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Obama: Lila Rose is a Distraction

President Obama has called Live Action's video sting investigations into Planned Parenthood "manfactured" distractions.

Cubachi has the exact quote:

Via Foxnation and NBC 12

“I think sometimes these issues get manufactured,” he said “they get a lot of attention in the blogosphere…

“You know my bottom line is I think that Planned Parenthood in the past has done good work. If there was a specific problem at this center, it should be addressed, but we shouldn’t get so distracted with some of these issues.”
Mr. President, this wasn't just one little clinic we're talking about. I think there were seven different videos. Seven, never mind all the other videos Lila Rose has made uncovering illegal operations by Big Abortion.

And come on Mr. President, sex slavery is a distraction? Complicity in the rape of underaged prostitutes is a distraction? This White House is now showing itself to be a wholly owned subsidary of Planned Parenthood. By beclowning himself in such a manner Obama is degrading the Presidency into the "Baghdad Bob" of Planned Parenthood.

To this White House, anything they don't want to talk about is a distraction.

The relevant part starts about 2:15 in.

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Fr. Larry said...

Social Security can be fixed with "increased revenue" -- just says TAXES!!!; "we need to be concerned for the future of our kids education"-- Well, if you allow the children to be aborted there will NOT be any children to worry about.

John said...

Uh huh.
So, Planned Parenthood has been in business for some 40 years plus, but has NEVER seen this kind of a question mentioned before????
Mr. President, just how dumb do you think we are??

Even judging by the responses, there were a minimum of seven, Planned Parenthood has heard this question many times. ..And they've prepared to deal with it by..aiding and abetting.

BTW, Mr. President, have you watched the economic situation in China at all? Are you aware that they're risking economic disaster by virtue of their one child policy? Are you aware that they've begun to realize it and are now beginning to partly roll back that policy?

Mr. President, how the dickens do you expect Social Security to be solvent when I'm 70? You are aware that we've already eliminated about 1/3 of my generation?
How do we intend to have a population available to pay taxes to support my old age?

Anonymous said...

How are our kids doing? Not very well if we allow the murder of our children to continue. To see the covering up of the rape and abuse of young girls in places like planned parenthood, and not to realise that this is not a good thing for our society, is not above anyone's pay grade.

Pauli said...

"I think sometimes these issues get manufactured"

Yeah, like the health-care crisis.

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