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Dancing Priests VIdeo Becomes a Viral Sensation

Hundreds of thousands of hits. Can't argue with that. It's pretty fun.

Is this what they do at synods?


Shia LaBeouf Mentions his Christianity

He doesn't really discuss his newfound faith but he does mention it. It's not a theological treatise but hey anytime someone mentions Christianity in a positive way (who is not Jon Voight or Jim Caviezel) it's kind of worth taking notice.

Shia LaBeouf, whom I don't blame for the last Indiana Jones movie but I've got to admit he still has the stink of it on him, says he's now a Christian. Let's face it, the guy's been through the ringer the past few years -most of it self-inflicted. It'd be nice to see him come to a good place.

“I found God doing ‘Fury,'” LaBeouf said. “I became a Christian man, and not in a f**** bullsh*& way — in a very real way. I could have just said the prayers that were on the page. But it was a real thing that really saved me. And you can't identify unless you're really going through it. It's a full-blown exchange of heart, a surrender of control.”
You know, I recently mentioned the fact that Cybil Shephered made a sort-of return to Christianity recently. Someone commented that she's not a real Christian or that she mixes in some paganism with it. She might. I don't know. But we're all on a journey. Are Cybil or Shia saints? Probably not. Are they theologically on point? Probably not.

I don't think many saints mention their faith in a string of expletives like Shia did but hey, maybe some of them had potty mouths. Who knows?

But I'm not a saint either. And I think it's worth pointing out and maybe even saying a prayer for some poor dude who got too much too fast and is looking for a way to get right.


British Totalitolerance Demands Christian School Has Imam Lead Assemblies

In the name of tolerance, a British education bureaucrat is threatening to close down a Christian school for being out of step with "British Values" unless it invites an Imam or a representative of a non-Christian faith to lead assemblies.

I don't think that word means what they think it means.

WND reports:

The U.K.’s Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills, known as Ofsted, then established new rules requiring the active promotion of “British values” such as tolerance.

The Christian Institute, which is planning a legal challenge to the regulations, said the school was told by Ofsted “to invite a leader from another religion, such as an imam, to lead assemblies.”

Simon Calvert, deputy director of the Christian Institute, said evidence is already emerging “of how the new regulations are requiring Ofsted inspection teams to behave in ways which do not respect the religious ethos of faith schools.”

“The new requirements are infringing the rights of children, parents, teachers, and schools to hold and practice their religious beliefs,” he said.

Opposition also has come from the National Association of Jewish Orthodox Schools, which said it was “appalled” by the demands.

According to a report by John Bingham, religious affairs editor for the London Telegraph, inspectors claimed the school, which was identified only as a “successful Christian school,” was failing to promote “tolerance.”

Bingham said inspectors warned the head that the school would be downgraded from “good” to “adequate” for failing to “actively promote” harmony between different faiths because it had failed to bring in representatives from other religions.

The report said there would be further inspections that could ultimately lead to it being closed.”
I really miss the days when we could all point and laugh at all things Europe. But now it's kinda' sad because it's the same as laughing at ourselves because we're heading down the same dark path.

How about in the name of diversity we have someone in British government who understands what tolerance is supposed to mean? Would that be diversity?


Bishop Tobin: "Pope Francis is fond of 'creating a mess.' Mission accomplished."

Bishop Tobin published his thoughts on the Synod. Definitely worth reading:

The concept of having a representative body of the Church voting on doctrinal applications and pastoral solutions strikes me as being rather Protestant.

— In addressing contemporary issues of marriage and the family, the path forward will probably be found somewhere between the positions of Fr. Z and the National Catholic Reporter.

— Have we learned that it’s probably not a good idea to publish half-baked minutes of candid discussions about sensitive topics, especially when we know that the secular media will hijack the preliminary discussions for their own agendas?

— I wonder what the Second Vatican Council would have looked like and what it would have produced if the social media had existed at that time.

— Pope Francis encouraged fearless and candid discussion and transparency during the Synod. I wonder if the American Bishops will adopt the same protocol during their meeting next month in Baltimore.

— Wherever he serves, Cardinal Burke will be a principled, articulate and fearless spokesman for the teachings of the Church.

— Pope Francis is fond of “creating a mess.” Mission accomplished.

— Relax. God’s still in charge.
I don't see this as a scathing critique of Pope Francis as some others do. Pope Francis said he wanted to mix things up. Well we're mixed up. Some good can come out of it. I know Pope Francis has made me question myself many times. Perhaps made me less intransigent. On the other hand, there's a real danger here of Catholics being confused about Church teaching. And that's a problem.

