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Pro-Choicers Call Tebow's Mother A Liar

OK. We've all had it happen. We're talking with a woman who all of a sudden does what we fear most and reaches into the depth of her pocketbook and whips out the pictures of her pride and joy. And she's gonna' tell you all about little Mr. Wonderful. You just know the next few minutes of your life will be spent oohing and aahing and forcing the edges of your mouth to reach your ears.

Well, you could do that which is what pretty much every human on the face of the earth does OR you could completely freak out and contact some high price attorney to pen some litigious threats or a cease and desist order to force the proud Mom to shut the Mom up. I know what you're thinking. You're thinking you'd never be so sick and demented as that. Well that's why you're not the President of the Center for Reproductive Rights.

Seriously, the President of CRR is losing it because Tim Tebow's mom wants to tell the world she chose life and her son turned out to be...awesome squared.

That's all. She's not pushing a law. She's not forcing anyone to do anything. She just wants to tell the world that she chose life and her son turned out to be a Heisman/National Championship factory with 4.40 speed.

The CRR tried to first say the ad, which they haven't even seen yet, is too controversial. Yeah, a mom saying that you should love your unborn baby even though your kid probably won't break every record in NCAA football history because her kid already did that but your kid might be pretty cool anyway is soooooo controversial.

But that didn't work. So now the CRR folks have taken to calling Tim Tebow's mom a lyin' you know what. I'm serious.

In possibly the lowest move by pro-choicers (at least in the last few hours), Nancy Northup, President Center for Reproductive Rights, is attempting to silence Florida QB Tim Tebow by accusing his mother of lying about the circumstances surrounding his birth.

In a letter to CBS, which is airing the Superbowl, Northup wrote:

We are writing to request that CBS reconsider its decision to air an advertisement by the anti-choice group Focus on the Family, featuring Pam and Timothy Tebow during Super Bowl XLIV...

We believe it is essential that you determine whether the proposed Tebow advertisement meets CBS's own standards with regard to accuracy and advocacy...

Past media coverage of the Tebows suggests that the ad may present a misleading picture of the reality of abortion in the Philippines. In 2007, the Gainsville Sun reported that Pam Tebow was living and working as a missionary in the Philippines in 1987 when she was pregnant with her son Tim. According to the Sun story, doctors encouraged Mrs. Tebow to terminate her pregnancy because she had suffered a medical condition that endangered her health and the pregnancy...

Because of these draconian and discriminatory laws and practices, women with life- threatening pregnancies have had no choice but to risk their lives, either by continuing their high-risk pregnancies or seeking unsafe abortions. In 2008 alone, at least 1000 women died, and 90,000 more suffered complications, as a result of the Philippines' criminal abortion ban.

Given this context, it raises questions about whether physicians in the Philippines would have urged a married pregnant woman to illegally terminate her pregnancy in 1987...

There is still time before February 7 to reconsider your action and we urge you to do so.
Let's get this straight. The Center for Reproductive Rights is calling Tim Tebow's mother a liar because she's saying that an abortion was recommended to her in a country where abortion is illegal.

Are these people so insane that they can't believe a woman turned down an abortion? I know. I know. With all the fringe benefits of abortion including a lifetime of guilt, depression, higher risk of suicide, increased chance of infertility and cancer who could say no to an abortion, right?

And CRR's logic falls apart in that aren't they the same ones who say if you make abortion illegal, the same number of abortions would still occur but they'll be performed illegally and dangerously? In one of their own documents they say, "The Court's decision in Roe v. Wade all but ended the back-alley and self-induced abortions that once killed hundreds if not thousands of women each year."

But wait?! Abortion was illegal in this country before that, right? So how did all those women die? So, I guess, abortions still take place even when it's illegal, huh? I mean, did they not see Vera Drake?

I can't wait for these folks to really start freaking out as the Super Bowl approaches. I wish they'd make them the halftime show.

