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Jackie Evancho Sings Ave Maria In Finals

The little wonder sang Panis Angelicus in her audition. Last week she sang Pie Jesu. And now for the finals of America's Got Talent, the young Catholic singing sensation sang Ave Maria. So much talent and so much Latin! It is more than I can take!

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beez said...

She has a beautiful voice. However, I don't really support children getting involved in this sort of thing, because I know how fame in our culture can corrupt (see: Charlotte Church). I would rather this girl keep singing in her church and achieve salvation.

Mike M said...


Fame or no fame, an awful lot of people leave the Church as they become adults.

This girl is a VERY talented singer (and is so cute, too!) I hope her talent ends up where it can best serve God (wherever that is), and that she has a good time along the way!

meilinPR said...

I agree with beez. People don't need fame to leave the Church, but fame corrupts in a special way - it takes great strength to be famous and stay grounded.

The girl has an incredible voice and she is prettily dressed - but - does any one else find the people in the white togas behind her jarring? How the stage was set up could have really cheapened the performance, but fortunately the girl has enough talent that that didn't happen.

PattyinCT said...

Is it true that she was homeschooled? Or was this just a rumor?

dancingcrane said...

Consider that that angelic voice could be God's gift to her for the purpose of reaching the unchurched. Pray for her, and for those who hear her, that she be under His protection, while she uplifts those who so desperately need Him.

Anonymous said...

She is not home-schooled. Here is an article about her classmates watching the finale:


Anonymous said...

Take this for what it's worth. I am a fifty year old FORMER atheist who had no reason to believe that God existed until I heard the voice of an angel eminating from the body of a ten year old "child". The Lord indeed works in mysterious ways! Praise Jesus, our Lord and Savior.

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