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What?! Obama Oil Spill "Echoes" 9/11

Ok. Obama should now be forced to wear a sign which reads "I don't get it."

Weasel Zippers reports:

Here we go. The Politico is reporting that President Barack Obama told columnist Roger Simon that the Gulf Oil Spill “echoes 9/11,” and Obama says he will spend the rest of his Presidency trying to “put the United States on a course toward a “new way of doing business when it comes to energy.””
That just means that he's going to use this crisis as a way to further his energy agenda. Hmmm. Seems like I've heard something before about not letting crises go to waste.

But here's the thing, I understand that Obama and his White House are going to pull out every stop before Novemeber to pass their agenda. But please leave 9/11 out of it. Don't compare an oil spill to 9/11 because it's not like 9/11. Very very few things are like 9/11 are for our commander in chief to say that is just too disturbing for words.

Check out Weasel Zippers for more.

It's late at night and I'm going to bed. Talk to you guys in the a.m.

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Anonymous said...

The words that come out of this guy's mouth are just unbelievable. There is absolutely no comparison between these two events. Unless the giant oil companies (i.e. all big businesses) that employ thousands of people are evil. Perhaps Our Benevolent Father Who Provides All would like to take over the energy business also? (shudder)

PattyinCT said...

So when he's not busy blaming Bush for this oil spill, he's trying to get the same amount of credit? When he said to "plug the **** hole" I would have come back with a roll of duct tape and a gag order.

Anonymous said...

Do you think there's a possibility that Obama made the remark about the Gulf Oil Catastrophe echoing 9/11 because of the scope of the disaster? It's quite possible that the cost of the Gulf Oil Catastrophe will end up surpassing 9/11. Of course you're right about there being no comparison between the two events concerning loss of life.

Anonymous said...

While I can agree with Obama that the effects of this oil disaster may be felt for years and may have severe policy implications, to draw a parallel to 9/11 is off-base and highly inconsiderate. It's as if the President cannot grasp the scope of the lives lost in 9/11 and the effect that is had and will continue to have on families and individuals for the rest of their lives. Yes, people and businesses and the environment have been harmed in this recent disaster, but the two cannot be compared. The man needs to think before he speaks!

Anonymous said...

Well,I agree that Obama used a poor choice of words. But with him,what else is new? However, I do have concerns about this spill. If it truly cannot be capped for months (as it seems to be heading every day now), we will have a "9/11" effect of what was life on the Gulf before this spill and what life is now. I am from that region and I can tell you people are so scared of what this may mean to hundreds of thousands of peoples' lives and how it will effect the environment.

I keep thinking about one of the seals opened in Revelation and "a great mountain of fire was cast into the sea and 1/3 of the oceans were like congealed blood." Did you see that large rig on fire before it sank in the sea? Have you seen what the oil looks like? It really makes one think where we are headed.

Anonymous said...

But was it a poor choice of words? Or was it a slip up? There have been rumours regarding armed guards with high tech weapons placed on oil riggs in the Gulf for a couple of weeks now. If this is true.... Something to consider as a possibility.

PattyinCT said...

If Obama were that worried about this spill he'd spend less time making a PR stunt out of it, and actually secure help in cleaning it up. Four (count them FOUR) countries have offered to help clean the spill reducing the time it would take (down to 3 months from 9) and Obama ignored them. He's using this as a ploy, nothing more. He cares nothing for the victims of either national tragedy, 9/11 or this spill.

Rick said...

@PattyinCT: love the gag order and duct tape for the piehole. But I'd keep him talking. This publicity stunt is good because it shows their incompetence, shallowness, desperation manipulativeness, absurdity and lack of direction and creativity. Give that man more rope or have him keep on digging.

Magdalene said...

I think we should also build a mosque out in the gulf too.

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