"Nothing is more dreaded than the national government meddling with religion." John Adams

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This Should Scare You

When reading this, remember that liberal ideas start off as being jeered at as crazy but they just keep returning again and again until they're taken seriously and finally enforced.

This one may be next.

American Thinker reports:

The UN Framework Convention on Climate Change conference, which opened in Cancun, Mexico on Monday, has yielded another example of how supposedly idealistic notions concocted by Western liberals, no matter how daft, can be transformed into weapons for international power politics. Bolivia has renewed its call for the establishment of an International Tribunal for Climate Justice that would be able to sanction governments that engage in "ecocide," defined as crimes against biodiversity, nature and Mother Earth.

And there's even talk about prosecuting global warming deniers.

You can read the rest at American Thinker. Definitely worth the read.

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Admiror said...

Who would be the judge of ecocide? It seems to me that almost every country would be guilty of some thing against the environment, developing and developed alike. Only the very smallest would be free of any guilt...you know I don't think Vatican City has any industry which is contributing to climate change or biodiversity loss...

Anonymous said...

In fact, there was a story on NPR the other day about how eco-friendly the Vatican actually is. We should steward the environment, but not to the point of harming it's people to do so.

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