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Jesuits Want to Know If You Can Find A Latin Mass

The Jesuit-run magazine America is asking if you can find the Latin Mass.

A few weeks ago, Archbishop Malcolm Ranjith, Secretary of the Congregation for Divine Worship, said that he saw a certain obstinance (my word, not his) in response to Pope Benedict's "motu proprio," relaxing restrictions on the Latin Mass, called "Summorum Pontificum."

Here's what Archbishop Ranjith said in an interview:

"You know that there have been, by some dioceses, even interpretative documents which inexplainably intend to limit the Pope's motu proprio. These actions mask behind them, on one hand, prejudices of an ideological kind and, on the other, pride, one of the gravest sins. I repeat: I invite all to obey the Pope." (Catholic News Agency)

Which makes me wonder: Five months after "Summorum Pontificum" was promulgated, how many American parishes have chosen to introduce a Latin Mass? What is your experience?
Let them know how your parish is doing. Click here. I didn't realize any Jesuits had heard of Summorum Pontificum so this is good news.

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Patrick Archbold said...

The bigger question is "How many people who attend a TLM actually read America Magazine?"

Not many I suspect.

Templar said...

I suspect you're right, not many who attend the TLM regularly would read America. But people stuck in No parishes where their priests are hushing and hiding all news of a TLM do read it, so take the opportunity to "get the word out".

Templar said...

LOL, it's a trick. Try and post a comment and you get an error message preventing you from doing so. Explains 150+ views and 0 comments. I should have known.

Anonymous said...

Somebody left this at the site's comments section. I laughed out loud when I read it:

..."Some wonder if posing this question here is rather like asking for cattle ranchers to raise their hands at a PETA convention."

Chironomo said...

I don't think the responses are turning out quite as they would have liked... it seems to me that the point that the author was making was "I don't understand what all the fuss from Ranjith is about...are there really any people interested in going anyway?" and the response seems to be all positive. The combox is working now, and many people are chiming in with one story after another about how the traditional Mass is taking hold in their parish / diocese. I wonder though, if these responses are from "America" readers, or are they from blog readers who have been pointed there by this and other like-minded sites!

Anonymous said...

Let's try not to paint all of the Jesuits with one big liberal brush. We all know Jesuits who are in full agreement with the Pope... If you ever hope to see the Jesuit ranks swell with orthodox members, you need to encourage more orthodox men discerning a vocation to think about the Jesuits. The new members are already moving in the right direction, but there are too many stories bashing the Jesuits as a whole that scare away men who might otherwise consider the SJs.

Lynne said...

Father Martin seems to be an open-minded individual and so I answered him honestly and respectfully.

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