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New Movie About the Sex Abuse Scandal?

Hollywood! The town that's afraid to make terrorist villains come from the Middle East is now making a movie about the Catholic Church's sex abuse scandal. How brave.

Because you know, nobody's heard or read anything about this subject so people will really be on the edge of their seats the entire movie to see if the brave newspapermen actually learn that the Church was covering up a sex abuse scandal.

I seriously ask, is Hollywood interested in actually making money anymore or just furthering an agenda?

Deadline reports:

The producers intend to frame the movie in the vein of All The President's Men. One of the planned film's hooks is that some of the journalists are themselves Catholic and were conflicted as they researched and wrote their stories. This journalism angle seems a fascinating way to approach the topic. And, interestingly, the Boston Globe investigative team was headed by Ben Bradlee, Jr., son of the legendary Washington Post editor who stood behind Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein when their Watergate reporting was assailed by Richard Nixon's White House.
I wonder if the reporters will all decide that the celibacy requirement is at fault.

No word yet on whether Bill Maher or Sinead O' Connor have been offered roles.

Hilarious Media Bias Part XVIMXXX

Meredith Viera is laughably awful and biased journalist. Check this out.

HT Weasel Zippers
And of course Newsbusters.

Cute Chubby Baby Does Weird Thing

EMBED-Chubby Baby Does Weird Tile Slide - Watch more free videos

I'm not even sure how the child is propelling herself across this floor but it's very cute anyway and she seems to be enjoying herself.

Mad props to John Hawkins at Viral Footage for unearthing this video. How does one even go about finding something like this?

Tick, Tick, Tick - Doomsday Comes & Goes

Somebody should tell Duke Puntalangit, a self-described Marian visionary from the Phillipines, that the key to longevity in the false prophet business is vagueness. Specificity is not your friend.

So it is that poor Duke may only have hours left in the prophet trade. You see, Duke may have gotten a little carried away and got real specific. The problem is once you put those dates out there, they have a way of creeping up on you.

So it is that Duke said the following:

Dear Friends,

Greetings in the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Most Immaculate Heart of Mary!

Let me clarify the dates I have given in response to several inquiries I received. Let me enumerate them:

[1] Middle East War will occur between the months of March and April 2010. That’s between March 1 to April 30 this year.

[2] US nuclear explosion will occur 13 days from the day the Middle East War occurs. Five days before that, a nuclear bomb will be discovered in Washington. This will serve to warn the US.

[3] World War III will occur 13 weeks after the war in the Middle East starts.

Your humble servant,

Duke only has hours left for a Middle East war to break out so its not looking good for Duke, good for us yeah, but not so good for Duke.

Duke says this about himself.
I am Duke Puntalangit (my alias only), a Marian visionary from the Philippines. I am not a Church-approved visionary, though, I have surrendered my case to my local Bishop. Taking his advice, I have ceased to promote the parts of my experiences which His Excellency deemed I should “momentarily cease to propagate”. However, I would like to stress here for the record that His Excellency never condemned the “secrets” which I confided to Him, that includes those parts which His Excellency advised me to “momentarily cease to propagate”. Since then I have tried my best to keep my silence on that subject matter covered under His Excellency’s prohibition.

But having observed the current global crisis humanity is facing – political, economic, moral and military, I have come to the conclusion that I must at least warn the faithful of the impending chastisement which was foretold by Our Lady of Fatima. Therefore, I will write about those revelations which Our Blessed Mother granted me and which are related only to the chastisement to come. This I do believing that I have not disobeyed His Excellency, because after all, these revelations are about the chastisements, and not about the other matters revealed to me which concern other matters of our Holy Catholic Faith.
So Duke, when April 30th is over, will you finally listen to your Bishop?

I'm guessing no.

Moratorium on the Crist/Christ Thing

I'm officially asking for a moratorium on the number of writers thinking they're clever by playing with Charlie Crist's name off Jesus Christ.

Let me make this clear. It's not because it's offensive. It's just really really bad writing.

When I was in the second grade our school principal went in the hospital for something or other and we all had to write him a card so I wrote one where I highlighted the word "pal" in the word "principal" as if we were great old friends even though he couldn't have picked me out of a lineup. I remember thinking it was stupid even then but I was under the gun. We had like ten minutes to write it and it was almost snack time. I did feel a lot better when three other kids came up with the same lame play on words that I did.

But journalists don't have snack time but they're still coming up with this lame play on words with Crist's name in Florda. Come on people, Crist has nothing to do with Christ. It's just a stupid play on words that has nothing to do with anything.

MSNBC's headline for Crist's announcement was "Crist-mas Day." The rest of the story has absolutely nothing to do with Christmas, a birth, or even a manger. It's just a dumb headline.

National Review's headline for a piece in The Corner was "Last Temptation of Crist." The writer tries at least a little to bring up the fact that Crist is tempted by power but the headline is the headline just because the names are similar.

Dana Milbank of the Washington Post wrote in his story on Crist: "The crucifixion of Crist by Republican leaders says less about him than it does about the party." I'm a little unsure how Republican leaders are crucifying Crist. He's up for popular vote.

But at least this one is a little popular in the the UK's Independent headline read "How the Tea Party movement crucified Charlie Crist."

Look, if Crist was named Jones we'd be spared all the silliness. So let's all put a moratorium on this silliness. Go have a snack.

Ultrasounds are The Rosa Parks of Abortion

Pro-lifers like me love science and technology. Yup. We're like science geeks without the comic books. And we've got girlfriend and wives.

For years, religious people have been called backward and anti-science while pro-lifers actually couldn't wait for scientific and technological breakthroughs so we could all get a better look inside the womb and understand better what it is to be human. I think everyone must remember the first time they saw a 4-d ultrasound. It changes you. It's changed lots of people.

The moment America saw the delicate, beautiful, and strong hand, the human features, the smiles, the thumbsucking of a 20-week-old baby in the womb much of America reconsidered everything we took for granted. When we see five beautiful fingers that only a loving God would take the time to create reach out, it changed everything.

Poll numbers in recent years have taken a decidedly pro-life turn and while part of that is simply that pro-lifers have more children another aspect that shouldn't be dismissed is that the more we see inside the womb the more difficult it is to believe the lies of abortionists who say it's a blob of tissue.

The unspoken message of the ultrasound is clear to all with an open heart: “I'm human—just like you.”

It was the same message of Harriet Beecher Stowe whose novel “Uncle Tom's Cabin” made the horrors of slavery impossible to ignore. It was the message of Rosa Parks who awakened a slumbering country to the evils of racism by the simple act of sitting down. It is the message of the victims and the oppressed throughout our history: “"I'm human—just like you.”

That moment when a woman sees an ultrasound will encourage millions to reconsider where they stand on the issue of when life begins. And that's why pro-aborts are fighting to keep women in the dark as to what/who is growing inside them.

I have great faith that science is on our side simply because truth is on our side. And the recent spate of ultrasound laws, I think, are a great thing. And I think before the country is willing to listen to a pro-lifer saying "don't" they might just listen to pro-lifers saying "look."

Anti-Catholicism is the New Vegas

In the life of nearly every celebrity there’s a moment after the white hot fame cools and the spotlights are averted when a decision needs to be made. Does the celebrity begin a new life in obscurity or do they break out the white spangled jumpsuits and take the first flight out to Las Vegas to milk the last of their fame for every last embarassing moment of notoriety?

