"Nothing is more dreaded than the national government meddling with religion." John Adams

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Abortion Doc: Am I Killing? Yes I Am!

Most disturbing vid of the day. Ordained minister/late term abortionist/admitted killer. But mind you, he's doing it for the children.

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Geoffrey Miller said...

Well, at least he has the courtesy to make his colours known on the battlefield. An enemy who is dishonest about being an enemy, who instead make-believes he is a friend, is a most annoying sort of foe.

On the other hand, there is something manly and darkly admirable about a man who does evil, and knows and proclaims evil as evil. But lest I accidentally pay Lucifer a compliment here, I should clarify that although a wicked man who is aware of his wickedness may deserve praise for his mental clarity, he is all the more to be condemned because of his spiritual stupidity; whereas others run blindly off a cliff, he runs off it full-sighted.

It takes genuine talent and years of training to attain such levels of glorious idiocy.

Anonymous said...

What's the surprise in the Doctor's the anchorwoman mentioned? She sounded almost upbeat about it.

Rachel B said...

I think the surprise is that he's an ordained baptist minister. Though it could be the fact that he admits that he's a killer. Not sure, actually.

Craig said...

Typical how the news report fails to let him explain why he does what he does and what the legal/medical requirements are for late-term abortions.

Early Riser said...

Rachel - that's what I got from it as well (that he's a Baptist minister). The way he stutters and jitters makes me feel he is not a very stable individual, mentally or otherwise.

Emily said...

I don't know how mentally stable someone could be if they know that they're killing babies for a living, especially in such a brutal way as abortion.

Anonymous said...

Does any one else notice that many of these abortionists such as Tiller and this guy claim to be very religious?

Oftentimes they accuse pro-lifers of being blinded by our religious zeal. Yet our position isn't religious. Its a matter of strict logic and reason. Of course the Christian religion forces us to take into account the eternal consequences of not opposing the evil of abortion.

For these abortionists however, they are often "religious" because their blind faith in liberal Protestantism shields them from the utter irrationality and evil of their acts.

Matthew A. Siekierski said...

Enlighten me, Craig. What legal/medical requirements exist for late-term abortions? Why can the child not be delivered and treated like the human person he or she is, instead of killed?

Bear in mind that one of my daughters was born at 26 weeks gestation...younger than the children killed by late-term abortions. I know what she went through. I know what the odds were for her. They were slim, but better than not being delivered would have been, and infinitely better than having scissors stuck in the back of her skull.

Anonymous said...

He said he sees lots of 9 and 10 year old girls. IS ANYONE INVESTIGATING THE FATHERS? Instead of aborting the babies, which covers up the father's crimes, they should find out who's raping little girls!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a pathetic excuse for a news report.

Rick said...

Doing it for the children is the most typical and unselfish reason that I have heard myself. The fallacy is it is better for the child not to be born than for him to end up in a life of drugs, violence, crime and then jail.

hal said...

Your whole cowardly 'news' organization is such a help to Planned Parenthood's big money drive to brain wash the American Catholic Public in believing, against all reason - and Catholic teaching, that Abortion is not murder but only "Killing", Killing: you know, like what they do to chickens when one is needing to feed ones little children? Are you taking money from Planned Barrenhood to get as many innocent unbaptized babies murdered as possible? You are evil and disgusting people! Thanks for nothing - you do much more harm than good in this universe and you comfortable people know it - we who have given our all for the Pro-life movement are not so comfortable as you, not nearly, but we sleep at night - something you all will not longer ever be able to do - ask me how I know that!

> Abortion Doc: Am I Killing? Yes I Am!

Anonymous said...

It is tragic that this abortionist admits killing. It makes him so much more culpable for his actions in eternity. But I have to agree with the first commenter, Mr. Miller... at least he is a wolf in wolves' clothing. I believe it is possible that a wolf in sheep's clothing can be more deceptive. Perhaps this man's 'honesty' (for lack of a better word) will cause some of the fence-riders to move over to the side of life. We can hope.

lome said...

That is what all the damned say in hell.
They know very well the degree of their trasgressions against the Judge of us all.
Bl. J.Menendez
Tiller probably didn't have a chance to repent before being shot!Wondering How many more years this guy have before he meets his maker?

The legacy of those who do this things is cursed
up to the seventh generations.
God is not mocked!

Anonymous said...

Interesting how he "prays" - that the spirit of this pregnancy goes back to God?

An obvious sign of the insanity of this man, or maybe he just needs the money...under the guise of helping poor little girls.



Anonymous said...

The man knows he is killing. He even knows the baby has a spirit and prays it goes to heaven. The bible says, 'though shall not kill'. How can he justify himself?

Anonymous said...

If he is an ordained Baptist Minister,I would have thought that the theology at the seminary where he study would have pointed out the Ten Commandments and there is one as far as I know that has not been changed "Thou shall not kill dosen`t define by age,sex or any other restriction.

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