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Just Substitue the Word "Environmental" with "Anti-Abortion"

Just please read the beginning of this news story from The Washington Times and just substitute the word "environmental" with "anti-abortion."

Interesting thought experiment.

Environmental activists vowed over the weekend to fight the Keystone XL oil pipeline to the bitter end, insisting the Trump administration’s approval of the long-delayed project will not be the final word.

Powerful green groups are launching a two-pronged strategy to block the pipeline in the streets and in the courts. First, they intend to use a state review process in Nebraska — where Keystone still does not have a legal route, despite federal approval of the project — to delay any movement forward.
Nebraska state officials charged with approving the pipeline’s path say a decision shouldn’t be expected until September at the earliest, and environmentalists could drag that process out even longer.

The second piece of their plan centers on the kind of guerrilla warfare tactics seen throughout last year during the fight over the Dakota Access pipeline.

Activists say they’ll organize protests and even set up camps along Keystone’s proposed route, potentially blocking construction of the project if and when it’s set to begin.

“Our dedication to stop this pipeline isn’t just for the future determination of our lives as human beings but also for the future of all generations of life, and that we stay true to the understandings of protecting mother earth to the fullest degree and do it in a prayerful way,” Tom Goldtooth, executive director of the Indigenous Environmental Network, told reporters on a conference call Friday in which a coalition of tribal and environmental groups outlined their strategy.
Could you imagine if pro-lifers vowed guerilla war tactics? Could. You. Just. Imagine!?

This would be the lede of every news program and there would be federal investigations. But you see, they're on the side of mother Earth so...

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Why the Flat Earth Society Matters

In an age when everyone seems to possess his own ‘truth’, there is little wisdom to be found.

On election night last November, I took great joy in seeing the glib so-called "experts" look increasingly surprised (horrified?) that everything they thought they knew was proven wrong on the most widely watched event of the year. People put up YouTube videos of it, Facebooked about it, and emailed it to each other. That reaction has many experts fretting about the lack of respect being shown to experts.

In fact, there's a book called The Death of Experts about just that. A few days ago I read a piece by Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit fame about "The Suicide of Experts." Reynold's point is that the "experts" haven't exactly covered themselves in glory the past few decades. To be honest, I'm a fan of thumbing my nose at so-called "experts." Few things bring me greater joy than a hyperinflated expert being publicly proven wrong. That' why I love climate "experts" who warn that whole cities will be submerged by next Tuesday. That makes Wednesdays so much fun.

I cheer the non-experts. I root for the Bigfoot hunters and hope that one day they'll drag a Sasquatch from out of the woods and be covered in glory for their exploits that proved all the experts wrong.

And now I read that the Flat Earth Society is back! Fun. It came to popular notice recently when NBA star Kyrie Irving said he believed the earth was flat and then some others jumped on board. I'll admit, I kind of thought it was sort of fun. Maybe it's me but I kind of like how myopic he is. The man is a genius on the court. And he's obviously put all of his mind and energy into excelling at the game he loves. And that...focus has left some, er... blind spots.

That being said, I actually have a concern here. And it's not that nobody's listening to "experts." My concern is that everyone's an expert on everything. You can hardly touch upon a subject on which anyone and everyone doesn't feel (key word there is "feel") that they have an expert opinion to offer. But, sort of like that great line from The Incredibles, if every one's an expert, nobody is an expert. And nobody likes to listen to experts anymore so nobody listens to anyone else. We don't have dialogue anymore We have competing lectures. (See Facebook for evidence.)
But this aura of immediate expertise in all things permeates every facet of our culture, sadly, including morality and faith.

Please continue reading at The National Catholic Register>>>


Report Card: School Choice Moves Forward, Anti-Catholic Lecture at Georgetown

Georgetown lecturer criticizes Catholicism

Georgetown University recently hosted feminist writer and activist Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie to discuss the compatibility of religion and feminism.
As part of the Faith and Culture Lecture Series at the Jesuit university, Adichie maligned Catholicism as well as other religions. “Not just Catholicism, but the religions I am mostly familiar with, in the mainstream way they are practiced are not the most women-friendly institutions,” she said. “Feminism is just that simple idea that women are fully equal and there’s a sense in which religion has been used to justify oppressions based upon the idea that women are not fully equal human beings.”

