Yet it was our infirmities that he bore, our sufferings that he endured, while we thought of him as stricken, as one smitten by God and afflicted.

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Cardinal George Has Died

[Chicago] Cardinal Francis George, the sixth cardinal to lead Chicago's 2.3 million Catholics, has died after years of battling cancer. He was 78.
A group of Chicago Catholic priests received a text message just after noon on Friday about Cardinal George's passing. The Archdiocese has not confirmed.
"We've learned that Francis Cardinal George passed away today," St. Giles Parish in Oak Park wrote in a post online. "As soon as details are available we will provide them. Please pray."

Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord,
and let perpetual light shine upon him.
May he rest in peace.



How To Answer The Gay Wedding Question

Dear Politicians (and anyone else)

Here is how you answer the "Would you attend a gay wedding?" gotcha question.

Q: Would you attend a gay wedding for a friend or loved one?

A: Any gay person close enough to me to actually want me there, be they friend or close relative, would never invite me, for to do so would be disrespectful of me and my faith. They would know this since they are so close to me. I wouldn't attend the birthday party for someone who shows disrespect to my person or my faith. Would you?

*subhead*You're welcome.*subhead*

Some LCWR Investment Advice

So the Vatican has dropped the investigation into the LCWR. Cuz in the Church, the only thing hetero these days is the doxy.

The Vatican abruptly ended its takeover of the main leadership group of American nuns on Thursday, allowing Pope Francis to put to rest a confrontation started by his predecessor that had created an uproar among American Catholics who came to the sisters’ defense. Four of the leaders of the American nuns’ group, the Leadership Conference of Women Religious, were called to an unexpected meeting on Thursday with Pope Francis in the Vatican that lasted 50 minutes. He did not speak publicly, but the sisters said afterward in a statement that they were “deeply heartened” by Francis’ “expression of appreciation” for the lives and ministry of Catholic sisters. 

Anyway, for the savvy investor this represents an opportunity. Put all your money in pantsuits and yoga mats and whatever it is that is used in Reiki.

But this is a short term investment opportunity, they will mostly all be dead soon.

*subhead*Act Soon!*subhead*

The Amazing And Inspiring Story of the Quadriplegic Priest

This is an amazing story.

Bill Atkinson was an exceptional athlete and ruggedly handsome young man from the Philadelphia area. He attended Catholic schools throughout his life in the 1960's including Monsignor Bonner High School.

The Atkinson family was a wonderfully faithful Catholic family. In fact, the New York Jets nearly didn't draft his older brother, Al, as a linebacker because they feared he would become a priest. He didn't. Bill did.

Bill attended a pre-seminary program in upstate New York where one winter morning he was terribly injured when a toboggan he was riding down a hill along with three friends crashed into a tree. His friends weren't sure he would survive being carried to the station wagon in near blizzard conditions. They weren't sure if he would survive the 45 minute drive to a nearby hospital. Doctors weren't sure he would wake at all. His family, especially his mother, prayed constantly at his bedside. She kept vigil next to him and when he would stop breathing, she would whisper fervently in his ear "Breathe Bill, you have to breathe." She prayed her utterances would help give him the will to live. But for days there was no movement.


His fever reportedly rose to 108 degrees and doctors opened the windows to the brutally cold winter outside in an effort to lower his temperature. Doctors did all they could. Friends and family prayed. And then he woke.

He learned he was paralyzed. His spine had essentially shattered. Every day was difficult. So difficult. His weight dropped from an athletic 190 to less than 90 pounds.

Please read the story at The National Catholic Register>>>


Hillary Calls Education a "Non-Family Enterprise."

As a homeschooling parent this obviously strikes a chord with me. The "it takes a village" presidential candidate defended Common Core and called education a "non-family enterprise."

The Federalist:

I think part of the reason Iowa may be more understanding of this is you have had the Iowa core for years. The U.S. had a system plus the Iowa Assessment Test. I think I’m right in saying that I took those when I was in elementary school. The Iowa tests. So that Iowa has had a testing system based on a core curriculum for a really long time. You see the value of it. You understand why that helps you organize your whole education system.

And a lot of states, unfortunately, haven’t had that. They do not understand the value of a core in the sense, a Common Core, yes, of course, you can figure out the best way in your community to try to reach — but your question is a larger one. How do we end up at a point where we are so negative about the most important non-family enterprise in the raising of the next generation which is how our kids are educated?
You could turn this the other way and just say that she was actually saying that family is the most important thing. OK. But she's clearly saying that education is "non-family enterprise." And that's what worries me.

The funny thing is that when kids fail in schools, all everyone wants to talk about is how families are failing these kids and these schools can only deal with what they've been given (which I partially agree with.) But they want only credit and no blame because when families don't like Common Core, education is said to be a "non-family enterprise" so butt out because you're just too dumb to understand what your betters bet is better for you.

