"Nothing is more dreaded than the national government meddling with religion." John Adams

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Awww. Nazis Buried Time Capsule. As If We'd Forget Them Otherwise

Nazis buried a time capsule. I guess they thought we'd forget them. Nope. Not as long as we have the History Channel rerunning documentaries on every battle of the Big One, pals. No such luck.

A time capsule buried in Hitler’s Germany was unearthed recently in modern-day Poland. The capsule hadn’t moved in 82 years, but the world above had changed dramatically.

In 1934, the capsule, a copper cylinder, was buried with a formal ceremony in the foundation of one of the buildings of a training center the Nazis were constructing to indoctrinate future leaders of the Third Reich.
The funny thing is that the capsule was opened with great fanfare, only to disappoint. There were some copies of Mein Kampf and some newspaper articles and coins. Yawn.

Just goes to show you. Evil is boring. And likes projects like third grade social studies classes.


Linda Greenhouse: Hey, It's a Good Thing Scalia Died, Huh?

The former NY Times Supreme Court and current Yale professor reporter thinks Antonin Scalia died at just the right time because democracy. Sweet, huh?

Free Beacon:

Linda Greenhouse, a senior fellow at Yale Law School who spent 30 years as a Supreme Court reporter for the New York Times before becoming a columnist for the newspaper, argued on Thursday that the death of Justice Antonin Scalia saved democracy in North Carolina.

Greenhouse wrote in a column Thursday that a recent Supreme Court ruling keeping in place a federal court's decision striking down a voter I.D. law in North Carolina would have been threatened, had Scalia still been alive.

"Would it be unseemly to suggest that only Justice Scalia's death has preserved democracy in North Carolina?" she wrote. "There, I just did."
I love it when leftists pretend to care about democracy. It's so cute. Y'know, in an ironic way.

Where was all the concern about democracy when people voted to uphold traditional marriage and judges just voted it away like whoosh? That's democrazy for you. Linda also doesn't seem to care when the courts took away the right of the people to vote on abortion.

Please remember the left is the side that cares about people. Except the people who get in the way of "progress." Then you might want to watch out.

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School Approves After School Satanic Club

Headline: "School OK's After School Satan Club."

Me: It's about time. I mean, sheesh, we kicked God out decades ago. What took Satan so long?

But the federal government is "worried" about homeschoolers.

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Poor Girl, Doesn't Know She's Priceless

I guess nobody told her she was priceless.

The Sun:

A STUDENT is auctioning her virginity online so that she can raise enough money to study abroad.

Ariana, 20, from Russia, is selling her virginity on an escort site — with bids starting at £130,500 ($228,650), The Sun reports.
Although she looked at other ways to raise money, Ariana says that she settled on the sale of her virginity as the quickest and easiest way to raise money.
In many quarters, I've seen that this is being portrayed as feminist empowerment.

Right, girls so desperate for education are renting themselves to people who will use them like an object is empowering. Yeah, that makes sense.


The Most Radical Of Traditionalists

Please go read my latest at the Remnant about the kind of radical traditionalism you hardly ever hear about.

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What Kaepernick Did To Lose USA Today's Support

This is hilarious. You see, bench warming football "player" Colin Kaepernick refused to stand for the National Anthem and he received support from the media. He wore socks that depicted police officers as pigs and he still gained support from the media.

But now he's gone too far. He's insulted Queen Clinton.

Seriously, you have to read this piece from USA Today's Josh Peters.

After galvanizing support from athletes and civil rights leaders across the country, Colin Kaepernick is in danger of losing it.

His comments Tuesday about the first presidential debate between HIllary Clinton and Donald Trump were as needlessly divisive as the “pig cop’’ socks he wore last month. In case you missed, here’s part of what the San Francisco 49ers quarterback said about Clinton and Trump:

“Both are proven liars and it almost seems like they’re trying to debate who’s less racist.”

NAACP president Cornell William Brooks and Rev. Jesse Jackson are among the civil rights leaders to have praised Kaepernick for his protest of racial inequality and police brutality. But they’ll have a harder time supporting the San Francisco 49ers quarterback after the incendiary comments about the presidential candidates, especially those directed at Clinton, who has strong support within the African-American community.
The writer doesn't even have any idea how far off the rails he actually is. He is more offended that his Ice Queen was insulted.

We are no longer a nation. We are warring gangs. The only allegiance that matters is to party. Insult the country? No problem. Insult the police? Meh. But don't ever and I mean ever insult the party.

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That's Weird. Potential Humans Addicted to Actual Opiates

More babies in the US are born addicted to opiates like heroin. That's weird. How does a "blob of tissue" become addicted to something humans can get addicted to?

Fox News:

The proportion of U.S. babies born suffering from withdrawal syndrome after exposure to heroin or prescription opiates in utero has more than doubled in less than a decade, a study suggests.

Researchers focused on what’s known as neonatal abstinence syndrome, a condition akin to withdrawal that develops when babies essentially become addicted to drugs their mothers use during pregnancy.

Nationally, the rate of neonatal abstinence syndrome involving mothers’ use of opiates – which includes heroin as well as prescription narcotics like codeine and Vicodin – surged from 2.8 cases for every 1,000 births in 2009 to 7.3 cases for every 1,000 births in 2013, the study found.
Hey, this is good news for Planned Parenthood. It's yet another reason to abort. In the words of Ruth Vader Ginsburg there are "populations we don't want too many of." Surely blobs of tissue with a heroin addiction would count as that, right?


Most Irresponsible Tweet of the Day

Governor Howard Dean suggested that the reason we heard Donald Trump breathing through his nose is he's a coke fiend. Seriously. That's what he suggesting. Democrats will stop at nothing. Their end-justifies-the-means politicking must stop.


Best Tardy Note Ever!

This is just priceless. Seems like a good family. The mom dictated the note and the daughter wrote it out. Love this.


Lester Holt Lost, Trump Meh, Hillary was...Hillary

Last night was a dud. It was pretty unsurprising. The only thing that surprised me, to be honest, is that Trump didn't really go after it. He was kind of meh. Everything else was predictable. Lester Holt predictably played the role of biased media host, asking liberal questions and interrupting Trump every chance he got. And Hillary was her typical unlikeable self. It's impossible to say who won because the depth of her unlikeability is so vast that what she says is secondary to her abysmal personality.

Now, we've got the pundits and talking heads all saying who won but the fact is that we don't know who "won" until polls comes out three days from now.