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Anonymous said...

Abortion in the Philippines is illegal/criminal but there are exceptions to the law - like in the case where the life of the mother is in danger, which I believe is the case with Tim Tebow's mom. And even if that weren't the case, she could always fly to the U.S. and have her abortion there if she decides to.

CPR's claim is baseless (they lie).

Gabriel M.L. Torre, Philippines

Al said...

If these groups were truly pro-choice, they would be applauding women like Mrs. Tebow & Sarah Palin for choosing to have their children. Their reaction shows that they are really pro-abortion as the only option.

Anonymous said...

What they have is only speculation. Yes, it's illegal in the Philippines, but it only takes one rogue physician to suggest an abortion.

Also, I hope someone can explain what is a safe abortion, because as far as I know, every time abortion is committed, at least one life dies.

And it's alive because it sure doesn't look like it's dead.

√Čamonn said...

A tiny quibble: The Center for Reproductive Rights should be CRR rather than CPR shouldn't it? CPR is a very good procedure for cardiac arrest!

Dawn said...

I just emailed the CPR. None of them are willing to air an ad showing the reality of abortion. They are unwilling to tell the truth about the very thing they support. Cowards, they are. Mrs. Northup should create an ad where she stands in an abortion clinic, collects the money, views the ultrasound and then destroys the "tissue", sending the woman on her merry and happy way. I dare her to show the reality of abortion and confirm her support of it.

matthew archbold said...

Eamonn, I'm an idiot. CRR it is. And I fixed it in the post. Thanks for the heads up.

Brian Walden said...

I can never fathom why a group who extends the concept of freedom (well technically license) to killing one's own children has such a problem with letting people speak their minds freely.

Jessie said...

"I wish they'd make them the halftime show."

Thanks for the laugh!

Anonymous said...

Guess they stopped air travel to the states during this period of time....

Anonymous said...

This is what I have found so amazingly bizar since childhood. Here are women that can do almost everything a man can, but what sets them a part from men? Giving birth. Doesn't it seem like the logical step for womens rights to be passing laws that protect the ability and encourage the success of that unique trait rather than destroying the very thing that sets them apart? That is how I know that it is evil. When the reasonable is twisted to the point of being profane. The enemy always twists things, it is his MO. It seems the more something seems confusing the more his fingerprints are on it.

Craig said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Christy said...

Hey anon - she (Pam) was in a coma from dysentery - I don't think comatose pregnant women with a deadly form of dysentery should fly.

WillyJ said...

Two things: 1) If all ads were disallowed based on mere suspicions of lying, then there would be absolutely no ads at all; 2) CBS policy is for CBS to make, interpret and develop as CBS sees fit. Of course anyone outside CBS can try to influence that policy, but you can't assert a right to interpret it for them.

Craig said...

Please tell me why my post was deleted, Mr. Archbold.

Patrick Archbold said...

Excessive obnoxiousness.

Anonymous said...

I vote for a showdown between the Center for Reproductive Rights and the First Amendment Center during half-time! The right to persuade, after all, is actually in the Constitution. How we get from due process to abortion? You tell me.

Craig said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Craig said...

I was just pointing out that it is a little hard to believe that doctors would recommend an abortion to a Catholic missionary in an 80% Catholic country where abortion for any reason whatsoever, including the life of the mother, has been criminalized for over a century.

I also strongly agree that it is fruitless to question Pam Tebow's credibility. She suffered through a horrendously difficult pregnancy, regardless of her assertions of what transpired.

Mike in CT said...

Hey Craig,

My mom, a practicing Catholic, was encouraged by nursing staff at a Catholic hospital here in CT in 1979 to abort her baby just because she was 39, diabetic and therefore there was merely the POSSIBILITY that her baby might have DS or other health concerns. Thank God, she said no, and I was born perfectly healthy!

So no, it's not a little hard to believe!

Jonathan said...

