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Geithner Uses Feminism in Defense of Predators?

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner was asked if he knew about the wildly predatory environment of the IMF. His answer is, I think, sickening because he won't say he didn't know about it -which meant he did but then he offers up some kind of feminist claptrap that he can't judge it because he's a man.

What?! A man can't judge a predatory environment. Only a womman can? And that's supposed to be some kind of compliment to women? Wow, some hero this Geithner is. Men are hounding women and taking advantage of their power but Timmy boy turns a blind eye saying he can't judge because he's not a woman. What a jerk.

Gabriel Malor writes:

He says "this is a hard question to ask a man." Except, it's not a hard question, for a man or for anyone. "Were you aware of the culture of rape at IMF" has two possible answers: "yes, I noticed" or "no, I just didn't see it."

But, of course, he can't say either because if he saw abuse then the follow-up question is going to be why he didn't do anything about it. And if he didn't notice what was apparently quite obvious, which he specifically says he's not saying, then the question is: is he unobservant, stupid, or lying?

God bless YouTube, because he picks a nuanced third way and he's really just a stupendous troglodyte:

This whole thing about men not being able to judge things because only a woman could is prevalent with the abortion debate too. Men who want to punt on the issue of life say they can't have an opinion because they're not women.

Interestingly, abortion also allows for the predation of women.

It seems to me that this faux feminism is the last refuge of the scoundrel. Here's the thing Timmy boy -a real man stands up for women when they need standing up for. I'm not saying a woman can't stand up for herself but a man turning a blind eye to a predator isn't a man. He's a coward.

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Anonymous said...

The question is obviously above his pay grade.
The pupil learns from the master.

Lauren said...

It reminds me of Genesis when Adam basically blames the whole sordid apple affaire on Eve. "She gave me the apple." "It's her body. She decided to abort." "I don't notice anything because I'm a man." Seems the same sins keep popping up.

Blackrep said...

He seriously doesn't know, because he has no moral center at all. People without one always defer to some herd.

Laura said...

You need to ask a woman 'cause aparently men either don't have eyes to see what's going on or are too stupid to process it. Pilatos would be so proud

Anonymous said...

"Men who want to punt on the issue of life say they can't have an opinion because they're not women".

Finally I understand why there are two sets of Ten Commandments, the one for women and the one for men. I had always wondered how it is that the set for women didn't tell anything about killing.

Thanks for enlightening me on this point!


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