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Dominicans On Display

A Photo Essay on the Dominican Nuns of Summit New Jersey from none other than Time. Beautiful.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you. That was absolutely beautiful.

It reminded me what I love most about the Catholic Church. That I don't have to worry about my own struggles with God and my own lack of faith because the faith that I have been given is the faith of the Church. And there are so many beautiful people like these sisters doing all the heavy lifting for me.

God bless them.

scripturelink said...

God bless the dominacan order!

Amy said...

Does anyone also notice that many of the Sisters are young?

Anonymous said...

It is quite a beautiful community, and I am glad to see that the word is getting out. Check out their blog for more glimpses into their life: http://monialesop.blogspot.com/
-a hopeful Dominican aspirant

Brendan said...

God Bless cloistered Dominican Sisters.

I have been discerning a vocation to the Priesthood (please pray for me) and was looking into the Dominican Friars.

One of the student brothers I talked to, who was about 22, had a hard time entering the Order because his parents disapproved. His parents would not come to his Profession of Simple Vows.

He was talking to the Prioress/Mother Superior of a cloister (sorry, I don't know what she is referred to) about his struggles. She did a 24 hour Eucharistic adoration for him, only breaking to eat or go to the bathroom.

Br. Tom Forde OFMCap said...

Beautiful, thank you. Reminds of my own journey.

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