If you are expecting CRR to be logical, you'll be waiting for a long time.

Anonymous said...

My My, What are the Pro abortionists afraid of. The truth that abortion kills one innocent baby is true. Is it only okay for the pro abortionist to get their message out?. How very sad this country has become to have organizations and others making money off of babies. Think about that. I admire CBS for playing this ad. Also think, all of the players in the super bowl had pro life mothers.

Dogbert said...

Craig, you still don't have your facts straight. For one, Mrs. Tebow was not a Catholic missionary. My understanding is that she is evangelical. A country that is 80% Catholic, and that actually _exports_ priests to other countries, hardly needs foreign Catholic missionaries to work on its soil. Two, as an earlier post indicated, contrary to your claim, abortion is NOT criminalized in the Philippines for any reason whatsoever, including a threat to the life of the mother. Indeed, threat to the mother's life is one of the few cases when abortion there is legal, and presumibly that is the condition that prevailed when Mrs. Tebow received the recommendation to abort.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Christy,

I believe you were referring to my post. I didn't know the whole story about Pam - sorry about the flying thing. But I was just saying that IF she was advised to have that abortion by her doctor for life threatening conditions, she could have it legally. That she did not takes a lot of courage and by choices that was the better choice!

I was just saying it to point out that CRR (I got into that CPR mistake too) was lying. And "pro-choice" is a lie too - otherwise they'd be celebrating Pam's choice. Pro-choice is simply pro-abortion.


Rick said...

I am not privy to the medical facts of Pam's case. However, in Catholic moral theology there is the doctrine of double-effect where the killing of the fetus is tolerated. That is different from allowing abortion because the termination was only a side-effect and was not the main goal. If there was cancer in the uterus and it has to be removed to save the mother, then by double-effect, it is moral to proceed with the removal even if the fetus dies in the process. There was no active abortion for the health of the mother - a subtle distinction but essential because abortion is always immoral.

Anonymous said...

Rick, I just wanted to clarify something in your post for other readers. When you say "it has to be removed," you mean the cancer, and not the unborn child. Removing the child would always be an abortion. Also, you say this, but "the killing of the fetus" is never tolerated because no "killing" should happen in the active sense. Death is sometimes tolerated as a side effect of the morally neutral medical treatment.

(Sometimes people refer to abortion as "removing the fetus," so I just wanted to clarify those points.)

Rick said...

anon@655: exactly. I'm glad you clarified

Steve said...

Here's what blows my mind. The pro-aborts claim that if abortion were criminalized, millions of women would die from illegal back alley abortions.

But in a place where it is legal, they are incrediulous that somebody could even suggest abortion?

justin said...

You Christians are all liars and exaggerators. Pro-Choice means Pro-Choice. Women want there right. Tebow's Mommy is saying women should not have the choice. This is not a free speech issue. If there was free speech on TV you Christian liars would be up in arms about swearing and nudity on TV. You know you are lying by calling for free speech. It is exactly what you don't want.
If you are being propped up by 2.5 million dollars I want to know if a story is true. If this were George Clooney talking about the environment all you liars would being trying to do the same thing. The evidence is currently pointing out that she is a liar. Maybe you can help me out here. Is lying in the bible punishable by death. "A false witness shall not be unpunished, and he that speaketh lies shall perish." Does that go for you exaggerators too or do you modern Christians get to pick and choose what you believe? I have always wondered what would happen when God see you picking and choosing based on only what your pastor thinks is important.
Plus your Jesus was not smart enough to even know what abortions or stem cells where. That's called science. You know the place you run to when God can't figure out how to treat your life threatening disease. Stop pushing you archaic idea onto everyone else. It is not my religion and it shouldn't be near the god damn super bowl. Plus all your kids turn out to be pregnant drug addicts anyway. Hopefully Tebow's Mom can keep him of the gay prostitute meth track of Christian life.

justin said...

