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Catholicism: A Trailer

This series called "Catholicism" by Father Robert Barron looks great.

Fr. Barron is truly brilliant. He has the ability to make complex theological points that make sense to even idiots like me. I think he's still looking for help funding this so please feel free to help the Word on Fire ministry with this amazing undertaking. Click here.

Update: There's a special offer where donors of $250 or more can reserve a limited First Edition of the series, and a special gift from Fr. Barron. The link to donate and get more information is here.

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Melody in SD said...

I am SO excited about this series. I get chills watching the commercial.

I just love Fr. Barron. Every time I listen to him I feel like scales fall from my eyes. Thank you, God!

. said...

It's truly amazing.


Since when is Tertullian considered a church father? #7m29s

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