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I Love A Good Surprise!

I love a good surprise, don't you?

I love a good rumor, don't you?

I especially love a good rumor about a good surprise.

Verbum Patris sums up.

Various blogs and news agencies have been reporting on ‘well informed sources’ who say that the Holy Father will unveil a ‘good surprise’ to the Catholic world during this years Holy Week celebrations.

Originally mentioned at Catholic Sector, suggestions on the likely surprise range from the return of the Sedia Gestatoria, to the end of Communion in the hand and even the beatification of Pope John Paul II. Me thinks some may be loosing the run of themselves. Other sources say that Easter Mass at the Vatican may be celebrated Ad Orientem, but all Mass at the Vatican are celebrated ‘towards the East’ as St Peter’s faces east.

The Mass in the Extraordinary Form celebrated by the Holy Father, possibly on Holy Thursday is the rumour that seems to have most weight behind it, but even this seems impossible at the present, but who knows?

Personally, as it is the Year for Priests and the announcement is to be made (supposedly) on Holy Thursday, I would imagine it has something to do with a document that the Vatican has been preparing on the formation of Priests and Religious. But I’m only guessing, I suppose we will just have to wait until Holy Week to find out, and pray until then that whatever the surprise is, it will be for benefit of the Church and give glory to God.
Over at Rorate, speculation runs rampant alternating between the plausible and fanciful. New Catholic speculates on whether the Pope may retract the indult allowing communion in the hand. I wish, but I don't think that is likely. In the combox, our old friend Mr. Perkins thinks it may be the restoration of faculties for the priests of the S.S.P.X. Also unlikely but more likely than retraction of the indult.

So forgive me if I play Catholic bookmaker and give odds on the current speculation.

Ending Communion in the hand. 50:1
Return of the Sedia Gestatoria 3:1
Pope to Celebrate using Extraordinary Form 6:1
Beatification of Pope John Paul II 10:1
Beatification of Pope Pius XII 20:1
Restoration of SSPX faculties 8:1
Release of new document on priests5:1
Consecration of Russia by name. 1000:1

My money, especially given the recent attack on the Pope, is on the Pope pimping his ride--the return of the Sedia Gestatoria.

What are your thoughts?

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Andrew said...

I'll take one of everything, thanks.

Anonymous said...

I'll bet it won't be communion in the hand especially with everyone so concerned about H1N1, etc. Personally, due to both tradition and a hand deformity/dexterity issue that is not readily apparent, I never take communion in the hand. Very often the extraordinary minister looks really put off when I approach with my tongue ready to receive.

On a lighter note, I wonder if those at National Catholic Reporter have their own odds for a happy surprise? So forgive me if I play National Catholic Reporter bookmaker and give odds on the current speculation.

Ending Communion in the mouth. 50:1
Return of the married priesthood 3:1
Pope to ban use of the Extraordinary Form 6:1
Ordination of women 10:1
Beatification of Ted Kennedy 20:1
Approval of artificial contraception 8:1
Release of new document on gay marriage 5:1
Consecration of gay priests by name. 1000:1

Der Wolfanwalt said...

I just want to say that I think the proposition that Benedict XVI would celebrate one of the Triduum liturgies in the EF is preposterous.

Why is it that when the term "extraordinary" is applied to lay distributors of communion, it means "should be used as little as possible," but when it is applied to the Tridentine liturgy, it means "should happen as much as possible"?

Not that I'm in favor of lay ministers early and often, either. I don't think either should be in wide circulation.

Paul H said...

Couldn't it be his follow-up book to Jesus of Nazareth?

torculus said...

Henry Cardinal Newman proclaimed Doctor of the Church.

Br. Tom Forde OFMCap said...

Re-union of 100,000's, even millions, of Traditional Anglicans with Church?

Nathan said...

While it would be stupendously wonderful if the Holy Father said Holy Thursday Mass in the Extraordinary Form, it does seem to me to be the least likely of the list. The logistics of a Solemn Papal Mass (or even if he chose to say a Pontifical Mass)would require significant training of the Sistine Choir and the whole papal liturgical staff. Keeping that a surprise would be like my 13-year old's friends keeping a secret....

In Christ,

Anonymous said...

My guess is the announcement of an Apostolic Visit to Russia/meeting with Patriarch of Moscow.

Michael said...

Hmm, combined with information on a post from Fr. Z's website, I wonder if the surprise will be a new consistory for cardinals. It's not a "surprise" per se, but could be depending on who is included.

Anonymous said...

I hope its not the beatification of JPII. I would applaud at ending communion in the hand. I would jump for joy if he put an end to "altar" girls. Maybe he'll restore the practice of priests wearing cassocks and barettas and nuns wearing habits. Oh, maybe the Papal Tiara is being rescued from the Basilica in DC. I don't have my hopes up for much of anything promising....

Anonymous said...

I would hope that it might be the restoration of cassocks, barettas, and hsbits for nuns together with an emphasis on the (now) "extraordinary" Latin liturgy that more accurately reflects the mystery and majesty of God.

The Vatican official who decided in Vatican II to "reform" the liturgy to make reunion with Protestants more likely was idiotic. An emphasis on the mystery, majesty, and yes, love of God, should replace the "feel good" elements of most Protestantism.

Blackrep said...

Maybe he'll dig up Marcel Maciel and punch him what's left of his face.

I feel I will be sadly disappointed.

evanfardreamer said...

Perhaps it's the implementation/distribution of the new English translation of the Roman Missal?

Anonymous said...

Don't know how to figure the odds on this one but wouldn't it be wonderful if the surprise was the announcement of full communion with the Orthodox? Terentia

Lori Pieper said...

I'd be very happy to hear of more Anglicans coming home or reunion with the Orthodox. Holy Thursday would be a marvelous time for either of those, since it was the night of the Last Supper that Jesus prayed "ut unum sint."

I do hope that Benedict will hold off on beatifying John Paul II for a little while, but only so that his predecessor John Paul I can catch up with him on the canonization track -- he hasn't been delared Venerable yet -- and they can be beatified together, which would be very fitting.

In the meantime, thanks (sigh) for the great picture of John Paul I (who hated the sedia gestatoria, by the way).

milhon1 said...

Restoring the proper name of the CDF...The Holy Office of the Inquisition

Amy, MEV said...

He's having everyone over for Easter dinner? Seriously, any surprise from him has got to be good. Looking forward to "my" gift!

Giovanni A. Cattaneo said...

That the Church reunites with the Eastern Orthodox during my lifetime is my dream. I pray that it would be that.

However if I was to bet, I would say a Solemn Papal Mass.

Anonymous said...

The full release of the third secret and the official abrogation of the Missal of Paul VI?

That would shock everyone to the core.

Anonymous said...

I'm betting on just the release of his second Jesus of Nazareth book...

But all this speculation...maybe the Vatican will take it as an indication of what SHOULD be done.

Anonymous said...

The abrogation of the missal of Paul VI? Now there's an idea!

JudeThom said...

I will take one of everything, too, thanks.

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