"Nothing is more dreaded than the national government meddling with religion." John Adams

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GQ Mag Puts the Bible on List of Most Overrated Books Ever

I'm not linking to GQ because that's what they want. No links for asshattery.

But here's Fr. Jonathan Morris on Fox News talking about it.


Alfie Evans Graned Italian Citizenship

Wow. Didn't see this coming. I hope this changes things.

The Daily Star reports:

The 23-month-old has been granted citizenship in the hope that he can be taken to a hopsital in Rome for treatment, according to Italy's Foreign Ministry.
"In this way, the Italian government hopes that being an Italian citizen allows the child immediate transfer to Italy," the Ministry said in a statement on Friday.
Alfie's anguished parents, Tom Evans and Kate James, have been battling with authorities to take their sick son abroad for treatment, believing they can save his life.
But the couple were been dealt a massive blow today when European human rights judges rejected their plea to continue his life support.
Tom and Kate, both in their early 20s and from Liverpool, failed to persuade Supreme Court justices to consider their case.
The shock citizenship decision, however, will give Tom and Kate new hope in their fight with doctors, who argue that Alfie should be taken off life support.
In a Facebook post, Tom wrote: "Alfie has been granted Italian citizenship, we await for the Foreign Minister [Boris Johnson] to call. Alfie belongs to Italy."


Abandoning blogs for Facebook, Twitter was a Mistake

Facebook is great for keeping family and friends connected. Twitter is great for breaking news. But the abandonment of the blogosphere by conservatives and Christians as tools of evangelization or advocacy has been a major mistake.

John Hinderaker of Powerline wrote:

Conservatives made a terrible mistake when they mostly abandoned the web in favor of Facebook, Twitter and other social media. On the internet, of course, we are still somewhat subject to the whims of Google, but Facebook and Twitter have acquired a dangerous ability to suppress conservative speech. My impression is that their efforts in this regard have been stepped up recently, perhaps in anticipation of the midterm elections, perhaps because of a perception that the Left’s campaign to bring down President Trump is failing.
I can absolutely tell you without a doubt that CMR's twitter account has been reduced by Twitter. We just don't reach as many people as we used to. Not even close.

The platforms themselves are working against you getting your point of view out. I'm not saying abandon or boycott those platforms because we shouldn't. But abandoning blogs is a mistake. Just sayin'


Hillary: "THEY Were Never going to let me be president."

Hillary: “They were never going to let me be president”

I agree if by "they" she means the American people.

I mean seriously, GIVE ME A BREAK HERE. Like there was some grand conspiracy by the he-man woman haters club to prevent a woman from becoming president.

That's some serious Alex Jones type of conspiracy b.s. anyway. Anytime someone uses the word "they" I get a little nervous. The funny thing is that in actuality, the Clintons are "they." They are the ones who actually fixed the primary to ensure that Bernie Sanders never had a chance. The poor little wacko actually got more votes than Hillary but it never mattered. The fix was in. And THEY fixed it.

If Hillary wanted to put a woman in the White House so bad maybe she should've supported Sarah Palin for vice president. But Hillary doesn't actually care about a woman in the White House. She wants herself in the White House. The sad truth is that to the Clintons everyone who's not supporting them is "they." They are the other and must be destroyed.

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How do pro-choicers argue death for Alfie Evans?

I'm puzzled by those who seek to deny Alfie Evans' family the right to remove him from the hospital which wants to remove his breathing tube to take him to another hospital which wants to attempt to keep the child alive.

Many of these same people are pro-choice which is interesting because many of their "pro-choice" arguments come down to mandating that the mother be the ultimate "chooser" or whether the baby lives or dies. On top of that they often say the decision is between a woman and her doctor. But when it comes to issues like this they say that the hospital should decide or even a judge.

