"Nothing is more dreaded than the national government meddling with religion." John Adams

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Jesus Gets Arrested...Again

You've got to wonder when this officer was arresting Jesus' picture, did he have a moment where he questioned what he was doing? I'm thinking if I were putting Jesus in the back seat of my cruiser and running his priors I'd take a moment to reflect on my actions. But that's just me.

But this situation in Rockford doesn't seem to be getting better. I think the video did a nice job of making it a tale of two pictures. The obscene Jesus, I guess, is seen as ok but the respectful painting is arrested. Prayers needed. As always.

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Rick said...

Why? IMHO, the abortuary pays lots of taxes that cover the cops' salaries. They have outspoken lawyers who at the slightest legal violation or appearance will call to task the police force. The pro-lifers do not have ruthless sharks advancing their cause. I don't think it reflects the degradation of morals of the community. Rather it attests to the sordid fact that money talks. Hopefully, there will be some retired or idle lawyers who can do some pro bono work of behalf of the pro-lifers. Then the cops will have to work for them as well. The compensation of anyone who works for the Lord or defends His innocent children will literally be out of this world.

Matthew Siekierski said...

The disgusting picture of Jesus issuing an obscene gesture is enough without needing the juxtaposition with the prayerful Jesus. The draconian enforcement of protesters holding/"tending" to their placards/posters (4 feet away) is at a ridiculous dichotomy with their non-enforcement of obscene imagery laws.

But I worry that the movement harms itself by calling this an "arrest" instead of an impounding of property. The image wasn't arrested. And the pro-abortion side will focus on that, as a way of distracting focus from everything else.

Ma Tucker said...

The powers have chosen to let Barabas, a liar and a murderer off scot free, it is Jesus who is condemned everytime by the powers of this world. They always choose Barabas and condemn Our Lord.

Patty in CT said...

I know this may be hard to swallow for many, but we must become lambs if we are to win this war.
My Diocese right now is doing 40 Days for Life, and we have to sign a contract that regulates our behavior. I've seen elderly people come with their walkers to pray, and when tired from standing for the hour or two they're there, refuse to sit down because the only place outside the abortion mill to rest is on the benches owned by the same Planned Parenthood. We must be "perfect, as our Heavenly Father is perfect" if we are going to receive his blessing. And that means that when he comes in the name of authority and asks us to hold our signs and pictures instead of leaning them on public property, we must not in the least way be disobedient, but hold Jesus in our arms. After all, isn't that what we're called to do?
I know this wasn't the main point of the video, and I agree that the flippant Jesus should be taken down, but it's prayer, humility, and obedience that keep us on the right side of this war, this battle for life. And that man was asked twice to hold his picture, in humiility, he should have obeyed.

SAHMinIL said...

There's so much more to this clinic, I know there have been other posting here about it. The priest in this video is the same priest in previous one, he also happens to be my parish priest.

There was a previous picture. One that had Christ flippin the bird with one hand and that picture was removed.

This picture with both hands is a replacement picture. Also Father has told me how the owner has come out dressed as the devil and proceeds to "bless" the priests that are there to pray. Father told me that about 2 week ago.

That is also when I learned that the new offensive picture was put up. So that picture the one with Christ given the bird with both hands has been there at least 2 weeks.

geronimo said...

Patty in Ct -

with all due respect, we are not required to obey unlawful orders from the American Gestapo.

Patty in CT said...

I know public ordinances can be a nuisance and perceived an offense against "free speech". But asking someone to hold a sign is not an affront, nor should it be taken as such. We are to hold all signs that we have too, and not leave them on public property. We obey and the cops leave us alone. But if they asked us to follow a written law, and we refused (even though they had a perfectly reasonable alternative) then who would be in the wrong?

That's freaky, I will pray for this group in a combined efforts with our Diocesan 40 Days.

geronimo said...

Patty in Ct -

That's the problem - they don't ask you to follow a written law - they make up a law on the spot - whatever they can come up with to harass pro-lifers. If they asked you to shine their shoes would you assume that is a written law and that you must do it?

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