"Nothing is more dreaded than the national government meddling with religion." John Adams

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Matt Archbold is the Uncool Dad

I am the uncool Dad. So I made this video. I hope you enjoy. It's called The Uncool Dad and the Super Awesome Power of "No."

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NY Times: Uhm, It Turns Out That Contraception Does Cause Cancer.

Old NY Times: It's nuts to say that modern contraceptives cause an increase in breast cancer.

New NY Times: Uhm.

"The study, which followed 1.8 million Danish women for more than a decade, upends widely held assumptions about modern contraceptives for younger generations of women. Many women have believed that newer hormonal contraceptives are much safer than those taken by their mothers or grandmothers, which had higher doses of estrogen."

Old NY Times: It's nuts to say that abortions are linked to any increase in breast cancer.

Stay tuned...

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Nothing Says Christmas Like a HIllary Angel on your Tree!

Hey, there's no better way to celebrate the birth of our Savior than with a failed pro-abortion politician on top of your tree.

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Priest Targeted, Killed in Phillipines


Marcelito Paez, called Tito, an elderly priest of the diocese of San Jose, was killed in the Philippines. As confirmed by Bishop Roberto Mallari, who leads the community of San Jose, in the central part of the Filipino island of Luzon, he was shot by four motorcycle-riding gunmen around 8 pm on December 4 as he was driving through Jaen town. He was rushed to a hospital in the nearby town of San Leonardo and died about two hours later due to gunshot wounds. It was a real execution, that Bishop Mallari "strongly condemns", asking the authorities "to investigate and do justice to his death ". So far no criminal group has claimed the killing.

As Fides learns, there is strong indignation and disappointment among the faithful in the diocese and throughout the Catholic community in the Philippines. Vigils and spontaneous prayer meetings have brought together the local faithful, whom the Bishop invited to "stay united in prayer for justice".

Paez was a diocesan priest who served the diocese for more than 30 years and retired in 2015, although he continued his pastoral and apostolic work. In his service to the Church, he was known for his active involvement in the defense of social justice, especially in human rights issues that affected the poor. For many years he had been part of the Commission for the social action of the diocese, at the head of the "Justice and Peace" office.
The priest was currently the coordinator in Luzon of the "Rural Missionaries of the Philippines RMP", a body that in the Philippines brings together religious men and women and lay people, men and women, founded in 1969 by the Association of Major Superiors in the Philippines, with the idea of offering an active Christian presence in rural areas.

Just on the day he was killed, Paez assisted in facilitating the release of political prisoner Rommel Tucay who was detained in a prison in the city of Cabanatuan.
"It is a very serious act. The execution is a brutal act that aims to sow terror among those who oppose the militaristic and despotic nature of Duterte’s government and to silence those who continue to denounce extrajudicial executions and violations of human rights", says Sister Elenita Belardo, of the Sisters of the Good Shepherd, National Coordinator of the "Rural Missionaries of the Philippines" to Agenzia Fides. "We do not know who the perpetrators are and we want a serious investigation to be carried out.
There's thoughts that this violence and similar violence against missionaries is coming from the top of the government.

From what I've read, it seems this priest knew the danger he was in but persisted in defending human rights from the government.

Sister Elenita Belardo, of the Sisters of the Good Shepherd, National Coordinator of the "Rural Missionaries of the Philippines said, "We believe that President Duterte is ultimately responsible for the ongoing attacks against rural missionaries, activists and human rights defenders during this period."

The 20th century was a horror for Christians. You know what, the 21st century might be worse.


Shock News! People OK with Killing the Unborn are OK with Beating Teenagers!

In the least shocking twist in our national saga, a woman who supports mutilating small babies when they are inconvenient, felt it was perfectly fine to slap around a teenage girl who was inconveniently reminding her that all life is sacred. So yeah, she kinda' brought it on herself.

The attack on the 15 year old girl occurred across the street from a Planned Parenthood in Roanoke Virginia. A Liberty University student captured the incident on film. You know, that university that earns a roll of the eyes from liberals just at the mere mention of the name. But here's the thing. This young girl who was affiliated with Students for Life of America was ACROSS THE STREET ON PUBLIC PROPERTY! But that's not good enough because those who believe in the right to kill others also feel it's within their rights to beat you down for mentioning God and that maybe...y'know...killing people is not an optimal event.