So what unites their thinking? Death. Death is the only link. They opt for death above all. It was never about choice. It was always about death to inconvenience. Death to difficulty. That's a scary thought but it is the only link. Our culture is in the grips of a death fetish. We've become so lazy that anything inconvenient, even life itself, must be done away with if it prevent my immediate happiness.

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REPORT CARD: Deceitful College Names; Homeschools Feeding Vocations; and More...

Catholic-sounding labels can be deceitful

Don’t be fooled by some institutions claiming a “Catholic tradition” or even some level of “Catholic identity,” said Patrick Reilly, president of The Cardinal Newman Society, in a piece in LifeSiteNews.com about Dominican University’s decision to host outgoing Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards.
Dominican University has now declared itself “non-denominational,” but it still claims a “Catholic tradition.” #whateverthatmeans
“Labels can be deceitful,” said Reilly. “We’ve seen time and again that without total commitment, Catholic identity can become a mask to hide confusion, dissent, and immorality.”
Speaking specifically about Dominican’s decision to host Richards, he said, “There’s no place at any academic institution – Catholic or otherwise – for advocacy that promotes killing innocent people, especially when the speaker is personally responsible for thousands of deaths. This is appalling, and academic freedom is not an adequate defense.”

Catholic homeschools feeding religious vocations

A new study from the Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate (CARA) at Georgetown University (CARA) reports that young men with a homeschool background are four times more likely to enter seminaries than those educated in Catholic institutions, reports Seton Magazine.
According to the study, eight percent of seminarians on their way to ordination had homeschooled for seven years. In fact, 10 of 47 seminarians at Philadelphia’s St. Charles Borromeo Seminary come from a homeschool background. These numbers are especially amazing considering there are only about 100,000 Catholic homeschool students compared to the 2 million educated in Catholic schools.
“We often don’t understand the historical importance of a movement while it is still young, but a generation from now we will look back and see Catholic homeschooling as partly responsible for keeping the Church vibrant in the United States, Draper Warren, admissions director at Seton Home Study School. “Vocations are just one of the many fruits of homeschooling.”

Please continue reading at the Cardinal Newman Society.

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Why in this age of connectivity do so many feel so disconnected? Why, in this time where we are so available to one another, are we not present to one another?

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Cory Booker Grills Mike Pompeo over Gay Marriage

Get it in your head. Christians have no place at all in public office. You see, the fact that Mike Pompeo, who is nominated for Secretary of State, consistently says he would treat everyone fairly and with respect, that's not enough. He is guilty of a thought crime.


This is funny.

My idiot brother made this. He takes credit for all my jokes so I'm proving I'm the bigger person by acknowledging his authorship. But Zuckerberg is really like super creepy.


Dear Archbishop Chaput, This is not how one becomes a Cardinal

Dear Archbishop Chaput, this does not help one become a Cardinal in today's Church. Just sayin'.


The archdiocese announced Sunday, April 8 the decision of Archbishop Charles Chaput to establish a “quasi-parish” at St. Mary Church in Conshohocken, effective Aug. 1.

It will be staffed by the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter, and a pastor from the community of Catholic priests will be appointed at a later date...

The term for this kind of parish may be unfamiliar to most Catholics but it is provided for in church law, the Code of Canon Law.
Canon 516.1 explains that a quasi-parish is “a definite community of the Christian faithful” in a diocese, is “entrusted to a priest as its pastor” and is “equivalent to a parish” but is “not yet erected as a parish because of particular circumstances.”
In its statement, the archdiocese said the quasi-parish was being established “in response to an interest for additional pastoral care for those wishing to participate in divine worship in the Extraordinary Form.”

Most Catholics in the Latin Rite worship through the Mass in the Ordinary Form published in the United States in 1973 as the fruit of liturgical reforms following the Second Vatican Council. The Ordinary Form was further refined in the U.S. with some revised vernacular translations in 2010.

Yet interest by some Catholics in the pre-Vatican II Mass celebrated in Latin, often referred to as the Tridentine Mass, persisted over the years.

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