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Exorcism Movies Are A Right Wing Plot

An article entitled "The right-wing agenda of the exorcism movie" over at Salon.com shows one thing very clearly, when you are a liberal, even the simplest acknowledgment of actual evil in the world is a right wing plot.

The author, Alex Mar, attempts to make the case the exorcism movie genre is a mindless conservative exercise and its raison d'etre is simply to drive the simple minded away from faith in medicine and science and into belief in the devil (and consequently God). An excerpt.

The exorcism movie is the most all-American of "spiritual" films, reducing complex religious beliefs to something more palatable: a take-charge action adventure with clear, targeted results. Much like the Roman Catholic Church, this brand of Hollywood horror frames evil as a diagnosable disease to be cured through extreme treatment, and its spiritual discussion rarely goes beyond the black-and-white "Is there a devil, or isn't there?" It's a clear, explicit test of faith in which there's finally no room for doubt -- unlike in everyday experience of spirituality. The genre has a familiar cast of characters, conflicts and a specific message about the nature of evil. Is also a genre with a remarkably conservative slant -- a tradition that dates back across the last 70 years.
Do exorcism movies reduce complex religious beliefs into simpler good v. evil tales? You betcha. They are movies.

Alternatively. Do liberals repeatedly make movies in which they reduce complex political beliefs into simple stories about good (liberals) v. evil (conservatives, corporations, the Church, etc)? All the time. And they win Oscars.

So liberals don't mind evil depicted in movies per se, they only mind when its not conservatives.

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Foxfier, formerly Sailorette said...

...Just begs for a parody pointing out that everything that makes a lib look bad/feel uncomfortable is a right wing plot, doesn't it?

Foxfier, formerly Sailorette said...

Also, because the irony is delightful:
You want the truth? YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!

Subvet said...

If an exorcism movie showed a demon resembling G.W. Bush or Sarah Palin you can bet it would be up for an Oscar.

TotallyUnhipMom said...
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RMT said...

An exorcism movie the most "ALL-AMERICAN" of spiritual movies?

If they want all-American spiritual movies, they're looking in the wrong direction--try "Left Behind" or "Facing the Giants"... Exorcism (and showing good and evil to be black and white) was a practice before America was even an idea.


Pedro Erik said...

I think you should correct "they only mind when its not conservatives."

I think you want to say: "they only mind when it's conservatives.", isn't?

Katie said...

Oh, geeze! It's a flipping movie! They really do see conspiracies everywhere, don't they?

PattyinCT said...

No, the movie is not a conservative plot...But when I pretend to sneeze and sprinkle Holy Water on you...That's a conservative plot...Hahahhahahah! And an exorcism!!! Hahahahha! JK!

Adrienne said...

I see that my hateful insane troll has been hard at work (TotallyUnhipMom) and so grateful to the Archbolds for recognizing insanity when they see it.

I don't think most people get their religious education from movies - at least normal people.

Al said...

The key to the real problem the author has is found in the line where he said: "its spiritual discussion rarely goes beyond the black-and-white "Is there a devil, or isn't there?" It's a clear, explicit test of faith in which there's finally no room for doubt --" In other words, since it goes against the left's relativistic, everything is grey, there is no such thing as real evil worldview, they can't stand it.

Pedro Erik said...

Dear Archbold,

Look at: http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/damianthompson/100072923/parents-plan-candlelit-vigil-at-cardinal-vaughan-school-archbishop-nichols-this-spells-trouble-for-you/

Another depressing history, where a (supposedly) Catholic Diocese is against real Catholic parents.

Divulge. I did that in my blog written in Portuguese (thyselfolord.blogspot.com)

Pedro Erii

Mouse said...

So, does the make Buffy the Vampire Slayer, like, the Conserative manifesto? 'Cause it kinda does the same thing, right?

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