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More Crying Babies at Tridentine Mass than English Mass

A priest in St. Paul said that there are more crying babies at the Tridentine Mass than the English Mass. Therefore I am now labeling anyone who criticizes the Tridentine Mass as "anti-baby." That's it. You can't stop me. I'm tired of all the insults going only one way. You've heard them all. "Right Wing Wacko" and "Middle Ages Freak." Well I'm unleashing the metaphorical grenade throwing today.

I urge all you non anti-baby punks to read a nice piece in the Star Tribune about a priest who is working hard to popularize the Tridentine Mass at his parish.

The traditional Latin, or Tridentine, mass -- with its incense, bells, chants and intricately choreographed gestures -- is enjoying a modest revival in the Twin Cities, thanks to the efforts of one determined priest...Echert sees interest in the Tridentine mass as more than just nostalgia. After several years of growth in more-relaxed worship styles, he thinks that the pendulum is starting to swing back toward so-called "high" church with more emphasis on rituals, decorum and formality.

There's a sense of propriety among those at the mass, he said, starting with the way people dress. "I've never seen any cut-offs. And many of the women wear veils, although that's not a requirement," Echert said.

The way mass has been celebrated over the past 40 years doesn't fully resonate with the worshippers who are drawn to the Tridentine mass. "I think the mass is filling a void that people feel."
What? You don't like incense? You anti-baby jerk.

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David L Alexander said...

Speaking of incense....

I know a priest who had this parish, where a woman complained every time he used incense, because it always made her cough. He got sick of it. So one day he used the thurible in procession without any incense or burning coals or anything, just to see how she'd react. She coughed anyway.

That's when he said: "Gotcha."

David said...

Ummm.... "Tridentine Mass Catholics", unlike their Novus Ordo Bretheren, take Humanae Vitae seriously. Like my priest said, "Our people don't use the pill!" And they take their kids to Mass every Sunday.

My protestant mother was surprised at how many young families were at Mass on Ash Wednesday...

Marty Haugen said...

How can babies actively participate at Mass? They can't clap, make banners, or sing those beautiful songs of the '70s.

If you can't actively participate then you don't get anything out of it. So what is the point?

matthew archbold said...

that made me laugh out loud.

Red Cardigan said...

Two things: first, there's good incense and bad incense. When our new pastor first came he thought he'd save money by buying really cheap incense. After parishioners began asking in concern if the church was on fire, and after he himself couldn't read the Gospel without coughing, he decided the cheap incense was a false economy.

Second, not all small families are proof that someone is violating Humanae Vitae. IJS. We all have our crosses to carry, and not all of us are blessed with many offspring.

kat said...

We have been attending the TLM in various cities in our military career for 5-6 years now. I figure the FSSP must have special training in how to say Mass even with screaming toddlers because they are so calm and don't lose their place. Unfortunately, the parish we are attending now offers a beautifully presented TLM, but the priest is uncharitable toward small children and chastizes parents who don't slip out the door fast enough if they start to babble or fuss.
Priests, love the little children, they are the future priests and religious!

denisemartin1 said...

Our TLM is attended by about 100 people...a loud minority of them crying, cooing babies and youngsters. While my daughter (15 years) and I have had to move in order to facilitate contemplative prayer as the kids are somewhat restless, we love the parents and the kid's presence in the church. As one March for Life college student reminded us...the young "are not the future of the church...we are the church."

Anonymous said...

Red --
A priest I know once quipped, "There will be only two smells after death, incense or sulfur!"
However, like the wine at Cana, the heavenly incense will no doubt be of the best quality. ;)


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