"Nothing is more dreaded than the national government meddling with religion." John Adams

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Obama The Christian (When Convenient)

Presidential candidate Barack Obama, while campaigning in West Virginia this past week, was seen wearing a flag lapel pin. It had been noticed previously that Obama did not wear a lapel pin. He had derided the notation of the lack of pin as a false issue and famously claimed that a flag pin was no susbtitute for patriotism. However, when it comes to campaigning in a state where patriotism is not a dirty word, out came the lapel pin. False issue or not, subsititute for patriotism or not, truly felt or not, visible patriotism was the order of the day and Obama complied.

Now that the Kentucky primary approaches, Obama is wearing more than a lapel pin. False or not, substitute or not, believed or not, Obama is wearing his Christianity on his sleeve. Check out these campaign posters from the Obama campaign in Kentucky.

I can't wait until we see the poster with Barack out hunting. This is the most ridiculous type of pandering imaginable, undoubtedly there will be many persuaded by it. Not me, Obama has made it abundantly clear what he really thinks of Christians.

Now I want you to stop and think for just a moment and think what the likely reaction to a conservative Christian running similar ads. The hue and cry "separation of church and state" would be carried by the ordinary ministers of the media from coast to coast. As with everything else, Obama will get a pass on this shameless pandering. The media would be beside themselves. Chris Matthews would get another tingle up his leg as he and his friends climbed up on their high horses.

What this ad says to me and should say to all my fellow Christians is this. Not only does Barack Obama think that you cling to religion and guns out of bitterness, he also thinks you are an idiot.

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Michael said...

Oh the hue and cry already occurred...only it was after Mike Huckabee wished Americans a Merry Christmas and had the sinister Cross floating around...the media's shameful silence on Abortobama is incredible. He'll win because they'll soon paint him as the new Jack Kennedy, Lincoln, etc.

It's time to secede.

anthony said...

Do you remember the whole controversy over Huckabee might have had a cross behind him in a tv ad. Remember was it a bookshelf or a cross. The press was outraged over that. I've heard nothing about this.

Rita S. said...

This has everything to do with his middle name and that people think he's a Muslim.

Leticia said...

The reason the liberal media doesn't complain about this ad is that they know it's merely a political ploy. If they suspected he was a sincere Christian, he wouldn't be their favorite to begin with.

Anonymous said...

I am not voting for Obama but I would argue that this ad is a good thing for Christians. It shows that we are still a voting bloc that needs to be talked to. Democrats understand that they must talk to us, even if they don't mean it. Republicans always talk to us and they clearly don't believe a word of it either. So I'm not sure I understand all the to-do about this because Republicans have been doing this for years.

WillyJ said...

I wonder if "Truth in Advertising" applies to political ads.

matthew archbold said...

Maybe we can sue for false advertising?

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