"Nothing is more dreaded than the national government meddling with religion." John Adams

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Born Alive And The Aftermath

Thanks to reader Jen for this link.

This is a 5 minute video which shows the ramifications of Barack Obama callous disregard for life and the burden of an additional doctor if a baby survives an abortion.

It is very tough to watch, but very well made.

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Joe of St. Thérèse said...

this obama character is pure evil

matthew archbold said...

What kind of country do we live in?

Francisco said...

I've seen very few examples of sheer gloating Evil such as this. Secular, naturalistic adjectives can't even begin to describe this kind of depravity. I can only approach it in supernatural terms: this is nothing short of infernal.

JCEB said...

Overheard Conversation:

woman 1: I don't think we should demonize candidates.
woman 2: I'll demonize him [Obama]!

I think that we do not have to demonize Obama. He's done the work for us already.

JCEB said...

Overheard Conversation:

woman 1: I don't think we should demonize candidates.
woman 2: I'll demonize him [Obama]!

I think that we do not have to demonize Obama. He's done the work for us already.

Lori said...

what mental gymnastics and lobotomizing of conscience do you have to accomplish to justify any of this, as a supporter of "choice"?

I think we have a new way to fight both abortion and the "sex-ed" crew in schools...

require that videos of what abortion/partial birth abortion/and born-alive babies left to die be shown to kids in school...after all, it's medical and factual, just like what they want to educate our kids with the mechanics of sex, etc., right?

Maybe if we start there, instead of laws just for women to be educated before consenting to an abortion, we'll head them off at the pass.

Soggy Bottom Momma said...

A friend sent this to me today. I've watched it several times and I cry new every time, OMG the horror. I'm talking about tears gushing down my face!

Thank you for letting me put this video on my not-for-profit website http://six-feet.com which deals with a birth defect doctors often prescribe abortion to cure.

I hope I will help spread the word, and thank YOU for also helping to tell the world that not only is abortion evil, so is Oboma .

I'm the Soggy Bottom Momma with Six Feet and Three Soggy Bottoms that i"m so glad were born - even with their birth defects!

Deusdonat said...

There is a direct correlation between abortion and the genocide that occured during WWII. Obama believes it is his duty to protect the choice of women to abort their children. The guards at the death camps believed it was their duty to protect the Fatherland. In both cases, the simplest of morality was overlooked by people believing they were doing their duty for a greater good. Psychologists who interviewed several of the leaders who ran the death camps would remark at how these men (and women) seemed like normal human beings in that they did not seem particularly "evil", hateful or even angry or passionate about their cause. At the same time, nor did hey show remorse at what they had done.

I wouldn't say Obama is pure evil, as I think that is a gross oversimplification. I think he is a willing participant in the culture of death, just as much as the actual doctors who perform the abortions or the men and women who seek them out for the sake of expediency. Until we as a society stand up and say, "NEVER AGAIN!" not only will this sad state of affairs will continue but the political aparatus will not only support it, but promote it.

Danette said...

Thanks for this video. I put a link from my blog to your so others can see the truth.

Steve said...

The video discloses an appalling reality in due light. But some posters here failed to listen to the soundtrack, which asks a compelling and human question instead of hurling final judgment. Yes, even Obama is a child of God.

Anonymous said...

How terrible it is for the earth and the sea, because the Devil has come down to you, filled with rage, knowing that his time is short!"

Revelation 12:12

Robert said...

Anyone who votes for this so called christian is voting for the ANTICHRIST,no questions asked.IF he is elected,GOD help ,this country

Jamie said...

Thank you so much for this powerful video!! I, also linked you today.

I cry each time I watch it. It is just so sad, so sad.

Anonymous said...

Also check out and pass along this video to all Christians who are planning on voting for this killer.


For Life said...

Thank goodness for people like you! Thank you to those who created this! What a society we live in, that little Rowan was SO beautiful. And they call themselves Pro-Choice. His mother begging them to call 911 and they wouldn't.

Here are a few links that explain even further the plans Obama has in mind:


Please copy and paste this into your browser, it is excellent.

Anonymous said...

My kids understand this. Why is it so hard for so many adults?

Anonymous said...

because things are simple for children. They can only scratch the surface. This "powerful" video is bs. Demonizing Obama for respecting HIS PEOOPLE'S ideas. Don't forget that he has to side with the terms of his districts decisions regardless of what he believes most of the time. So abortion is wrong, demonizing a candidate for doing his job, also wrong...

Anonymous said...

The world is evil. We are all responsible if we don't work day and night to stop this homicide.

I can't believe some Catholics are pro abortion.


Anonymous said...

The media is trying to divert your attention to Sarah Palin's clothes - it's not about the clothes, or the boots...
"The most merciful thing that a large family does to one of its infant members is to kill it." 
Margaret Sanger, Women and the New Race 
(Eugenics Publ. Co., 1920, 1923)

Planned Parenthood's founder was a fan of Adolph Hitler and the cleansing of the human race - until it was politically incorrect for her to be associated with Hitler. She deemed all kinds of people undesirable - Blacks were among the top of her list.

Ironically, Barack Obama has a special affinity for Planned Parenthood and has accepted big donations and endorsements from PP. In turn, he has helped their bottom line with his legislation in the Illinois Senate. Planned Parenthood is a multi-million dollar corporation. It's about the money and getting elected, not "parenthood."

And it's not about the boots, Catholic moms and dads, it's about Trig. I dare say Trig would have been among the 90% of Down Syndrome babies aborted if he was conceived in Barack Obama's house.

