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Patrick Kennedy Needs A New Job

Part-time theologian and full time cretin, Congressman Patrick Kennedy has decided not to seek re-election for his Rhode Island House seat.

Rep. Patrick Kennedy has decided not to seek re-election to Congress, saying his life is "taking a new direction" just months after the death of his father and mentor, Sen. Edward Kennedy.

The Rhode Island Democrat taped a message to be aired on the state's television stations Sunday night. The Associated Press viewed the message Thursday, ahead of the announcement.

"Now having spent two decades in politics, my life is taking a new direction, and I will not be a candidate for re-election this year," Kennedy says in the ad.
Patrick Kennedy is, of course, the son of the late Teddy (hic) Kennedy. He made news recently by being one of the only politicians to publicly pick a fight with the Catholic Church and LOSE the public relations battle.

When Kennedy suggested that the Church was not pro-life for opposing a bill that funds abortion, Providence Bishop Thomas J. Tobin forcefully criticized him. Kennedy tried to up the ante by publicly admitting that Bishop Tobin had requested he refrain from communion. Kennedy tried to make it seem like cause and effect until it was revealed that the request of the Bishop happened years ago. The p.r. for Kennedy was so bad he finally refused to talk about it anymore.

It is not easy to lose a public relations battle with the Church, but Kennedy found a way. Polls suggest that he would lose his next political battle as welll so I assume that Kennedy felt the better part of valor is desertion.

As for his new direction, his statement was unclear. I hope that along with bartender, pharmacist, and driving instructor, he has ruled out amateur theologian.

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Christopher M. P. Tomaszewski said...

This is deliberately and needlessly mean-spirited. I'm no fan of treating men like Patrick Kennedy with kid gloves, but this is too much even for me. There is simply no purpose to this post other than to deride a man who needs prayers. Charity wouldn't touch this post with a 10-foot-pole.

I know, I am obviously self-righteous and holier-than-thou... blah, blah, blah... Take from it what you will.


Anonymous said...

Patrick Kennedy is mean spirited. Yes, he needs prayers. He decided not to run because he knows he won't get re-elected!!! Otherwise he'd be his usual mean spirited self. Yes, he needs prayers.

Patrick Archbold said...

You make me laugh. I didn't wish the man ill. I recapped his losing theological and pr battle with the church and suggested a few jobs he should try to avoid.

What is so mean about that?

Anonymous said...

Patrick, I wouldn't take much stock in what Mr. Tomaszewski said, and it looks like you don't. Since when does charity mean that we can't call a spade a spade? We need to do this more often with "Catholic" politicians--we need to call them out and show their deeds for what they are. Then, they may repent. That is TRUE charity.
Suzanne from Oklahoma

Fr. Thomas, O.P. said...

I for one will continue to pray that whatever political motivations are behind Kennedy's decision, the new direction his life is taking will ultimately bring him to greater concern for the salvation of his soul with fidelity to Jesus Christ and his Church.

Anonymous said...

I don't care why he's not running. I'm just glad that the Kennedy family is finnally losing its grip on the body politic. That calls for a hosanna.

Anonymous said...

There is always the temptation to put on a good pair of sturdy boots and swing away when given the opportunity to kick an opponent who is down. In this case, the sins of the father are extreme doing violence not only to the collective life of our nation but actually involving the criminal taking of life, a crime for which failure to indict and convict constituted an abject failure of judicial integrity for the innocent woman he killed. Alas it was not the first time wealth and political power has allowed the guilty to go free at the expense of justice for the victim and society. The sins of the son are the uninspiring public record of a life lived soporifically overshadowed by the supposed heritage of a camelot that never was. In the case of one the consequence of natural causes and in the case of the other the result of personal choice, both of these two left-wing liberal extremist now exit as players from the kabuki of demokratic politics. It is enough to note that both no longer contribute to the dramatic tragedy of our national politic. They are gone. Good riddance.

Rick said...

Perhaps he's seen the light that commitment to Christ is more important than being a politician who tries to serve even the pro-aborts. Or he might have felt the heat of a strong and dedicated bishop who is protecting the unborn together with the pro-life supporters who have gained more numbers and boldness as the lies and debauchery of PP gets exposed. Hopefully the other "Catholic" politicians, CINO, follow. For his next career I was thinking of St. Thomas More's suggestion to Richie.

Anonymous said...

Christopher M. P. Tomaszewski said...

You demonstrate "mean spirited" is a two way street. I, for one, am thrilled that the days of kissing the Kennedy's collective arse are over.

Christopher M. P. Tomaszewski said...

"I recapped his losing theological and pr battle with the church and suggested a few jobs he should try to avoid."

Precisely... It is uncharitable to needlessly reiterate (or "recap" as you said) another's faults, especially when done in order to laugh at his expense. Please read de Sales on this.

To the courageous cohort of "Anonymous,"
I am increasingly convinced that many of you have greater fidelity to conservative politics than to the Church. It scares me...\


Dan Lower / KKairos said...

Okay, so reading this, I'm going to make some hopefully clear and generally, I hope, well-phrased comments:

(a) If I were in Patrick's shoes I might not have made the post, which did strike as mildly unnecessary, though not terribly uncharitable.
(b) If I were in CMPT's shoes I might not have made his particular comment, which also struck as mildly unnecessary but not terribly uncharitable. If this discussion goes on long enough CMPT might change, though!
(c) I am stuck as to how Anon right before CMPT's last post has even remotely established CMPT's demonstration of mean-spiritedness.

(d) I'll be praying that we all get better at understanding one another tomorrow, because it seems like everyone's a little on edge for no reason. This includes the guy who comes in to make a listed post about how maybe everyone should just seek a little more understanding and charity... So don't get me wrong, it's something I have to work on, too. Peace be with you all!

Anonymous said...

I for one am happy, I think it is good news - Schadenfreude? Maybe.
This is what Chesterton had to say:

Fortunately, those of us who don't believe in contraception will soon outnumber those who do. -- G.K. Chesterton

Is that "fortunately" that Chesterton uses also Schadenfreude?
These people who constantly, with intent, ulterior motives and maybe even glee, put obstacles up to stop what is right have to go.
And when they do we can be happy.


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