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Urgent Prayer Request

CMR friend Adam Wilson of the Cardinal Newman Society just informed me that a young wife and mother has been rushed to the hospital.

"I just learned that a close friend, who was recently diagnosed with MS, has been admitted to the ER again after losing sensation over much of her body. Please keep Katie Phillips in your prayers."

My kids and I will include her in our prayers tonight and going forward.

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Anonymous said...

Prayers going out for Katie.

rjsciurus said...


Warren said...


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Anonymous said...

Praying for her now.

Church of the Holy Sepulcher said...

My husband and I were moved from your prayer.
We are praying that god will help you in your situation.
When we find our self in times like this we use holylandprayer.com
It helps us feel closer to god when we need it most, I truly recommend you to try it.
God bless you.

Anonymous said...

Please pray for Wesley Speaks. He was in a severe car accident and suffered severe head trauma. He is currently in a coma and in a trauma center. Pray that God will give him a second chance at life, and that he will wake up. I have reason to believe that God listens to prayers and that he can perform mmiracle. Thank You! In Jesus Holy and Powerful Name AMEN

Anonymous said...

Slow Recovery from the Death of Our Only Son and Other Ongoing Daily Hardships and Sorrows...


Dear Community of Prayer,

Please include my wife and I in the daily prayers of the Community in the days ahead...Nov..Christmas 2010,2011...or as long as possible??

God's Healing,Protecting Peace and Hope in our broken hearts,health and shattered lives!!

Please also pray for relief from financial hardship which is making our recovery next to impossible!!!

Feel free to pass or e-mail our urgent prayer intention on to the Sisters and Communities of Prayer that you know of in the World??
Bill and Carol. ohio.usa

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