But recent years have shown that while Vegas still remains a tantalizing option, many former celebrities are establishing nice second careers as Catholic bashers. The prerequisites are minimal. You don’t actually need to know anything about the faith. Just dust off some old Pope insults, scream about priestly celibacy and homosexual rights and you’ll be a star again in no time.

Continue reading at the National Catholic Register>>>

Pro-Lifers Make Women Cry

Pro-aborts are actually accusing pro-lifers of making women cry. Yup. That's the new tactic. The ol' "pro-lifers are a bunch of meany pants" defense.

Fox News reports:

The requirements of Oklahoma's new abortion law are drawing some emotional responses from patients, a clinic director said Wednesday, now that women must have an ultrasound and hear a detailed description of the fetus before the procedure can be done.

The law went into effect a day earlier, when the state Senate overrode Gov. Brad Henry's veto of that measure and one that prohibits pregnant women from seeking damages if physicians withhold information or provide inaccurate information about their pregnancy.

"It's been difficult for some of the patients," said Linda Meek, executive director of Reproductive Services of Tulsa. "We've had patients leave the ultrasound room in tears because of what they had to hear."

...The new statute requires the person performing the ultrasound to describe the dimensions of the fetus, whether arms, legs and internal organs are visible and whether there is cardiac activity. It also requires the doctor to turn a screen depicting the ultrasound images toward the woman to see them.

Meek said no patient at the clinic had yet canceled an abortion after hearing a description of the fetus. Jennifer Mondino, an attorney for the Center for Reproductive Rights that filed the lawsuit, said that so far no patient at the Tulsa clinic has decided to view the images.
You can understand how hard it must be for abortionists to hear crying in their clinic as they're not used to hearing the screams of their victims (See the Silent Scream).

And here's the kicker. I don't believe them anyway. They're lying that the law is having no effect on the women's decision. It's interesting to watch because these abortionists are really walking a fine line here because they have to argue that the information these women is so traumatizing that they're breaking out in tears but then they have to turn around and argue that it also has no effect on the women's decision. It's really a Catch-22 for abortionists.

These abortionists are fighting tooth and nail to have this law overturned because they know when a woman hears the truth or sees the truth they are much more likely not to get an abortion. They don't give a hoot about these women. They care about the cost of the abortion. That's it.

Baby Survives for Two Days After Abortion

Left for dead. That's the only accurate way to describe the fate of the baby who survived a botched abortion in Italy only to be abandoned until being discovered by a priest the following day.

The UK Telegraph reports:

A baby boy abandoned by doctors to die after a botched abortion was found alive nearly two days later.

The 22-week infant later died in intensive care at a hospital in the mother's home town of Rossano in southern Italy.

The mother, pregnant for the first time, had opted for an abortion after prenatal scans suggested that her baby was disabled.

However the infant survived the procedure, carried out on Saturday in the Rossano Calabria hospital, and was left by doctors to die.

He was discovered alive the following day – some 20 hours after the operation – by Father Antonio Martello, the hospital chaplain, who had gone to pray beside his body.

He found that the baby, wrapped in a sheet with his umbilical cord still attached, was moving and breathing.

The priest raised the alarm and doctors immediately arranged for the infant to be taken to a specialist neonatal unit at a neighbouring hospital where he died on Monday morning.
Until our culture decides every life is sacred we will continue spiraling into this hedonistic madness.

The newspaper said that police are investigating it as a homicide as doctors are obligated to try to preserve the life of a child if the child survives the abortion. Can you just for one second ponder the madness of that. Doctors can try every which way to kill the baby but if that same baby comes out of the womb then those same doctors are legally obligated to do everything in their power to save the baby. What inhuman madness reigns in our culture?

This is Why Our Education System Stinks

You've got to check this out. A high school journalism class created a rap video about saving the whales. You want to know what's wrong with public education look no further than this.

There's so many problems here.

One - A journalism teacher is teaching her students about liberal issue advocacy. Well, that pretty much sums up most of the problems with journalism nowadays.

Two -A journalism teacher is cool with "Free Dem Walez" as passable English? Teachers are supposed to teach proper English (especially in a journalism class), not accept student's way of speaking and spelling.

Three - Listen to this teacher introduce her video by saying "I was always taught that whales and dolphins were safe and happy living in captivity. I don't believe that anymore. Neither do my students." She's indoctrinating her students to accept her beliefs. She has a certain point of view of things and she forces it on the students. And instead of teaching the students...I don't know...something about JOURNALISM she instead uses class time to teach her students about how whales and dolphins are abused.

Four - The fact that the school not only saw nothing wrong with this misuse of taxpayer money but actually contacted the media to highlight this as a shining example of their work tells you everything you need to know why our public education system is failing.


Euthanasia Firm Dumping Ashes in Lake

This story is going to confuse the heck out of wacko environmentalists. On the one hand Dignitas, the euthanasia nuts responsible for the death of over a thousand people, are killing people. Yay! That's great for the environment that all those CO2 emitting humans are now emitless.

But now the bad news. They're dumping the remains (urns and all) into a nearby lake. Perhaps even hundreds of them.

I'm not sure if Dignitas is going to need to buy some carbon offsets or if they just have to promise to kill a lot more people. I'll have to ask Ed Begley. (Does he even have a phone?)

The ironic part of all this is that Dignitas' big catchphrase is "Death with Dignity." Getting poured into an urn and dumped in a lake is dignified? Someone should tell Luca Brasi.

The UK Times reports:

The controversial Swiss suicide clinic Dignitas is likely to come under fresh scrutiny after divers discovered dozens of cremation urns on the bed of Lake Zurich.

“After 50, we stopped counting,” Roman Ruetz, a police diver, said. “They lay there in a big heap.” On being brought to the surface the urns were found to contain ashes...

One former employee and long-standing Dignitas critic, Soraya Wernli, told The Times 18 months ago that the clinic had dropped at least 300 urns in the lake.

The clinic has assisted in the suicide of about a thousand people, most of them terminally ill, and at least 115 Britons have travelled to the Zurich apartments run by the organisation to end their lives. The clinic is shrouded in secrecy, operating within cantonal law yet exploiting the loopholes in legislation from across Europe. Most secret of all is the disposal of remains: for some families touched by so-called suicide tourism, it is unthinkable to bring back bodies or ashes...

Disposing of large numbers of urns containing human remains requires a commercial licence in Switzerland. Breaches carry a maximum three-year jail sentence or £30,000 fine.
This is great. It reminds me of Al Capone heading to the hoosegow for tax evasion. Now these imbeciles who've killed thousands might go to jail for polluting. Ha! Let's see how much dignity they find in Gen-Pop.

Jesus Free Jobs

Christianity is the new secondhand smoke. Sure the libs will tell you, you're allowed to smoke but if anyone else sees it, smells it, or inhales it, then it's illegal.

The ever expanding public sphere will similarly say that you can worship Jesus in Church and in the privacy of your own home but not out in public where Jesus may infect others.

The video below tells the story of a woman pursuing her Master's degree in counseling at a taxpayer-supported university who was expelled from a counseling program for refusing to affirm and support homosexual behavior.

The school essentially told her that you can't be a practicing Christian and a counselor at the same time. Check it out.

HT Culture War Notes

I'm Definitely a Better Dad Than This Guy

OK. I've got a lot of problems as a Dad but I'm definitely a better Dad than this guy.

The Wall Street Journal reports:

“Selling my kids on the Craigslist black market. I have two kids, two and one year old.”

