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A Milestone in Catholic Comedy!

This video was made by CMR's new official priest Father Jim Reynolds of Brooklyn who wrote:

Greetings!As you know, I am a medical mess, and I am medically disabled by poor health. I live in a Residence for Senior/Retired Priests. There is a Deacon who works here as the Coordinator of Senior Priests Services. He and I are the same age, and share a wicked sense of humor. We frequently have a lot of laughs. The mini-movie you'll find at the link below is evidence of what a medication-induced insomniac priest does during the wee hours of the night. It is a combination of model building, comedy and movie making. It was my "top secret project" for about a month as I worked on it on and off. The whole project was based on a running joke that the Deacon and I have had, concerning the older priests drag racing down the hallways on their scooters. It's all meant as a lot of good natured fun. Hope it will give you a few chuckles.
Father Jim
Patrick and I watched it about ten times last night while laughing over the phone. Great stuff, Father Jim. Thanks!

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LarryD said...

Go Speed Racer Go! Just the kind of wacky thing I needed to see before going to bed.

Carole said...

Boys are all the same. : )

Nzie said...

Haha! That was fun! I didn't know they had little plastic mitres!

matthew archbold said...

What else would little plastic priests wear?

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