"Nothing is more dreaded than the national government meddling with religion." John Adams

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Palm and Nails

I can be a real jerk sometimes. Arrogant. Proud. Judgmental. That probably doesn’t shock you. Case in point, I found myself looking around Mass yesterday thinking snidely that the crowds were much larger on Palm Sunday than typical Sundays. I wondered if it was because the Church was giving something away, the palm being the equivalent of the big foam finger at a baseball game to some. A memento.

And then I scolded myself for thinking such things during Mass. I’ve always fought the urge to see things in terms on black and white...Continue reading at the National Catholic Register>>>

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Jacki said...

Matt, you hit the nail on th e head (pun intended) - thanks for a thought-provoking piece

CSB said...

"I can be a real jerk sometimes."

I think if we are all honest we will say the same thing about ourselves.

Early Riser said...

It's good and well if we acknowledge we are being "a jerk sometimes". But are we really sorry for it and struggling to overcome this and NOT be a jerk? Or are we saying it with a smirk and a shrug?

Meg said...

Perfect timing, as always! Your description of yourself could not have been any less accurate a description of myself, especially recently. I'll try to keep that in mind.

Anonymous said...

If you stick to the TLM you will probably find that the other congregants are almost always the same people every week. No Easter and Christmas Catholics; not that I would mind them, at least they care enough to show up. But it is nice to see that the faithful are really the Faithful. Maybe I am being a jerk and judgmental, too, for showing pride in my parish, but that is not unusual for me. No apologies. Kit

Dr_George said...

FMI (forgive my ignorance) but idk what a TLM is.

Happy Mommy said...

YIKES, I went to a different Church with my younger kids because they have an awesome choir and I didn't have CCD at my own parish. My dh and older children went to a tiny little Chapel in VA where they were for a family matter. Even though people were spilling out into the breezeway, everyone was completely welcoming. My TX girls fell in love with VA immediately :-) So, some of those you perceive to be mere Easter/Christmas Catholics might just be visiting for entirely legitimate reasons ;-)

I believe TLM refers to Traditional Latin Mass, which we also participate in for a time. Unfortunately, babies and toddlers weren't welcome there :-(

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