That’s an excerpt from an actual Craigslist post written by Joshua Stagnitto, 24, a Brockport Rochester, N.Y. man who faces up to a year in prison or a fine of up to $1,000 for the incident.

In the ad, Stagnitto wrote that his children could be used as slaves or foot stools, but insists that he was joking. ”I thought it would be it would be funny if I put my kids on there because how more ridiculous can you possibly get,” he told CNN.

Apparently someone didn’t get the joke — or didn’t find it humorous. A child abuse hotline received a tip about Stagnitto and contacted the New York State police. He is being charged with “falsely reporting an incident,” which is a misdemeanor.

“It’s definitely not the best decision I could have made,” Stagnitto said.
So who knows if the guy was serious or not. But you can't put something like that up there and then kinda' sorta' put a jokey kinda' thing in there and then say "Oh, it was all a joke because I made a footstool joke."

No matter what this was a really really bad decision. And while I don't know if the dude was serious, something tells me that serious offers might have been considered.

What Would Spongebob Do?

A twelve year old girl saved her friend's life by asking herself the age old question which has inspired so many good works throughout the world: "What Would Spongebob do?"

After watching this I'm still unsure how Spongebob inspired her but I thought it was really cute how she had to make it clear that she doesn't watch Spongebob anymore. I'll let it be known that I've been known to chuckle more than a little at Spongebob, although I find Phineas and Ferb a bit funnier.

HT The BlogProf

Palin, Subsidiarity, And Death Panels

Subsidiarity. Learn it. Live it. Love it.

Last year during the run up to the eventual passing of the Obamacare bill, President Obama had to take to the airwaves several times to promote the bill. One significant reason why was the dextrous dubbing of care rationing panels as ‘death panels’ by former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.

When Palin gave a name to the fear, the poll numbers for the bill really began to crash. President Obama and his supporters were livid. They ran to any network that would put them on air to decry the use of the term and to personally ridicule Palin for saying it. They said over and over and over again, there is no such thing as a Death Panel.

So now the deed is done and guess what? President Obama’s Director of OMB says that the unelected Medicare advisory panel can and will make binding decisions on how much care is too much. A death panel.

Avoiding such monstrous and murderous machinery is why the Church has advocated the principle of subsidiarity as an organizing principle in the affairs of man. Simply stated, subsidiarity “is an organizing principle that matters ought to be handled by the smallest, lowest or least centralized competent authority.”
Continue reading at the National Catholic Register>>>

So Rubio Would be Barabbas?

Washington Post reporter Dana Milbank wrote on Sunday about the race between Gov. Charlie Crist and Marco Rubio. He wrote:"The crucifixion of Crist by Republican leaders says less about him than it does about the party."

I love when lib journalists try to talk religion. It's so cute.
So let's just extend Milbank's metaphor here a bit.

If Crist is Christ then the GOP voters who are lining up against him would be...Pilate? The Jews?

Marco Rubio would be Barabbas, the man chosen over Christ, right?And since Crist is in trouble with the GOP voters for embracing the work of Obama wouldn't that make Obama God the Father? Oh, I see. Now this all makes sense why Milbank thought this.

HT Newsbusters

OK. How Is This NOT A Death Panel?

Let all the elites laugh it up over how crazy and stupid Sarah Palin is until they request some kind of treatment and it gets denied by an advisory panel.

White House Budget Director Peter Orszag explained in scary detail how the Obamacare "advisory" panel restructures who makes healthcare decisions. Well, firstly it's not an "advisory" panel in that its decisions are automatically implemented. Secondly, it's weird how forthcoming libs are now that Obamacare has passed.

HT Weasel Zippers

2010 Public Employee Of The Year Awards

This is funny.

In Other Catholic News, Nevermind

This is what it has come to. This is what passes for reporting these days.

Here is a story about a new European Stock Index for companies that are socially responsible and operate within the guidelines of Catholic teaching. Ok that's good right? The headline reads "Vatican backs new equities index" and then the lede states "Investors are being invited to put money into a new Catholic equities index that is being backed by the Vatican, at a time when the church is dealing with an increasing number of disaffected congregants in the wake of abuse allegations. "

The story is ostensibly about the index company Stoxx launching a new index. What the heck does that have to do with the abuse scandal? Absolutely nothing, of course, except the suggestion that the "Vatican" is behind the scheme.

But the article, it should come as no surprise, never establishes exactly how the Vatican is supposed to be backing this index. The only reference in the article is that someone in the "Vatican" sits on the advisory committee. Who? At what level? Never you mind.

The suggestion is clear, the VATICAN is trying get your money and they have had a scandal don'tcha know?.

May I once again suggest my helpful axiom that no reporter in the secular media should be allowed to use the word "Vatican" unless they have an actual quote from a senior member of the curia.

This bit of reporting is really shameful. An independent company launching a new stock index is seen as an occasion to beat the Church over the abuse scandal. Shameful.

Please feel free to email the contents of this post to its author Phil Craig: pcraig@efinancialnews.com

Ridiculing Pope Benedict

In preparation for Pope Benedict XVI’s visit to Great Britain, a group of British diplomats circulated a memo offering suggestions for a to-do list of sorts for the Pope including launching a new line of ‘ Benedict’ condoms, inviting the Pope to open an abortion clinic or bless a gay marriage.

Nice, huh?

Continue reading at the National Catholic Register>>>

Greeley's Solution? Priests Pro Tempore

Fr. Andrew Greeley (yeah, him) thinks he has a solution to the priest shortage. He thinks the real problem is lifelong commitment. A temporary priest-corps is the answer, says he.

I've been doing sociological research on the priesthood for more than 30 years. There are two findings from this research that are beyond question. The first is that priests on the average are the happiest men in the world, happier in their professional and personal lives even than married Protestant clergy. The second is that men are on the average inclined to leave the priesthood (ordinarily) under two conditions: They are unhappy in priestly work, and they want to marry. If they are happy in priestly work and want to marry, on the average they are much less likely to leave.

Note the words on the average in the previous paragraph. My assertions are about the average. There are priests who are miserably unhappy-and unfortunately they set the norm for priestly comments about how low morale is. There are also many priests who love their work but want to marry powerfully enough that they leave the priesthood.

The angry letters that these two paragraphs normally engender are from those who don't read the two paragraphs carefully before they head for the e-mail. Those who don't like these findings are free to do their own research.

I usually follow up these two conclusions with the recommendation that the church experiment with a limited term of service for priests, a kind of priest corps like the Peace Corps (or the Jesuit Volunteer Corps or the University of Notre Dame's Alliance for Catholic Education).

Young men would be invited to active service in the priesthood for a period of time-let's say five years-then they would be given an opportunity to re-up, as they say in the military. But an ordained priest is a priest forever, bishops say trippingly on the tongue when they dismiss my suggestion as a stupid idea. Indeed yes, but his permanent identity as a priest does not demand that he serve actively in the priesthood all his life.

His argument may sound reasonable to some. The problem lies here. He treats the priesthood as a job, not as a vocation. To illustrate the problem, allow me to change just a few words around to make a point.
I've been doing sociological research on marriage for more than 30 years. There are two findings from this research that are beyond question. The first is that married men on the average are the happiest men in the world, happier in their professional and personal lives even than unmarried men. The second is that men are on the average inclined to leave the marriage (ordinarily) under two conditions: They are unhappy family responsibilities, and they want to marry someone else. If they are happy in their family responsibilities and want to marry someone else, on the average they are much less likely to leave the marriage.

