"Nothing is more dreaded than the national government meddling with religion." John Adams

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You Shall Not Pass!!!!

I fear that ominous signs indicate a likely terrible defeat for us today. The Politico reports some disturbing news:

THE ATMOSPHERE: The difference between today and November’s vote is stark. On the night before the House vote last fall, the Speaker's office was a beehive of activity. Last night, the speaker was gone by 9 p.m. and most of her staff seemed to filter out within the hour. And the Capitol itself was surprisingly quiet. Even most reporters had gone home...

ABORTION: Anti-abortion Democrats met with White House officials last night on how to word an executive order by Obama that will satisfy their concerns. Leadership needs to peel off some of those lawmakers to get to 216.
I'm pretty sure we're losing today but let it be known that anybody who votes for this bill is NOT pro-life. They're pro-Democrat. They're pro-themselves. But they are not pro-life.

The major pro-life organizations have all made it clear that an Executive Order can't negate the bill, as pointed out by Kathryn Lopez. Anyone who supports this bill CANNOT be supported by pro-lifers in coming elections.

And, finally this little video sums up my feelings about the healthcare bill. This is what anyone who cares about the culture of life should be saying to the bill.

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Sharon said...

The Balrog pulled Gandalf into the abyss, but Gandalf overcame death. I'm clinging to the hope that LIFE will prevail. Maybe it's a fool's hope.

SherryTex said...

We are called to be fools for Christ.

So I will hope anyway.

Anonymous said...

May it be a prayer from your blog to God's ears. Reminds me of Moses with his staff.

Gregg Maskell said...

Keep fighting the good fight. Gandalf the "White" will be back.

gregg said...

The executive order approach could end up being a double victory for Obama. I suspect he knows the executive order will not stand up in court and in the end he will get the health care bill with abortion funding. He will also get something else, the ability to run as pro-life in 2012 by pointing to the executive order. If this bill gets passed, I hope it's without the executive order.

Anonymous said...

Stupak just folded.

matthew archbold said...

Stupak just told CNN he's still a "No."

maurisa said...

Stupak bought the lie.

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