Mind you, if this were a case where a pro-lifer smacked a pregnant woman upside the head, we'd have the ladies from The View doing location shots. Rachel Maddow would already be furrowing her eyebrows about the troubling rise in anti-abortion violence brought on by Donald Trump. And Wolf Blitzer would still be talking about Russia so no change there but you know what I mean. But truly, this incident will not be seen as pro-choice violence. Nope. This is an aberration. A local crime story as they say.

Oh wait, this just in, ABC's Brian Ross is reporting that the 15 year old may be Donald Trump's angry love child who may have been shouting Tea Party rhetoric at the poor women who thankfully had brass knuckles in her purse to fend her off...from across the street.

*subhead*Pro-abortion violence.*subhead*

Tuesday is Justice Anthony Kennedy Day!!! Oh Wait, That's Every Day

Tuesday is the day the entire country bows its head and grovels in front of the great Anthony Kennedy, the black robed overlord of all things legal. Ladies and gentleman, it is Anthony Kennedy's world and we're just living in it.

Sure, we still teach our children that we live in a republic (tee-hee) but the truth is that the legislative branch, fearful of taking on difficult issues for fear of political ramifications, has allowed the judiciary to become the law-making branch of the government. And good news, just to make things simple, the judiciary has also taken it upon itself to counter pretty much everything the president says as well. So the three party system has become a one-stop shopping for power. But wait, it gets even better!

Since lower level courts rule any damn way they please, it's typically eventually up to the Supreme Court to bequeath their fiat upon the riff-raff (you and me). And as we all know that means Anthony Kennedy gets to have his say. With four (sorta') reliable conservative judges (heavy on the sorta') and four absolutely dependable liberal justices, it all comes down to Kennedy.

And so this week, the guy who gave us gay marriage is going to rule on whether a Christian baker can refuse to take part in a same-sex marriage. This is a huge case and the fate of religious liberty in this country hangs in the balance. And we live in a country where one man gets to make that choice for us. And clearly, we wouldn't want that one man to be the actual baker, Jack Phillips, to decide his own conscience for himself. No. No. No. Anthony Kennedy will decide his conscience for him. He's that awesome.

I interviewed Jack Phillips in my book "Faith Under Fire: Dramatic Stories of Christian Courage." He couldn't have been a nicer or kinder man. To me, he couldn't have been more in love with God. But I'll let Anthony Kennedy be the judge.


Newsweek Mocks Trump Calling Joseph, Jesus' Father

Newsweek will stop at nothing to attack Trump. But leave it to these media blowhards to pretend like they're defending Christianity from Trump and break a commandment while they're doing it.


Sweet Jesus, Donald Trump doesn't even understand the Bible's most important story!
At Thursday night's annual Christmas tree lighting at the White House, the president recounted the birth of Jesus by saying it "begins 2,000 years ago with a mother, a father, their baby son."

Their baby? Um, care to take a paternity test?

As all devout Christians believe, Jesus is not the son of Joseph, but of God. Yes, the future savior was born in Bethlehem during the time of Herod to Mary, the wife of Joseph. And, as Luke 2:1-20 tells us, Joseph was around when Jesus was born.
But he is not the father. He with a capital H is.
Nice job taking the Lord's name in vain just to take a shot at the president. Thanks anyway Newsweek.

Look, anyone and everyone knew what Trump meant there. If you ask me, Newsweek is kind of attacking adoptive parents by saying they're not the "real" father.

*subhead*Son and Father.*subhead*

Mother Charged for Recording Bullies of her Daughter

Public schools, amiright?

The thing is, they didn't even just call her. Nope. They went right to the po-po. It's almost like public schools see parents as the enemy.

Washington Times:

A Virginia woman is facing felony charges after she put a digital audio recorder into her 9-year-old’s backpack in an effort to catch what she said were her daughter’s bullies.

Sarah Sims could spend up to five years in prison. She was charged this month with using an electronic device to intercept oral communication, a felony, and contributing to the delinquency of a minor, a misdemeanor.

Ms. Sims, whose daughter attends Ocean View Elementary School in Norfolk, told a local NBC affiliate that she placed a recording device in her fourth-grade daughter’s backpack after school officials failed to stop other students from bullying her.

