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Vid: Church Burial Service for Aborted Babies Who Had Been Kept in Jars

34 aborted babies recovered from an illegal late term abortion clinic in Elkton were buried Monday in a ceremony at Immaculate Conception Cemetery in Cherry Hill New Jersey.

The babies had been discovered in jars at the secret abortion clinic in Maryland by Elkton police who raided the site in relation to the near death of a young woman following a botched abortion, according to Life News.

The Rev. Joe Piekarski of Immaculate Conception Church in Elkton presided over the ceremony attended by about 30 parishioners from Immaculate Conception and Good Shepherd Parish in Perryville.

Beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time.

Danielle Bean raises some excellent thoughts on this service here.

HT Cecil Whig

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Barbara said...

So you mean there are still unsafe, illegal abortions? Calling Kerry!

priest's wife said...

I find it sad that there were more babies than mourners....

The Dutchman said...

I would have been honored to be a pall-bearer at such a ceremony.

Rachel said...

@priest's wife - Do not be dismayed by the numbers. I was present along with my children and not all who attended are seen in the video. The earlier Memorial Mass (held within weeks of the discovery of the secret abortion clinic) had more than 100 people present.

The grey misty skies mirrored the hearts of those present. On an aside, there was real concern that there would be those who would come to either mock and/or disrupt the graveside service so it was kept 'smaller' perhaps than some may like in order to insure dignity.

elm said...

Going to Lansing Monday to bury more children found at a mill.

Anonymous said...

Reflections on laying to rest 34 aborted children of our people.
The aborted child is brought into the world alive for however long he survives outside the womb without nurturing and life support. It may be several minutes or several hours. In this case the children were frozen to death if they were still alive when aborted. The import of this information is that the state gives citizenship to its people upon being brought into the world; citizenship and acknowledgment as a sovereign person.
Acknowledgment as a sovereign person, endowed by "OUR CREATOR" with unalienable rights of Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happines, of which the pursuit of happiness is identified by the person's desire to maintain his virginity, and his original innocence, achieve discipline and accomplish himself. The soul of the person seeks to return to his CREATOR with his integrity intact. With a heartbeat at eighteen days and brain waves measurable at forty days, his soul is bringing his body into being.
In abortion, the children are denied acknowledgment of their sovereignty; a sovereignty that constitutes the state from the very first moment of their creation, when God infuses their soul, and the two become one in unity. Their unity is from God. Their body is from their parents. The state takes its existence from the sovereign authority of the person, all persons, especially the unborn who are morally and legally innocent and the standard of Justice for the existence of the state. These self-evident truths are declared in our Declaration of Independence. These sovereign persons are endowed by OUR CREATOR with unalienable rights.
Our country was being buried at Immaculate Conception Cemetery in the person of every aborted child.

Anonymous said...

The Mass of Remembrance at Immaculate Conception Church in Elkton,Md October 21 was very beautiful with 270 people attending, some from Defend Life and Right to Life of Delaware and Maryland. Reverend Joe Piekarski had given the children names and a candle was lighted for each one. My child was named CHIARA. There was a news conference earlier in the day at the county courthouse, fifty steps awqay from the abortuary.
Eleven of the children were given death certificates because the coroner said at eight and one half months these children could have lived outside the womb. In Maryland having the most permissive abortion law in America, children can be aborted up unto the day of birth.
One woman said: "Our country is being buried"
If there were to be hecklers as appeared at the news conference, half the children aborted were women. Considering that Steven Brigham, the abortionist got $21, 000.00 for each murder, evil pays. How much for a broken heart?

Anonymous said...

The state has arrogated to itself power over life and death, and has taken man's soul from him and replaced it with a tax. Self-evident are the truths that make men free, having been created by nature and nature's God, and endowed by certain unalienable rights and among these rights are LIFE, LIBERTY AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS.
Therapeutic abortion intends to save the life of the mother AND THE CHILD. Cruel abortion on demand intends the death of the life inside the womb, fetal homicide. Justice is predicated on intent. Roe v. Wade is a miscarriage of Justice and intended homicide, economic cleansing, EVIL.

Anonymous said...

Cherry Hill, Maryland and Immaculate Conception Cemetery received the mortal remains of 34 of our citizens and neighbors aborted in retaliation of God's love.

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