"Nothing is more dreaded than the national government meddling with religion." John Adams

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PAT S. said...

I am really impressed at the quality of the video. It was just super, the very best! I hope that more of these come our way--really INSPIRING!! Great message! LIFE is the answer, and we as Catholics must always put it First!

LarryD said...

Breathless - this was very impressive.

Subvet said...


Anonymous said...

This should be aired repeatedly on all major networks for the next 50 days. LIFE, LIBERTY, AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS, and LIFE is the first of these.


Eo Nomine said...

Amen, let's do this boys. Let's save America!

Anonymous said...

Superbly done. One reservation only -- why would it show a photo of JFK? Not the proudest chapter in American Catholic history.

Ted S. said...

Never before in our lifetimes has the "line in the sand" been drawn more clearly.

The choice?
Life or Death.

Choose life.

vignola said...

This needs to be posted on youtube. Beautiful. And powerful.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely wonderful clip. 100% agreement with the message, wonderfuly done.

One request, invite those who will gladly fight with you for the cause of life, don't exclude other religions.

A Mormon

Anonymous said...

I have to disagree with the majority of positive comments. I see this as a missed opportunity.
While I think the images and copy are good, I believe they are all for naught, when at the end is the text: "Vote your conscience."
This is the "out" folks use who view all issues of equal weight: "Well, I'm just following my conscience."
VERY rarely is it ever explained that one's conscience is to be well formed by the Word of God as our light for our path, examined before the Lord's Cross, assisted by the gifts of the Holy Spirit, aided by witness/advice of others and guided by the authoritative teaching of the Church. (via the Catechism)
If it was explained, not only that we follow our conscience, but more important, that it is correctly formed and how to do that, this I think, would make all the difference.
The FatMan

Anonymous said...

Absolutely brilliant! We need to forward far and wide to reach as many people as possible.

Anonymous said...

Fatman got it right.

Now do the next film on the detailing of a right conscience and how to arrive at one's vote.

Anonymous said...

I agree that the end was a bit jolting. Too many times have Christians used their "conscience" to excuse outright sin, including abortion. Otherwise - this was amazing.

fruntrow said...

Very nice, soft, soothing, evn cuddly - and totally acceptable by all the abortion maestros in Congress who plead the "Catholic" fifth, -"my conscience says its okay, and VAT II says I can"

America's Next Top LIAR! said...

I cannot wait to vote my conscience and vote for the Democratic ticket!

For I believe "Life" to be a value which extends beyond the day of one's birth, to early childhood health care; Head Start programs and a generally excellent schooling for all Americans; preserving and protecting the environment instead of selling it for the highest dollar, honesty and accountability in government as opposed to deceit, obfuscation, and willful opposition to the Constitution; avoiding wars instead of embracing them; and yes attending to the "petty" economic needs (such as energy costs) which are felt so strongly by the least of us, for by strengthening our economic might we are able to take care of ourselves and our fellows throughout the world.

I cannot wait!

Anonymous said...

"I cannot wait to vote my conscience and vote for the Democratic ticket!"

Judging from your mendacious website, you don't have one.


America's Next Top LIAR! said...

Hey! I know that mendacious means "lying" and yet Sarah Palin is the one who has cornered that market this year!

LIE: "I told Congress 'Thanks but no thanks' on that Bridge to Nowhwere. If we wanted a bridge, we'd build it ourselves."
TRUTH: Congress took out the earmark for the bridge but left the money in for Alaska (before Palin took office, btw). Once in office Palin kept the money, spending it on other things because bridge was unaffordable if Feds would not send more!

LIE: McCain said, "She sold it [the plane] on eBay -- made a profit!"
TRUTH: After failing to sell on eBay 3 times, plane was sold through conventional broker; state lost over half a million dollars.

Plenty of other examples. I'll await your apology.

Anonymous said...

For all its loveliness, it was missing the most important word of all - vote your INFORMED conscience. Or should I say, CONFORMED (to the will of God) conscience?

Anonymous said...

