"Nothing is more dreaded than the national government meddling with religion." John Adams

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Planned Parenthood Signs - Truth In Advertising

Governments have begun a campaign to force life centers to "post signage in their waiting and client service rooms, and in all their advertising, that they do not offer nor refer for abortions nor do they have licensed medical staff on the premises."

This is all to reduce the capability of life centers to reach pregnant women in need all in the name of truth in advertising.

So we here at CMR thought: What if Planned Parenthood was forced to have truth in all their signage as well.

What might that look like?

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Anonymous said...

The Planned Parenthood facility shown here is the one in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. May it be shut down soon and NEVER re-opened!

Equus nom Veritas said...

The third one down made me think of the "Thunderdome." Would that PP and their ilk be forced to advertise in this way.

Anonymous said...

Well and truly said.

-- Mack

Brad M said...

Well put, the great tragedy that mars our great nation. God forgive us for the countless lives we have taken in the name of "convenience".

Lori said...

How about

"We Don't Offer Choice Here, We Just Pretend to"
(96% abortion rate vs. 4% adoption)

"The Head of Our Medical Staff Lost his License in another State"

"We Don't Offer Counseling, Just Killing"

and on and on.

Anonymous said...

INFORMED CONSENT INITIATIVE is a petition to legislators to require abortion providers using an ultrasound to do the procedure, to OFFER a view of her baby to the mother before he is killed.
Objections were: "She will be upset" "She might change her mind" "She has chosen". Right to Choose then imposes no choice for the mother to change her mind and save her baby.
THE INFORMED CONSENT INITIATIVE was prevented by Planned Parenthood in the state of Maryland. Maryland has the worst abortion laws in the country and even as I write, eight and nine month old babies are being killed.
Recently, 35 aborted babies, eight and nine months old, were found frozen in an abortuary, and the town of Elkton, Maryland was named the town with the LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS across the AP news and around the world. Eleven of the babies were given death certificates by the Baltimore coroner because it was deemed that they could have lived outside the womb.
There was a video on this site about the babies being buried by the pastor of Immaculate Conception Church in Elkton. Pastor Joe Piekarski had to fight legally to gain possession of the baby bodies to bury them. The abortionist was tried for being unlicensed in the state to kill babies.
One cannot buy a can of soup without being informed about its contents and ingredience, but Planned Parenthood can force an abortion upon a victim and his mother without proper information.
The state holds a person's civil rights and consent in trust until the person reaches the age of emancipation. The parents of the minor child are the FIRST to hold a minor person's civil rights in trust for him until he reaches the age of maturity. The parents, then the state hold a person's consent and rights in trust for him. In that order, the true order, parental notification must be made by the state and power of attorney and authority over another must be sought from the true source.
The person begins his life with his soul, for his soul causes his body to grow to be who the soul is and therefore, his parents are the first keepers of the new person's rights.
Informed consent is required by law to give full consent of the will to any contract. Cough syrup invalidates any legal contract because consent is inhibited by the drug. Without legal informed consent through ultrasound, every mother who aborted her child and now regrets has the legal power to sue the abortionist who refused to inform her consent.

Anonymous said...

How about:

Hope that orgasm was worth it

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:39,


Anonymous said...

How very funny that everyone is so upset about this. Choice is choice is choice - at least all women have a choice to make this decision as opposed to being forced to either have or not have a child.

AWP said...

There is nothing "funny" about murder!!! Choice is non-existent for the poor little baby...Why is his or her choice not a "choice"? Would you have chosen to be murdered so brutally? Only if you were crazy....

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