These days, people say "Season's Greetings," which, when you think about it, means nothing. It's like walking up to somebody and saying "Appropriate Remark" in a loud, cheerful voice.

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Prayer Need. Pregnant Woman Could Be Removed from Life Support

A pregnant woman in Ireland could be removed from life support early next week if some in her family gets their way, according to the Daily Mail.

Health authorities in the predominantly Catholic country are seeking legal advice over whether the pregnant woman, who is reportedly in her late 20's and suffered some sort of brain trauma, should be removed from life support. She is still reportedly in the sixteenth week of her pregnancy.

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Capuchins and Dominicans Sing Feliz Navidad in D.C.

Now with a drum solo.


The Truth About Al Sharpton by Andrew Klavan

It's a outrage.

Hey, you know, for a reverend Al Sharpton doesn't mention Jesus all that often.


NBA Players Gets Booed, Compares Self to Jesus

OK. Here's what not to do when getting booed.

After being traded by the Sixers, Boston Celtics guard Evan Turner returned to Philadelphia and got booed as he was widely considered a disappointment. When asked about it, he said, "I don't worry about it anymore. I don't want to sound super weird, but Jesus was hated too. At the end of the day, I just worry about the stuff that's important. If it makes you happy to boo me, go ahead. I'm still happy. I put all that stuff behind me."

Really. Dropping the Jesus over a basketball game? Look, Philadelphia booed Santa. They boo everyone.

And athletes who were drafted in the first round and did nothing shouldn't compare their game to Jesus. Jesus delivered on what He promised.

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This Sign Outside a Fireplace is Driving Atheists Crazy

Oh my.

This sign outside a firehouse in Utica, New York, says “Happy Birthday Jesus We Love You” and now the atheist organization The Freedom from Religion Foundation is demanding that the sign be removed.

Western Journalism reports:

The organization has sent two notes to Utica area authorities, the first to fire chief Russell Brooks in April 2014, and the second to Utica Mayor Robert Palmieri on December 10th.

Brooks ignored the earlier complaints because the Thomas More Law Center, a conservative legal firm, advised him that the sign was constitutional after a complaint by the ACLU in 2007.

He stated in his response to the Freedom from Religion Foundation: “I was advised by the Thomas Law Center Center that we were well within our tights to display our Christmas sign. In addition, they would support us, as well as any efforts from any organizations looking to prevent us from doing so.”

Enraged atheists are like an early Christmas gift. So I guess it's like Christmas year round.


Greatest C-Span Moment Ever. Mom Calls in to Yell at Her Pundit Sons

She just wants a nice Christmas darn it. Absolutely awesome.

HT Deadspin

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Why I Just Don't Care About that Nun's Document

The loooooong awaited report from the Vatican to religious sisters is reportedly a puff piece. I don't really care. I don't even really care enough to read the actual document.

I just can't really bring myself to care about any of it. Look, twenty years ago an investigation and apostolic visitation may have had some relevance. It might have guided religious sisters in the U.S. away from the precipice they were happily barreling towards. But let's face it, most orders in the U.S. went Thelma and Louise a while ago. They're over the cliff. You've seen the numbers.

The total number of religious sisters in the U.S. has reportedly fallen from about 180,000 in 1965 to about 50,000 in 2014. And there's more sisters over 90 than under 60 years of age. That's a cliff. A steep one. For many of the orders that have gone off the deep end, it's last one out roll up the yoga mats time. Fold up the Ouija board and turn out the lights.

There are reports (though conflicting) that some of the more traditional orders have seen an increase in vocations. If we will ever again see a large increase in the number of religious sisters I'm betting they'll spend more time in adoration of the Eucharist than on buses screaming about Congressman Paul Ryan.


Shut Up and Be Grateful for Your Life

*subhead*Third party reproduction.*subhead*
Last year, Bruce Feiler wrote a piece for The New York Times in which he began by regretting the bad behavior of his family at a reunion. He wondered whether his family was “falling apart.” That question prompted him to research what makes for a happy family.

Feiler found the work of Marshall Duke, a psychologist at Emory University. Duke came up with a questionnaire for children called the “Do You Know?” scale, which contained 20 questions about the child’s family history. Children were asked, among other things, if they knew where their mom and dad went to high school, where their grandparents grew up and which person they looked most like in their family.

What Duke found was surprising. The single best predictor of emotional health and happiness in children was how well they performed on the “Do You Know?” scale. Feiler wrote, “The more children knew about their family’s history, the stronger their sense of control over their lives, the higher their self-esteem and the more successfully they believed their families functioned.”

This finding may not be so surprising, considering the popularity of websites like, where the creators invite visitors, “Join us on a journey through the story of how you became, well, you.” Even TLC has a genealogy show called Who Do You Think You Are? — which implies that our very identity is rooted in those people who not only begot us, but those who begot our parents and grandparents, as well.

And yet society has embraced, without question, creating children who will intentionally be denied part, or all, of their family history.

Continue reading at the National Catholic Register>>

Rebecca Taylor blogs at Mary Meets Dolly

Everybody Loves Low Gas Prices Until It's WWIII

Everybody loves those low gas prices, except of course those countries likely to start WWIII. A little more economic collapse and the whole thing could go kaboom.

Crude is below $60. If it falls much further and stays there, which it could, it spells the end of the Russian economy.

An authoritarian ruler with an inclination toward territorial expansion and a collapsing economy is bad bad news for Europe and all of us.

Some articles as food for horrible thought.

The ruble's collapse is disastrous for Putin - and bad for you too

Lithuanian archbishop fears Russia attack on Baltic states

All Quiet . . . (Eurozone Disaster)

Plunging oil to spark more global tensions in 2015

Have a happy day!!

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Do We Even Want Dogs in Heaven?

There's a lot of talk going on that Pope Francis said that dogs go to Heaven. Of course, he didn't say it. But all I could think was yeah everyone loves dogs but do we really want dogs in Heaven? Do I want to be waking up at 6 a.m. to take my heavenly dog for a walk so he can make a mess on my cloud that I have to clean up? And you have to clean that up fast because clouds stain very quickly. Would heavenly dogs shed? Wake up the entire house every time an angel flies by your heavenly mansion?

Fortunately, I don't have to make these sorts of decisions but if I did...let's just say there'd be no pooper scoopers in Heaven.