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Gollum as Screwtape

We referred to this on The Reader but it's definitely worth the main site. Andy Serkis who played Gollum is taking on Screwtape. I gotta' admit. He kind of freaks me out. Check it out.

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Maurisa said...

Screwtape is supposed to freak you out! I think Serkis is a perfect pick for this role. I can't wait to get it, although I don't think my little ones will be listening to it.

John Hetman said...

Great piece. Thanks for posting it. Reminds me that it is time for me to re-read C.S. Lewis'
"The Screwtape Letters".

Sarah - Kala said...

Bloody brilliant!

Baron Korf said...

Rock On!

Amy said...

I just re-read Screwtape recently, and I wish I'd seen this first! To have had his voice in my head while reading it would have changed the tone for me completely. WAY creepier than I came up with on my own!

Niall Mor said...

Hmm, I dunno. I'm gonna be just a little bit contrarian. At least in this clip, Serkis seems to be playing up the growling, snarling, "big bad wolf" aspect of Screwtape, which is not exactly how I pictured him. To me, the thing that always made Screwtape so creepy (and I think Lewis thought along similar lines, if you read his introduction) was his restraint. Outwardly, Screwtape was calm, reasonable, mild-mannered, almost bored. He'd never dream of shouting at someone. Oh yeah, the viciousness, the unfathomable hatred of all things were there, they were just covered up with this veneer of civility. It's only at the very end, when Wormwood has irrevocably lost "the patient" to "The Enemy" (Christ), that Screwtape's mask comes off and we see the demon and the depths of hell for what they really are.

Having said that, however, I'd still like to hear the whole thing some time.

Emilio III said...

I like the old version read by John Clease, but will probably "have" to get this one as well.

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