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Gatestone Institute: Yup. Europe is Pretty Much Doomed. And you can leave out the "pretty much"

Maybe Britain didn't need to Brexit since the whole thing is rollicking toward collapse anyway. Here's the European problem, as succinctly summed up by Gatestone Institute:

In one generation, Europe will be unrecognizable.

Eastern Europe now has "the largest population loss in modern history", while Germany overtook Japan by having the world's lowest birth rate.

Europe, as it is aging, no longer renews its generations, and instead welcomes massive numbers of migrants from the Middle East, Africa and Asia, who are going to replace the native Europeans, and who are bringing cultures with radically different values about sex, science, political power, culture, economy and the relation between God and man.
You can read more at their International Policy Council's website.

And good news, America's birth rate is plummeting now too so we can be just like Europe! Yay for us.

So let's keep warning about the dangers of overpopulation and scaring people into not having children. Because you're doomed to childlessness and financial ruin because you voted yourself the next generation's money and then declined to actually produce a next generation. Brilliant.


Faith Under Fire Rated 4.8 Stars Out of 5

4.8 stars out of 5 on Amazon for my book "Faith Under Fire: Dramatic Stories of Christian Courage." Not bad.


I've been talking a lot about the book on the radio recently and inevitably the conversation comes to bringing hope in these dark times. We're called to be light. And these 18 profiles do that, I hope.


Young Actress Pressured Into Abortion. Now Cheer for Women's Rights!!!

An actress that was on the show Glee had an abortion and she wants you to view this as a pro-women's rights story or something.

Mike Church wrote on Facebook:

One of the "stars" of the TV show "Glee" is now boasting and bragging that she had an abortion during the show's run on Fox so she could "put career first". Then, in the latest example of diabolical, moral relativism, informs us via her memoir that she can't wait to share the story of her abortion with her 11 month old son: "She also looks forward to when her 11-month-old son with Dorsey, Josey, will be able to read about what she went through because she hopes “it gives him a better perspective on the issues women face.”

In a previous age we could hope the boy would grow up to ask of her mother "why?" she took the life of the big brother or sister he never had.
And this is what we call feminism? Wouldn't it be more pro-woman to have Hollywood be more willing to accept her pregnancy and write it into the show? Wouldn't it be more pro-woman if the television networks didn't punish women for getting pregnant? Here's the thing. This woman clearly thought her career would suffer if she became pregnant. And this is the industry which lectures us on stuff like women's rights?

Hypocrites. They're not pro-woman. They're pro-death.


Scariest Headline Ever: "Clown Trying to Lure Kids Into Woods."

Scariest real life Headline ever: "Clown Trying To Lure Kids Into Woods"

But here's the interesting part. The apartment complex issued a letter which I put below which warns against "a clown or a person dressed in clown clothing" luring children to the woods.

I've gotta know. What's the difference between a clown and someone dressed in clown clothing? Is there some kind of licensing requirements or is just the fact that the clown is luring children into the woods mean automatically that he's not a real clown. But if so, the letter shouldn't say it could be an actual clown. Just someone dressed as a clown.

I say all real actual clowns should then denounce this person dressed as a clown. Or we will be forced to understand that this child luring clown is acting in a way that all clowns support. Which, let's face it, is probably scarily accurate.

And now, of course, a scary picture of a clown. Because.

You know, on the other hand, it could be a clown that was caught in a clown trap in the woods and is desperately signaling for help. Or worse yet, it wasn't even a clown but someone dressed as a clown who inadvertently got caught in a clown trap. Wow. Lots of layers to this story. The thing is, and I'm being honest here. If I saw a clown signaling to me in the woods and pointing to a trap that his big ol' shoe was caught in, I'd still run. I MIGHT call the police. But more likely, I'd just pretend I never saw anything and hope to forget all about it.

I'm not proud of this. I'm just being honest.


Sorry Patrick Henry, Liberty and Death Are Now Intertwined

This is how twisted we've become. Over two centuries ago Patrick Henry, in his famous plea for freedom, said, "Give me liberty or give me death."

But 21st century America has one-upped him. They just combined liberty and death. It's true, in many political arguments today, liberty is synonymous with the right to kill either the unborn, yourself, or the sick and dying.

It's so prevalent that we now think liberty is not the right to live as we see fit, it's the right to kill. #wheredidwegowrong?


Middle School Basketball Players Defend Cheerleader with Down Syndrome

Feel good story of the day.

Takeaway quote from one of the players:
"It's not fair when other people get treated wrong, because we're all the same. We're all created the same; God made us the same way."

HT America Now

*subhead*Love it.*subhead*

Earliest Depiction of Crucifixion May Be Anti-Christian Graffiti

We are mocked in popular culture. We are attacked by the government. But this, as we know, is nothing new for Christians.

