the father, but what do they care?

DETROIT, MI -- A Michigan man could go to jail for failing to pay child support. But the child he's accused of not paying for isn't even his, according to WXYZ in Detroit.

Carnell Alexander walked into the Frank Murphy Hall of Justice Friday, knowing in moments he could lose his freedom. Though DNA tests have proven the child isn't his, Alexander still owes more than $30,000 to the state because the child's mother used his name as the father to get welfare benefits.

Under Michigan law, that means Alexander owes child support. But an attorney who saw Alexander's story on the news wanted to help.

"I'm just trying to help him with his future," said attorney Cherika Harris.

"I'm almost homeless. I'm almost in jail. I am out of work," said Alexander. "My money is being threatened to be taken."

*subhead*Not your kid? Who cares. Pay up.*subhead*

Sons of Liberty? Good for Kids?

Hey, I'm kind of interested in History Channel's Sons of Liberty. My children are interested as well so I'm wondering if anyone saw it and if so is it appropriate for kids? Is it historically accurate? I'd love it if you could let me know. Thanks.


Fr. Richard McBrien Has Died

We pray for the soul of Fr. Richard McBrien. Fr. McBrien passed away Sunday at the age of 78.

Fr. McBrien was a repeated foil on this blog in its early years as he represented in the media and promoted relentlessly everywhere all that is destroying the Church.

From the National Catholic Reporter (unfortunately in praise of Fr. McBrien)
Unabashedly on the progressive side of most Catholic debates, McBrien advocated the ordination of women priests, an end to mandatory celibacy for priests, moral approval of artificial birth control, and decentralization of power in the church. In so doing, he helped to define the battle lines within Catholicism over the legacy of the Second Vatican Council (1962-65).

We pray for his soul and hope that he did not know what he was doing. Now he does. I pray God has mercy on his soul.

*subhead*Pray for his soul.*subhead*

200,000 of Anyone Else Would Get Coverage

The media once again largely ignored the March for Life which saw 200,000 plus people walking right down Constitution Avenue in Washington D.C.

According to Newsbusters, CBS is the only one to even mention the March and they did it in passing.

I'm just wondering if there's 200,000 of anything other than pro-lifers which would warrant such little coverage.

Let's start it with the easy ones:

200,000 global warming activists dressed as glaciers and staging a "melt-down." (Definitely coverage. Adoring too.)
200,000 people celebrating "Dress and Act Like Al Sharpton Day" by lying, screaming unintelligibly, and shaking people down for cash. (Yup.)
200,000 people for lifting the ban on killing praying mantises. (OK, I would watch that one too.)
200,000 people who support killing old people (or as well refer to them -Obamacare supporters) (Oh yeah.)
200,000 topless women protesters who nobody actually wants to see topless ranting about the pope or some patriarchal symbol. (Mass coverage and probably a reality show on Bravo.)

I honestly am sitting here thinking if there's any group of 200,000 people that would be completely ignored by the media. I mean, even if the NRA did it, the media would cover it just because they'd probably think it was a redneck invasion. There's literally no other group that I can think of which would be completely ignored year after year.

The media is always saying we're a divided nation but I'm telling you that when I looked around the March I saw college groups next to groups of senior citizens. I saw African-Americans, whites, Asian, Hispanics all walking together in prayer and song. This was a picture of America coming together in support of the most basic right of all- life. It was truly beautiful and says something very good about our country.

Oh. That's probably why they didn't cover it.


Video: An Amazing Video Explaining the Eucharist

So when Jesus said, "This is My body" he meant it? Yeah. He did.



PA's Gov. Elect Nominates Transgender Doc as Physician General

Republicans won a lot of federal and state races this past November. But in Pennsylvania, Tom Wolf beat Republican Governor Tom Corbett. And now, Wolf is naming his cabinet. Dr. Richard Levine – who now goes by “Rachel” is Wolf's pick for physician general.

And this is what you get:

Philly Mag

On Saturday, Governor-Elect Tom Wolf released the names of four more members of his cabinet, one of which is a transgender woman, Dr. Rachel Levine, who will serve as his physician general.

Dr. Levine, a resident of Middletown, Pennsylvania, is currently a professor of Pediatrics and Psychiatry at the Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center, where she also serves as chief of the Division of Adolescent Medicine and Eating Disorders, a program she created on her own. She has also worked actively with the school’s Office of Diversity, mentoring LGBT students, faculty and staff, and she sits on the board of Equality PA.
Who even knows what a physician general does but clearly Wolf is sending a message with this appointment as to where he intends to lead Pennsylvania.


Just in Time for the March for Life, GOP Punks out on the Unborn

This is deflating. Here I am running out the door to head down to Washington D.C. for the March for Life and I read that the House GOP dropped plans to debate a bill that would make late-term abortions illegal. The whole thing was sort of a show anyway since President Obama was going to veto it anyway. But that's the thing. Republicans don't even dare to bring up a show vote on abortion.

This on the day before the March for Life just shows why we can't get anywhere. According to polls, banning late-term abortions is supported by something like 70 or 80 percent of people. That means it would actually be good politics to raise this issue. But instead, they punk out on the unborn.

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