"Hey! I know that mendacious means "lying""

You should since you are a practitioner of the art:

1. In regard to the Bridge to Nowhere, the official website of the Alaska Democratic Party credited Governor Palin with killing the bridge to nowhere. They pulled it after she became the GOP's Veep nominee.


2. In regard to the plane, John McCain mispoke. After the plane failed to sell on e-bay the plane was sold using a private broker. Palin unloaded a white elephant of a plane that coast $1674 per hour of flight time rather than 831 per hour of flight time for other planes owned by the State of Alaska. When that is factored in, Palin did save the state of Alaska money.


You Catholic supporters of the most pro-abortion candidate in our nation's history are trying to win this election with the type of mendacious tripe on your site. Pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Saying they are prolife gets politicians plenty of votes. Just what have they done to prove it? What changes have occurred in the past 8 years of Republicans being in control? Sarah Palin just did a great job of back-peddaling on her beliefs in the interview with Charles Gibson. Suddenly her view of abortion is "there are too many abortions" not that it should be outlawed altogether. On homosexuality all she could say was nothing on the subject because homosexuals have the right to vote and she sure wouldn't want to offend so many voters by condeming them or their lifestyle. I agree with the previous comments on all the lies we have been fed. John McCain has really insulted our intelligence by his selection. My conscience tells me that abortion should not be a political issue. People are using it pro and con to advance their own careers. Please, Lord, give us leaders that say what they mean and mean what they say and carry out their promises. Amen!

Anonymous said...

A beautiful video, however, this is not a "one issue" election, that one issue being life. Protecting life extends to much more than outlawing abortion. We had a priest here in Florida say from the pulpit that "matrons selfishly had abortions rather than give birth to men who would fight in the military to protect this country." He emphasized the "selfishness of women" throughout his sermon. Another way of looking at the same issue is for women to "unselfishly" suffer through childbirth (many times without a husband's or family's support or adequate funds), feed, nurture, protect, and educate young men (and women)for a minimum of 18 years only to offer them up to George Bush (or John McCain or whoever) to send them overseas to be killed on foreign soil. It is ALL the culture of death.

It has been reported by members of Sarah Palin's own family that she agonized over giving birth to a less-than-perfect baby and hid her pregnancy for 7 months. She is no different than any other woman given a difficult cross to bear and most likely debated whether or not to terminate that pregnancy -- and she had a good job, a husband, and a loving family supporting her.

So many of us claim to be "prolife" however, just as many Catholic/Christian women have abortions than non-Christians. I know women who work for Catholic Charities who have had abortions and who drag their unmarried daughters to have abortions. This should not be a political issue but a moral one. We need to clean up our own house before we can expect some politician to make changes in the laws. Sadly, abortion will be around whether it is legal or illegal just as long as there are unwanted pregnancies. History has proved this point long before the 1970s law of Roe v Wade.

May God's will be done on election day and every day following as the newly elected move forward to institute change in ALL the issues.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Obama Troll, care to give a link to your allegation that members of her family reported that Palin agonized over giving birth to Trig. This wouldn't be the ex-brother-in-law who threatened to murder her father would it? You supporters of the most pro-abort candidate ever to run for President have absolutely no shame do you?

Ron Battaglia said...

This video is very powerful and, in my opinion, came within one sentence of being a Perfect “10”.

I think my parents gave me a strong moral compass. They taught me (in not so many words) that if you harbor a criminal, you are guilty of his crime. The natural extension of this idea (when it comes to abortion) is “that if vote for a politician who supports abortion, you are guilty of abortion”. I truly believe this.

Our own Catholic Cardinals say, “… The Church does not endorse candidates for office.” That statement is a cop out. It is true that the Catholic Church should not support POLITICAL PARTIES BUT we SHOULD support candidates that are “Pro-Life”.

That one sentence would have made this video a Perfect “10”.

Ron Battaglia said...

This video is very powerful and, in my opinion, came within one sentence of being a Perfect “10”.