In fact, it's rather fitting that the earliest surviving depiction of Christ crucified might just be anti-Christian graffiti. Discovered in 1857, carved into a wall near the Palatine Hill in Rome, the graffiti is believed to have been drawn around 200 AD.

The central figure of the drawing is a crucified figure with the body of a man and the head of a donkey or ass. To the left of the crucified figure is a man raising his hand in presumed worship. A mocking inscription accompanies the drawing which says "Alexamenos worshipping his God."

Please continue reading at The National Catholic Register>>>


Two Catholic Nuns Killed. Motive Unclear

Prayers needed.

Just terrible.


Two Catholic nuns were found stabbed to death at their home in central Mississippi. Police are investigating the case as a robbery that escalated into murder.

The Sisters of Charity of Nazareth (SCN) confirmed the deaths on Thursday (Aug. 25) of the two women, who worked at a medical clinic in the town of Durant. They were identified as Sister Paula Merrill, of the SCN in Kentucky, and Sister Margaret Held, with the School Sisters of St. Francis in Milwaukee.

“Pray in gratitude for the precious lives of Sisters Paula and Margaret … They served the poor so well. Because we are gospel women, please also pray for the perpetrators,” SCN President Susan Gatz said in a statement.


Docs Sue Obama Administration for Forcing Them To Perform Transgender Surgeries

A lawsuit filed in federal court in Texas by a group of religious hospitals and a number of states is asking the court to prevent the Obama administration from forcing them to perform gender transition surgeries on adults and children, even against their own medical judgement.

The Daily Signal:

“It’s a very rare moment in history when the government would force doctors to go against their conscience and their medical judgment and perform procedures that may be deeply harmful to patients,” said Luke Goodrich, a lawyer at the Becket Fund, which is representing Franciscan Alliance, a religious hospital network, and the Christian Medical and Dental Associations, two of the parties involved the lawsuit.

Also challenging the HHS mandate is Specialty Physicians of Illinois, along with the states of Texas, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Kentucky, and Kansas, which are all led by Republican governors.

Notably, the Obama administration does not require coverage of gender reassignment procedures under Medicare or Medicaid for children or adults because a government review of the clinical evidence available for gender reassignment surgery was inconclusive on whether it was helpful or harmful to patients with gender dysphoria.

“Based on a thorough review of the clinical evidence available at this time, there is not enough evidence to determine whether gender reassignment surgery improves health outcomes for Medicare beneficiaries with gender dysphoria,” a report from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services stated.

Instead, decisions for transition-related surgeries under Medicaid are made individually on a case-by-case basis.

“So you have doctors reaching one conclusion, and then you have politically zealous bureaucrats in the Office of Civil Rights—a different branch of HHS—saying science be damned, every private health care provider in the country has to cover this stuff in their health insurance and the doctors have to perform it,” Goodrich told The Daily Signal. “It’s deeply hypocritical.”
Please remember, these are the so-called pro-science people. So I guess all these doctors are anti-science?

This stuff is lunacy. These politicians are mandating a distortion of reality and forcing everyone to affirm it.

I recall the Mel Brooks character in Blazing Saddles being concerned that he didn't a "harrumph" out of one guy.

But don't worry. It's in the courts now. And judges always know what's best.


Starnes: La. Cop Told To Stop Praying By Red Cross

This figures. The very mention of Christ is offensive. I'd have to bet that if they were bowing to Mecca nobody would say a word.

Todd Starnes reports:

A law enforcement officer said he was asked to leave a Red Cross shelter in Lafayette, Louisiana after he prayed with several flood victims.

Clay Higgins, a reserve city marshal and a local legend, dropped by after work to minister to evacuees at the Heymann Performing Arts Center on Aug. 19.

“I was not proselytizing,” he told me. “I was just there to thank volunteers and offer prayers and encouragement.”

Higgins, who is also running for Congress, was dressed in uniform and was holding a Bible.

At some point during the visit a volunteer approached Higgins and mentioned there was a problem.

“He said the Red Cross had an issue with me being there,” Higgins said. “So I asked him what the problem was. He looked down at my Bible and he gestured and said, ‘They have a problem with that.’”

Higgins said he was escorted to a Red Cross supervisor who asked him to leave.

“I was told that the Red Cross does not allow spiritual counseling in their shelters,” he said. “The supervisor told me the Red Cross is not a religious-based organization and they don’t allow religious interaction with the residents.”

During the conversation, a flood victim asked Higgins to pray. The captain was obliged but had to do so outside the Red Cross shelter.

“Christian compassion was not welcomed there in the manner I had provided,” Higgins told me.

A Red Cross spokesperson told the Baton Rouge Advocate their policy is intended to be respectful of all faiths, “but she said if Higgins had approached managers they would have accommodated him.”

Meanwhile, a pastor in the town of Albany told me that four families left a Red Cross shelter after they were told they could not pray or read their Bibles at their cots.