Sorry - I meant Tebow will be found with a gay prostitute and meth. Your views are outdated and have been manipulated by your leaders to help keep you sheep in line with whatever they want to do. Tebow's Mom has to come out and clear the air. It's he 2. million dollar job to do it. Your kids are becoming less Christian every time they step out the door. Your fake made up World where you pick and choose what and how to believe does not matter to them when they are out sinning with their friends. Leave them alone. Let them become smart so our country doesn't regress back to slavery. By the way your religion tried to justify that too. LIARRRRRRRRRRS

Anonymous said...

You poor, sad, pathetic man! This "Christian liar" will pray for you. When someone is as unhappy and angry as you seem to be, you need our prayers desperately. I know, you don't want my prayers, but I don't think that our government, or the right-to-deather's have been able to figure out how to stop us from praying for them yet. So we will continue.
Remember, God wins in the end!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

A doctor would not have recommended abortion, even in a country where it is legal. He/she would have advised the patient about the side effects of metronidazole which include premature birth/miscarriage.

So either Pam Tebow didn't listen to what the doctors told her, didn't understand what the doctors told her, or is fibbing.

Pro-life groups should be concerned this kind of misinformation (or deliberate fib) will undermine their cause. Because for every made-up story about choosing life over abortion (like this one) there are hundreds or thousands of real stories about women who choose life, many times when their own health was at risk.

Anonymous said...

The “church” that Tebow’s parents run put on their website that “90% of the people in the Phillipines have yet to hear the word of Jesus Christ”.

Here's what the World Factbook has to say:

Roman Catholic 80.9%

Evangelical 2.8%

Iglesia ni Kristo (Anglican) 2.3%

other Christian 4.5%

I make that to be an over 90% Christian country.

Anonymous said...

William McNichols said.
I ahve a suggestion for Super Bowl 1/2 Time.

go to (WARNING) www.abotionno.org

Then America will wake up and thak God
for Pam Tebow and Tim.

Lori Pieper said...

Anonymous said...

"A doctor would not have recommended abortion, even in a country where it is legal. He/she would have advised the patient about the side effects of metronidazole which include premature birth/miscarriage.

So either Pam Tebow didn't listen to what the doctors told her, didn't understand what the doctors told her, or is fibbing."

Sorry, Anonymous, but many doctors right here in the U.S. will very easily recommend abortion in a great many cases where it's not medically necessary at all.

Case in point: my mom got pregnant back in 1976, when she was 42, not long after Roe v. Wade. She had previously had a baby with RH-positive blood, and had been "sensitized." There was a possibility of complications - totally treatable ones - with the baby. She was also at greater risk for a Down Syndrome child because of her age. The doctor she spoke to recommended she abort, just like that. No real medical necessity. No one knew whether she was carrying a Down Syndrome child or not, or what other complications she would actually have. Thank God she didn't listen to his advice, or my wonderful and perfectly healthy sister would never have been born. (And my mom would never have aborted, even if she knew she was having a Down Syndome child).

There are many, many cases like this. Doctors with a pro-abortion mentality will often urge abortion for conditions that they think can lead to complications because it's more convenient. They are afraid of pregnancy complications that might lead to malpractice suits if a child survives pregnancy and is mentally or physically damaged. No need to suppose Pam Tebow is lying. I hope the ad helps many women in this situation think about getting a second opinion.

Anonymous said...

I've now gone back and read statements Mrs Tebow previously made. She didn't say her own life was at risk, so not sure why everybody's making it out as if it was, citing some exception in law which would make an abortion legal in the Phillippines.

Talk about coincidence, but my mother was RH- and so am I. So know the risks (to baby; no real risk to mother), and I had one miscarriage, so the thought that a doctor would recommend aborting a potentially healthy child is particularly repugnant to me. (And I believe your story, even though I am not sure about Mrs Tebow's).

Lori Pieper said...

