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CMR Endorses LarryD

I was just perusing around the Catholic blogosphere and saw that CMR was locked in a battle with Larry D's "Acts of the Apostasy" for "Most Hi-freakin-larious" blog in the Cannonball Awards.

Currently, CMR is slightly ahead of Larry D but we want to endorse Acts of the Apostasy. So please go to The Crescat and vote for Acts of the Apostasy.

If that's not enough to make you do it, then just please throw him a pity vote because we just heard from Larry's doctor and he doesn't have long to live. (That's made up) And it's amazing how funny Larry actually is when you realize how low his IQ is. I mean, it's amazing he knows how to turn the computer on at all. (That's only a little exaggeration) and Larry D is a terribly lonely man with very little in his life except writing his blog. (I think that's actually true)

So please go vote for Acts of the Apostasy today while LarryD is still alive to enjoy it. I think voting closes tomorrow so please go today. Click here.

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David L Alexander said...

Hey, didn't Kat win several of the categories in her own awards show last year?

I shoulda thought of that.

LarryD said...

Thank yu for the endoorsmeant. I are very greatfull.

ps: my spelcheckur is braked, and my editorr (my yunger sun) are not hom from skool yet.

Red Cardigan said...

Would you believe I hadn't even seen this yet when I wrote up my endorsement on my blog earlier? :)

Larry's gonna win this thing.

WhollyRoamin'Catholic said...


Anonymous said...

The Cannonball link didn't work...

Tito Edwards said...


That's the joke.

The polls are closed.


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