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Anne Rice: Catholic Church is Dinhonest, Immoral

Novelist Anne Rice is working out some of her issues very publicly and attacking the Church.

Carl Olson writes:

Novelist and Unvert Anne Rice (who is also a Notable Catholic Commentator, according to Nicholas Kristof) was recently interviewed by her homosexual son, Christopher, and spoke at length about the Catholic Church. The MetroWeekly has transcribed some of "highlights" (and also has the videos); here are a few:

•''I am completely confident that gays are winning the battle for equal rights in our country. And that the battle for same-sex marriage will be won. And that Don't Ask, Don't tell is going down.''
•''I hadn't been a Catholic for 38 years, so I began to study it. I began to live it.... And I came to the conclusion 12 years later that it was not a fine religion, that it was dishonorable, that it was dishonest, that it's theology was largely sophistry... and that it was basically a church that told lies. And that it was for me, for my conscientious standpoint, an immoral church; and I had to leave it.''
•''They're very eager to blame the liberals, but the liberals have had no power in the Church all these years. And 75% of the priesthood and the hierarchy are gay.''
Since announcing to great fanfare last summer that she was ditching the Church, Rice has revealed that she possesses a wealth of emotional baggage and a poverty of knowledge about Church history, practice, and theology
Continue reading Olson's excellent piece on Anne Rice.

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Paul, just this guy, you know? said...

Well, which is it? That the liberals have no power, or the 75% of the clergy are gay? These are contradictory claims; she makes them both in the same sentence.

Tony de New York said...

Poor soul.

WebPoppy8 said...

Well, I'm not as honest or moral as I'd like to be. That's why we in the Church follow Jesus Christ.

Anonymous said...

Come back Anne. Someday, anyday. The Church will still be here for you.

Blackrep said...

Paul - you don't have to be liberal to be gay. I know plenty of closeted "smells-n-bells" priests who are very conservative in their outward appearance and their liturgical tastes. Unfortunately, the "pomp" of tradition seems to attract them.

scotju said...

Rice is the typical liberal 'Catholic' who when she realizes the Church isn't going to conform to her desires and wishes, attacks the Church for not violating it's own standards.

Anonymous said...

If the Church leadership is really 75% gay and the liberals still have no power, that just proves that there must be some supernatural power who is ultimately keeping the Church from completely being destroyed.

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