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When Bishops Attack! Or Don't

Let me start by saying that I abhor headline writers. Really, really don't like 'em.

Archbishop Naumann of Kansas City writes in the Kansas City Star ostensibly to educate non-Catholics (and probably many Catholics) why he has asked the radically pro-abortion Governor to refrain from receiving communion.

Understanding that such a move can easily be misinterpreted, he attempts to explain his role as a Bishop and why it necessitates this move.

While I realize that most readers of The Star do not share my faith in the Eucharist, I share this brief description of Catholic belief to provide the context for my request that Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius not receive Holy Communion.

As a bishop, it is my responsibility to protect the integrity of the sacraments as well as the teaching of the Church.

Many public policy issues have ethical and moral dimensions. Our Catholic faith offers us principles that guide our understanding of such important societal issues as immigration, war, health-care reform, etc.
While the principles are consistent for every Catholic, the determination of how to apply them varies.

However, there are some actions that, because they involve the destruction of innocent human life, can never be justified. A Catholic in good conscience can never support policies permitting abortion, experimentation on human embryos or euthanasia.

Catholics in public life who consistently support policies that permit these intrinsic evils not only damage themselves spiritually but also create scandal by leading others into error.

For more than 25 years, Gov. Sebelius has advocated and supported legalized abortion. She has opposed such modest protections as parental notification for minors, waiting periods, informed consent and improved regulation of abortion clinics.

In the hope to awaken her to the grave spiritual consequences of her own actions and in an effort to prevent her from leading others into error, it was my responsibility to request that the governor refrain from receiving the Eucharist.
So he explains himself faithfully and honestly. He in no way misrepresents or embellishes the Governor's pro-abortion record. He simply presents the facts. For this, the criminally inane headline writer (and the editors) headlines this letter "Archbishop Naumann attacks Sebelius over abortion"

Attacks. Absurd, truly absurd. Sebelius is very pro-choice —fact. The Church says you cannot be in communion (Catholic) if you support abortion — fact. An Archbishop's job is to uphold the teaching of the Church — fact. To say the truth these days is to attack.

So be it. I wish more Bishops would attack in the same way. I suppose if truth is considered an attack these days, headline writers and editors should be safe from the accusation.

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eutychus said...

"I wish more Bishops would attack in the same way. I suppose if truth is considered an attack these days, headline writers and editors should be safe from the accusation."

Well said. I really can't add anything to that but an "amen."

Rick said...

1. I've heard that bishops outside Pelosi's diocese cannot exclude her from communion because she is not under their jurisdiction. It makes no sense to me how one shepherd would deem her unworthy of the sacrament, while another can condone her actions and allow her to receive it. Perhaps you and your readers can comment more about the jurisdiction excuse.

2. Another said that if the Pope did not publicly exclude her from the sacrament, then their bishop is simply following the Pope's lead. I think that is lame because the Pope does not micromanage these matters. But just to say that I have read that argument and I think it is another cop out. The Pope in my opinion is letting the various local ordinaries to do their jobs where ever the politicians cause scandal and confusion.

Anonymous said...

Is there any measure by which sebelius, pelosi, biden are NOT apostates? Why are so many so reluctant to say that out loud? Do they fear a new persecution? Don't we have that already?

Rick said...

There could be persecution, Anonymous 1:05. I have been warned about my efforts saying that these pro-abortion elements within the Church are still human. Someone said that if you put a roman collar on a criminal, you simply get a criminal with a roman collar. So, while I fear for my safety and that of my children, I cannot stand idly by and not oppose all the violence done to the unborn. I must support the bishops.

matthew archbold said...

"Let me start by saying that I abhor headline writers." -Pat

Uh Pat, aren't you the official headline writer for CMR? Could be a case of self loathing.

Scott W. said...

Attacks. Absurd, truly absurd. Sebelius is very pro-choice —fact.

Unfortunately, the latest obfuscation strategy favorable to killing the innocent has been the "anti-criminalization" rabbit trail. That someone can be fervently against abortion but for keeping it legal. Never mind that Evangelium Vitae explictly denies this. Never mind that it offends common sense when applied to anything other than abortion ("I'm opposed to lynching blacks, but we should not criminalize it and give people choice").

Mike in CT said...

Patrick, didn't you guys recently post about the reversal of perpetrator vs. victim in headlines? Seems pretty consistent to me.

Fr. Stephen, C.S.C. said...

This is what Bishop Jenky of Peoria meant when he said that the Church can no longer expect to get fair treatment in the media . . . or even in the courts!

Matthew Siekierski said...

The only issue I have is that the Archbishop didn't mention the risk to Sebelius' soul if she unworthily receives the Body of Christ. This isn't just for the scandal caused, it isn't just to convince her she's wrong about abortion...it's necessary to hopefully save her soul.

Matthew Siekierski said...

Egad! The people in the comments section at the Star. They...they...

Ugh. I can't say something nice, so I'll just say nothing. Other than I felt IQ points dropping out of my skull as I read.

Rick said...

With Vatican statement ( http://www.lifenews.com/int1121.html ) , the other archdioceses must follow suit & align themselves accordingly to control scandal effectively & convince the perps that their actions are evil.

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