Adichie, who said she was raised Catholic, told the audience, “I am very uncomfortable saying that I am Catholic. It’s almost a political identity to be Catholic, in America. It’s an identity that says you’re pro-life, conservative. In some ways I feel as though they often go together.”
Yes, we’re quite happy that Catholicism and believing that all human life is sacred go nicely together.

Trump budget includes billions for educational choice

Delivering on campaign promises, President Donald Trump’s first proposed budget includes $1.4 billion federal investment in school choice, including new funds earmarked for private school vouchers and charter schools, as well as directing more than $1 billion that would follow students to the school of their choice.

Georgetown, Loyola Marymount lift restrictions on single-sex restrooms

Following an initiative from several student groups pressing “gender ideology,” Georgetown University is opening several single-stall restrooms throughout the campus to both sexes, according to the student newspaper.

“This is the dream: By the end of the semester, every restroom that can be all-gender will be,” said one student, who is a member of GUPride. “It’s really given agency for the school to take steps to make our trans students feel like they have a home.”
Also, in response to protests on campus, Loyola Marymount University President Timothy Law Snyder ordered that eight individual-use bathrooms throughout the Jesuit campus be open to both genders.

“Rather than following the lead of Pope Francis and urging students to ‘accept the body God gave them,’ President Snyder has decided to institutionally support what the Pontiff calls ‘gender ideology,” reports RenewLMU, a group committed to enhancing the university’s Catholic identity. “For now, however, it remains the case that ‘The University is institutionally committed to Roman Catholicism’ when it comes to appealing to parents of prospective students, asking alumni for donations, and promoting LMU in PR campaigns.”

Trinity Washington president criticizes alumna Conway...

Please continue reading at The Cardinal Newman Society>>>

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Sen. Leahy Wants You To Sympathize with Auschwitz Abortionist or Something

This seems kind of nuts to me. OK. More than kind of nuts. This is some eye-popping crazy right here.

Senator Patrick Leahy is supposedly asking Supreme Court Justice nominee Neil Gorsuch a question but as tends to happen during these things, no question seems to be coming, just a lot of grandstanding.

But Leahy, while trying to warn Gorsuch about the "dark days" before abortion was legal, waxes about not wanting to ever again be forced to prosecute abortionists like the former abortionist for Auschwitz who used to abort babies in the wombs of mothers who'd been raped by Nazis. Leahy tells of a time when he was forced to prosecute an abortionist, who had been trained by Nazis, simply because he was aborting babies in the U.S. and Canada.

Yup. We wouldn't want to return to the "dark days" when Nazi abortionists roamed around America and Canada illegally aborting babies and could be prosecuted, would we? As far as I can make out here, Senator Leahy wants us to sympathize with the Auschwitz abortionist? And what he's arguing here is that what this abortionist was doing in Auschwitz should be legal here. Is that really something he wants to argue?

I can't help but think it's telling that even Leahy links abortion with Auschwitz. Maybe some inkling of grace? Or maybe just a senior moment

I can't help but think it's telling that even Leahy links abortion with Auschwitz. Maybe some inkling of grace? Or maybe just a senior moment. Or maybe just a case of sympathy for the devil.

HT Red State


Columnist: Stay-at-Home Moms Should Be Forced to Work

An Australian columnist has declared that it should be illegal for women to stay at home with their children. Seriously.


Rather than wail about the supposed liberation in a woman’s right to choose to shun paid employment, we should make it a legal requirement that all parents of children of school-age or older are gainfully employed.

Rather than everyone being outraged over the OECD report, why don’t we look at constructive ways to help our economy?

