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Clinton Rips Birthers, Pities Terrorists

Former President Bill Clinton ripped those who doubted Barack Obama's citizenship as well as those who doubt global warming is man made but described the Times Square bomber as a "poor tragic Pakistani man."

How about that for misplaced priorities? Clinton displayed scorn for his own political enemies and pity for America's enemies. Should we be surprised?

Politico reports:

Former President Bill Clinton is taking the so-called “birthers” to task for ignoring evidence that President Barack Obama was born in the United States.

Clinton made the comments during a commencement address at Yale University on Sunday as part of a critique of American media consumption habits.

“The only place where we’re bigoted now is we only want to be around people who agree with us,” Clinton said. “In our media habits, we go to the television shows, we go to the radio talk shows we go to the blog sites that agree with us. And it can have very bizarre consequences.”

The former president pointed to the “birthers” an example of one of those “bizarre consequences.”
Clinton also went out of his way to criticize those who don't believe global warming is man made by labeling them with the loaded term "Climate change deniers."

So after going out of his way to attack political opponents Bill Clinton referred to the Times Square bomber as the "Poor tragic Pakistani man" who thankfully was an inept bomb builder.

People who want to see Obama's birth certificate are "bizarre consequences."
People who don't believe Al Gore are "deniers."
A would be mass murderer of hundreds of innocent Americans is a "poor tragic Pakistani man."

The whole video is below. He talks about the poor Pakistani at about 14:40.

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Gutterball Master said...

The 'birthers' are told to "beware":
Stop being so hard and unfair.
In Obama we trust,
Now don't make a fuss.
He lives in each heart; don't you care?


Church Furniture said...

Interesting post, thanks for sharing!

Rick said...

That's the liberal meme nowadays, "Read our propaganda. Come to our astroturfs. Open your minds and hearts and let us con you again. Trust us; we're the elite"

Anonymous said...

First off I cannot watch a video of Clinton in his granny glasses trying to look like a noble elder citizen. He is utterly untrustworthy in any situation and especially when he opens his mouth. "We want to be around people who agree with us"--like he does, right? Nothing wrong with that, I think we should ship all like minded Democrats off to an island that would befit them--Devil's Island.
Mrs. Scott

John Hetman said...

The man needs to keep it zipped shut. Let him define, "it".

Anonymous said...

This is what I don't understand: Why shouldn't we pity terrorists? I know they do horrible, horrible things, but shouldn't that make us pity them more? That man is poor and tragic. He certainly deserves what he is getting. He certainly did something awful, but it still is awful and tragic that his mind is so distorted that he would even think of doing this.
The thing is also that Obama is an American citizen. He was born in Hawaii. My grandfather, who went to college in Hawaii at the time, lived either next to or with the Obamas. He saw Obama as a child. He was born in America. I doubt you will believe me or even care about what I say. It probably is wrong. I love the site.

matthew archbold said...

I don't doubt Obama's birthplace. I don't really care either. My point is that Clinton's warm feelings are solely for the would be terrorist while he refers to political enemies with scorn.

LarryD said...

Anon - we pity the terrorists because they don't know Jesus Christ, and may very well have condemned themselves to eternal damnation. The successful ones, at least.

We don't pity them in the way the Left does, which is strictly in political terms, blaming America for their plight. Clinton's "pity" is blatant pandering to his base, and nothing more.

Jonathan said...

“In our media habits, we go to the television shows, we go to the radio talk shows we go to the blog sites that agree with us. And it can have very bizarre consequences.”

Well, duh. Is it that surprising that we tend to gravitate towards those who express similar beliefs and values? Maybe we should give up this Mass-each-Sunday thing and expand our horizins: try a new church every weekend!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Larry, Mr. Archbold:
I completely misunderstood. You are totally right. I completely agree. I'm totally wrong.
Thank you,
Age 13 (far too young to be trying to add anything to the conversation)

Anonymous said...

It depends on what the definition of "Natural Born Citizen" IS
From the mouth of the Honest One

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