Note the words on the average in the previous paragraph. My assertions are about the average. There are men who are miserably unhappy-and unfortunately they set the norm for comments about how bad marriage is. There are also many men who love their family responsibilities but want to marry someone else powerfully enough that they leave the their marriage.

The angry letters that these two paragraphs normally engender are from those who don't read the two paragraphs carefully before they head for the e-mail. Those who don't like these findings are free to do their own research.

I usually follow up these two conclusions with the recommendation that the church experiment with a limited term of marriage for men, a kind of piece-corps like the Peace Corps (or the Jesuit Volunteer Corps or the University of Notre Dame's Alliance for Catholic Education).

Young men would be invited to active service in marriage for a period of time-let's say five years-then they would be given an opportunity to re-up, as they say in the military. But an married man is married forever, bishops say trippingly on the tongue when they dismiss my suggestion as a stupid idea. Indeed yes, but his permanent identity as a married man does not demand that he serve actively in the marriage all his life.
The analogy is not perfect, for sure, but I think it illustrates what Greeley is missing. This is vocation, a lifelong commitment. It is not something you do until you figure out what you want to do.

Fr. Greeley may think that he is being clever, but he is bringing a secular solution to a spiritual problem. Jesus did not say to the rich young man when he asked "Good teacher, what must I do to inherit eternal life?"

When Jesus heard this, he didn't say to him, "You still lack one thing. Put everything you have in storage, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me a spell until you figure out what you really want to do."

When a man decides, with the Church, to become a priest he BECOMES a priest the way a married man becomes one flesh with his spouse. Let no man put asunder.

There is no such thing as a priest pro tempore.

The Most Callous Thing You'll Read Today

This is likely the most callous thing you'll read today.

The Gothamist:

The 18-year-old who was allegedly high on Oxycontin and Xanax when she drove a passenger van into a Hempstead, Long Island home, fatally striking the home's owner, was hysterical when taken out of the police station yesterday. Kayla Gerdes screamed to reporters, "No, I didn't [purposely aim for her.] Listen, stop -- listen, it was an accident! Please leave me, alone it was a mistake! Stop it was a mistake! No, I was on prescription drugs, it was a mistake! Stop! Leave me alone!" (Video below.) But she reportedly told police investigators, "The thing that made me feel not so bad was she was old," referring to victim Rebecca Twine-Wright, "I mean, 70 years is a long time to live."
Twine-Wright, a 69-year-old retired doctor, had been gardening when a van allegedly driven by Gerdes jumped a curb and barreled into her.
Tell me the truth. Is it any surprise that this would be said with the culture the way it is today?

Pope To Issue Public Apology

Lemme guess. The press will say this is not enough.

[Independent.co.uk]Pope Benedict XVI is planning to make the first general apology for the abuse of children and minors by Roman Catholic priests when he meets thousands of clergymen from around the world in June at the climax of the International Year for Priests, Vatican sources say.
Vatican officials hope such an unprecedented act of penance by Benedict, together with thousands of clergymen in St Peter's Square, 9-11 June, will do much to lay to rest the scandal and defuse protests that might disrupt his trip to Britain in September. The encounter will form the climax of the special year of events designed in part to encourage vocations to the cloth but which instead has been marred by the mushrooming paedophile scandal.

Short Video on Edward Schulte Churches in Cincinnati

Last week I had the good fortune to go to Cincinnati to give a talk on architect Edward Schulte, who lived from 1890 to 1975. He started out as a traditional church designer and lived long enough to branch into certain modern tendencies while always insisting on the theological nature of the church building. Even if some of his designs are often a bit modern for some people's taste, he always insisted on using real stone, sculpture, painting and symbolism. He designed nearly 80 churches and chapels, including the cathedrals in La Crosse (WI), Lexington (KY), and Salina (KS), as well as the sumptuous1958 renovation of Cincinnati's St. Peter in Chains Cathedral. A Cincinnati photographer, Robert Flischel, put together this fine short video of some of Schulte's churches in Cincinnati that span nearly 50 years of his work. Enjoy!

We Will Remember!

This is a really well done video.

Almost makes you wish to be a Republican. Almost.

We Will Remember from Republican Governors Association on Vimeo.

Selective Outrage over GOP Sexism

In what has to be one of the stupidest things said or done by the GOP in...well since the last time Michael Steele opened his mouth in front of a microphone, an Ohio county GOP Committee put out a newsletter encouraging the defeat of a female Democrat congresswoman urging voters to "put her back in the kitchen." Yup. They said it.

As you can imagine charges of sexism have been leveled.

The wacko pro-aborts at Emily's List called it a "sexist swipe."
Think Progress called it plain ol' "Sexist."
The moonbats over at RH Reality Check said they were glad to see this newsletter because "the better able we can root out the sometimes obscured cancers of sexism, misogyny, racism, and other prejudices that are at the heart of so much of the ultra-right's agenda." (Wow, they got a lot out of one little sentence!)

And the outrage is only going to continue and I'm sure the mainstream media will be all over this. Katie Couric might even do a special segment on it and she'll put on her worried face that makes her so cute.

Yet I do have to ask, where was all the outrage when Larry King and Sarah Silverman yukked it up that Sarah Palin should do porn earlier this week? Or when Newsweek put Palin on the cover in bicycle shorts? Or when Kathleen Parker accused Palin of flirting her way to the Presidential ticket? Anyone? Anyone?

HT Memeorandum

The Bishop of Bruges - Abuser Resigns


Declaration of Bishop Roger Joseph Vangheluwe of Bruges, Belgium

"When I was still just a priest, and for a certain period at the beginning of my episcopate, I sexually abused a minor from my immediate environment. The victim is still marked by what happened. Over the course of these decades I have repeatedly recognised my guilt towards him and his family, and I have asked forgiveness; but this did not pacify him, as it did not pacify me. The media storm of recent weeks has increased the trauma, and the situation is no longer tenable. I profoundly regret what I did and offer my most sincere apologies to the victim, to his family, to all the Catholic community and to society in general. I have presented my resignation as bishop of Bruges to Pope Benedict XVI. It was accepted on Friday and so I retire".
Somebody please make it stop.

Kung Fooey

George Weigel has delicious rebuttal to the imbecilic letter published by theologetic Hans Kung. Rebuttal is actually being too kind. Smack down is more like it.

Some snippets.

What can be expected, though, is that you comport yourself with a minimum of integrity and elementary decency in the controversies in which you engage. I understand odium theologicum as well as anyone, but I must, in all candor, tell you that you crossed a line that should not have been crossed in your recent article, when you wrote the following:

There is no denying the fact that the worldwide system of covering up sexual crimes committed by clerics was engineered by the Roman Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith under Cardinal Ratzinger (1981-2005).

That, sir, is not true. I refuse to believe that you knew this to be false and wrote it anyway, for that would mean you had willfully condemned yourself as a liar. But on the assumption that you did not know this sentence to be a tissue of falsehoods, then you are so manifestly ignorant of how competencies over abuse cases were assigned in the Roman Curia prior to Ratzinger’s seizing control of the process and bringing it under CDF’s competence in 2001, then you have forfeited any claim to be taken seriously on this, or indeed any other matter involving the Roman Curia and the central governance of the Catholic Church.


recognize that authors do not write the sometimes awful subheads that are put on op-ed pieces. Nonetheless, you authored a piece of vitriol—itself utterly unbecoming a priest, an intellectual, or a gentleman—that permitted the editors of the Irish Times to slug your article: “Pope Benedict has made worse just about everything that is wrong with the Catholic Church and is directly responsible for engineering the global cover-up of child rape perpetrated by priests, according to this open letter to all Catholic bishops.” That grotesque falsification of the truth perhaps demonstrates where odium theologicum can lead a man. But it is nonetheless shameful.
Do read the whole thing.