I think my parents gave me a strong moral compass. They taught me (in not so many words) that if you harbor a criminal, you are guilty of his crime. The natural extension of this idea (when it comes to abortion) is “that if vote for a politician who supports abortion, you are guilty of abortion”. I truly believe this.

Our own Catholic Cardinals say, “… The Church does not endorse candidates for office.” That statement is a cop out. It is true that the Catholic Church should not support POLITICAL PARTIES BUT we SHOULD support candidates that are “Pro-Life”.

That one sentence would have made this video a Perfect “10”.

Anonymous said...

Good video, but I have to agree that the "vote your conscience" at the end was ill-considered (for the reasons articulated so well by those who commented before me.) Let us hope and pray that on the day after the elections, the unborn are not counted among the losers...
Speaking of hoping and praying -- and fasting, too -- participate in the Nineveh Journey, a pro-life prayer initiative for the coming elections. Your favorite candidate supports abortion? Sign up for the Nineveh Journey to pray for his or her conversion. www.ninevehjourney.org
Check out the participation page -- we still need people from 10 more states!!! This is the perfect way to get involved in this election.

Anonymous said...

Donald R. McClarey,
I am not an "Obama troll" as you so rudely called me. I never once said I support Obama -- or any other candidate for that matter. Name-calling, Mr. McClarey, does nothing to further the cause of politics, Christianity, or any other faith. In fact, I am a very pro-life Catholic Christian doing my part to encourage women to make the right choice and to foster an attitude of forgiveness and compassion for those who have chosen abortion.

The interview I referred to was that of Palin's mother-in-law or step mother -- if she has a step mother. I apologize if she does not but I was very taken aback by her personal comments and have heard so many interviews since. But it was definitely NOT Palin's former brother-in-law. I believe it was an interview by Greta VanSusteren of Fox News live in Alaska in the woman's kitchen.

I also said "SADLY" abortion will be around whether it is legal or illegal just as long as there are unwanted pregnancies. History has proven this point. That doesn't mean I recommend anyone have an abortion, Mr. McClarey.

Palin is no different than any other woman given a difficult cross to bear. My comment was MOST LIKELY Palin debated whether or not to terminate that last pregnancy. I did not attribute those words to her relative. But her relative did say she agonized over the pregnancy and hid it for 7months even from her family.

By the way, her running mate, John McCain, is not TOTALLY pro-life but believes in abortion in certain cases. Charles Gibson presented Palin with that issue in his recent interview of her and her response was something to the effect that she respects other's opinions and personal decisions. Sort of hints of pro-choice, don't you think? Do you see why voters are having a hard time choosing a candidate in this particular election?

I highly recommend people read Dr. Theresa Burke's books on the issue of abortion and the after-effects. She is the founder of Rachel's Vineyard which holds retreats all over the world for ANYONE: man, woman, doctor, nurse, parent or boyfriend of a pregnant girl, etc., who have taken part in any way in the decision to abort or the abortion process. Please check out the Rachel's Vineyard website for a list of retreats and Dr. Burke's books. It would be especially informative for men to know the pain and heartache of women's experiences from an unwanted pregnancy and the multiple effects of abortion.

So, no, Mr. McClarey, I do not have any shame because I do not support the culture of death in any form.

msandone31 said...

does anyone know if this is available on youtube? It should be! thanks

Anonymous said...

I am a Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod parishioner and I just loved this movie. Thank God for our serious RCC brethren.

Blessings! Craig

underdog said...

Gov. Huckabee summed it up when he said in effect if we lose our respect for life we are lost. It is the fundamental issue and we are on a slipper slope.

Anonymous said...

To America's Next Top Liar and you feel life extends past the day of one's birth. AT LEAST YOU WERE BORN!

Great video! If we could change things one life at a time and vote for life, the Lord would see we are trying and things would turn around. Vote for life and have faith!

Anonymous said...

Wrap it up in whatever trappings
that you may, the church's motive
is simply to implement the growth
of the number of the faith. This is

Anonymous said...

"vignola said...
This needs to be posted on youtube. Beautiful. And powerful.