And hey, Fr. Z got a shout out. That's pretty cool. I also like his shout out to Cardinal Burke.

In short, Bishop Tobin is someone who will speak his mind.


Letter From A Mad Man

What to say about this. This is a type written letter that was mailed to my home. Perhaps I should have had it tested for Anthrax.

It is from an Octogenarian of the Mad Men generation, which helps explain the current mess. Read it and weep.


Dear Mr. Archbold:
This is surely presumptuous of me, to write you at home. But I couldn't find any mailing address for the Creative Minority Report website. Nearing 84, I write hundreds of letters regarding my causes and passions. Every morning I browse the NC Reporter and the NC Register to find the latest news and issues. I have read many of the monographs of you columnists and opinion bloggers. You must be aware that there are other points of view to those of you doctrinaire zealots.
Your latest article, Truth about this Crisis, seemed to be at once a call to theological arms and a recital of the new direction that the "Church" might be taking. I also listen to the EWTN radio when I am out on errands for my disabled wife. For me, it is entertaining to watch the ongoing theology battles going on, from the Curia to the parish priest. Francis 1 has certainly added more uncertainty to the mix, with the generally-doctrinaire US Hierarchy now not knowing which way the wind is blowing.

I was born to a Midwest farm culture, Notre Dame/Stanford education, Korean War vet, tested atom bombs, flew USAF, worked 37 years in high tech, political junkie. I had an uber Catholic mother and a zealot brother priest, both long dead. I'm 100% hetero, married to the same woman 58 years, 3 happily married kids, and have seen a LOT of the human condition. I have lived here in the San Francisco Bay Area for 58 years and have watched our homosexual community endure vicious hatred and bible-based bigotry and even imprisonment for decades with dignity and patience.

Although my present cause is to support our homosexual brothers and sisters, I am particularly critical of the Hierarchy in their proclaiming their "Moral Authority," when in fact the last 60 years of the massive child abuse scandal and criminal conspiracy showed no moral integrity AT ALL. When I was a brand new electrical engineer out of Notre Dame, in 1952, I moved to Albuquerque to work on atom bombs. In our parish, we were aware of a retreat house in the mountains for "Wayward Priests." We just kind of assumed that these were perhaps alcoholics, or some with girlfriends. WRONG, they were pedophile priests. From their opening in 1949, to being sued out of business in the 1990s, the Jemez Springs facility had treated 1200+ priests for sexual issues. And not successfully.

The organization,, has compiled a massive archive of tens of thousands of documents which relate to the decades of child abuse, covered up by the Roman hierarchy, and abetted by the Nuncio and the Vatican itself. The HORRENDOUS numbers are just stupefying, the John Jay Law College 2004 investigative report found 4392 accused priest pedophiles. It notes that over 12,000 child abuse victims were compiled. (Fr. Andrew Greeley estimates 100,000 child victims.) Some Catholic apologists argue that the pedophile number represents less than 4% of U.S. priests, but what that fails to reveal is that 111 out of 189, (58+%) of American bishops covered up pedophiles, showed utter disdain for little victims, and oftentimes intimidated families. (Dallas Morning News story, June 20, 2002) Child abuse is a CRIME, coverup is criminal conspiracy.
The flawed theologies range from Humanae Vitae to homosexuals to treatment of women religious. I write to cheerlead the nuns of the LCWR as well as beloved Catholic teachers who have just been fired for marrying their same sex partner of 10-20-30 years. It just stuns me to see such UN-CHRIST-LIKE actions in the bishops. My personal reaction to Humanae Vitae came about when we had 3 children in 4.5 years after getting married. My wife had a nervous breakdown, in the hospital for 2 months, and I had to hire a 24/7 woman to run the house for a year. Ijust got a vasectomy and went on with life.

You must know that God INTENDED to create homosexual people, He also INTENDED toward them ALL of the human rights of heterosexuals like myself. The Catholic Hierarchy is the LAST authority I would accept in moral matters of gay rights. Fortunately our young demographic has got it right. They can't accept the bigotry and hubris of old, celibate white men telling gays and women how to run their lives. .

Secondly, the neither the bishops nor the American People get to vote on human rights. You should remember your civics lessons, when om Founding Fathers created our democratic republic, with the vote of the majority, they were aware of the flaws in human nature. That's why they established the judiciary, to protect the rights of minorities. How did the "vote" on slavery go? Or in some states, the vote on mixed race marriage?

