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Women Abort Because They Love Motherhood

I've seen this tactic being used more and more by the pro-death crowd. Pro-aborts argue in favor of killing babies out of love because they want their imaginary children to be given a great life with advantages so anything less than perfection is not living up to the ideal and therefore not love. So because their real babies don't live up to the expectation they had for their imaginary baby it's a loving thing to kill the real baby. Get it? I know. It gives me a headache too.

Just yesterday on the Rachel Maddow show Dr. Elizbeth Newell put a twist on this by elevating the idea of motherhood to such a high level that any falling short of the ideal of perfect motherhood is such an offense that abortion is clearly the only answer. But it's done out of love of the ideal.

This is nasty:

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Diane said...

Watch her body language... for every lie she tells about abortion being for the "health of the woman" and the "health of children" and "public health", she shakes her head "no". She doesn't even believe her own bull S&*^.

priest's wife said...

Well, as an imperfect mother to 4 perfect :) kids- Perfection doesn't exist! yes, I was married, healthy, and my husband had a job- but I am sure glad we didn't wait until perfection. We had our first when I was working full-time and he was working 2 full-time jobs (yup- 80 hours per week) in addition to his weekend Master's program.
Women who wait until perfection end up with fertility problems due to age and years of birth control

Cheri said...

Wow, I did not realize that abortionists were "saving" the world. I mean just think they are doing it for the health of women (never mind the fact that women suffer afterward), the health of the child (hey if they are not alive then how can they get sick), and the health of the public (hey if more of babies were killed we would not have violence, hatred, etc. Of course there would be no one alive but that is just a small point to the public health aspect). Geez, we should be rewarding these people will medals for the bravery and rewards for their making life just that much better.

I just pray that some day in the future that this women wakes up from her own "reality" and starts to see abortion for what it really is. Murder.

Anonymous said...

Calling evil good.

Anonymous said...

"Services would be invisible" Why do they want "services" to be invisible? I guess to "get away with murder."

It's funny how women care about "motherhood" but not other people or babies.

Has anyone heard/said anything about idolatry--women turning "respect life month" into "breast cancer awareness month" and getting football players/men to wear pink to declare female dominance/worship of the breast?

Anonymous said...

Imagine if men used that same logic. "I care about Fatherhood _SO_ much that I forced my girlfriend to have an abortion. I mean, I can't be there for it like a father needs to, so why should it be born into a crappy situation. It's because I want to be the best a father can be, see? And that ain't right now?"

Nârwen said...

Anonymous 11:32 am:

That's already happening all over the country . It just isn't being pushed on TV.

ML said...

I am a counselor at a pregnancy resource center and I have had multiple women planning on abortion tell me all of the following things:

- I have to abort because it's not fair to bring another person into a world that's so messed up. (I hear that one the most)

- I don't want my child to hate me
*for not being the perfect mom
*for not having all the material possessions
*because I have other children and wouldn't be able to spend all my time with them

- I have to abort because it's not right for a child to grow up fatherless

And I've heard so many more heartbreaking reasons. It's a very twisted, sick form of justice. It's also a huge reflection on their own lives and the abuse and brokenness they've suffered.

The abortionists aren't trotting out this tactic for the first time, it is already there and it is already deeply ingrained in the girls I see. They prey off of these girls' wounds and insecurities.

Ironically they consider adoption to be the worst, most cruel thing you can do to a child even though adoption has answers to all those questions.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:27 -

Amen and amen. I have had the same, exact thought.

Anonymous said...

The abortionists aren't trotting out this tactic for the first time, it is already there and it is already deeply ingrained in the girls I see. They prey off of these girls' wounds and insecurities.

Exactly, and this is why abortionist attempts to link poverty and abortion only further prove the pro-life point. On any issue other than abortion using a person's weakness, poverty, and desperation to get them in the door would be called exploitation.

Mary De Voe said...

Spiritual motherhood is as real as motherhood gets. Encouraging a woman to abort her baby for any reason intends to commit fetal homicide, intends to kill the baby and is against the natural law and nature's God. Therapeutic abortion argument often used to secure permissive procured abortion on demand intends only to save the life of the mother and the child if possible and is settled law before, during and will be after Roe v. Wade is no more. Obama will be remembered in history for his killing of 4,400 babies a day in our nation. Homicide in apronstrings

Alex said...

In the last like 7 seconds...Maddow says that the press release has "cut up body parts"....doesn't that imply humanity? An Aborted Child is human...not "clumps of cells"!

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