"Nothing is more dreaded than the national government meddling with religion." John Adams

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The No-Fly Zone Doesn't Fly

Beware foreign entanglements.

As you know, the UN (supported by the US) has voted to enforce a no-fly zone over Libya. Isn't getting militarily involved in a civil war the very definition of foreign entanglements?

Let's be clear here, this has nothing to do with protecting innocent protesters in the squares of Tripoli. They are long gone. This is a civil war, a civil war in which there are no clear good guys, only a very clear bad guy.

If the no-fly zone is successful in turning the tide in this civil war against Qaddafi's forces, a dubious prospect at best, then what? What do we get out of it? A pro-American government, I doubt it.

So why? Why get involved in another war in the middle east? Why give the middle eastern despots another excuse to decry American imperialism as an excuse to suppress and oppress their own people when there is absolutely no prospect of gain?

This is a mistake. The Obama administration was simply too slow off the mark to make a difference here. The no-fly zone does nothing to avert a humanitarian crisis, the time for that was three weeks ago. You snooze, you lose.

The no-fly zone will do nothing to avert a humanitarian crisis, but it has the potential to cause one. It is for these reasons that I suggest that the no-fly zone doesn't fly.

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Rick said...

We can't simply sit back and watch a madman kill his own people and wash our hands like Pilate. While these koranimals will turn on us no matter what we do, we do what is right because we are Americans; we are better people than these terrorists. But we don't have to send our boys in there to die; they'll probably be shot at by both sides. But we can pressure the banana republics in there to pull their load. Obama can bow to their kings again and maybe that'll work.
At least, we paved the way and not obstruct it.

Patrick Archbold said...


The peaceful protests in the streets were over weeks ago. This is a civil war now.

Rick said...
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Rick said...

I know. But we don't want the US to go down in history as voting No to stopping a maniac. Like I said, our boys don't need to go in there. We can have AWACS provide intel to the Saudi Air Force and then bill them later.

Dymphna said...

Lets see now. We have war in Afghanistan, war in Iraq and now an undeclared war in Libya. Whoopee. How cheaply American lives are held. Libya has nothing to do with us. We are not the world's policeman.

Anonymous said...

It's too late for an effective no fly zone in some ways. In other ways it isn't.

If there is going to be a civil war, at least an ARAB-LED no fly zone could make it a fair-er fight and it could, in fact, prevent whole scale annihilation of the rebel forces.

The bigger problem I have with it is this: Who the heck ARE the rebel forces? I THINK that they are NOT the Muslim Brotherhood in this case, but I don't really know. The longer this goes on, the great the chance for proxies becoming the antagonists.

Too bad there was NOT a no fly zone set-up in Feb. This would be a totally different situation right now.

@Dymphna: Libya has lots to do with us. We only recently got them to end their nuclear program. 10% of the worlds oil is nothing to sneeze at, and we should abhor the idea of people being slaughtered.

I am not Spartacus said...

Due to America's invasions and occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan, those two countries now have brand spanking new Sharia-Based Constitutions and so consistency argues for us to seed Sharia in Satan's Sand Trap in Libya thereby hastening that day when a rapid invasion of Europe by displaced hordes of poor Non-Christians will provide all of us with a full-scale live production of "The Camp of the Saints."

Because the moral majority of our neo-pagan establishment is comprised of ideological Jacobins and Israeli supplicants, it is now thought the epitome of muscular foreign policy to send married moms and single moms into combat 1000s of miles from home and woe betide that man who does not fear the judgment of some anonymous "history."

The Judgment of Our Lord having, long ago, been banished from the public consciousness by our progressive puritans, appeals to some future scribbler who will write "history" is routinely made because any common sense argument for additional troops on the ground in the Africa or the Middle East (say nothing about So. America, Europe, and The Far East) has ceased to work.

I am Blessed to have been born into a large Catholic Family in Vermont but Cursed to have been born into a flat out time of violent insanity and into a Culture that is completely in the SUWA (Sodomy, Usury, War, Abortion) and yet I am constantly being told that is a great day for a swim.

Just imagine what America could have done with her wealth (literally) had it not wasted it in pursuit of Unjust Wars and foreign intervention and international usury; America could have provided in abundance for her own citisens had it only governed itself via Christian principles.

Mark Duch said...

We are, in fact, the world's police and have been so since the end of World War II. The U.S. military is deployed in over 150 countries (roughly 70% of all countries), with roughly 1/4 of U.S. active-duty servicemen and women serving outside the U.S. and its territories. Up until now, policy clearly has been support the greedy secularist dictators, because it's better than an anti-Israeli, anti-US Islamic caliphate. Now the U.S. is apparently in the middle of a policy-shift, in that it is helping remove (instigating removal, forcibly removing, denouncing, placing sanctions upon) dictators and allowing populist Islamic rule (sharia) instead, calling it democracy.

I am not Spartacus said...

America made a huge mistake becoming so intertwined with Israel. They are neither an ally or a friend and they ought to make peace with their neighbors as the presumed mature country they purport to be.

Put to a vote, most Americans would vote to cut Israel loose.

I do not see what is so wrong with Muslims being allowed to live under Sharia Law if that is their desire. Just keep Sharia Law and Muslims in the Middle East and refuse to let them immigrate to America.

Muslims have plenty of countries overseas whereas we Americans have only this once Christian country in which to live and we not only have a right to defend our traditional country - Faith and Family, Kith and Kin, Blood and Soil- against all attempts to fundamentally change it, we have a duty to resist all fundamental change.

Since 1965 our government has been "electing a new people" (see Berthold Brecht) and the radical experiment to eliminate traditional America has only caused a steadily increasing tension amongst those born here and newly-arrrived foreigners who have no similar experience of our Western and Christian heritage, nor have they an understanding or appreciation of America's legal and moral traditions.

Paul Zummo said...

They are neither an ally or a friend and they ought to make peace with their neighbors as the presumed mature country they purport to be.

Yeah, it's the Israelis who refuse to make nice nice. Just take the example of those Jewish terrorists who went into the home of that Palistinian family and brutally murdered them. Oh. Wait. I guess it was sort of the opposite.

Put to a vote, most Americans would vote to cut Israel loose.

Yes, I am sure a majority of your household would indeed vote that way. A majority of Americans? That's another story.

Anonymous said...

This is a Euro problem. Let them fix it. Our kids have given enough. The more we do, the more they hate us in return. Enough already! What's next? Are we going to pull a no fly zone plus tomahawk launch in Saudi Arabia, Iran, Yemen, etc., etc., when they, too, put down domestic up-risings? This is madness, sheer madness.

Anonymous said...

Put to a vote, most Americans would vote to cut Israel loose.

I am not Spartacus, I wish I were so optimistic, but the vast majority of Americans are Zionist fools, so ridden with democratic ideology that they automatically support any movement for democracy. Gaddafi has not committed genocide: he is simply conducting a war, and versus these wailing mobs is undoubtedly the good guy. Hence I mourn our Nation's intervention on the wrong side.

I am not Spartacus said...

Dear Crusader. I confess you are right that Americans are Zionist fools. I recognise that my comment was more hope that fact.

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