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Chicago's Holy Name Cathedral, c. 1926

CMR readers who know Chicago's Holy Name Cathedral might be interested in this historic photo from the Mass held there for the famous 1926 International Eucharistic Congress (click image for larger view).

The extraordinary decorations include not only the banners, the draped fabrics and swags of flowers, but also the turning of the front rows of pews in choir arrangement. The photo also shows many of the features of the cathedral before its renovation in 1969, including the stone pulpitm, the high altar and some of the murals. Holy Name as it exists today is shown below.

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Anonymous said...

wow.. it's hard to believe what they did to that place in the renovation. I heard that they simply threw away the stained glass windows. Does anyone know where they went?

LTRBTB said...

renovation? you mean wreckovation.

there's a special place in purgatory (or worse) for the idiots who desacrated our churches in the second half of the 20th century.

i can't wait until the horrible post-Conciliar generation has all gone to their eternal reward--whatever that may be.

it's time to be authentically catholic again.

eulogos said...

I still see some stained glass...and confessionals! All the confessionals in my diocese have been eliminated or turned into storage closets. Really, it still looks like a church. It could be much, much, worse.

Anonymous said...

I think I am going to be sick. Kit

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