In other words, "All your children are belong to us."


Chief Justice John Roberts Dismissed from Jury Duty

Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court John Roberts arrived for jury duty Wednesday in Maryland but after responding to several questions aimed at vetting potential jurors, he was not selected.

(I wonder if one of the questions was about the constitutionality of Obamacare)

If only dismissing him from the bench were as easy as dismissing him from the jury.

*subhead*If only.*subhead*

Another Woman Rushed to Hospital from California Abortion Clinic

This is not part of the war on women. I repeat: This is not part of the war on women. There is nothing to see here. Please go about your business and forget you read this. Abortions are perfectly safe.

California Catholic Daily:

For the third time in just two months, abortionist Karen Mann has sent a patient to the hospital to receive emergency care. Witnesses to the April 14, 2015, incident told Operation Rescue that this time the woman appeared “lifeless.”

“Her arms were just hanging lifeless off the sides of the gurney,” reported Terri Palmquist of Life Savers Ministries. Palmquist is a long-time sidewalk counselor outside FPA Women’s Health, formerly known as Family Planning Associates, in Bakersfield, California. “She was at least unconscious.”

Palmquist explained that nearly every clinic worker emerged from the abortion facility with sheets that were deployed in an effort to block pro-life activists from photographing the incident. However, Palmquist’s husband, Tim, got a very good view of the obviously unconscious woman.

The woman was rushed by ambulance running lights and sirens to Memorial Hospital in Bakersfield. Her condition today is unknown.
Could you imagine any other clinic in the world holding up sheets so nobody could see the woman being wheeled out to the ambulance? That action has nothing to do with protecting the woman's anonymity and has everything to do with not allowing the truth about abortion and its risks being known. It's about abortionists protecting their bottom line.

Please say a prayer for these women.


Local Crime Story Receives Major Media Attention

The saga of NFL former star Aaron Hernandez on trial for murder has received literally millions of news stories. Not bad for a local crime story, huh?

You might recall that a Washington Post reporter, when asked why she wasn't covering the Gosnell trial, said it was merely a "local crime" story.

But Hernandez isn't a local crime story apparently. The fall of the guy who was the second best tight end on his team is worthy of non-stop media attention.

Question for media: So by what criteria is a "local crime" story based? Please let me know.


Economic Doom

I have said it before and I will say it again. America is done and so is probably the world.

I know many people will view this as nutter territory, but the U.S. economy is built entirely on lies and will implode resulting in complete economic collapse.

Brookings: In recent testimony before the Senate Budget Committee, Boston University Economics Professor Laurence Kotlikoff, in effect, told the Committee that all of these terms are pathetically inadequate to describe our true fiscal situation. In compelling testimony, Kotlikoff argues that the federal fiscal situation is much worse than the CBO estimates let on. The reason is that CBO's debt estimates do not take into account the full financial obligations the government is committed to honor, especially for future payments of Social Security, Medicare, and interest on the debt. He asserts that the federal government should help the public understand the nation's true fiscal situation by using what economists call "the infinite-horizon fiscal gap," defined as the value of all projected future expenditures minus the value of all projected future receipts using a reasonable discount rate.

What difference does the fiscal gap approach make in our understanding of the true federal debt? CBO tells us that the national debt was a little less than $13 trillion in 2014. But the fiscal gap in that year as calculated by Kotlikoff was $210 trillion, more than 16 times larger than the debt estimated by CBO and already judged, by CBO and many others, to be unsustainable. If a $13 billion gap is unsustainable, what term should we apply to a $210 trillion gap?
This is beyond unsustainable, in my mind it is irreversible.  The damage is already done and there is no way out.

I don't know what the trigger will be, but the trigger is coming.  It may be even a modest rise in interest rates, which even a 1-3% rise on that much debt will begin an irreversible process of destruction with debt payments taking a huge amount of our economic output.  Or perhaps an international move away from the dollar or even another major bank collapse.  I don't know how and I don't know when exactly.  But whatever and whenever it is, it is coming.

And that may just be the beginning of the troubles.

More to come...

Denzel: The Bible is 'The Answer People Are Looking For ... Give It a Shot'

Today is celebrity day at CMR, I guess. First, the William Peter Blatty story and now Denzel. We're like the TMZ of the Catholic blogosphere. But different.

Here's Denzel Washington and his wife talking about why the Bible is a best seller every year. I think they produced an audio version of the Bible. It's great to hear him talking about his Christianity so publicly. It's certainly countercultural for Hollywood and refreshing. Actually, though his wife had the most interesting point in this snippet when she said that when reading the Bible in looking for an answer you not only get the truth as an answer but you often discover the true question.

Big Hollywood Hat Tip to CNS News.