"Nothing is more dreaded than the national government meddling with religion." John Adams

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High School Says No Christian Clubs

A high school Principal on Long Island has refused to allow a group of students to form a Christian club. Wait 'til you see what the Principal said.

Todd Starnes of Fox Radio reports:

“The principal said, ‘I don’t want any of these Christian clubs at my school,’” said David Cortman, an attorney with the Alliance Defense Fund, a conservative advocacy legal group. The ADF filed the lawsuit Monday against the Hicksville Union Free School District in Central Islip, NY.

“Public schools cannot ban Christian student clubs simply because they are religious,” Cortman said. “If officials at government-run schools did their homework, they’d know that students have a constitutionally protected right to express their beliefs.”

Last October, students at Hicksville High School requested official recognition for the Frontline Club. They had a dozen classmates willing to join the club and had secured a faculty advisor. However, the principal denied their request – and said she did not want a Christian club in her school.

An assistant to the school district’s superintendent told Fox News Radio they were unaware of the lawsuit and said talking to the superintendent was “not an option.”

Cortman said in 2008 the principal denied a similar request and said that any religious club must be “multi-faith,” open to all religions and must allow non-believers to lead the club.

As for the Frontline Club, Cortman said parents received a letter from the school explaining the club ban was due to financial issues.

“She stated that they didn’t have money in the budget for a Christian club,” he said. “But they allowed a ping pong club, a ski club, a debate club and in fact, they are funding 35 clubs.”

“It’s ridiculous that Hicksville High School says it has no budget for a Christian club but somehow has enough for a ping pong club.
So ping-pong good, Jesus bad? Got it?

How many times do these same battles have to be fought? Oh wait I know. Until the other side wins and then they'll called it settled law and mock us for fighting against "the law of the land."

You can hear the short report at Fox News Radio by Todd Starnes here.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Principle-

It is not "your" school

Renee said...

Does the Ping Pong have to accept people who want to play pool instead?

Chris-2-4 said...

I think the Christian students should overwhelmingly join the Ping Pong Club and implement new Ping Pong Apparel that say, "As for me and my household, we will Serve the Lord!"

Fr. Erik Richtsteig said...

More like, Gay/Straight good, Jesus bad.

Mary De Voe said...

"Anonymous said...
Dear Principle-

It is not "your" school."
All public schools and places are held in joint and common tenancy by each and every person, for the common good. You own it all and I own it all and the principle owns it all. Someone needs to tell the principle after she is replaced. After the lawsuit, the students may ask to be placed in another school as settlement, preferrably a Christian school. The school board will have to pay for their tuition for violating their civil rights. It used to be done before all this political correctness and tolerance of tyranny took the place of our Creator-given endowed civil rights. Perhaps the woman has not read the Declaration of Independence. She needs to read about our self-evident truths and Creator-given civil rights. How convenient to omit OUR CREATOR and drop our civil rights. Such action by a principle usually was met with: "You will pay my tuition to the school of my choice seeing as how you skrewed up my life at the public school." The case I am referring to actually was a Muslim student and he got sent to a Muslim Academy and the Board of Education was court-ordered to pay his tuition. All public schools teaching eleven year old children about condoms,(which is a death sentence because condoms do not protect against HIV, herpes) violate the sexual consent of the legally minor children whose sexual consent is held in trust for them by their parents until they are of legal age. The same goes for Heather has two mommies and alternate lifestyles. Any child taken across state lines for abortion is kidnapping and violation of legal sexual consent of a minor child. 18 years old used to be the age of sexual consent. Every thing else was statutory rape. Federal prison, two years, no questions asked. Every girl was jailbait and if she really loved the guy she made sure he wasn't going to prison, no questions asked. Ruth Bader Ginsberg recommended that every girl should be sexually free to prostitute herself at the age of 14. It is in her book.

Mary De Voe said...

"Principal" spelling error

Mary De Voe said...

By removing all mention of the Person of God from every public square and public school, the government is imposing atheism under the penumbra of freedom of religion and all the Santa Clauses and Crecent Moons and David Stars and Menorahs will not change it. Every public place without the mention of God is a tribute to atheism and an establishment of atheism under the penumbra of freedom of religion

Mary De Voe said...

“Public schools cannot ban Christian student clubs simply because they are religious,” because that is an establishment of atheism, a belief in no God being imposed under the penumbra of freedom of religion.

Matthew Siekierski said...

Renee nailed it. Well done.

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