September 11, 2008 11:28 AM"


msandone31 said...

Thanks so much! You rock. This is so powerful we need to get it posted everywhere!

Tom M. said...

There are other issues that directly relate to life - it is not just about abortion. I voted for Bush primarily because of that issue, but I don't think he served our country well. A war that was not just, torture, against the minimum wage and environmental regulation, corporate greed. Where are the programs to help women make other choices. If you have a severely handicapped child or are very poor, abortion seems like the best out for some. Where are we to help these women. WE ARE THE GOVERNMENT.
Also McCain support stem cell research, as does Obama.
I am pro-life and wish more Democrats were on board with that issue. But I can see continuing this mess. Lets as Catholics, write to Obama and Biden with our views. Have any of you prolife people done that? They are not FOR abortion, but believe it is the woman's right to make that choice. I disagree, but like I said, how we help support those lives once born is also important. Let's work to change the Democrats' minds. Much of their philosophy is well in line with Catholic social teaching.

Anonymous said...

One statement bothers me about this video. The statement is that we must support lift until natural birth. Why not natural death which would include fair wages, health insurance, condemnation of the death penalty and many other "life" issues that the pope says are important.

Anonymous said...

I am voting my conscience, Democrat all the way. People forget that those running for public office are doing so because they wish to serve all of the people (well at least the Democrats do). They must set their religious views aside and vote for the many . Remember it is supposed to be separation of Church and State. I am a devout Catholic, who is very much pro life, but I understand what the politicians must do.

Anonymous said...

How does one separate from his/her religious beliefs, unless they don't truely believe in them and it is all insincere false devotion. A true Christian can not be two different persons (one in church and another in the voting both or at work.

What a contradiction for one to say "Yes, I believe the word of GOD and yes, I love GOD more than anyone or anything except when it comes to Roe vs Wade then I believe that man (government) has more insight because man understands that unwanted pregnancies are just too difficult"
How arrogant to think our judgement is superior to our Creator and GOD's judgement.

If one claims to be able to separate their spiritual self from their political/ social decisions then maybe they should re-evaluate just how sincere they are in their spiritual service and convictions.

Donna in Tampa said...

Thank you for this beautiful video. Very touching.

And to those who seem to be full of anger in the blogshere here, take the time to say the Rosary and ask God to bless all politicians that they may see His guidance as He always will do. It seems to me it's a much better use of time than being so angry. Peace be with all who read this.

Doug said...

Is there a way we can get this funded to air on television? Very powerful...needs to be shown over the next 4-5 weeks.

Vicki said...

I'm a Baptist girl, and I sit here will tears in my eyes. Powerful and the truth. This is a message to all believers in Christ.

Thank you.

Joe S. said...

Oh that is so beautiful and powerful. Well done. Very well done. Just awesome.

Anonymous said...

The video is excellent! The only thing that I would change is the ending. I would end it with vote Choose Life instead of "vote your concious."
Socialist Catholics are self centered, not Christ centered.

In response to the socialist Catholics responses:

Socialism began with the intention of destroying Christianity in this country. Catholic Churches were set up in the poorest neighborhoods across the country. The Catholic community and other Christian communities looked after the basic needs of the poor as well as feeding their souls and giving them hope. They had clinics, education, soup kitchens etc.

Socialism came in to rob their hope and offer them more, more, more of anything they could sell as to lure them away from God. Read Matthew 4:1-10 - Christ in the desert with the devil. Look at how much of a nightmare the inner cities have become, single families, drugs, murders, abortions...etc. Self centered replaced Christ-centered and the nightmare began.

Look up Saul Alinsky in wikipedia. He dedicated one of his works to Lucifer. Both Hillary and Obama read his works and applied them. His son just came out and said he saw his deceased Dad's efforts at the Democratic Convention.