The OECD was right to criticise the double standards applied to Australia’s work-search rules regarding welfare benefits. While young people face strict criteria when seeking to access the dole, those aged over 50 can still receive it despite not looking for a job by citing 15 hours volunteer work a week.
The double standards are even greater for stay-at-home mums, with governments of all persuasions traditionally wary to tackle the unfair tax concessions enjoyed by one-income households for fear of inciting voting fury. (No doubt they refer to Abbott’s aforementioned paid parental leave scheme as a cautionary tale).

But it’s time for a serious rethink of this kid-glove approach to women of child-bearing and child-rearing age. Holding us less accountable when it comes to our employment responsibilities is not doing anyone any favours. Not children, not fathers, not bosses — and certainly not women.
Only when the female half of the population is expected to hold down a job and earn money to pay the bills in the same way that men are routinely expected to do will we see things change for the better for either gender.

Only when it becomes the norm for all families to have both parents in paid employment, and sharing the stress of the work-home juggle, will we finally have a serious conversation about how to achieve a more balanced modern workplace.
Only when the tiresome and completely unfounded claim that “feminism is about choice” is dead and buried (it’s not about choice, it’s about equality) will we consign restrictive gender stereotypes to history.

So long as we as a nation cling to the lie that only a stay-at-home mum is best placed to assume the responsibilities of caregiver then working fathers will continue to feel insecure about stepping off the corporate treadmill to spend more time with their children.
That's the thing about the left. They can't just say they don't like moms staying home, it has to be illegal. It is a tyranny of whims.

HT National Review


Why Your Religious Liberty Was a Gift from Chuck Schumer and 2 Peyote Smoking Native Americans

You know how Democrats despise the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) which is now cited to protect companies like Hobby Lobby from the HHS Mandate?

Well, get this, the bill was introduced in 1993 by Chuck Schumer to protect two peyote smoking Native-Americans from being cut off from unemployment benefits. #loveirony

The ACLU, which championed the bill in 1993, has now turned their backs and said they no longer support it. So, you see, religious liberty is great as long as its for peyote smoking but not for Christians who don't want to support the killing of innocent life.


19 Year Old Jewish Man Arrested for Anti-Semitic Bomb Threats. Soooo, Not a Trump Supporter?

Quick! To the memory hole!

This news will promptly be ignored by the mainstream media. But you know all those "anti-Semitic hate crimes" that were bomb threats against Jewish community centers that inspired handwringing among Democrats and the media about Donald Trump and his eeeeeevil supporters.

Well, guess who got arrested for it. Not a Donald Trump supporter.


Israeli authorities have arrested a 19-year-old suspect in connection with dozens of hoax bomb threats to Jewish community centers in the United States and around the world. ABC News reports that the unnamed suspect is a dual U.S.-Israel citizen.

Other reports indicate that the suspect is Jewish.

The arrest was “part of an ongoing international investigation that has been taking place for several months with other police and security agencies in America and Europe,” Arutz Sheva reports.

Israeli police spokesman Mickey Rosenfeld said the suspect was “the guy who was behind the [Jewish Community Center] threats,” according to CBS News’ New York affiliate. The threats were also made in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand, as well as the U.S.

The suspect allegedly used technology in an attempt to hide his location. No motive for the hoax threats has yet been reported. The Jerusalem Post reports that the suspect is thought to be responsible for “most” of the threats.

The threats, causing panic at Jewish schools, synagogues, and community centers, were often blamed by Democrats and the some journalists on supporters of President Donald Trump.
Who could've possibly have seen this coming? Oh yeah, anyone who's been paying attention.

You will not be seeing this on the 6 o'clock news. But please just imagine for a moment how much publicity this arrest would get if it were a white American dude with a pickup truck.

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KellyAnne Conway Confuses on Abortion

White House adviser Kellyanne Conway was recently profiled in New York Magazine and said something troubling. The thing is, I'm not sure I believe she said it or if she did say it, what was the context. The media is...well, the media.


One story of Conway's in particular struck a nerve with some. Conway identifies as pro-life, but told New York Magazine she's "sympathetic" to women who undergo the procedure.

"Do I know anybody who ever got an abortion? Well, of course I do. I've driven them there. I've helped pay," she told New York Magazine.
"You know, when you're young, you're thinking about the person, not the issue. We were younger, and I was focused on her, not on the larger public policy."
Unsettling, right?