Caring About Children or Anti-Catholicism?

The latest glut of "news" stories by the media hitting the Catholic Church for abusing children has much more to do with anti-Catholicism than actually protecting children.

Proof? Pretty simple actually.

The media has claimed that it's reluctantly reporting on the sex abuse crisis but is forced to because of the rampant institutionalized system of covering up sex crimes by adults against minors.

But if that's the truth, why then has the media not reported on the numerous videos by Live Action's Lila Rose which has proven time and again that abortion clinics routinely cover up the reporting of the sexual abuse of minors. The abortion clinics, in fact, profit from it.

And it's all on video. Could you imagine if someone had snuck a video camera into a Cardinal's office and the cardinal on video covered up the abuse of a minor? I think it's safe to assume that it would get more airtime than the lunar landing.

But for some reason the institutionalized system of covering up abuse by abortion clinics has been absolutely ignored and even shunned by the media.

The mainstream media doesn't give a hoot about children. It cares about tearing down the Church and it cares about keeping abortion legal.

And whereas the Church has actually responded to the sexual abuse of a small percentage of priests there is no indication that the abortion industry is changing anything. Yet the attacks continue on the Church by the media which reports decades old abuse claims as new news while completely ignoring actual new videos revealing crimes committed by Big Abortion.

Happy Earth Day

Happy Earth Day. HT Weasel Zippers.

Did Priest Break Seal Of Confession?

In all the media hype surrounding the sex abuse scandal, haters of the Church have wondered if that scandal could destroy the Church and the priesthood. The short answer is no, but a scandal like this one could.(Not destroy permanently, of course. Nothing could do that.)

Father David Verhasselt, a priest in the parish of St. Catherine of Alexandria Church in the diocese of Milwaukee, has been placed on administrative leave because he is under investigation for breaking the seal of confession.

The charge is so serious that Archbishop Jerome Listecki has even barred Fr. Verhasselt from visiting the church.

According to ... Continue Reading @ National Catholic Register

Both Sides of Obama's Mouth

The AP reports:

President Barack Obama, treading carefully in the explosive arena of abortion and the Supreme Court, said Wednesday he will choose a nominee who pays heed to the rights of women and the privacy of their bodies. Yet he said he won't enforce any abortion rights "litmus tests." Obama said it is "very important to me" that his court choice take women's rights into account in interpreting the Constitution, his most expansive comments yet about how a woman's right to choose will factor into his decision.
This is absolutely the mainstream media at its worst. They've become White House stenographers.

Obama here said he WILL choose a nominee that "pays heed" to the right to privacy which Roe v. Wade invented to secure the right for Big Abortion to make millions and millions of dollars killing babies. Yet literally in the next sentence the AP contradicts itself by saying there WON'T be a "litmus test." Are these people idiots? The first two lines of their story are mutually exclusive.

These people have no shame. It's sad that even with their own imminent demise they insist on promulgating the fiction that Obama is a moderate. And they do this at the cost of their own integrity and further their own spiral.

I guess what's really sad is that every time a Republican president gets a chance to nominate a Supreme Court Justice, pro-lifers have reason to be more nervous than a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs because we've been burned so often. Yet, pro-aborts can rest easy that there's not one chance in a million that Obama will nominate a pro-lifer.

Not Gay Enough?

Seattle Times has this priceless story:

Three bisexual men are suing a national gay-athletic organization, saying they were discriminated against during the Gay Softball World Series held in the Seattle area two years ago.

The three Bay Area men say the North American Gay Amateur Athletic Alliance in essence deemed them not gay enough to participate in the series.
Here's the background. Three dudes played for a team called "D2" in the 2008 Gay Softball World Series.

The group that puts this sportsapalooza together states that each team can have no more than two heterosexual players. Well D2 smacked around many other teams and one team got mad about it and bitched that the team had too many straight men.

Then the McCarthy type Inquisition began. The three who were suspected of not being gay enough were dragged into a tastefully decorated Star Chamber of sorts in front of more than 25 people, and were asked "personal and intrusive questions" about their "sexual attractions and desires."
The alliance ruled the three men "nongay," stripped D2 of its second-place finish and recommended that the three players be suspended from participating in the World Series for a year, according to the suit.
Now, the three men are suing and asking for $75,000 each for emotional distress, invalidating the findings of non-gayness and reinstating the team's second-place finish.

They're fighting for second place here, mind you. So to be clear, they're fighting for the right to be called gay and a loser kinda' like Adam Lambert.

You seriously can look for years and not find a better story than that on the interwebs. Gay advocates are constantly screaming about discrimination yet the gay softball league has a litmus test on how gay you have to be? Their legal argument seems to be that they're a private organization and they should be able to discriminate who gets to join. Hmmm. That's kinda' the same legal defense as the Boy Scouts, huh?

Hat Tip to Ace.

Check out Pewsitter

Pewsitter is one of the best Catholic websites on the internet. If you don't check it out often you really should. Tons of news and links.

They seem to be asking their readers to refer other readers to them so this is me doing my part. I check Pewsitter at least twice a day. You should too.

Caption Contest of Greatest Pic Ever

1) "And we're going to South Dakota and Oregon and Washington and Michigan. And then we're going to Washington, D.C. to take back the White House, Yeeeeeaaaaaargh!"

2) Heeeeeeeeerrree's Joey!!!!!!!!!!!

Mine are pretty lame. Your turn?

Card. Castrillon-Hoyos Out At Latin Mass

The Traditional Latin Mass planned for April 24th honoring Pope Benedict on his five-year anniversary was scheduled to have Cardinal Dario Castrillon-Hoyos as the celebrant. Not any more.

As you probably know, a significant controversy has erupted over a letter sent by the Cardinal expressing gratitude to a Bishop for not turning over a sexually offending priest to civil authorities. The hue and cry that has erupted from this revelation is significant. As a result, the Cardinal is out as the celebrant at the planned Traditional Latin Mass for the 24th of April.

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- In consultation with His Eminence, Dario Cardinal Castrillon Hoyos, The Paulus Institute has agreed to seek another celebrant for the Pontifical Solemn High Mass taking place on April 24th. This action will help maintain the solemnity, reverence and beauty of the Mass.

The Paulus Institute was formed for the propagation of sacred liturgy. The Traditional Latin Mass planned for April 24th honoring Pope Benedict on his five-year inauguration anniversary is a liturgical event much bigger than the individual celebrant. Cardinal Castrillon was approached to celebrate the Mass early in what has been a three-year effort because of his special experience in celebrating this form of Mass and his efforts under Pope John-Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI in encouraging the traditional form of the Mass, full liturgy and sacraments.

We are in the process of seeking another Bishop to celebrate a Pontifical Solemn Mass on Saturday and are confident that one will agree. However, in any event, a beautiful, dignified Traditional Latin Mass will be celebrated at the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception on Saturday at 1PM and will be the first time in nearly a half century this has occurred. All Catholic faithful are encouraged to attend.