Well, Anonymous, thanks for believing my story, but since you do apparently admit that I undermined your reason for not believing Pam Tebow's story, why do you still doubt it? Stubbornness?

Anonymous said...

Why is Justin so zealous for the value of education?

His own post reveals only illiteracy and carelessness.

Do I need to make a list and distinguish between "you're" and "your"?

Justin, go get an education -- an elementary education -- for your own benefit.

Anonymous said...

Why don't I believe Pam Tebow's story? Because it makes no sense in her case that a doctor would suggest it. I will give her the benefit of the doubt and say she misunderstood what the doctor told her.

If the story line is, "They told me I could lose the baby, so I decided to take extra good care of myself", or "I had been very sick before I got pregnant so it was kind of a miracle that Tim was conceived, much less born", then that would be correct by all accounts, but it wouldn't be as compelling, would it?

Lori Pieper said...

It made no sense for the doctor to say it in my mother's case either, but he did! My mother could have lost the baby due to the RH factor, so the doctor said abort. Makes no sense. Pam Tebow's mother might have lost the baby due to dysentery. So: abort. Makes no sense. Unfortunately some doctors say things that don't make sense.

I don't know Pam Tebow's whole story (neither do you, I'm sure), so there must have been something about the case that triggered the doctor's reaction.

In my Mom's case, I think I can guess what the doctor's thinking was. "Hey, this married lady of 42 already has eight kids, her husband is ill, they don't have much money, and these Catholics never know when to stop." (to keep things short, I didn't mention these items the first time). So he thought he should tell her what was best for her. But you know what? The abortion was STILL medically unnecessary. But some doctors think that way. Of course, I don't know very much about the Tebow case beyond what I've read in a few places, including here. But I'm amazed you would jump to the conclusion you did.

hinder90 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...


hinder90 said...

In the Philippines it is not only illegal to have an abortion, there is no law that states a woman is exempt from the law if her life is in danger. That said, it seems very unlikely Pam's story is truthful, particularly because it seems contrary to reason that a doctor would urge that she get an abortion and risk his life's work just to push a woman to abort her baby. Even if he was an "activist" or "rogue" doctor, if there was some conspiracy to further the "abortionist agenda" he would be throwing away the means for him to carry out his mission.

Lori Pieper said...

According to this story, Pam was actually in the U.S. when she was urged to abort: her family had just returned from a mission trip to the Philippines; Tim was born after they went back to their mission. Most of the stories don't include this detail, but it certainly explains a great deal if true.


Of course, no one should let this interrupt their jumping to conclusions. . .

Lori Pieper said...

It may be worth noting that the story was written before the controversy began

Anonymous said...

But that's not what Mrs Tebow told the Gainsville Sun in October 2007. She specifically said she was told this by a Filipino doctor in the Phillippines, and in her seventh month of pregnancy she went to a hospital in Manila where "she received around-the-clock care from an American-trained physician." It should also be noted in this interview she said she was in a coma before she got pregnant - that they tried to, and were successful in, getting pregnant while she was still being treated for the dysentary. When she found out she was pregnant, she stopped taking her medication.

In brief, there are several different (contradictory) versions of the story.

Anonymous said...

If she was in the United States when told to have an abortion, there's a little problem with what she said. She said, "They thought I should have an abortion to save my life from the beginning all the way through the seventh month," in her 2007 interview with the Gainsville Sun.

The maternal mortality rate from placental abruption in the United States is 0.1%. About the same as the chance of getting struck by lightening and a little bit less than winning the lottery. So would a doctor tell her having an abortion would "save her life" with that low a risk?

Lori Pieper said...

I checked this and I don't see see anything contradictory in the stories at all. The Sun story was quite vague about who the doctors who told her to abort were, and does NOT specifically say they were in the Philippines - evidently there was more than one doctor involved.


