"Nothing is more dreaded than the national government meddling with religion." John Adams

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Obama & The Mosque

I didn't get it that he just doesn't get it.

It is safe to say, rather it is axiomatic, that when the President must clarify--read retract--on Saturday what he said on Friday he has really blown it.

Obama's endorsement, backtracking aside, of the Mosque construction at ground zero is what they call in the tennis business--an unforced error.

Let's us look at some basic facts and then I will attempt to answer the why. First, why weigh in on this topic at all? What could possibly be the upside? By large majorities, Americans are opposed to the building of a mosque at ground zero. They view it as a slap in the face and the addition of insult to injury.

By almost equal number Americans also understand the legal right for these insensitive jerks (or worse) to build a mosque wherever they wish. Americans are nuanced like that. They often recognize the legal right to act like a jerk yet still frown on the behavior.

So there is that. No upside. By endorsing the mosque, Obama came out in direct opposition to the expressed will of the American people. But here is the thing. Why? There was absolutely no need whatsoever for the President to ever weigh in on this issue, ever!. In fact, this issue has little to do with government at all and absolutely nothing to do with the federal government. This has absolutely zilch to do with Obama or the office of the president--in our minds at least.

The President went out of his way and out of his jurisdiction to oppose his constituency with no perceivable benefit. Worse, he adds this insult to the injury of months ago in bringing the terrorist trials, against the will of just about everyone, to downtown New York.

This is seemingly about as bad a political move as can be imagined. How is it that this president, who so masterfully tapped in the to spirit of the times in 2008, is so divorced from the zeitgeist of this moment?


What is the spirit of this age? I believe that many people are of the opinion that the only thing they like less than a mosque at ground zero is the government putting a stop to it. If there ever was a zeitgeist, today's is simple. When it comes to government, MYOB. We got this.

When it comes to the recovery, many people believe that the government is the problem. Get out of the way, stop taxing us and regulating us to death. Mind your own business. We got this.

When it comes to health care, people recognize there are problems but also recognize that the government will only make things worse. Get out of the way. Let the market work. MYOB, we got this.

And when it comes to the mosque at ground zero, most people are not seeking government intervention to forestall something that they don't want. This is because most people also recognize that if the government can say no to a mosque, they can say no to your Church. We would rather live with a mosque at ground zero than a government that believes it has the right to say no.

Mind your own business. Win or lose, we got this.

But here is the rub. The one core belief that President Obama seems to have is that we don't got this. We are incapable of making decisions that are in our own best interests. Financially, practically, or politically. We need to be told what to do.

This is why Obama weighed in on this issue. He thought he had to. How else would we know what to think or to do? This is why, I think, that President Obama doesn't get it. This is why the zeitgeist eludes him.

He can't mind his own business because he never believes that the American people "got this." A trouncing on election day will only serve to solidify the point in his mind. We are the problem. He is the solution.

So now I get it. The why. He will simply never get that we got it.

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Dawn said...

I think it's more that he thinks HE's got it. He's such a narcissist that we don't even figure into the equation. Those that voted him in and the absolute praise and adoration that he received early on only served to feed his enormous ego. I believe he is out of touch with reality. Not just the American people. He doesn't care what we think or if we can think. He's all about Obama..and he's surrounded himself with people who serve as filters so that he can continue to believe his crap don't stink. Well, time to roll down the window Mr. President. That one's gonna leave a mark.

Subvet said...

So who does his statement please? The followers of the Pedophile Prophet, their bleeding heart liberal defenders and no one else. What is the payoff for B.O.?

I have no idea, and thats the unvarnished truth.

But IMO it's something that should be looked at.

elm said...

He can never be a man w/out words, and on the occasion of entertaining the Muslims on Friday evening at dinner he had to say something. So he made up this whole thing about how HE was important to them and to the decision of building a mosque in Manhattan, where no one lives. He was not about to give them a smackdown for dessert. Blame his teleprompter. It's always it's fault.

joan said...

Please see the prayer request and facebook page concerning this 9-11 Mosque at:

Early Riser said...

The sad fact is AMERICA allowed 9/11 to happen by allowing the Mohammedan in unchecked. American didn't learn its lesson when the WTC was bombed the FIRST time in the 90's. If there were ever a wakeup call, THAT was it...but it was missed.

Unless there is some drastic legislation forbidding the building of ANY mosque on the fact that they preach sedition (the Qur'an does this, all you have to do is open it) then we get what we deserve.

Meanwhile, as one of my favorited commentator says about the mosque, "it's their problem. I don't live there anymore. And I'm confident they'll make the wrong decision one way or another."

Jerome said...

I think most Americans know deep down that this will only be the beginning. Europe is the canary in the coal mine. Manhatten, especially Lower Manhatten represents all that which Islam detestts: Usuery, Secularism, Liberty. New York City is (or was) the anti-Islamic City. Yes, Muslims are very welcome. But so are Jews, Catholics, Wiccans, Bhuddists, Hindi, and Baptistis, Pentacostals, Anthieists, drag queens, TVs, and Marxists. It's not that Muslims are not wanted, but its just that they cannot dominate. They are just one of several human types living in New York City.

But they intend to change all that. Look at Amsterdam, Brussells, Antwerp, Paris, Memlo and London to get a glimpse of New York City's future. Nothing is invetiable. But, given Europe's recent history I do fear for the future of Lower Manhatten. In a few decades hence, people might refer to it as Little Mecca.

Rick said...

Presumably book smart but obviously hopelessly impractical and insensitive to others, so FUBAR. I wonder if his mantra would change if Michelle & his kids were in the Towers on 9/11?

Early Riser said...

Jerome - there's where you get the trouble: Mohammedans are very welcome...but it's just that they cannot dominate. How can you have one without preventing the other? You cannot.

IMHO we really need some very crafty legislation saying "all forms of worship must not have any ties to organizations which seek to promote extremism or anti-american activities". Or something to that effect, which would include ALL mosques. Mosques attendees SHOULD be carded and even searched upon entering and leaving. This may sound harsh, but it actually DID used to happen at Catholic churches in the 90's to any/all hispanic-looking attendees. So, the precendent is there.

These are desperate times. I know that is a cliche', but in this case it is very true. Watch what happens in November/December period. And remember this warning.

PattyinCT said...

I pray for all the victims of 9/11, both those who -God willing - rest in peace, and those who will never again in this life have peace. You can't force healing on people by this patronizing gesture, and this is just one more strike against the cronies who foisted it upon the American public. Sure the jihadists who struck the towers were not the entire Islamic community, but the fact that they were compelled to act "in the name of their religion" doesn't mean anything to those who would advocate for this politicized form of treachery.
My heart breaks for those who have not forgotten, and my prayers are with them...

jackson said...

The president takes a politically unpopular position and deserves praise for doing so
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PattyinCT said...

Being pro life is "politically unpopular", being pro marriage is "politically unpopular", being small government is "politically unpopular"...And in that I would praise him.
But Jackson, I don't praise cowardice. And you might want to read up more on the history behind the name of this mosque before you decide its such an olive branch, and a history of its Imam, and...well...there's a lot built into this "place of worship" that's not being highlighted, and Obama is not helping.

Early Riser said...

Jackson - it's not "politically unpopular" among his party and the liberal elite. The mayor of NYC wants it, as does Pelosi apparently. So, it's hardly politically unpopular among his own yes-men.

Anonymous said...

I truly believe that OBAMA Is a muslim or muslin sympathizer. What is this RAMADAM Gathering at the WH when he insulted the families of 9\11.

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