There are important issues to discuss in this election. As my 12-year old daughter said recently recalling her feelings after 9/11 - "Who cares about the economy if we're dead anyway?" National security is paramount - We need to keep our families safe in all ways, in a world which threatens them overtly, covertly, and with propaganda often put forth in our public education system.

Abortion is hurting America as a whole. Women, girls and aborted babies are suffering in silence in every town of this country. There are so many negative repercussions swept under the rug hurting our young women. Trig screams out for those who can't, or for those who don't have the courage.

That's why Obama's campaign, (the media) would have us look at Sarah's clothes, and not at her heart, and the baby she holds over it. If women questioned the worth of the life of Trig, listened to Palin about what she experienced, women might see through Planned Parenthood's propaganda and see something admirable. Instead, she is not taken seriously - marginalized with the clothes and boot nonsense.

Speak up! The silence is deafening and all around you. I don't want this kind of President with a heart of darkness looking out for my daughters' well-being.

This video demonstrates the character and judgment of this legislator.


Anonymous said...

Barack Obama has God in his side, no human being can stop him, no matter what they call them selves. Obama is the next President of the United States. Sarah Palin and her surbodinate/boss are very fake people with no agenda for the citizens of this country, how do you explain $150,000 00 wastefull spending on clothes, pure deciet. Our GOD will rule this nation through his true son Barack Obama.

Scott W. said...

But if no one can stop him, why talk about Palin's clothing purchases? It's like you are trying to convince us not to vote for McCain/Palin, which isn't necessary since it is pre-ordained. I'm willing to try this test: Everyone, including Obama supporters, vote for McCain. If Obama still becomes President, I'll believe God is on his side.

Linda, CA said...

Barack Hussein Obama = CREEP
Anyone who watches this video and can respond as several "Anonymous" commenters have on this blog, cannot be very mentally stable. Period.

CT said...

Sad video and very hard to watch; but people have to understand, not everything is black and white, there are NO CLEAR right or wrong! People are GIVEN from God the right to choose, our free will. That last story; the woman made her choice and has to live with it now. STOP BLAMING DOCTORS AND POLITICIANS FOR OUR POOR DECISION MAKING. IT IS OUR OWN FAULT FOR CHOOSING WHAT WE DO. DON'T ABORT YOUR BABY IF YOU ARE GOING TO REGRET IT. Obama is not pure evil, nor is he anywhere close he is just a politician that would like to protect those women who CHOOSE to abort their baby, he is a better candidate for the next President than McCain or Palin could ever be in their lifetime!


This is why we need sex education in schools, also why kids need to be taught about the consequences from getting pregnant.

I'm catholic and I believe in the responsibility of everyone, not just catholics to be able to make their OWN choice.

That comment about some anonymous people's mental stability is not up to you, Linda, Ca to discern. That is a low blow and just plain sad.

Anonymous said...

"That is a low blow and just plain sad," says the Catholic just ending a long, irrational diatribe on why babies who survive abortion ought to be left to die of exposure because God gave people free will.

May God have mercy on us.

Anonymous said...

If those of you calling Obama a "demon", "creep" and "pure evil" are truly god-loving catholics as you think you are, you should be going to confession. We are given free will by God, Barack Obama has every right to exercise his, as does every man and woman in this world. It is up to the women who get themselves pregnant, and them alone, to make the decision to abort their fetus or not. It is not up to Obama, not up to any doctor, and certainly not up to the catholic church. While this video was touching, these women made the decision to abort their children, whatever complications arose from that decision is THEIR OWN FAULT. Who are all of you so called Catholics that think it's up to you to decide the future of every unborn child in the world? We are all children of God, whether we live a long lifetime, or a very short one....... If you are truly Catholic, you need to have faith in God and allow people to make their own decisions.

And, all of you trying to make connections between Obama and terrorist organizations, etc. you should be ashamed of yourselves.

Pray for Obama, that's all you can do, God is on his side.........

Kate said...

God is on Obama's side, heh? Did the Almighty tell you this personally? Yeah, I'll pray for Obama that he be led to the truth that defenseless human life has no voice therefore he and we as citizens must stand up for them.
"It is up to the women who get themselves pregnant, and them alone, to make the decision to abort their fetus or not."
Don't hand me that free will argument, Anonymous from 6:15 PM. If that is truly your stance, then let's get rid of all laws, and police, the military-everyone who protects us from others' free-will. God will handle it, right? I mean after all, it is the drunk driver's decision to get behind the wheel, it is the child molester's free will that permits him/her to commit unspeakable crime-why make them accountable, why interfere? How about their innocent victims. I hope you wouldn't turn a blind eye to that.
I wouldn't let my neighbor kill her toddler or abuse her children, why would I not speak up for the helpless unborn? I am my brother's keeper afterall.

bardsmith said...

In regard to free will: God did indeed give us free will, but NOT the right to take the life of another human being. Pro-abortion advocates always talk about the mother's right to choose. The unborn baby, however, has no choice. These are the most vulnerable members of our society, and we MUST protect them.

Anonymous said...

Your hatefulness frightens me. As a Christ follower, I am against abortion. You haters will win NO ONE to Christ with these words written here. Where is your grace, compassion and love? Jesus wasn't about law, He was only about love. Maybe if you focused your energy on caring for the women who are faced with this heart-wrenching decision, they would choose life for their children.
God is still God. He knew who would be elected. The best thing we can do is PRAY for our nation and it's leaders, not spread hatred.

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