The piece doesn't elaborate on whether she was pro-life at that time or changed later or what. But the thought that abortion is, at its heart, a public policy issue is disturbing as well. As if paying for an abortion isn't all that bad because she's pro-life on public policy.

And what she may or may not have said is disturbing because it seems to buy into the myth that pro-lifers are more concerned with their ideology, rather than the women involved. So what, now she's not focused on "her" but only the public policy.

Who knows if she even said it? Who knows if there's context to it. That's the problem with the media being so corrupt. You can't even argue about quotes attributed to people because you can't actually know what they said or meant. And even if the reporter doesn't think they're misrepresenting Conway, it's likely they don't actually understand pro-life views well enough tp report on them accurately.

Clearly, there's some regret because she refers to it by saying, "You know when you're young..." But to be clear, killing the unborn isn't just bad public policy, it's a moral calamity.


Neil Gorsuch: Hey Democrats, Is This Your Lunch? Tastes Pretty Good

If you played a drinking game yesterday where you had to take a shot every time the Democrats owned Neil Gorsuch you would not be hungover today. At all.

These questions are ridiculous. And, oddly enough, it's never about The Constitution but it's "are you for the little guy" and "Muslim immigration" and "hiring women." And then you get Franken talking about people freezing to death or something. These folks are beclowning themselves. Gorsuch looks like the only sane person in the room.


Philly DA Who Zealously Tried and Convicted Msgr. Lynn, Indicted for Corruption and Bribery

Philadelphia's District Attorney Seth Williams, who viciously pursued Monsignor William Lynn to a conviction which was later overturned, is now under indictment for corruption and bribery charges.

Before we go into what D.A. Seth Williams did, here's a recap of his pretty disgraceful attacks on Monsignor Lynn.

The Catholic League wrote:

Bill Donohue comments on the Philadelphia District Attorney’s ongoing vendetta against Monsignor William Lynn:
For the third time, the Pennsylvania court system has tossed out the unjust conviction of Msgr. William Lynn over his handling of sexual abuse allegations against other priests. And for the third time, the Philadelphia District Attorney vows to pursue the discredited case. Today, a judge has set a date—May 1, 2017—for yet another trial, even though Msgr. Lynn has now served all but two months of his minimum three year sentence for a conviction that has been repeatedly reversed.

Earlier this week, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled that the trial court “abused its discretion” in allowing evidence unrelated to this case. But D.A. Seth Williams, in a clear abuse of his prosecutorial discretion, “is just hell-bent on trying this case,” as Msgr. Lynn’s attorney, Thomas Bergstrom, noted. Msgr. Lynn has “done 33 months along with 18 months house arrest for something the Superior Court has now ruled was an unfair trial,” Bergstrom points out. Yet, “for some reason” Williams “continues to want to beat up on this guy.”

From the start, this case has been a flagrant anti-Catholic witch-hunt, perpetrated by Williams, his predecessor Lynne Abraham, and others. (Click here to read the shocking details.) One would think they would by now be satisfied that they have extracted their pound of flesh from this innocent man. But such is their maniacal hatred for him and the Catholic Church he serves, that they will not give up—no matter how many times the courts tell them what should have been obvious from the start: that they have no legitimate case, and never did.
This guy wanted to make a name for himself and at the time the Catholic Church was the press' favorite piƱata. So he zealously went after Msgr. Lynn. The case had nothing to do with justice, it had everything to do with picking an enemy to make yourself popular.

He ruined a man's life for political gain.

So what did Williams do, according to the indictment? He sold his influence. For money, he would attempt to resolve cases in their favor. Oh, and get this, this crumb stole thousands of dollars from his mother to pay his own bills. That's right, he stole from his mother's pension to pay for his own lavish lifestyle. But you see, it's not his fault because he's complained many times of how hard it is to pay alimony to his ex-wife and for the kids private education. So he was pretty much forced to steal from his mother, right?

Poor thing.

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