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OK. How Is This NOT A Death Panel?

Let all the elites laugh it up over how crazy and stupid Sarah Palin is until they request some kind of treatment and it gets denied by an advisory panel.

White House Budget Director Peter Orszag explained in scary detail how the Obamacare "advisory" panel restructures who makes healthcare decisions. Well, firstly it's not an "advisory" panel in that its decisions are automatically implemented. Secondly, it's weird how forthcoming libs are now that Obamacare has passed.

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Kim Luisi said...

Well, I see how the advisory board got snuck into the whole thing, but I'm not seeing where this definitively means that they will decide who will get care and who does not. I'm not saying that that won't happen. I'm just saying the evidence is not in this video.

Meg said...

In the words of the Speaker, we had to pass the bill to find out what was in it. So now we know, and while it's law of the land now, there is still hope to reverse it. Cast your vote wisely during the 2010 elections!

Doug Stein said...

The slipperiness is that the live vs. die decision isn't on a case-by-case basis but on an treatment-type-by-treatment-type basis. Since they only deny classes of people and not individuals it's nice and tidy (kinda like Mengele).

It's always much easier to be cavalier with people's lives in the aggregate than as individuals. That's why statists favor identity politics - none of us are individuals, but merely members of an group.

"It's nothing personal - we just feel investing in your group isn't a good use of society's money." See how easy it is?

kat said...

So.. they will start off by not allowing bone marrow transplants for children with cancer, no chemo or radiation for folks that have been diagnosed with stage 3-4 cancer, no heroic effort to transplant organs, etc. If you are an accountant in medicare or medicaid then goody, if the patient is your mom or child, then too bad, so sad.

Where will it stop? From what I have read of this bill, they will rachet down care by penalizing the top 10% of doctors in terms of cost of care, then every year after they do the same...The incentive is to not provide care or services so as to not get hit by a fee for being in that top 10%.

It is soon going to a bad time to be a doctor or a patient.

Equus nom Veritas said...

"Let all the elites laugh it up over how crazy and stupid Sarah Palin is until they request some kind of treatment and it gets denied by an advisory panel."

This overlooks that the healthcare system will inevitably be tailored so as to favor "the elites." Recall that the people who passed this are the same ones who embrace a philosophy that some lives are more valuable than others. They have a philosophy of "just enough of me, way too many of you," as Mr Mark Shea puts it.

So long as the people who are in the best position to lead an opposition are kept happy, they won't lead any opposition. this means that the elites, at least, are probably "safe" (with a few minor glitches aside).

Anonymous said...

ph, the 'elites' aren't worried
they aren'y worried about this ant nore than they worried about other things like for example the Veitnam draft
they know
MONEY talks
they woun't be asked to "make room", "help reduce costa" they are going to get all the meds, operations and replacement parts money can buy.

All this will become apparent when cerrtian people live to 130yrs and they are surrounded by poeple who are under 60.

we want to be with JMJ anyway

Jimbo said...

To answer Kim...it wasn't explicit, but he mentioned Medicare several times in the context of the Advisory Panel being empowered to make these cuts/"savings".

Even the wildest "waste, fraud and abuse" statistics don't come close to making up for the expenses.

The most expensive costs incurred in Medicare (as in all health care) are for caring for the chronically ill (elderly) and for taking "extraordinary measures" to save lives, so on.

In other words, if the goal of the new system is to cover millions more with basic care and cuts need to be made elsewhere to cover them, then cutting from the areas that are most costly mean cutting from things that save lives. (As opposed to preventative care) Ergo: death panel.

Kat: good point. Where are these hundreds of thousands of new doctors going to come from when so many are getting out? I predict a new federally-run Medical School system next. You heard it here first. It will be mandatory in every state. If states don't cooperate they will loose highway funds. It'll have the same teachers that we have in our public schools and the Dr.'s will have to pass no matter what. IN fact, maybe they will throw in a "War on disease", mandatorily draft people into the National Medical Corps and issue everyone some kind of rubber certificate, questionable aborted baby vaccines, band aids, and a Fisher Price Dr.'s kit then declare victory.

How long before we are all waiting in line for toilet paper and buying left shoes one month and right shoes the next?

Gives me a headache just thinking about it. DOH!

Anonymous said...

Anon at 10:44:
Out of it this AM. I thought: what's JMJ? I did a quick Google (rather that just thinking about it for one second!) and the first thing I saw on Wikipedia was: JMJ "Jam Master Jay". Made me LOL.

Brian said...

How is this not a death panel? Well, please consider this.


Anonymous said...

LOL! A Media Matters link?! You just be joking, right?! The most extreme, communist propaganda machine in the western world?

There certainly is nothing about this organization that supports the truth or any objective good. They use Saul Alinsky tactics (including lying) to press their "Progressive" agenda. Why would we listen to them?

On the other hand, the facts about the health care law are the facts, and the White House staff in this video make some of them frighteningly clear.

Ate Mely said...

JMJ - Jesus Mary Joseph!

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