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How 'Bout This Pro-Life Graphic?

Live Action is running a series of pro-life graphics. Here's one that I liked. It's a little in your face and it highlights the rather large chasm between common sense and Big Abortion's mantra that it's not a baby. Wonder what you guys think.

There are other graphics for your perusal and critique at Live Action. You just have to scroll down.

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Rick said...

Planned Parenthood let's you party like there's no baby. Because it's not a baby if you don't want it to be.

Midday said...

I don't think it's their best work.

Anonymous said...

I'm 22 weeks pregnant and my husband and I were just marveling that I could STILL waltz into an abortion clinic and off my own offspring. My baby kicks up a storm if I apply too much pressure to my abdomen--he obviously feels discomfort and tries to make it go away.

After experiencing this firsthand, I will never understand how ANY woman, no matter how stupid, could believe the lie that her kicking, wiggling child doesn't feel the excruciating pain of death!

John F. Kennedy said...

Hey! I remember what that wasn't uncommon

Anonymous said...

Let's get rid of the government that says it is not a baby yet.

Renee said...

Not sure if this ad helps. Sorry. Most abortions happen when a women isn't showing. The ad could have the same effect with a flatter stomach.

Andrew said...

I think it's great. It does exactly what it's supposed to -- points out the hypocrisy of our modern pro-abort culture, with a special tweaking of PP.

Way to go, Live Action!

Ranting Catholic Mom said...

I think this will resonate with a younger crowd. When teaching in High schools in the 1990's, similar photos were used in health classrooms to promote healthy pregnancies. The image is recognisable for the 40 and under crowd. However, older couples who are donors will remember when moms would smoke and drink with doctor approval. That fact could inhibit live actions ability to fund this initiative.

Archaeology cat said...

The only reason I'd disagree with it is because there actually has been a study showing that moderate drinking during pregnancy can be beneficial. Not that one should take up drinking in pregnancy, nor should one drink too much, but the occasional drink generally isn't a problem.

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