By and large, the Hierarchy's flawed theology on homosexuals is made really complicated by the fact that there are S0 MANY gay priests. If you Google, "how many gay priests are there," you get estimates from 15% to 58%. No one knows of course, and the Church surely doesn‘t WANT to know, but one Vatican unnamed official when presented with those percentages, said that could be about right.

With so many gay priests, many live a life of quiet desperation. It certainly didn't help to have Eminence Ratzinger write several decades ago that homosexuals are "Intrinsically Disordered." As Father Gary Meier of St. Louis, who is gay, revealed in his recent book, "Hidden Voices, "he was terribly discouraged that homosexuals were so disrespected by his own Hierarchy. And further, in his pastoral work, he would watch gay teenagers, broken in spirit by the religious bigotry directed at them, when their personalities were just growing and were too weak to fight back. He noted that many committed suicide because of gay bullying.

I find that the hierarchical hubris is just sad. Pope Francis has called for his ministers to have "the smell of the sheep." Well, we know that there are no smells of sheep in the catacombs of the Curia, nor in the $1 million dollar mansions of some of the Monarchical hierarchy. It is the thousands of Nuns of the LCWR who have sacrificed their entire lives, down in the schools, teaching a gazillion kids for a pittance, staffing hospitals, leading social work among the poor, who have the true smell of the sheep. And, what do they get from on high? Disrespect from Eminence Muller, Prefect of the Inquisition.

Well, Mr. Archbold, you didn't ask for all of this rant. But it does represent a dilferent sort of value system from the one that you are spending your life selling.

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Uh-oh. Ebola Czar Thinks Overpopulation is #1 Problem

Soooo, Ron Klain, the guy in charge of defeating an epidemic believes that overpopulation is the biggest problem in the world today.

Uh-oh. He thinks life is the problem.

Hey, at least Obama's Ebola policies make sense now.

*subhead*Cross purposes.*subhead*

God's Law vs. God's Mercy? Never.

I have noted lately some general confusion on the distinctions between God’s mercy, His law (Church doctrine and law), and His Justice.

Over at the Register I try to make the needed distinctions.

*subhead*Mercy is truth.*subhead*

Church Teaching: Hostile Inflexibility?

My latest at One Peter Five looks at the Pope's closing speech at the Synod and how it only makes for more questions.

Please be sure to check it out!!

*subhead*The Pope's Speech.*subhead*

Heh. Breaking Bad Action Figures Sold at Toys R Us

Complete with a detachable bag of meth and wad of cash, Toys R Us is now selling actions figures of Walter White, the evil drug kingpin from the television show Breaking Bad. It's pretty crazy.

I don't really see this as a sign of the apocalypse or anything. Hey, I remember Lex Luthor toys and he practically tried to destroy the world a few times over so Walter White can't be much worse, right?

The thing is, this is for adults. Kids won't even know who he is. If adults want to buy it to collect it that's fine. But is it really a toy then? Probably not. But if your kid knows who Walter White is, isn't your parenting really the problem?

If you ask me, the magazines at the checkout counter of every supermarket concerns me a lot more.

Update: Bryan Cranston has a pretty funny reaction.


Fordham Students Want Their Birth Control Which Y'Know Is a Human Right

A group of Fordham University students calling itself "SAGES" (which hilariously stands for “Students for Sex and Gender Equity and Safety” and therefore makes no sense), is demanding the Catholic university provide contraception.

Generation Fluke is saying their human rights are being denied.

Think Progress reports:

“We demand that the Fordham administration and Board of Trustees take action. Fordham’s outdated policies facilitate a sex-negative campus culture,” the petition, which has garnered about 200 signatures so far, reads. Students are asking the administration to provide free condoms in community spaces, free birth control and STD consultations in the health center, more resources for pregnant students, and more housing options for students who identify as transgender.

The SAGES coalition has been actively challenging Fordham’s birth control policy for the past several weeks, posting flyers around campus and handing out condoms at school events. At football games and homecoming activities this fall, they passed out condoms attached to a message reading, “Students deserve safety.” The student activists with SAGES have also partnered with the “Condom Fairy,” an anonymous sexual health proponent who distributes condoms around Fordham’s Lincoln Center campus.

“Student health and safety is non-negotiable,” one of the organizers with SAGES, senior Rachel Field, told USA Today earlier this month. “The desire to go to an institution of learning should not mean that you have to sacrifice your health to do so. The UN has stated that birth control is a human right… why are we being denied human rights at Fordham?”
They're paying $50 thousand a year plus and the fact that they have to go off campus to Rite Aid is a human rights offense? C'mon.

*subhead*Human rights.*subhead*