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Sign the Petition! Support a Catholic College

Yesterday we wrote about Rosemary Radford Ruether, a well-known feminist theologian who made news this week because the University of San Diego rescinded Ruether’s appointment to the Portman Chair in Roman Catholic Theology due to her stance on issues including abortion, gay marriage, and the ordination for women.

The appointment would be counter to its namesake’s intention to promote “distinguished theologians who think from within the Roman Catholic tradition.”

For background you can read yesterday's post on this issue. And when you're done, please consider the petition to support the University in its decision.

Two national women’s groups have put together a petition with more than 2,000 signatures demanding that the University of San Diego give Ruether the post.

Brian McDaniel of Ora Et Labora thinks we can do better. He writes:

Today I am asking all Catholics, and anyone who opposes the liberal social philosophy promoted by Ruether, to help me gather 4,000 signatures, twice the number of these national women’s groups, before the University of San Diego’s academic year begins on September 3, 2008—fourteen days from today.

Click here to sign the petition.
I'm going over there right now to sign. Hope to see you over there...

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Brian McDaniel said...

Bless you, and thank you for the support!

Renee said...

I've done my part!

John Hetman said...

Thanks for the link. I just signed and confirmed. It's good teamwork among the faithful.

Anonymous said...

can't access the petition. is site down? 8/21/08

Anonymous said...

can't access the petition. is site down? 8/21/08

Red Cardigan said...

Just signed, and added a link on my blog. God bless this effort!

Subvet said...

Done, God bless all involved.

Alexandra said...


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