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As you might know Matthew, my dear brother, is posting over at Faith and Family Live this week. Apparently, he has been saving up all of his good stuff for them and we get the second rate stuff here. Well, at least now I know where his loyalties are.

Honestly, I think that his latest is one of the best things he has written so please go over to Faith and Family Live and read "What I Learned in the Waiting Room"

Don't miss his other posts at F&FL either:

Wake Up Dad! and
The Longest Nine Seconds of My Life

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matthew archbold said...

Hey, I thought my "Parenting According to Monster Movies" post was pretty darn good.

David L Alexander said...

Well, Matthew, you're a celebrity in the Catholic blogosphere now. Maybe someday you'll appear in the print editions, maybe even with your picture. They'll invite you to conventions where you'll appear on panels with such luminaries as Mark Shea. And hopefully, you'll remember all the little people you trampled over as you rose to the top. We'll all look forward to seeing you again, on your way back down.

Until then, cheers. (I'm getting choked up now.)

Mau said...

I agree. It is one of the best things I've read that Matthew has written. "Parenting According to Monster Movies" ranks a close second ;-)

Janelle said...

I loved all of the articles and forwarded them to everyone I know. I am really impressed by you and I wish there were more Catholic dads like you, actually all of you. My hubby is a convert and he could use the influence :) Keep up the good work, I look forward to reading more.

j. christian said...

What range...First he writes this, then he writes "Parenting According to Monster Movies." I think he needs to be tested for performance-enhancing substances.

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