"Nothing is more dreaded than the national government meddling with religion." John Adams

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Name that Scandal!

The mainstream media typically does the honors of naming our large national scandals and even our celebrity couplings like "Bennifer." But as the mainstream media has sat this most recent scandal out, CMR is asking for your help on pinning the nomenclature on the latest Acorn scandal.

Some of these I've seen elsewhere. Some were just mentioned to me by others:

A) Pimpaquiddick?
B) Nutcracker. Sweet!
C) Tailhook 2
D) Pimpgate
E) The Day the MSM Died
F) The Nut Case

So while some of these have merit I'm actually pretty unhappy with these suggestions so I'm asking you to put any suggestions in the combox. And CMR will pick the winner. If I think of anything I'll throw it in the combox as well. Remember, the nomenclature of a scandal may just depend on you.

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David L Alexander said...

A or D.

LarryD said...

"Ho and Change"

Mike in CT said...

Less of a title and more like a slogan:

Even a fake pimp can defund a nut once in a while.

Mick said...

I think AcornGate works. Not humorous, but it get the job done.

It occured to me that if they post a tape from a visit to the Chicago office and enter into a discussion about their former lawyer, this could be like the Biggest. Thing. Ever.

matthew archbold said...

I knew I could count on you for something new.

Anonymous said...

"Acorn uprooted"

From here:
"ACORN Falls From The Tree"

I tried and failed to base something on John 12:24 and 1 Corr 15:36.


Michael said...

I think it's a combo of LarryD's and Mike in CT:

"Ho & Change:
Even a fake pimp can defund a nut once in a while."

T-shirt, anyone?

Anonymous said...

Something Chris Rock might say, i.e., semi-vulgar:

T&Acorn Scandal


Jay Anderson said...

Maybe it's just me, but I hate adding "gate" to the end of words to signify a scandal.

Sarah said...

One vote for T&Acorn Scandal or the Pimpgate.


Carol said...

Agreed Jay Anderson...
Here are mine:

ruthannie said...

It's sadly scandalous. We must pray for them, that they finally see and understand the terrible error they make. It is possible to change. Not so very long ago I was one of those personally opposed to abortion, but thinking that every woman had her own right to choose. My mind was suddenly and dramatically changed when I was reading Luke 1:39-45. The description of the infant John leaping within the womb at coming near to the infant Christ became so vividly clear in my imagination. That was it- no more trying to jigger together politically correct opinions (that I knew in my heart were wrong) with my re-ignited faith and return to the Church. I believe I have the Holy Spirit to thank for this. So I pray that the Catholics and other Christians in Congress have their own moments of clarity.

ruthannie said...

(Stupid computer remembered an old post!)

I meant to say:


Anonymous said...

Sorry, it's Friday. Some more:

ACORN Husking Scandal.

ACORN Popping Scandal


Nzie (theRosyGardener) said...


Eric said...


Sanchez said...

Roll in the hay-corn?

Maurisa said...

Acorn Squash

Acorn X-posed

I do have to say I really like T&Acorn Scandal.

Rick said...

Acorn, the Ho in Hope

Rocket Scientist said...

Post a list and let us vote! Very funny suggestions!

D.J. Lower / KKairos said...

Nuts exposed.

Diane said...

Jimmy Cracked Acorn (and THEY don't care)

elm said...

I learned my lesson and started putting a nutcracker in my purse when I am attending townhall meetings.

Mouse said...

the O'Keefe gambit
Pimp 'n' Saved
Of Nuts and Men

Blame it on the sleep deprivation.

Susan said...


Jim said...

I don't understand the outrage over this incident. Two unhappy low level employees were set up by some devious people. I would not go to ACORN to ask advice about a problem like one presented by the two actors. This was not an abortion clinic asking a girl to lie about her underage pregnancy with an adult. ACORN registers people to vote. Caught lying about someone that isn't qualified to vote? Yes, that would be bad. But this seems to be way out in left field.

LarryD said...

Susan's is great - "Aporn".

eponymous said...

"Children of the A Corn"

Sarah said...

Jim hasn't been doing his reading!

Good one Susan!

Anonymous said...

APorn is the best
although T&Acorn is good
how abot T&Acorncracked?

Anonymous said...

I like nuts exposed

Nzie (theRosyGardener) said...

Apparently Jon Stewart did a segment on where exactly the media was in this story titled "Acorn: The Audacity of Hos."

Anonymous said...

"And CMR will pick the winner."

So, CMR, who's the winner?

matthew archbold said...

I'm thinking T&Acorn is the winner.

I must say APorn is a close second.

Thanks for playing.

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