The Paulus Institute regards all sexual abuse as tragic and a heinous sin and supports Pope Benedict's fight to rid this disease from the Church. It stands on the side of every victim of clerical sexual abuse and earnestly desires to bind up the wounds done to their human dignity, to vindicate their civil and canonical rights, and to help them in the restoration in Christ of all they have lost.

To that end, The Paulus Institute supports the directives by the Supreme Roman Pontiff and the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops that all bishops should report crimes of sexual abuse to the police in accordance with the requirements of civil law. However, the Paulus Institute is not competent, nor does it have the facts, to form an opinion about the about recent media reports concerning Cardinal Castrillon.

The Paulus Institute requests respect for the human dignity and civil rights of all who participate in this sacred liturgy and observance for the tranquility and good order of the celebration.
This is probably a wise move for both the Cardinal and those involved with the traditional mass. This would be bad PR for everybody involved, The Pope, the Cardinal, and the TLM community.

Thanks to David L Alexander for the info!

7 Stupidest Environmentalist Movies

Tomorrow is Earth Day so I'm getting all my movies lined up for the day so I can watch them while I'm running the dryer (empty), turning on all the lights in the house, leaving the minivan idling in the driveway, plugging in all my Christmas lights, and wrapping myself in blankets because I turned the air condition down to 54 degrees.

Brendan Fraser's new movie made me think of all the ridiculous environmental movies that have come out of Hollywood. Here's the top seven stupidest environmental messages movies I could think of right now.

Furry Vengeance (opening tomorrow) - So a big bad evil company wants to knock down a bunch of trees so the animals of the forest act like furry poltergeists and start annoying the heck out of Brendan Fraser. If the animals were doing this as payback for all the ridiculous Brendan Fraser movies I'd be supportive but sadly it's just a case of animals picking on a sentient being with less intelligence than animals.

Thankfully, just yesterday the Supreme Court made animal cruelty videos legal again so the sequel where Fraser tries to get back at the animals could be fun. (It might have to be independently financed.)

AvatarAvatar tries to disguise its clever environmental message by disguising it as a club and beating us over the head with it like baby seals. Funny, while James Cameron had such a big problem killing trees, he didn't seem to mind killing humans in the movie. Huh. You'd almost get the idea that super environmentalists don't like humans all that much.

Return of the Jedi Really, if you look at it it's the same stinking plot as Avatar with the natives fighting back against mechanized imperialists except that Luke didn't get romantically attached to the Ewoks. If he did I think their kids would probably look a lot like me though. But I really hated the Ewoks. And the later introduced Jar Jar Binks was evidence that some races should be wiped out.

The Happening This wasn't just a bad environmental movie this was one of the worst movies I've ever seen. I think the trees were just trying to kill Mark Wahlberg for the "Planet of the Apes" remake. A shame they failed.

The Day After TomorrowAnother "When Nature Attacks" movie. You gotta' love a movie where a Dick Cheney look alike is the bad guy.

Fire Down Below Remember this classic? What Hollywood imbecile greenlighted this disaster? I'm betting the Steven Seagal fan base and the Al Gore fanbase are pretty freaking mutually exclusive.

And let's face it. The only Fire Down Below Steven Seagal was feeling by 1997 was heartburn from too many cheeseburgers.

Happy Feet -
At some point in this awful pointless meandering snore fest I was hoping Steven Segal would appear and start slapping and tasering penguins. And then he'd probably eat them.

Papers, Papers Please

We should be happy about this, why?

Whether you know it or not, the next big political battle will be over immigration and it may be starting in just a matter of weeks.

For the record, I favor some aspects of immigration reform and I believe we are morally obligated to treat illegal immigrants humanely because they are, well, human. I also believe that the problem cannot just be laid at the feet of those that are here illegally as our country has willingly turned a blind eye for a long time because of the economic benefit. Due to this collective culpability, a path to some form of legalization should eventually be realized.

That said, any and all realistic immigration reform must start with securing our borders. Must. Must. Must. Only when the borders have been proven to be secured will I, as a voter, consider any path to legalization for those already here.

So, to the topic of the day. In Arizona, lawmakers are considering a law by which they will make illegal to be illegal -- brought to you by the Dept. of Redundant Laws Dept. But here is the kicker, the legislation would require law enforcement officers to check the legal status of those they suspect are undocumented.

Those they suspect? Huh? Are they kidding? Those they suspect based on what? What happens if Jose Gomez, third generation Mexican American, goes for a stroll without his wallet? What then?

No no. This is America, law enforcement officials don't just stroll up to a law abiding citizens and say "Papers, papers please." Not here, never. It is not about them, it is about us.

Sorry, I prefer the "illegals" over the Gestapo, any day.

Let's secure the border for real and this will cease to be a serious problem begging for really bad solutions. If we do that, then one day a police officer can walk up to Pedro Jimenez and when he says "Papers, papers please," Pedro will sell him a newspaper because that is his legal job. Then together they can complain about the insanely high taxes, because that is the American thing to do.

College Covers Transgender Surgery?

As if college tuition wasn't expensive enough. Now if you want to send your child to an Ivy League university you might be footing the bill for this?

Daily Pennsylvanian reports:

In the next academic year, the Penn Student Insurance Plan will begin offering a new benefit for transgender students — it will cover the cost of the gender confirmation process, also known as gender reassignment or transition.

The benefit covers triadic treatment, the term used for the three-step process of gender confirmation. Triadic treatment consists of psychotherapy, estrogen or testosterone hormone treatment and sex reassignment surgery, which involves the changing of genitals.

The benefit covers the costs of surgery for up to $50,000. According to a research report by the organization Transgender At Work, the cost of male-to-female surgery can average around $20,000.

The initiative was introduced by the previous Lambda Alliance board, chaired by College senior and Daily Pennsylvanian columnist Dennie Zastrow.

“A problem with LGBT advocacy at Penn in the past had been that we overlooked the needs of transgender students,” Zastrow said.
The problem is that transgender students and homosexuals have been overlooked on our college campuses? You can't be serious.

What about covering all sorts and manner of vanity surgeries? Shouldn't they be covered as well with that logic? Why cover a surgery because a man sees himself as a woman and not a woman who imagines herself as a buxom woman? Or hair plugs for men?

Where does the madness stop? Oh wait. It doesn't.

Parents be very wary of where you send your kids to college.

CNN Poll: 39% of Americans Drunk Right Now

Shock poll. A CNN poll released Wednesday indicates that 61 percent of the public expect the president to nominate a liberal to replace John Paul Stevens on the Supreme Court.

That clearly means that 39% of Americans right now are drunk, concussed, or just plain stupid.

Seriously, who's answering these questions?

How Republicans Can Get on TV

Republicans are always complaining that the media is biased. And I'm like "What?!" My goodness there are Republicans all over news programs. David Gergen, David Frum, Kathleen Parker are on television all the time.

All Republicans have to do to be a constant presence on television is to...well...attack conservatives. Is that so much to ask? Sheesh, even Parker, the columnist from the Washington Post figured out how to guarantee a spot on the Sunday morning shows. She compared conservative bloggers to terrorists and fretted about all the Right's oh so dangerous verbiage.

Check out Newsbusters for more.

Monkeys Riding Dogs

No matter what kind of day you're having, tell me it couldn't be improved by a video of monkeys riding dogs. Just try and tell me that. Who doesn't love the thought of dog riding capuchin monkeys? Who, I ask? PETA, of course.