School officials eventually found out about the recorder and called police, the station reported. Ms. Sims said she didn’t find out until she was charged a month later.
“I was mortified,” she said. “The next thing I know I’m a felon. Felony charges and a misdemeanor when I’m trying to look out for my kid. What do you do?”
So the mother had clearly gone to the school to complain her child was being bullied and nothing happened so then she had to take a further step in order to convince the school but then they call the cops and have her charged. This. Is. Nuts.

*subhead*Public schools.*subhead*

Tests show Jesus Christ's reported tomb date back to ancient Roman era

Hmmm. You know this must have killed NBC's Today Show to report.

Samples taken of the Jerusalem tomb where Jesus Christ reportedly was buried after his crucifixion are more than 1,700 years old, dating it back to the imperial Roman era, according to new test results that bring scientists a step closer to determining whether Jesus was actually laid to rest at the site.

The tomb is located in one of the world’s holiest sites for Christians, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem’s Old City.

"It marks the site of the crucifixion, the burial and the resurrection of Jesus Christ according to Christian tradition," said Kristen Romey, archaeology editor for National Geographic.

Scientists opened the tomb for the first time in centuries in October 2016 when a team from the National Technical University of Athens conducted a restoration effort on the shrine that enclosed the tomb.

Pieces of mortar taken from the original limestone burial bed and a marble slab that covers it date back to AD 345, according to test results provided to National Geographic and featured in the magazine’s December issue...

“We finally have scientific proof that this site, the tomb of Jesus Christ, one of the holiest sites in Christianity, has been unbroken for seventeen hundred years,” Romey said.

Violent attacks, fires and earthquakes have damaged both the tomb and the church over the centuries. The church was completely demolished about a thousand years ago, but subsequently rebuilt. That led modern scholars to speculate whether the site worshipped today as the tomb of Jesus Christ could possibly be the very same location that the Romans identified some 17 centuries ago.

Although it’s “archaeologically impossible to say that the tomb is the burial site of an individual Jew known as Jesus of Nazareth,” Romey said new dating results put the original construction of today's tomb complex securely in the time of Constantine, Rome's first Christian emperor.
I'm sure next week they'll have an expose about how there's new "evidence" that Jesus never even existed. And if he did he was married to Mary Magdalen.


We're Not Having a Rational National Conversation About Sexual Abuse. We're too far gone for that.

Alabama Republicans still supporting Roy Moore are being mocked while the letter from the women of Saturday Night Live defending Al Franken is being applauded.
Y'know I'm starting to think that all these accusations being made public won't actually change anything.

For a moment, when all these accusers came forward I thought maybe this could do some good. But I think we're too far gone to have any rational national conversation that doesn't devolve into my side vs. your side. I think now we're truly down to a power struggle and all other issues will be weaponized in order to win. Because that's where we are now. The two sides are far enough apart that there's no coming together. I'm not talking about Republicans vs. Democrats. Republicans are for the most part Democrats without the guts to say it.

I spoke to a number of people who said that if the Democrats were serious about it, they'd have gotten rid of Conyers or Franken. But that's the thing. They're not. We know this. I truly believe that if people on the right truly believed the media reports about Roy Moore they'd turn on him. The problem is that they don't. They don't believe anything coming out of the media right now.

We're just too far gone to even have a discussion anymore or react rationally.

In the end, this will come down to leftism vs. Christianity. Either you're in the camp that believes America needs to be transformed into some socialist progressive utopia or you believe that in order to survive we must return to our Christian heritage. That's it. It's that stark. Personally, I think we've got a few more years of fight left before most of the Christians surrender. I hope I'm wrong. But I'm not. Then it's just a matter of finding some place where it won't totally suck to be a Christian. I don't know if it'll be farmland in Montana or some other country altogether. But Christians won't be welcome in many many places in future America, I'd bet.

If you're looking for reason for hope, there's many great Catholic and Christian organizations doing great work. There's the SBA List, there's U.S. Supreme Court Justice Neal Gorsuch, there's the Alliance Defending Freedom, thousands of pro-life sidewalk counselors and crisis pregnancy workers, and thousands of (mostly women) saying the rosary every day at parishes across the country. Oh, and a number of wonderful Catholic schools. But it's an uphill battle.

The thing is, it's not just about America. It's about the souls of the people in it. Future generations can be lost. Millions of souls. So I won't be giving up. It's worth fighting for. But we are battling the media that pours their social views into our living rooms, academia which is paid by us to corrupt our children, and the government which won't stop until it makes any and all acts of public Christianity illegal.