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CNN: Gays More Likely to Get Cancer

Someone call the CDC, the EPA. Get the President on the horn.

You know how the government restricts freedoms in the name of public safety when it comes to such things as smoking cigarettes or eating trans fats. And they argue that it isn't just protecting people from themselves it's because unhealthy people cost taxpayers a lot of money with hospital stays and extended care so therefore it's fiscally sound.

I wonder what they'll do with this news.

CNN reports:

Gay men in California are nearly twice as likely to report a cancer diagnosis as straight men in the state, according to new research published online Monday in the medical journal Cancer.

Few cancer studies investigate how sexual orientation might affect cancer risk and survivorship, often because study participants are not asked about their sexual orientation. In Monday's study, researchers used a large health survey conducted by the state of California - in which respondents were asked about their orientation - to examine the impact cancer may be having on gays and lesbians in the state.

The results show about 8% of gay men had experienced a cancer diagnosis, compared with only about 5% of straight men. Among straight women and lesbians, the cancer prevalence trends were more closely matched.

Researchers speculate the increased cancer prevalence among gay men is associated with HIV status.
These people need to be protected. FROM THEMSELVES!!!! But, of course, this politically incorrect truth won't be cause for any government intervention other than perhaps some inexplicable push for more free condoms.

Fat smokers need to be punished. Gay people celebrated -even if it hurts them.

My point isn't to absolutely say this study is right or to advocate government taxing gays extra (I'm not sure how that would work anyway) but I'm just pointing out that if you accept their premise that they're attempting to dissuade people from being fat or smoking out of the goodness of their hearts or to protect taxpayers then why ignore gays who might be getting cancer at near double the rate of others.

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Mary De Voe said...

Homosexual practicioners are more likely to get cancer because of exhausting themselves and their immune systems doing what they are doing.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Jacobitess said...

'Anonymous' grow the guts to post under your own name, oh, and don't post twice just to make it look like you're two people. Even if you were 51% of the population, sans reason, you still wouldn't be right.

As to bigotry, here's a definition: 'stubborn and complete intolerance of any creed, belief, or opinion that differs from one's own'

Looking at this page, who uses the abusive language (betraying signs of intolerance)? And who refuses to use any logic, empirical evidence, or statute to back up his position (thus evincing his irrationality)?

'Anonymous' *you* fit that description. Like most pro-sodomites, you are with the crowd of violent, jeering, obscenity-shouting people that refused pro-lifers the freedom of speech on our walks for life in San Francisco.

Well, we'll pray for you.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if we will see the left saying that, in the world of universal healthcare, we have limited resources, and we simply can't afford to look after those whose own behavior contributes to cancer. Something tells me they won't be trodding out the death panels argument this time... you know, since they like gay people more than old people.

Blackrep said...

Put an extra tax on:

Clothing for pets
Leather chaps
Laser hair removal
Feather boas
Mixed drinks with the suffix "-tinis"
The drapery aisle at JoAnn Fabrics

Problem solved.

Anonymous said...

Not the "tinis" we can't lose the tinis!!!!

matthew archbold said...


Anonymous said...

Homosexuals (not "gay men"; homosexuals are all but gay) are more likely to die of pretty much everything.

In fact, they are more likely to die a dozen years before someone who has the same lifestyle but is not homosexual.

Apart from the obvious problem of sexually transmitted diseases, there is the huge problem constituted by psychosomatic disorders created by their relentless hate of themselves.

Hold on..... hate of themselves... how is this called in medical terms?

Oh yeah... homophobia.


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