All one has to look at how dirt poor and Godly Mary and Joseph were. God provides for the poor just as he looked after the Holy Family. Choose life FIRST, God will provide. It's called FAITH. Humankind can do nothing without putting God first. When you are murdering the most innocent in life, God leaves town and country and hell takes over. And America isn't doing too good. Catholics are called to help hold up Moses' rod, the battle is ours for the taking. Choose Life.

Instead of promoting godless socialistic government, you should fight government programs and take your money and give it to the Catholic churches as well as volunteer. Government creates problems, not solve them.

God Bless!

bellflower said...

If one thinks one has a political self that can forget that millions of innocent babies are and will be murdered by their candidate’s stand and at the same time a church side that thinks one self is pro life but separate from politics don't be shocked that when your political side is cast into the eternal fire of hell for murder your so called dormant “pro life side” attached falls into the flames with it.

Anonymous said...

It amazes me how you Republicans, chose and pick from the Bible. It says" thou shall not kill". This includes adults, and children of all ages,yet it doesn't bother you that you voted, not once but twice for an Idiot who lied us into an invasion, and death of many Iraqi innocent men, women and CHILDREN, tortures prisioners, and has sent many men and women to their death in Texas. Hypocrisy.

Anonymous said...

I believe the video was absolutely amazing! I am neither Catholic, Republican or Democrat, but I do have a vote; a conscience and love of my country. Americans are so spoiled they get all bungled up in minor things and forget we are still a free nation (right now).
We don't have to agree on everything. But, the time will come when we will have to Answer to God!!
That's the important issue.


Anonymous said...

If Obama gets in you will get what you deserve.

Anonymous said...

I am a Holy Spirit filled, Full-Gospel Messianic Christian. I want to thank you for such an outstanding presentation! May God richly bless your endeavors.

Anonymous said...

First, a comment: The caption that said something positive about life and family was accompanied by a picture of a family with like 10 kids, and then the caption that said "..not redefine it (family)" was accompanied by two guys getting married. Um... that seems a little harsh. Even the dumbest Catholic should be able to realize that the days of needing a herd of children to milk the cows and plow the fields are over... there are nearly 7 billion people on this planet and 'mother earth' doesn't have an infinite amount of resources. This has been painfully obvious lately. I think irresponsible procreation is one of the main problems our world is dealing with but no one has the balls to say it.

Second I have to make a joke... to quote another post'er: Catholics are called to help hold up Moses' rod,.... um... aren't y'all against gays??

Third I have to make an observation: I loved the part where it said "Catholics have been an intergal part of our nation..." and then it showed pictures of two guys who both eventually had their heads blown off in public... shouldn't you be holding the cross? It is THE prop for martyrs...

Let the angry responses begin! (Remember, the meek shall inherit what's left of the earth after organized religion completely destroys it!)

Anonymous said...

If you really believe it what the video states then you would not vote for Obama/Biden. They do not stand for LIFE....they stand for a PRO CHOICE, NOT PRO LIFE. They stand for depending on government not yourself. Also, I was offended they showed the Democratic Official Ballot and not a Republican Ballot as a subtle hint on who to vote for. STAND FOR THE TRUTH AND FOR LIFE, NOT LIES.

Vote Republican!!!!

Anonymous said...

Why is it up to someone else to make one of the hardest decisions a woman who becomes pregnant has to make? She alone will have to live with the decision, not you, and she will be judged later on by GOD, not today by YOU. Giving her better options and information about other ways to go such as adoption is crucial, but ultimately it IS HER DECISION. I've never had an abortion, and I don't think I ever could, but who am I to tell someone else they can't either? Know someone thinking about having an abortion? Here's a thought, genuinely offer them support and help them find a safe place to go to talk to someone who can help them make the right decision, and pray for them. Ultimately thats all you can do. You can't take away a person's control over their own body.

mempax said...

In the United States, the discussion about abortion is about one side accusing the other side of not respecting life and the other side accusing the other side of not resepecting women. Both sides are lying. Incidentally I am a 63 year old cradle Catholic who has been in the same sex partnership for 42 years. I am not willing to talk about abortion till we are willing to talk about our violent immigration system and the death penalty.

mempax said...

