"Nothing is more dreaded than the national government meddling with religion." John Adams

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Big Abortion Fundraises from Picketers

Standing outside of an abortion clinic with a sign or simply praying is an effective tool against the abortion industry. How do I know?

Because many abortion clinics are attempting to raise money based on the number of picketers that show up outside their clinic as a way to dispirit pro-lifers.

PledgeaPicket.org writes:

Pledge A Picket has been used to raise funds to help women fund abortions that they would not otherwise be able to afford. With the election of President Obama, anti-choice protestors, as well as fundamentalist religious terrorists, have stepped up their activities of protesting. Of course they state their goal is to reduce the number of abortions, by reducing the number of abortion clinics and abortion doctors.
Case in point, this video:

This video from Planned Parenthood was just posted yesterday claiming to thank the picketers for helping raise money for abortion.

The Nation wrote that one of the main goals of the scheme is to "deflate the energy of the protesters."

Ha! Do these people really think we're idiots? If the picketers weren't effective why would Planned Parenthood be going to all this trouble to defeat them? They're really getting desperate folks. We must really be getting under their skin. Good.

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Christina said...

I've been very amused by that sign. In our town they have a little scale to let us know how much they've raised, I find it especially amusing since the value on it doesn't change much. I keep wondering how much we're *costing* them and if these donations offset that cost.

There was onetime a woman stopped to thank us for reminding her to donate to PP. For some reason that affected me far more than the sign, doesn't she know the harm this does to women? Please pray for her and those like her who continue to support this evil.

As you said, the most important thing is that we're fighting a spiritual battle, and that's a battle we'll win if we cling to the Cross. :)

Anonymous said...

Okay, let's see the Knights of Columbus do a counter fund, pledge to contribute $ for every picketer who turns out in front of abortion clinics to pro-Life groups.

TomE said...

Many Catholic dioceses across the country have no protest/picketing policies for prayer warriors and sidewalk counseling (modeled after Monsignor Phillip J Reilly's training module for prayer & sidewalk counseling). As a sidewalk counselor, I've actually prayed at mills where rabid fundamentalists picket, tell pregnant women they're selfish and going to Hell, etc. Because these loudmouths are the only ones ever portrayed in the MSM, those of us who try to convince women in a spirit of compassion (Caritas en Veritate) not to abort their preborn children are branded as fanatics by men & women seeking these services who don't know any better. In my state we lobbied on behalf of the Catholic Commission to implement legislation discouraging overzealous proselytizing (against fundamentalists very hostile to the Catholic Church who try to lure women out of it!) As opposed as I am to abortion (or child killing), I'm not sure I'd terribly miss these fundamentalists (and the KofC, of which I'm a proud member & local council pro-life chair, wouldn't subsidize these misguided souls with a farthing).

Brian said...

Let's listen to Tom E. He raises very serious issues.

Moreover, we can argue that Scott Roeder and Eric Rodolph's crimes fit the definition of terrorism: "the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, esp. for political purposes". We can't ignore those crimes.

Barbara said...

Amen to Tom E.!It's a much more powerful and moving witness to see someone on their knees praying a Rosary than a nut with a frightful sign telling the woman she's going to hell.
The right kind of sign, such as those we have on Respect Life Sunday, showing the women just what a sweet little baby they're carrying, are tremendous.
Has anyone heard about portable machines that give mini-sonograms? Some pro-lifers somewhere are talking about using them outside the abortuaries. Very effective tool to educate women to prove lie that it's just a bunch of tissue.

Anonymous said...

Gendercide: the world wide war on girls

Tom in Vegas said...

They sicken me. How nonchalantly can you live your life, happily setting about fund raising with an untold number of dead children at your hands.

These people are a different species of human beings.

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