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Obama Melts Down - Lies!!

Hey, what is a little lying among friends?

In this clip, Obama is heckled by AIDS protesters, again. And he lies about "the other side", again. (ht Gateway)

This is what "the other side" did when it was in charge

You know what liars do? They lie. That's what they do.

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Susan said...

Gravitas, the man has gravitas...

Anonymous said...

Well, he's consistant!

Anonymous said...

The throw them out call should be for Obama and his minions

Anonymous said...

I'm not a fan of George W. Bus, but his commitment to dealing with the AIDS problem in Africa cannot be questioned. He was much loved by the African nations and people for his concern for controlling the AIDS epidemic. But Mr. Obama, who has done nothing but deal misery to everyone, would not dare give credit where it is due, not when a lie hogs it all for himself.

Anonymous said...

What!? Bush and those EVIL Republicans actually helped the poor and disenfranchised.....this can't be true!!!

Ranting Catholic Mom said...

Who has been the single largest provider of services to people suffering with HIV/AIDS worldwide since the disease was discovered in the early '80's? The Roman Catholic Church. Stick that in your cigarette and smoke it, Mr. President!

Anonymous said...

@Ranting Catholic Mom: The Roman Catholic Church as done very little for people living with HIV/AIDS. The Roman Catholic Church has taken more and more from the poor and uneducated on every continent on this plant. The bottom line in most governments, and especially the U.S. government does more than the Catholic Church for people living with AIDS/HIV and the poor in general. And thats a fact.

Susan said...

Anonymous you are wrong. The Vatican

The Vatican has given full support to efforts by the Church in Africa to combat the disease. In September 2003, Pope John Paul II met Uganda's Catholic bishops at the Vatican and endorsed their anti-AIDS efforts which he said were "in complete harmony with the Church teaching". The Pope has also issued a message urging the world to help Africa fight the scourge. "Humanity can not close its eyes in the face of so appalling a tragedy," he said.

The Church in Africa has already adopted a policy to deal with the challenge. During the 13th Plenary Assembly of the Bishops' Conferences of Africa and Madagascar (SECAM) in Senegal last year, the Church came up with a programme of action which includes waging a co-ordinated effort at the continental level in the struggle against the pandemic.

"We commit ourselves to making available our Church's resources be they our educational and health care institutions or social services," a communiqué issued by the conference said.

South Africa

South Africa has the highest incidence of AIDS in the world. Five million people are HIV positive and 1,700 become infected every day. 700,000 under the age of 15 have been orphaned by the disease. It is estimated that, if this infection rate is not reversed, half of the children of this age will die.

Catholic Relief Services (CRS) is committing massive resources to fight the disease in South Africa. CRS is the international relief and development arm of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops. Partnering with the Catholic Church's international organization Caritas, other religious organizations, and NGOs, CRS currently supports more than 80 HIV/AIDS projects in over 30 countries.

The organization works in partnership with the Southern Africa Catholic Bishops' Conference (SACBC), which supports over 100 community-based HIV/AIDS projects. The projects focus on home-based care, AIDS education, and orphan support. CRS also funds the Catholic Institute of Education (CIE), an associate body of SACBC, which provides quality HIV/AIDS and life skills education in over 300 Catholic primary schools throughout South Africa. The CIE project helps schools develop plans to deal with the effects of the epidemic.

AIDS is still stigmatized in Africa, and orphans suffer most.


"AIDS orphans have never been fully accepted. That is why I started Nyumbani Children's Home. I wanted to make them feel part of humanity," says Father Angelo D'Agostino.

D'Agostino, a native of Washington, DC, has helped give AIDS a human face in Kenya. The Jesuit priest started the home, which is exclusively for AIDS orphans, in 1992. It has 70 children who have been thrown away by their parents or taken there by social workers.

His work has not been easy. Government schools have refused to admit the children because of their HIV status. D'Agostino took the government to court early this year to compel the schools to admit them. He won the case and prompted the government to outlaw discrimination of HIV-infected children in school admission.

Richard said...

@ Susan: I believe anons point is that the catholic church gives significant LESS money to the people living with AIDS/HIV, than secular western governments.

We all know the Catholic Church gives some basically a token amount to AIDS/HIV victims, but it is only to show good face. It really isn't much.

Anonymous said...

We all know the Catholic Church gives some basically a token amount to AIDS/HIV victims, but it is only to show good face.

I assume there is some evidence that the Catholic Church is cynically only putting on a show, right?

Anonymous said...

I have not found what you say on the church's fight against AIDS to be accurate. They gave 185 million dollars in Congo, and took the lead in Papua New Guinea. I think people have a misconception that because the church doesn't want to hand out condoms they aren't helping. Condoms do not cure AIDS, and in fact behavior changes will stop the spread of AIDS. So if 185 million in one country is a "token" then I guess you've made your point, but I disagree that it is.

Anonymous said...

It is an extremely sad day when someone is actually delusional enough to believe, and worse yet, gravely misinform others, that most governments and especially the U.S. do more for the "poor in general" than the Church, let alone to label this delusion as a "fact". And to think that many people pass down garbage like this to their children. What will we hear next? That the pope regularly commits armed robbery at local banks? How on earth has mankind survived this long with this level of incapability?

Anonymous said...

Listening to these "protesters" makes me believe the Biblical accounts in Genesis and Judges 19 even more where out of control male gangs gather around someone's house and shout for people to be thrown out to them so they can rape and abuse them to death.

It is unbelieveable to me that politicians (and judges) don't understand what they are visiting on our nation by taking money from these people and in turn homosexualizing the military, letting them parade naked in the streets and adopt children.

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