The current financial mess wasn't created by debt. It wasn't even created by bad debt. It was created by rational human beings who knowingly created bad debt to sell it for a profit.

Vote Democrat!!!

mempax said...

The life of Christian monks includes the renunciation of thoughts. The traditional thoughts monks work on or try to let go of are: food, sex, things, anger, dejection, acedia, vainglory and pride. The spirituality of the desert hermits and monks of Egypt was transmitted to us through Evagrius Ponticus (346-399) and then to the West through John Cassian (360-435). Traditionally desert spirituality includes the renunciation of these eight(8)thoughts.

The desert monks tell us that pride is the most deadly of all
thoughts. Hasidic sages tell us God and the proud man or proud woman cannot dwell together in the same place. Prideful thoughts tell us we can control our destiny and the destiny of others. It tells us weknow what is best for ourselves and for others. Pride becomes who we are.

John Cassian tells us the tell-tale sign of pride is when someone
starts to make judgements about what is good for everyone around
them. When this happens conversation is no longer possible.

There are two kinds of pride. There is spiritual pride and their is carnal pride. An example of spiritual pride is when a person
believes they can show others the path to great heights of wisdom and
power. Carnal pride is an exaggerated thought of self importance.

The desert monks and hermits tell us pride can destroy all virtues
and it attacks the whole person. It casts down the whole body, mind
and soul. Pride lacks patience and charity. It is hard to renounce
pride because it feels so good.

Humility combats pride. Humility is not "up" as in vanity nor is
it "down" as in dejection. To be humble someone needs to be mindful
of God. Humility means being watchful over our behavior and inner thoughts and having a willingness to respond to others with charity. Spiritual direction is helpful.

Pride deters us from having a spiritual life. We can always make a new beginning. The desert monks and hermits tell us the journey
without pride requires a simple and profound listening to all that is holy in this life. There are many guides including scripture,
tradition, friends and elders.

Eventually somebody may enter into what the mystics describe as an
inner friendship or an abiding presence. It is at this point,
language is useless. Renouncing thoughts allows God as God to

Each type of thought is handled differently in monastic spirituality.

Anonymous said...

Great video, however, no mention of GOD! This country is one nation under GOD. We need to put GOD back into our nation!

Sheryl said...

After reading all the comments on this video, I realize how far America has come. Instead of using the comments to point people to God through the saving blood of Jesus, it in effect points people to back biting, hypocracy. None of us are perfect, we do, however, serve a perfect God. I will let you all in on a little secret, One of the ten commandments is this: "Thou shall not kill"...if I am not mistaken, that would make life sacred from conception until death. I think if we would focus more as Americans and Christians to pointing people to the saving blood of Jesus so they could know first hand that He loved us so much that he laid down his life so that we could have eternal life, we would see hearts and lives changing to make a powerful difference in this world. I pray that we will all turn to God and pray for His will to be done in November. God bless America & have mercy on our transgressions.

Anonymous said...

While this video was incredibly moving, and I will be the first to admit that it breaks my heart to think that anyone could ever have an abortion. Live is a great circle in which we have to preserve. This includes the children over seas dying in wars that are not their fault. We must stop the wars and put an end to those killing the ones who are already born before we can put a stop to those who are killing the unborn. Shame on all who kill. Does anyone truly feel that the Republican Ticket will put an end to abortion? How about ending the war first. Every Sunday in mass we pray for PEACE. This election year, elect the party that will grant us peace in our lives and help sustain the circle of life. My heart is torn over this issue, but I also know what I HAVE to do.

Anonymous said...

Now is the time for all women and men to come to to the ade of are country and V O T E

Anonymous said...

There is more to supporting life than opposing abortion. Consider the number of youg people being killed on our streets every day. This blood is on our hands. Marching against abortion is more talk than walk - unwanted babies need to be adopted into good families and brought up properly for this slaughter to be eliminated; no, adopting Chinese or other foreign kids will NOT solve this problem.