PETA is freaking out over the monkeys even though they live longer than monkeys in the wild. Check out William Teach's story at Right Wing News for the outrage and a link to video of the monkeys riding dogs.

When did western civilization lose the ability to just simply smile at the sight of monkeys in sparkly shirts riding dogs? When? And more importantly, why?

The Longest 48 Hours of My Life

My life had always responded to my will and even my whim. The times of my life were dictated by me. During high school I had a great time. I didn’t try very hard but I got by. Any girlfriends I’d had I broke it off with them. I never had my heart broken. In college I studied hard and had lots of fun. And when it came to finding a wife I looked for an Irish Catholic accounting major and found exactly who I wanted. I married her shortly after graduating. When I looked for a career after college I walked into a newspaper and told them I’d work seven nights a week for free for a month and if they liked what I wrote they could start paying me. They did.

It’s not that everything came easy necessarily, much of it required hard work. But it came on my time table.

With the introduction of children, my life didn’t correspond exactly to my schedule. Feeding time. Fussy time. Burping time. None of these times were times I scheduled. But I was a stay-at-home father working from home and I had my children on a schedule. And we stuck to the plan.

They always say if you want to make God laugh make a plan. Well, I didn’t hear God laugh that morning in March 2002 when the baby didn’t cry in the morning. I’d spent so much time trying to quiet babies that it took a while to realize the moment when the silence from the bassinet was the kind of silence that makes parents stop whatever they’re doing and come running...Continue reading at the National Catholic Register>>>

Of Floozies, Virgins, and Volcanoes

A senior Iranian cleric says women who wear revealing clothing and behave promiscuously are to blame for earthquakes.

No, I am not making this up.

So I gotta ask, who is responsible for volcanoes?

Do we blame promiscuous women again or is it just the really promiscuous ones? How bad do you have to dress to be upgraded from earthquake to volcano? Britney bad? I just want to know.

I like to categorize things. This way when walking down the street or at the mall I can easily estimate the natural disaster associated with the varying levels of dress/undress. Between JC Penney and Starbucks I can check them off. "Earthquake, earthquake, volcano, earthquake, oooh that one maybe a tsunami, oh but that one is just Haagen-Dazs caused disaster, minor tremor, volcano..."

Why Abercrombie & Fitch alone is responsible for many natural disasters, and maybe even some earthquakes too.

The modern problem with these volcano spawning tramps is that we no longer have the traditional remediation methods available. In the old days, when the village floozy got Mt. Eskilakmoronifidameterakillimanjaro acting up, we would just round up some unfortunate, but patriotic virgins to toss into the fire pit. The modern problem is that we got lots o'floozies, but sacrificial virgins are harder to come by.

I bet Iceland wishes it had an abstinence program right about now, huh?

Actually, now that I think about it, the problem with all the hooker habiliments is not that we don't have anyone left to throw into the fire-pit. The problem is that too many are ending up in the fire-pit.

To blame the scantily clad and the promiscuous for natural disasters is silly. What they actually cause is much worse.

Sin and Cafeteria Catholicism

I was speaking to a woman I know and she said that a man she knows had stopped going to Church months before and that he didn't believe in many things the Church taught including the Church's stance on contraception. But he still considered himself a good Catholic. Pretty normal stuff nowadays sadly.

The women is a committed Catholic and she said that she'd told him that she wasn't a "Cafeteria Catholic" but he reminded her of many things she'd done which are against church teaching throughout her life and he said triumphantly, "See we all pick and choose."

She said that she'd come to believe what he'd said was true. Now without going into details I told her that her friend was wrong. Very wrong. There is a big difference between sinning and picking and choosing.

We all sin. But that doesn't make us cafeteria Catholics. The real difference is that cafeteria Catholics simply don't acknowledge sin.

While we all transgress, a committed Catholic will still judge themselves against an established standard. We will inevitably fall short of those standards but we still strive to achieve it and emulate ourselves after Christ to the best of our ability.

The cafeteria Catholic may act in very much the same manner as a faithful Catholic but simply removes all that striving. When confronted with a discrepancy between their will and the teachings of the Church they simply change the standards based on what they feel is right for them. And let's face it, when we set our own fungible standards, sin becomes impossible because our decision making becomes the standard of behavior.

We all fall short of the standard. The cafeteria catholic just lowers the standard.

Volcano Make Me Say WOW

Many more at Boston.com

6 Killer Marriage Tips

I'm guilty of a few of these.

A National Day Of Prayer, Hardly

Last week it was widely reported that a Federal judge, in an absurd decision, killed the National Day of Prayer.

No she didn’t.

It has also been widely speculated that the decision of the descriptively named Judge Crabb will be over-turned by a higher court and the National Day of Prayer will live again.

No it won’t.

Don’t get me wrong, I think this absurd decision - a decision which willfully ignores everything the framers thought and stood for - should be overturned. However, The National Day of Prayer was dead long before Crabb killed it and it will take more than reversal on appeal for it to ever really live again.

Truth is, the National Day of Prayer signifies nothing more than a blurb on a government calendar. For your average Joe, the National Day of Prayer is no more relevant than Arbor day. It is a day that...
Continue Reading @ National Catholic Register>>>

George Washington and I

I knew George Washington and I had a lot in common besides wooden teeth. George also had problems returning library books. The library where I grew up still has shoot on sight, do not detain posters with my chubby face on them. But even I didn't keep my books out for 200 years.

The AP reports:

If George Washington were alive today, he might face a hefty overdue library fine.

New York City's oldest library says one of its ledgers shows that the president has racked up 220 years' worth of late fees on two books he borrowed, but never returned.

One of the books was the "Law of Nations," which deals with international relations. The other was a volume of debates from Britain's House of Commons.

Both books were due on Nov. 2, 1789.

New York Society Library head librarian Mark Bartlett says the institution isn't seeking payment of the fines, but would love to get the books back.

The ledger also lists books being taken out by other founding fathers, including Alexander Hamilton, Aaron Burr and John Jay.
I wonder if Burr took out "Dueling for Dummies?"

HT HotAir Pundit

Col. Allen West Is Awesome on Steroids

Patrick put up a video of Colonel Allen West, who's running for Congress, speaking about Islam last week. This latest video is truly impressive especially his promise To Tell Pelosi: ‘Give Me That Damn Gavel.’ Check it out.

HT Weasel Zippers

This Can't Be Good

Oh nothing much going on here but a photo from space showing a section of Earth taking on the awful and howling visage of an anguished soul. No biggie.

Daily Mail:

A radar image of the volcanic crater appears to show a nightmarish face, which is reminiscent of Edvard Munch's painting 'The Scream.' Coincidentally, it is thought that the masterpiece was inspired by the blood red skies caused by the powerful volcanic eruption of Krakatoa in 1883.
I'm not one to panic but when craters in the Earth take on the panicked visage of Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone I say strange things are afoot. Very strange things of the not good variety.

It's also a little depressing that while strange occurrences like this inspired one dude to paint a masterpiece all this similar awesome and fearful occurrence did for me was inspire me to write a stupid post with a reference to Macaulay Culkin. Kinda' sad when you think about it.


What else to say? Coming from Cardinal Dario Castrillon Hoyos, this really hurts. Wrong wrong wrong.

Is Fr. Pfleger Is Dain Bramaged or Drunk?

How else to explain this incoherent retraction of his apology?

