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CMR at the Movies: "Up" Review

I'll keep this short. I've got one sentence for you. "Up" might be the best Pixar movie ever.

Pixar's the people who brought you Monsters Inc., Toy Story, The Incredibles, Wall-E, and Ratatouille. And this movie, for me, was the best of them.

This is a beautiful film. Yeah, it's billed as a comedy adventure kind of thing and about an unwilling friendship between a 78-year-old grumpy old man and a child. It's hilarious at times. But it's also incredibly touching.

Sure, it's a cartoon. But make no mistake about it, it's art. And it's honestly one of the best movies I've seen in years. Not to wax poetic here but it's about loving and letting go. And living when you didn't think you had anything to live for. It's about dreams and the turns life takes.

It's about how life (even in the little boring moments) is an adventure and I was sitting in the movie knowing that as much as my kids loved it, I know I loved it more.

Go see UP.

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Brendan said...

Did you see the 3D version?

eutychus said...

Thanks for the intel. We were just debating on whether to go see this one. We were gonna split up and I was going to take the oldest (14)and see Star Trek, while my wife and the youngest (9) go see "Up". guess they're gonna have to wait so we can all see "Up" together.

matthew archbold said...

No. I didn't even know it was in 3-D to be honest until we got there. I would've had to wait an hour and I wasn't about to attempt that.
But I'd imagine it's amazing.

RAY R said...

GREAT MOVIE!!! Very touching at the start, very funny in the middle, very inspirational at the end!!!! I saw it yesterday and urge everyone to go see too!!!

Elizabeth said...

Can't wait to see it...I love Pixar...and ALL their movies, especially The Incredibles...oh, all of them, really. Gotta LOVE that John Lassiter will simply NOT let a sub-perfect project out of the starting gate!

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