Yet it was our infirmities that he bore, our sufferings that he endured, while we thought of him as stricken, as one smitten by God and afflicted.

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Big Government vs. Bobby Unser

The more laws they make, the more likely it is you'll be a criminal. This is a perfect example of completely out of control government.

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Bill Meyer said...

I only wish I could say it's unbelievable.

ludovico said...

Paging Ronald Reagan: "The ten scariest words in the English language: 'We're from the government and we're here to help you!'"

Anonymous said...

All public lands and waterways are the possession of each and every citizen in joint and common tenancy. You own it all and I own it all. I give Bobby Unser permission to enjoy the wilderness in good health and happiness. The government in and of itself cannot own anything as it only represents the sovereign persons who constitute the state, that is, the sovereign persons who constitute the government. I do not give or have I ever given the National Forest police sovereign authority to persecute or deny any person the freedom of the wilderness. In old Europe, when a person was ill, sick or even insane, he was sent into the wilderness where he might recover his health in soul, in mind and body. He lived off the land eating watercress, fruits, nuts and berries. This is still done in Puerto Rico and the Carribean. Watercress is known as a cure for cancer. The chlorophyl in the green is being studied for it is absorbed only by cancer and tumors and when hit with laser light, explodes the tumor and destroys the cancer. I am sure this healing is objected to by big pharmacopiae, but the land and waterways belong to the populace and not the government. And I say again: Bobby Unser has my sovereign authority to enjoy the wilderness which is his in whole and in part, in joint and common tenancy until he is healed in heart and mind and soul until such time as he deems it proper for him to return to his place of living. FREEDOM
People ought to know that it was billclinton who wrote many bills the last two weeks in office and one of the bills never authorized by the Congress or the populace was that clinton made all public lands and waterways the property of the chief executive, himself and then hillary. Hooray, no hillary. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Citizens need to take back the public place as citizens are paying big taxes to provide police. Government against the people. Try Tiennenmen Square.

Anonymous said...

Rape and sacking of the public square, the public and taxpayer has possession of their taxes even while the tax money is being administered by the administration. I do not now, or have I ever endorsed or sanctioned such oppression by the police or government. Look up "indwellers" and "indwelling" in the National Forests. It was fought and won by the indwellers. There was and still is an act that allows people to squat on several acres of public forest and or land. If they create a better enviroment like a house within five years, they get to purchase the land for about $20 per acre. I cannot remember the name of the act but it has never been repealed. The act is no longer available from the Library of Congress or online as the last time I looked, this information has been removed from our knowing. Government against the people> God help us.

Dingo said...

This truly is shocking. Very scary.

Anonymous said...

@Matt and Pat Archbold: Thank you, If it weren't for you we could not have knowledge to protect ourselves.May God bless and protect you always.

Mary De Voe

Anonymous said...

P.S. Squatters rights are still in effect. If a person sets his house on your property and you say nothing for seven years, giving consent, the property becomes HIS. In a silliness: One neighbor's house was seven inches on his neighbor's land and the neighbor sued saying the man must tear his house down or move it off his property(speaking of ego). The court said that the man must sell the seven inches to this neighbor. There is always the Holy Spirit

Anonymous said...

The HOMESTEAD ACT allows a person to squat for five years on public land or in a public forest and if improvments are made to the land, that person may then purchase the property for a very small amount of money.

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