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Maybe Clericalism Wasn't So Bad

I am beginning to think that Maureen Martin might be a long lost sister of ours. Perhaps we will have to talk with Mom. Either we are related or her similarly twisted mind reflects the cumulative results of centuries of common ancestral binge drinking. Either way, she slays us.

Mo, as us family members call her, has up a new post over at the witty new blog Stuff Catholics Like. She splits some sides telling us all about the wonders of ...well ....us. Laypeople. What a wondrous thing we laypeople are, just ask us. This paragraph is indicative of what you will find:

Some laypeople have a fondness for guitars, banjos, bongos, tambourines, drums, etc. This gives them the chance to display their musical skills. Other laypeople have pretty voices and enjoy singing. They probably hope this will make up for all the other laypeople who aren’t singing. Laypeople like to choose songs that use the pronoun “I.” It gives them the chance to play God’s part during a song. They get to be the Bread of Life, they get to raise everyone up on the last day, etc. Laypeople want you to be able to play God, too. Despite this tremendous opportunity, most laypeople in the pews still choose not to sing very loud, if at all. Perhaps the pewsitters are embarrassed at their comparable lack of talent.
Read the whole thing here, it's worth it.

Dialing 555-Mom1...
"Hi Mom! You have some 'splainin to do!"

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Maureen said...

Yes, it seems I am the child who didn't make the cut. Congratulations, you got to live with the family. I hope mom's happy! Happy Mother's Day, whoever you are! :)

(Seriously, though, the family God put me with is great.)

Anyway, thanks for the nice post.

God bless from a fellow layperson,

David L Alexander said...

Hey, I just read the new blog in town. Rather amusing, actually. I just wonder if they'll run out of Roman numerals at some point.

matthew archbold said...

She has to be better than our real sister. (She's an actress) Is there still chance of a trade?

David L Alexander said...

Oh, man, Matthew, are you gonna get it at the next family picnic!!!

Can I come and watch?

Maureen said...

Is your sister Heather Graham?

Depending on who the actress/sister is, my parents might be willing to trade me. Do you guys drink Diet Coke? This will be a big factor in any "talks."

God bless, Maureen

Patrick Archbold said...


A few months ago I was in NYC to see my sister in a show and I went to dinner nearby with my Mother. Sitting at the next table, Heather Graham. Not kidding.

My Mother asked me "What movies she has been in, what is she famous for?"

"Never mind Mom, have some more bread!"

Patrick Archbold said...

Diet Coke is Mother's Milk in our family! This is scary!

Their Real Sister said...

Thank you for throwing me under the bus Matt. You are dead to me!

Ian said...

We can't run out of Roman Numerals. Just look at how many they use in movie copyrights! All you have to do is add another "I", "V", "X" or whatever to the end and you have another incomprehensible number.

David L Alexander said...

Well, okay, Ian. Just expect to reach a new millennium more often than the rest of us.

matthew archbold said...

they made me do it! I had no choice...you have to understand the extenuating circumstances...

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