Last Sunday, the radically ignorant Fr. Pfleger of Chicago advocated heresy in a homily "That's why there should be woman priests, that's why there should be married priests, that's why there should be woman Bishops and women Cardinals"

Then he apologized.

Then he probably got drunk. How else to explain this little but of incoherence?

“Sunday, I mentioned in my Sermon that I believe in married Priests and Woman Priests,” the Facebook comment reads. “I was then told that I had to apologize for saying it durning [sic] a Sermon because that is not allowed, even though that is my opinion.

“I have received much hate from the right-winged who want my removal,” he added. “Amazing... Nobody Blogged me or youtubed me about helping Save our children or Stopping the Violence...”

I'll have what he's drinking.

If I didn't know better, I would bet the Pfather Pfleger is pfixing pfor a way to pfend opf being depfrocked through and insanity depfense.

Pfat Chance.

Cardinals typically do not take my advice but I offer it freely none the less. Cardinal George, get rid of this guy as soon as you can. This cannot end well.

Most Insulting Question of the Day

This is unbelievable. These media types are just so silly-putty headed that you can't take them seriously. The funniest part is that they don't know they're a joke. And this idiot reporter likely doesn't even realize how lame, insulting and racist her question was.

And major kudos to the man being interviewed for giving the perfect answer.

Check out Newsbusters for the whole story around the coverage of this Tea Party.

Judge Strikes Down Nat'l Day of Prayer

The long national nightmare is over. The jackbooted thug theocracy instituted by George W. Bush called the National Day of Prayer is finally past. Over the past few years, who hasn't received the ominous knock on the door and heard the booming voice of the government funded Ministeria demanding, "Citizen, it's 10 a.m. have you prayed today?" Who hasn't seen agnostics being stoned on the National Day of Prayer?

Oh wait. None of that happened? So why would this be struck down by a judge?

CNN reports:

A federal judge on Thursday struck down the federal statute that established the National Day of Prayer, ruling that it violates the constitutional ban on government-backed religion.

"[I]ts sole purpose is to encourage all citizens to engage in prayer, an inherently religious exercise that serves no secular function," a Wisconsin judge wrote in the ruling, referring to the 1952 law that created the National Day of Prayer.

"In this instance, the government has taken sides on a matter that must be left to individual conscience," wrote the judge, Barbara B. Crabb.
Crabb, surprise surprise, was a Carter appointee. This is why elections matter because Presidents nominate judges who then rule over the planet like black robed overlords, enforcing their ill considered whims on an unsuspecting populace.

What's next? References to God stricken from our Founding documents. The President no longer be able to attend religious functions (not like that would effect Obama's schedule at all.) All religious holidays taken off the federal holiday list except Rhamadan, of course.

The Supreme Court will surely have to overturn this nutty judge but in the future unless conservatives start winning elections, the Supreme Court will agree with nutty judges like this and this will be the law of the land.

Cross-Dressing Murderer Gets Mammogram

I am sometimes frustrated when I write a post that I believe to be an obvious a satirical piece, only to have the combox fill up with people who think I am serious.

I say this by way of introduction because I am quite sure that many people would assume that I am making this story up and I am being mean to cross-dressing murderers. I can assure you of two things. I am NOT making this story up and I AM being mean to cross-dressing murderers because, well, they are cross-dressing murderers.

( MyFoxBoston.com via Weasel Zippers) - A cross-dressing Massachusetts inmate who murdered his wife and has spent the last decade suing the Department of Correction for access to a sex change operation had a taxpayer funded mammogram this week, Fox 25 has learned.

Robert Kosilek – who sued for the right to change his name to Michelle in 1993, the year that he began his expensive court battle to force taxpayers to foot the bill for a sex change operation – has been receiving hormone injections and electrolysis hair removal as an inmate at MCI-Norfolk.

Those hormone treatments helped Kosilek develop breasts and the con has been wearing a bra in the all-male Massachusetts prison, DOC officials said.

On April 13, Kosilek, 59, was transported from the prison to the Lemuel Shattuck Hospital in Boston for an appointment in the radiology department. There he was given a routine mammogram before he was returned to the prison at noon, according to transportation documents obtained by Fox 25.
How does a news anchor keep all the he's and she's straight?

The goods news is that when Obamacare goes national, it will likely restrict mammograms for all women, including those who aren't actual women.

However if Mr/Ms Kosilek decides to turn to rape instead of murder, the Viagra is on us.

America Joins Europe

America has once again joined in on the greatest magic trick since David Copperfield somehow got Claudia Schiffer not to laugh at him. But this magic trick is much bigger. America has joined Europe in attempting to make all of Western civilization disappear.

And it might just take a miracle to stop us.

Congratulations America. We've officially contracepted and aborted our way into becoming a sad mimic of Europe. We've separated love from sex, reproduction from marriage, and spending from responsibility. We're going great!

America is back below birth rate replacement levels just like those imbeciles in Europe we model ourselves after, says Lifesite. According to The U.S. National Vital Statistics Report, the U.S. birth rate dropped below replacement levels in 2008 to 2.08 births per woman, below the 2.1 level needed to replace the population.

For the past few years, America's been able to keep its head just above water at just above the replacement level.

And according to The Catholic Thing:

The other (and really bad) news is that the percentage of children born out of wedlock birth has continued to rise. This year, for the first time, it broke through the 40 percent level. . .rising for all groups and all ages.
And now that the push is on to make marriage a redefinable and fungible proposition I'm not seeing that number get better any time soon.

And here's the real kicker while we're borrowing billions of dollars from theoretical future generations we're actually forgetting to have actual future generations to pay for our bender. Our whole intergenerational Ponzi scheme depends on babies being born and yet we can't even sober up enough to have children.

Yeah, this whole free love irresponsible half-century long Woodstock is working out really well.

And with televised contraception ads touting "freedom" and abortion referred to as "choice" and a President who refers to babies as "punishments" does anyone see this getting better anytime soon?

Pray for Pope Benedict

The Cardinal Newman Society launched an Easter Prayer Campaign for Pope Benedict XVI in response to New York Archbishop Dolan’s call for Catholics to pray for the Holy Father.

CMR is asking anyone who might be inclined to offer their prayers for the Pope by signing the spiritual bouquet located here.

Dear Fellow Catholic,

Urgently, we ask you TODAY to join Catholics nationwide in an Easter Prayer Campaign for Pope Benedict. . . and spread the word!

Our Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI, is suffering "some of the same unjust accusations, shouts of the mob, and scourging at the pillar as did Jesus"!

Those are the words of Archbishop Timothy Dolan of New York, who on Palm Sunday urged prayers for Pope Benedict as he is viciously and unfairly attacked by the secular media and sadly even many dissident Catholics.

Pope Benedict is being assaulted with "unrelenting insinuations," said Archbishop Dolan, ". . .as certain sources seem frenzied to implicate the man who, perhaps more than anyone else, has been the leader in purification, reform and renewal that the Church so needs."

When he was installed as Pope five years ago, the Holy Father himself asked us to help him, saying:

"Pray for me, that I may not flee for fear of the wolves. Let us pray for one another, that the Lord will carry us and that we will learn to carry one another."

Pope Benedict has never fled from the wolves, and he remains dedicated to renewing Christ's Church built on a foundation of strong Catholic identity. It is by his example that The Cardinal Newman Society and so many others are struggling to renew Catholic life in America.

We are assembling an Eastertide spiritual bouquet for the Holy Father and need your prayers for him today!
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