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Perez Hilton or Neda?

I don't know. Is it all of us. Our elites? Our media? Our leaders? All I'm sure about is that there's something very wrong with our country. All I know is that America today is a Perez Hilton world. And we're just living in it.

Taking off on a point made by AllahPundit, I really thought to myself about what is going on in Iran right now and the bravery and tragedy of epic proportion of what's going on right now over there.

Yet, right now there are over 4,000 news pieces on Perez Hilton who got into a slap-up with Will.I.am (?) of the band The Black Eyed Peas.

There have been about half the number of stories on a young Iranian woman named Neda. If you don't know who she is, you're not alone. Neda (pictured above) was an innocent young woman in Iran who was shot to death while at a protest with her father. There's video of her death which I'm not going to link to but can be found if you want to. It's important because she was a young innocent gunned down. It's important because we see her father try vainly to stop the bleeding. It's important because many believe her death may become a rallying cry in Iran.

And now, according to some news sources, the Iranian government is denying Neda a proper burial in an effort to quell protests. And the government is saying that any protests will be met harshly.

Make no mistake, the world is on fire and we're talking about Perez Hilton. Hey. The fact that Perez Hilton is even famous says something terrible and small about our entire country. We are guilty of being unserious in a very serious time.

And this country also has the misfortune of being so utterly serious about its silliness. Billion dollar industries are born from gossip and innuendo and celebrity watchers. We are utterly humorless about our politically correct insanities. Imus? Remember that epically proportioned non story? A Governor was almost killed trying to race back for a photo-op with a shock jock and a basketball coach.

Even our election choices were based not so much on serious issues but on who did it feel good to vote for. The American people clearly told our leaders that experience doesn't matter in both the Democratic primary and the general election. We wanted to feel good about ourselves and that's what mattered to many of us.

Profoundly unserious.

My heart breaks for Neda and her family and all those standing up against the regime in Iran because I instinctively side with those yearning for freedom. But even as a self preservation thing, what happens in Iran could play a large role in our lives here in America. Let's not forget that the current regime is working quite diligently towards becoming a nuclear power. And remaining silly in the nuclear age isn't something we can afford, I fear, for too much longer.

For America, it's Neda or Perez Hilton. I fear the choice has already been made.

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Anonymous said...

You are correct - we are going to pay dearly for having elected a community organizer President...


Karen said...

Wow, powerful post. You are so right on here. Thank you for posting your thoughts in a truthful and open manner.

Maurisa said...

Great post.

aussie sportsfan said...

typical Christian/Republican propoganda.
If you ever cared to do your research before you type, it's 2-1 in favour of Neda stories.

Mouse said...


Dude. What's your deal? The article didn't mention once religion or political parties. Also, your post was written almost 12 hours afte the original article. Matt did use the phrase "at this time." So, maybe twelve hours later, when you posted, the number had changed. Jeez. Back off.

LarryD said...

ASF - typical liberal response.

Great post, Matthew.

Anonymous said...

Can you refresh my memory about who Imus was? Thanks.

matthew archbold said...

According to Google News, right now as of 9:20 this morning there are still more stories from the MSM about Perez Hilton than Neda.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
carina said...

just a correction, Matthew. The guy with her was her music teacher, not her father.

A lot of people today think that when bad things happen, it means that God has turned His back on us. But Bishop Fulton Sheen once wrote that it is man who has turned his back on God. And we are now paying the price.

Lishi said...

Thank you, I've been feeling the same way for the past week. Most of the people I talk to STILL have no idea anything out of the ordinary is even going on in Iran... it's amazing how much we keep ourselves ignorant of the world in this country, and how much we obsess over stupid things/people like Perez Hilton.

May Neda rest in peace :(

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