Even if there is contradiction involved, I'd blame the reporters for incompetence long before I accused the mother of lying. Most newspaper stories are inaccurate or incomplete in one way or another. If you study recent history as I have, you run into tons of contradictory newspaper reports and really have to dig for the real facts. It doesn't necessarily mean anyone is lying, though in some cases, of course, it does.

The truth is that since we do not know the full story, we can't leap to conclusions.

The story quoted Pam as talking about the placental abruption in connection with the possibility of a stillbirth; there may well have been other complications threatening her own life that weren't mentioned in the article.

So as I said, don't leap to conclusions.

Anonymous said...

In one interview, Pam Tebow related that during that pregnancy, a Philippine doctor suggested that she abort the fetus because the strong medications she was being treated with for amoebic dysentery, which she had contacted early in the pregnancy, could cause serious disabilities to the fetus. -TimTebowfans

Living in the Philippines as missionaries, Pam and her husband, Bob, who now heads the Bob Tebow Evangelistic Association, had been told the baby she was carrying needed to be aborted in order to save her life.

“They didn’t recommend; they didn’t really give me a choice,” Tebow said. “That was the only option they gave me.” - interview with Florida Baptist Witness, January 8, 2009

Speculation that it will touch on pro-life themes centers on the fact that Pam Tebow, when pregnant with her fifth child -- who turned out to be Tim -- was urged by a doctor to have an abortion. She was living in the Philippines with her family at the time and had a life-threatening infection from a pathogenic amoeba. She opted to keep the baby. – BPNews

Pam Tebow contracted amoebic dysentery which (she says on a YouTube video) is a leading cause of death in the Philippines. Her physician recommended an abortion which the Tebows rejected.

After becoming pregnant, Pam Tebow fell into a coma caused by amoebic dysentery, bacteria caught through drinking contaminated water. She was put on strong medications to treat her illness. Her doctors later discovered that those medications caused permanent damage to the fetus, according to Christian Press.

Just before her pregnancy, Pam fell into a coma after contracting amoebic dysentery, a bacteria transmitted through contaminated drinking water. During her recovery, she received a series of strong medications. And even though she discontinued the regimen when she discovered the pregnancy, doctors told Pam the fetus had been damaged.

"They thought I should have an abortion to save my life from the beginning all the way through the seventh month," she recalled.
In her seventh month of pregnancy, Pam traveled to the country's capital, Manila, where she received around-the-clock care from an American-trained physician. - Gainesville Sun

More than 21 years ago, she and her husband, Bob, were serving as missionaries to the Philippines and praying for a fifth child. Pam became ill and was treated with strong antibiotics before discovering she was pregnant. Doctors urged her to abort the baby for her own safety. She refused. - intro to her speech at Louisville Women's Ministries

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Besides Allred and the abortionists are lying when they say the law in the Philippines do not provide exception for abortion for mother's life in danger:


although the Penal Code does not list specific exceptions to the general prohibition on abortion, under the general criminal law principles of necessity as set forth in article 11(4) of the Code, an abortion may be legally performed to save the pregnant woman’s life.2 A decision of the Supreme Court also impliedly recognized abortion to save the mother’s life.3 The United Nations recognizes that abortion in the Philippines is permitted only in instances in which the pregnant woman's life is endangered.4

Kate said...

FROM THE UN WEBSITE ON ABORTION LAWS IN THE PHILIPPINES (http://www.un.org/esa/population/publications/abortion/doc/philippines.doc)

Grounds on which abortion is permitted:

To save the life of the woman YES

And then in the Background Section, it further states, and I quote,

"Although the Penal Code does not list specific exceptions to the general prohibition on abortion, under the general criminal law principles of necessity as set forth in article 11(4) of the Code, an abortion MAY be LEGALLY performed to SAVE THE PREGNANT WOMAN'S LIFE.

In addition to these provisions, the Constitution of 1987 provides that the State 'shall EQUALLY protect the LIFE of the MOTHER and the life of the unborn from conception.'"

I hope that clears that up.

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