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Margaret Sanger Interview with Mike Wallace

What would many people today be more upset about: Margaret Sanger's views or the tobacco company sponsorship?

With thanks to Connor for the video link.

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That Married Couple said...

The cigarette plugs, hands down.
I must confess, I was disappointed with the clip - I was hoping for some eugenics references.

aquinasadmirer said...

If you watch through to part 2, and 3 of 3, there's more of what you're looking for. She complains about being "misquoted." :)

Maurisa said...

You can watch the entire interview at the following link:http://www.hrc.utexas.edu/multimedia/video/2008/wallace/sanger_margaret_t.html

Mr. Wallace catches her in several lies and her eugenics philosophy is put on display.

Early Riser said...

Interesting. I must confess that I had little idea of her background (I guess I made one too many assumptions). After watching this I looked it up and found out her mother was actually Catholic. I had no clue.

Still wondering what made her so bitter.

Anonymous said...

I had no idea Wallace was such a prop for racists. Why didn't he ask her to comment on.... "Birth control must lead ultimately to a cleaner race."- Margaret Sanger. Woman, Morality, and Birth Control. New York: New York Publishing Company, 1922. Page 12

...I mean, really, it was no secret that the reason she was soooo supportive of birth control was to KILL minorities! Wow. Someone should interview Wallace on his interview of Sanger!

mtlevake said...

The shilling for Evil Tobacco was amusing, Margaret Sanger is/was Scary Evil.

Anonymous said...

Although I have no love or admiration for Margaret Sanger, I think the issue of her stand on eugenics is a bit more complicated than some pro-lifers like to think.

In the 1920s, eugenics was considered a valid science, embraced by many the same way man-caused global warming is today. Sanger was far from the only person who believed in it. However, when the Nazis came along and started practicing compulsory sterilization, abortion, etc. she made it very clear that she did NOT agree with what they were doing.

Also, Sanger publicly OPPOSED abortion and said many times that birth control would make abortion unnecessary. Whether this was truly sincere opposition, or whether she was just picking her battles and not publicly pushing for abortion because she didn't want to alienate the general public, I do not know, and we may never know this for certain.

Finally, her famous comment about not wanting "word to get out" that Planned Parenthood was trying to "exterminate the Negro race" can be interpreted two ways: either 1) she really did want to exterminate the Negro race, or 2) she was concerned that PP's drive to make birth control available to blacks would be PERCIEVED in the black community as an attempt to "exterminate" them, even though that was not her intention.

My intent here is not to defend Sanger's views, but to insure that pro-lifers have a truly accurate take on them that can't be shot down or discredited by the other side. If we immediately jump on the "she was a total racist who wanted to destroy blacks" bandwagon without taking the time to REALLY examine her views in context and be absolutely sure that was what she really meant, we risk making ourselves look stupid and uninformed.


Brian said...

You make some convincing arguments, Elaine. Let's discuss Elaine's arguments.

Anonymous said...

There are many false quotes attributed to Sanger, but one thing that can never be denied is her decision to appoint Lothrop Stoddard, an avowed, well known racist, to board of directors of her American Birth Control League.

His book, The Rising Tide of Color Against White World Supremacy, was reviewed in an issue of Sangers's Birth Control Review.

She also founded Planned Parenthood with Henry Pratt Fairchild, a supposed racist, although I don't know as much about him.

Anonymous said...

one needs to watch the entire clip. She was not a person to admire, she had her agenda and she was out to serve her own purposes--not matter what.
Fear to think of where it got her, but the damage she did is still in evidence on earth and for the children that never were born due to her evil influence.

James said...

Absolutely outstanding interview by the best in the industry, Mike Wallace. Between her cat-like nervousness and her seething and illogical hatred for the Catholic Church and her teaching on the fecundity of marriage, I found this interview very telling. She was definitely on the hot seat with her somewhat irrational and selfish answers to pointed questions. Thank you for these videos.

Sean said...

Elaine wrote, "In the 1920s, eugenics was considered a valid science, embraced by many the same way man-caused global warming is today..."
That's an unfortuante gloss.
For instance, forced sterilization wasn't a Nazi invention: in 1927 the U.S. Supreme Court voted in favor of it 8 to 1. The point being that scientists and ethicists in the 1920s had reason to oppose eugenics before the Nazis came on the scene. By and large, it was the self-indulgent intelligentsia who supported eugenics; it was the common man who had to suffer its effects who opposed it.
But otherwise, yes, eugenics was viewed the way man-made global warming is viewed today: as a contrived pseudo-science foisted on the world by ignorant but secular-minded social engineers who wanted to re-oranize society along atheistic and socialistic lines. It was the pet project of wealthy liberal elites who wanted to tell everyone else how to conduct their lives.

Anonymous said...

"War Against the Weak" by Edwin Black gives a rather thorough understanding of the evolution of eugenics here and abroad. Of course, Ms. Sanger's position is examined. Worth a look through for added ammunition against those who would attempt to design a master race.

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