As to family values, it seems to me that divorcing one's wife to marry money with a woman (not wife, per Catholic teaching) thrown in is immoral. What kind of example of "family values" is that?

Anonymous said...

The individual whos ramblings include the comment.... "in the past 8 years of Republicans being in control" continues the ignorant, and uneducated spewing by classic liberal, bleeding heart Democrats who have no idea about our country nor its government. They hear soundbites on the tv news and think they are "informed". The troubles we have now as an economic power (including energy issues and financial)come not from "in the past 8 years of Republicans being in control", but from Congress (who, FYI makes those decisions- not the President)being made up primarily of liberal Democrats. Really, you simply continue the stupidity. Rather than debate someone who is so poorly educated, please pray for him/her. They, and this country need it.

Anonymous said...

The video is beautiful. We should protect the life of a child...

Reading some of these blogs tho, makes me tempted to think perhaps we should permit abortions for the brain dead democrats.

Anonymous said...

Well done video! It supports life and as believers that is what our Lord came to give. He is our standard of life not the compromise of men who are people pleasers or power mongers. Any administration that supports partial birth abortion or same sex marriage is not life giving. Two things here, I'm not of the Catholic church but I seek truth and the life it gives through the death burial and resurrection covenent of Jesus the Christ. When voting your conscience be sure it's not seared against life giving morals. Dangerous! I'm not a blogger other wise I would give my name but I had to speak up.

Signed...Just an ex-homosexual saved and santified by the power of the truth through Jesus Christ who was not aborted by my mother. Go get em' Catholics!! May the Lord raise you up during this time!

Anonymous said...

Isn't there something in the Bible somewhere about Free Will? As in God himself said that the right to choose is one of the most basic characteristics of being human. So if it's in God we trust, shouldn't we follow his lead?

Anonymous said...

Interesting attempt to manipulate Catholics through fear. Surely we are smarter than this.

Ohio Caver said...

Nice video, but I have to agree with the comment above that the "vote your conscience" statement at the end was a cop out. Older Catholics remember a time when our church leaders were unafraid and unapologetic about speaking up for the teachings of the church. Whether we want to believe it or not there are some absolutes. Not everything is a shade of gray. Using our vote to try to end abortion and protect traditional family values is a moral obligation for serious Catholics. Period. Nonnegotiable.

Ohio Caver said...

Regarding the comment above regarding the right to choose, I agree. But, the choice in procreation comes before becoming pregnant, not afterward.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful video. And to those who have rationalized the killing of innocent life because wars kill people, and who have justified doctors who suck the brains out of a living, near term half-delivered baby (partial birth abortions) because life is a value that extends beyond the day of ohe's birth and to those who excuse the practice of allowing babies born alive after abortions to die in soiled linens on a shelf in a closet is somehow a moral equivalent to humanely ending the life of a convicted capital murderer...then a vote for the democratic ticket should suit you fine. You and your foolish leaders will bring about the destruction of this once-proud, God-fearing country.

"Therefore everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock. The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house; yet it did not fall, because it had its foundation on the rock. But everyone who hears these words of mine and does not put them into practice is like a foolish man who built his house on sand. The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house, and it fell with a great crash."

Anonymous said...

I am not catholic, but wow! It was very moving and I will forward it and pray that it continues to move people of faith to vote for what is right!

Red Sanders said...

Regarding the comment "Interesting attempt to manipulate Catholics through fear. Surely we are smarter than this".

Yup, that's why the bible is filled with stories of smart people that don't fear God and his guidance. They were brave, independent and defiant, all the way to to hell.

Anonymous said...

Catholics have been manuipulated through fear and guilt since the Spanish Inquisition and before. If you believe different you either were not raised Catholic, did not go to a Catholic school, or you were a lucky exception.
Everyone deserves a right to their own beliefs and my belief is that there should be a separation of church and state that this video and Sunday mass choose to cross/ignore.
"Vote your conscience"???? I don't know why anyone is surprised by this statement. If you can't see what this is (guilt) then may God help your brainwashed soul.

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